William Barr raised one case that will force the Supreme Court to confront this harsh truth

The Supreme Court may soon have a massive decision on their hands.

And it could change the course of Donald Trump’s Presidency.

That’s because William Barr raised one case that will force the Supreme Court to confront this harsh truth.

Liberal activists have used nationwide injunctions to stymie the Trump agenda.

When President Trump issues an executive order, Democrats run to a local Obama judge who then issues a nationwide injunction blocking the policy.

In a recent speech, Attorney General William Barr revealed that since Trump was elected President, district court judges have issued 37 nationwide injunctions.

In all of the 20th century there were only 27 nationwide injunctions granted.

The Daily Caller reports:

“Since President Trump took office, federal district courts have issued 37 nationwide injunctions against the executive branch — that’s more than one a month,” Barr said during a Tuesday evening speech to the American Law Institute.

“According to the [Justice] Department’s best estimates, courts issued only 27 nationwide injunctions¬ in all of the 20th century,” he added, before bristling at the notion that the disparity is a function of the president’s “lawlessness.”

Barr cited the Trump administration’s attempt to rescind the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program as the starkest example of a nationwide injunction’s harmful effects. After the government took steps to end terminate DACA in 2017, three federal trial judges entered injunctions requiring that Trump maintain the program.

Appeals of those injunctions have since reached the Supreme Court, though the justices have declined to broach the issue for months. As a result, Barr says the nationwide injunctions have paralyzed political debates around immigration, culminating in the 35-day government shutdown that extended from December 2018 to January 2019.

Barr’s speech makes it clear the administration is looking for a case to tee up in front of the Supreme Court to end this abusive practice.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


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  2. You would think something that important as rescinding a presidential order would result in an emergency meeting of the higher court so that it only takes a few days for it to reach the Supreme Court. How is it that a district court Judge who represents 2 or 3 counties out of 100 counties in one state is able to strike down an executive order given by the president of the US. I could maybe understand if a 3 judge panel in one of the Federal District Courts got together and issued a stop order on an action that the president issued that would adversely affect the constituents in that district. If the President’s order didn’t affect the people of that particular district, the judges would have no business trying to interfere with the president’s orders. How many times were Obamas crazy orders stopped? I remember one order temporarily stopping the Dreamers directive, but Obama ignored it and kept processing Dreamers anyway. What if Trump ignored a court order?

  3. Where is the ethics of our government leaders, doing the job the swire to. When will the Republican’s stand up and stop the fake news from controlling our media?

  4. Saved , My Ass , whatever the hell you are , your far from being saved preaching this line of BS , just another Liberal dumbass with your head up a Towel Heads Ass , That would be Obummer / Barry the Traitor / Raghead ur daddy , Saved , that’s a F-ing joke

  5. Saved in time…people who don’t believe the “real news”. Real news is only what the Left vomits? The news are instructed what garbage to parrot for the day. Your gross comments about the Rightwing, describes the Left perfectly…thank you.

  6. The large number of injunctions in comparison to all of those in the 20th century; just proves democrats have no agenda other than getting rid of our president. Democrat have one goal, their own power, no matter whether it is good for the country or not. And their brand of governing the country is definitely NOT GOOD.

  7. Mankind has proven it cannot govern themselves. It is time for the return of the one true King, lord Jesus the Christ our Savior. Amen.

  8. The old bat Ginsburg needs to flap her wings and fly off into the sunset…..never to return! She is too old and feeble to carry out her responsibilities..sleeps through her job and is a Trump hater.Buh-Bye!!!


  10. Defy this rigged Judiciary filled with Janus-Faced Marxist Judicial Jokers!
    Injunction the Injunctions!

  11. God bless Bar , i hope he will move out all of this mob`s trash from our government to the prison !

  12. That is the craziest conspiracy theory or lie ever imagines Georg, not sure who made that one up, maybe Alex Jones.

  13. I say we start a vigilante corp to drag illegal writing jurists off the bench and send them to the bottom with concrete shoes as the gangsters used to do.Feed the crabs and end the UnConstitutional behavior of those trying to legislate from the bench.Not their job

  14. 27 injunctions in the twentieth century an 37 since the election of Trump. Seems perfectly normal to me. 27 in 100 years against 37 in 2 years, no reason to be alarmed.

  15. You can’t reason with any TDS liberal. Straitjacket ‘em now! They can’t keep their hands off the people’s red hats!

    No such a thing as freedom-lovin’ liberal.

  16. Same here! We finally have an Attorney General with a backbone and willing to stand up for America!!

  17. Hugh…what a wicked THRASHING you have just administered to this INSECT! Trump 2020 Wm. J. de Seve LT/USNR (ret)

  18. I don’t have words for idiots like you. Except IDIOT. I didnt vote for Trump- or Hillary.. I have voted Libertarian for years. Since the election, the democrats have been childish, and basically un-American. There has never been such a party of whiners and obstructionists in history. I dont think I am the only one who will vote against democrats, more so than voting for Trump, but he’s got my vote in 2020. democrats have to go.

  19. Do you mean how he is fighting for the 1st and 2nd amendment that you commies are trying to do away with. It is you commies who say the constitution is outdated and should be done away with. That is funny, you commies need to make up your minds and stop flip flopping so much.

  20. You may want return to your cult. Most of us have our eyes open to what’s really going on.

  21. you mean like the power and prestige that old hag Ginsburg, loves… one that cant stay awake..
    Ginsburg that violated her oath and should be impeached, by stating if Trump wins in 2016, she will move to New Zealand..
    SCOTUS arent to be Partisan, she showed she was partisan

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  23. I spoke with several RNC congressmen when Obama was still POTUS. I was told that Obama was CIA, and that the CIA was the agency that created his birth certificate. Obama’s mom, Stanley, was CIA when she was alive. To make a long story short, the CIA had Obama’s back and wanted Obama in office and didn’t want him impeached. Through Obama, the CIA would solidify its stranglehold on he U.S. and hasten the spread of communism throughout the land. I was shocked to learn that John Brennan was communist and that the CIA had been communist since Kennedy.

  24. The federal inferior courts (FIC) are supervised by the Chief Justice of SCOTUS, John Roberts; and he sets the tone and direction of the FIC. Likewise the FISC. But Roberts is part of the Swamp; and the rumor inside the Beltway is that the CIA/NSA have so much dirt on him that he’s compromised and being blackmailed. Roberts, however, loves the power and prestige and money of his post and doesn’t want to step down.

  25. …so now you’re indoctrinated by the fascists who control the crat sewer…you need much more than an intervention…perhaps a lobotomy?

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  29. Being illegal to begin with, anything odumbo did is null and void anyhow being an illegal white house occupant!

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  31. When a company is dissolved and undergoes a bankruptcy sale the money paid by an individual capitalizing on the bankruptcy, paid by the highest bidder, is divided among the entities, almost always including banks, holding the debt of that company – which is, by the bankruptcy, dissolved. So they’re left holding the bag by the failed company, not by Trump. There are also situations, not unusual in major undertakings, where a dispute arises about a subcontractor not satisfying the contract – which are generally resolved by negotiation but not uncommonly go to litigation.

  32. I’m willing to bet that if the republicans dug up the same amount of dirt about Obama as the democrats dug up on Trump without Hollywood and the media’s protection, he would have been impeached along time ago.

  33. Scott 27 the Dems want AG barr to violate the law and turn over documents that are protected by the law. If he does he breaks the law and if he doesn’t the house dems throw a tantrum like 3 year olds for not getting their way. Look up about the law if you are able or go ask someone in law enforcement

  34. Scott 27 the Dems want AG barr to violate the law and turn over documents that are protected by the law. If he does he breaks the law and if he doesn’t the house dems throw a tantrum like 3 year olds for not getting their way. Look up about the law if you are able or go ask someone in law enforcement

  35. Bob, I agree with you on Joe’s ignorant comment. He is so misinformed and too full of hatred for President Trump and this great country.

  36. WHY doesn’t our side fight as hard as the Left???
    Find something and go after them… Maxine Waters for banking problems??
    Just heard that Cummings wife is under scutiny for having donations into her NON profit from companies that donate to HIS campaign while HE sits on the committe that makes decisions on their businesses.

  37. Scott 27. Hillery sold uranium to a russian company, her husband sold off our jobs, had sex in the oval office and then lied about it on live tv and lied to convress until the proof was brougbt until the truth was brought forward. Obama protected his relatives and ran like a coward when innocent civilians where being killed by gas and hillery let innocent people die in Bengazi be ause she was paid to look the other how much more facts do you need to see the truth or are you blindly following like a starving OR a rabbit dog

  38. Joe the plumber. You must have had too many toilets break lose on you and you forgot to clean yourself up. Your jobs are to fix the poop problem. The Dems dirtied up the nation now go and clean Up after them

  39. This is blatant disregard for the Rule of Law and a huge Judicial overreach by these Federal Judges who are basically making law rather than Judging by the Law of the Land.
    These are mostly Activist Leftist Judges appointed by and I believe still controlled by Obama and his leftist partners.

  40. William bar makes a good point, and I agree.
    Something else is hidden……what could it be?
    Buying time is all they have at the moment, and my guess it’s
    Really bad for the democrats. All of the injustice being played
    here. Going round and round, never ending.
    Historically numb,
    GO TRUMP!!!!!!!20/20

  41. Gary, it wasn’t a dem that “said” it about the bank situation. It’s proven fact. Deutsche Bank was fined heavily for laundering billions… yes, billions… of Russian money; and that was the one bank that would loan trump money after he defaulted on so many others (Trump University, Trump Airlines, Trump casinos, etc. etc.)

  42. Master gunny, thank you for your service. Much appreciated; but you are dead wrong about me and, I guess you said something about hate. I don’t hate. In fact I’ve never seen as much hatred and anger anywhere more than this and its sister sites. I am, however, sickened by what is being done to this once great nation.

  43. Put the entire odummy gang on public trial.not only will it be the biggest and best television show you ever seen, I guarantee the glove will fit.

  44. Scott 27, You are a another commy demogog dumb ass that hates this great nation. You can go to hell hatenever wins. SEMPER FI USMC

  45. Barr should bring a case before the Supreme Court that would put these Federal Law Making judges in their place. Congress is suppose to make THE NATIONAL LAWS, NOT THE LIBERAL JUDGES.

  46. Joe you are a liberal commy and you can go to hell for hate of this great nation. You are a dumb ass sob.

  47. Your so right Tiffany…so sick of the democrats harassment of our great president????????????????????????

  48. That koolaid must really be good. But that brown stinky koolaid, you’ve been drinking, is giving you a $hitty outlook on life.

  49. Chief Justice Roberts is compromised by the Deep State, they have complete control of Roberts, I don’t know what they have on him, but they do own him 100%, unfortunately

  50. Wrong! They are fighting FOR the American populous, unlike the left! I admire them both for being open and honest.

  51. Something needs to be done before the left takes total control and turns us into a form of Gerontocracy and Kakistocracy with a good dose of corporatocracy thrown in.

  52. Joe you should stick to cleaning toilets where your skills are appriciated by overflows of shatt, because your apparently too dumb for anything else!

  53. Under the Constitution, the judicary was not meant to be omnipotent. SCOTUS needs to make this clear to some district court judges. For those judges who do not understnd the message, I would argue they are not showing “good behavior.” Of course that would require a measure of courage from Congress that that institution has not evidenced recently.

  54. Scott27, I watched the intire inquie of Barr by the Senate, and i did not see where he lied. Could you enlighten me/us?

  55. lets just take that first part, President Trump picks judges that follow the law and the constitution and obummer picked judges that do what the dems want. now tell me what is fair about that . now the bank part I am not sure about the story on that but if a dem said it is a lie cause thats what the dems do. I do know he got stuck with a billion dollars lose after all is investers back out

  56. I want Barr to do something about the impeachment that the Democrats have going on against Trump.It is not right.He hasn’t done anything.They need to impeach the Democrats they are the evil ones .Get them for hate crimes against President Trump.

  57. These left winged activists District Court will eventually charged with RACKETEERING UNDER THE FEDERAL STATUTES AND CONSPIRACY

  58. Wow, Leta. What he’s trying to do here IS chage our laws and our constitution. Please wake up. If you feel so strongly about upholding the Constitution, how is it you support an administration that is shredding it as we speak?

  59. For the sake of all people in America, we must have the rule of law, otherwise chaos will reign, much like Venezuela has now. The Bible says justice and righteousness are the foundation of the throne of God.

  60. The Supreme Court must put an end to these national injunctions issued by District Courts or Appeals Courts. This practice has truly been a liberal abuse of these courts’ authority. This is another of the several scandals of the judiciary headed by Chief Justice Roberts. He wasn’t responsible for Gay Marriage, but he was of Obamacare.

  61. No, truth. Barr should be disbarred for perjury, which he’s already committed twice. He is not representing the nation as he must; he’s just another trump shill. Corruption, not truth, wins here.

  62. Probably too many “highly placed” R.I.N.O.s like McStain that were not pushing a Conservative Agenda as They were mere wolves in sheep’s clothing. Bill Clinton’s 1st term started with His “firing” all the sitting United States Attorneys and replacing Them with (compromised) YES MEN.

  63. William Barr We appreciate you investigating that you are conducting on the Deep State Policits. They must beheld accountable and end policies that try to change our laws and our constitution. They have no rights.

  64. Time to clean 95% of the things called law makers out, more like money and liberty takers from the citizens Of USA.

  65. DACA is a memo written by the Obama “Administration” to circumvent ratified and signed US LAW. As a memo it was invalid and should have been struck down, but there was not one Republican with the BALLS to force this issue. Now these Federal “judges” are trying to elevate this memo above our law and force it to remain in effect. This should have been struck down, and these “judges” removed from their positions.

  66. DACA is a memo written by the Obama “Administration” to circumvent ratified and signed US LAW. As a memo it was invalid and should have been struck down, but there was not one Republican with the BALLS to force this issue. Now these Federal “judges” are trying to elevate this memo above our law and force it to remain in effect. This should be struck down, and these “judges” removed from their positions.

  67. Let’s assume, Gregory, that Obama did that for that purpose. How, pray tell, is that different from trump stacking the courts? Particularly in light of his ultra-secrecy and needing the courts to keep his dealings with Deutsche Bank hidden (DB, as you know was fined millions for laundering Russian money; and was also the only bank who would loan trump millions after he left so many other banks holding the bag).

  68. President Trump should follow the example set by former President Obama – when a lower court issues an injunction that he doesn’t like, IGNORE IT. The courts ruled DACA unconstitutional but Obama did it. If he can, we can.

  69. Thank you AG Barr the Dems are a hateful bunch thank you for going after the real truth ,Don’t let the Dems get you down .God bless you

  70. John Durham, the new Special Prosecutor, has an extraordinary conviction record. He has hired superb investigators. He will uncover the hidden details and violations of the law. Spying on American citizens and an opponent by Obama and his minions. John will not give interviews to the media but AG Barr will give updates.

  71. Bill Barr has appointed a prosecutor, Mr. Durham, to look into the origins of the Russia collusion “witch hunt.
    Soon, we’ll get to the bottom of one of the biggest scandals ever conceived; and, we’ll be fighting to hold everyone accountable for their actions. Those that work for the FBI and the DOJ are meant to work for the people; but, the evidence is clear that some were “weaponized” by deep-state Democrats to disingenuously attack our President.
    They used the tainted Steele Dossier to defraud a FISC; and that led to SPYING on the Trump campaign and the launching of a $30-million investigation/“witch hunt” that came up empty. Even Attorney General Bill Barr said that this is “very strange.”
    Now, Barr is asking the questions and digging deeper. We must hold all of the “deep state” actors fully accountable…and not let facts be buried.

  72. Barack Obama packed up all the lower courts with liberal activist judges before he left office as to thwart president Trump’s agenda in case Hellary Clinton looses the 2016 election. These things must be decided by the Supreme Court where he would have a better chance of winning them with the concervative majority there.

  73. //// THANK YOU ////
    ((((((((((BILL BARR))))))))))

    Signed ////
    Stockton, California

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