William Barr released one document that had every Democrat anticipating the worst

The coronavirus is pandemic is reaching its most crucial phase.

Democrats spent weeks preparing for this moment.

But William Barr released one document that had every Democrat anticipating the worst.

Democrats and so called “public health experts” keep shifting the goal posts on re-opening the economy.

First they argued lockdowns were necessary “flatten the curve” and allow hospitals to build up extra capacity of beds, ventilators, and personal protective equipment.

Now that this goal has been accomplished, some Democrat Governors won’t reopen the economy on grounds there isn’t enough testing or infection rates need to drop even further.

This smells like a sabotage campaign to keep their power grabs in place indefinitely and maintain the lockdown so an economic depression lasts into the fall and ensures Donald Trump’s defeat.

Attorney General William Barr released a memo that fired off a brush back pitch against any Democrat Governor thinking they can lockdown their state for as long as they please.

Barr’s memo made it clear the Department of Justice would take action in the form of joining or filing lawsuits against tyrannical stay at home orders that long since outlived their usefulness.

“But the Constitution is not suspended in times of crisis,” Attorney General Barr wrote. “We must therefore be vigilant to ensure its protections are preserved, at the same time that the public is protected. I thank you for your attention to this important initiative and for your service to our country.”

The Attorney General described how infringing on fundamental rights such as religious freedom would be one such cause of action.

But Barr also added that “interfering in the national economy” would be grounds for the Justice Department jumping in and working to end a lockdown order in the courts.

“For example, the Constitution also forbids, in certain circumstances, discrimination against disfavored speech and undue interference with the national economy,” Barr continued.

Governors were given latitude – too much many critics argue – to impose lockdown orders to “slow the spread” of the coronavirus.

Attorney General Barr is making it clear that America needs to get back to business and the Department of Justice will take steps to make sure that happens.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. You all can add Oregon’s Kate the Commie Brown to the list of Governors gone Dictator. Recalls are for these kind of times. When your state Governor is more invested in hating the current President than the well being and economic security of their own people, it’s time for the torches and pitchforks in the form of a recall. Where’s all that billion dollars you got from the Fed.? Why aren’t you sending it to the counties Kate? It’s not your slush fund, you have the general state funds for that. Pay up and get out!

  2. Anyone want Governor Whitmer for your state? Not only will she tell you what to do, she will tell you where to go, too. She’s as popular as Colonel Sanders in a hen house here in Michigan. Please! Won’t anyone come and get her?

  3. AG Barr can start with the Fathead in Springfield, Illinois. Prickzter has gotten a taste of dictatorial power and he likes it. The idiot treats the entire state like it was Chitcago, where many should be locked up , let alone locked down. Prickzter needs to open up downstate Illinois and deal with Chitcago by itself. Good grief the moron shut down golf courses, one chair barbershops but left open pot stores and baby killing clinics. He’s an idiot and I hope Barr comes after him.

  4. This is the sick, cynical game plan for the demokrats… You lose your business because of these roaches, and then you’re supposed to be so mad at TRUMP, that you’re going to vote for Biden.

    On what distant planet in what unknown universe does this make sense?
    But this is how these monsters think.

  5. I hope that Mr. Barr can save Michigan from a totally incompetent and corrupt rookie governor. All of her moves are politically based and she has our state shut down including many parts of the state that are virtually unscathed by the virus

  6. Reopening is a risky situation. Some of the southern states have reopened their businesses although some businesses have refused to do so. These areas of reopening I consider a test area in whether the virus contiues to stay the same,lower, or will multiply over the next month. Social distancing is what everyone should be doing but there are people that just ignore this.

  7. Susan I’ve wondered about the same thing. Take fast and furious for example. If I would have had anything to do with selling guns across the Mexican border I wouldn’t ever see the sun shine again. And there’s Benghazi, the phony fisa warrant, the framing of general Flynn just to name a few. I’m starting to not believe in the justice system anymore

  8. I would like to know why some arrests hasn’t been made for the crimes committed under Obama’s administration. I for one am getting tired of waiting. It’s time for justice to be served if it was you wouldn’t see so much corruption going on right now.

  9. I would care less if I read in the paper that Nancy Pelosi caught the coronavirus with a terminal result? Along with Omar, Pressley, Schiff, Tlaib, Dianne Feinstein, etc. In the meantime, if Pelosi refuses to come to DC and do her job, isn’t there a way in the Constitution to declare her incapacitated, in order to bypass her and convene Congress anyway?

  10. The Democratic Governors of the States that keep asking for more and more things to be put in place b4 they open up the states IS JUST ANOTHER WAY TO TRY TO KEEP PRESIDENT TRUMP FROM WINNING IN THE 2020 ELECTION. They know they are going to LOSE. They are trying to take advantage of every opportunity that arises to hurt this President. The more they TRY to stay CLOSED, the more the American Citizens of this GREAT COUNTRY, is going to ACT OUT. We see the PROTESTS NOW in STATES demanding to OPEN. THE FLU Has more DEATHS YEARLY THAN THIS CORONAVIRUS. Something is FISHY. I for one am wondering WHO THESE DOCTORS THAT ARE ADVISING PRESIDENT TRUMP and VICE PRESIDENT BIDEN are listening too. I am thinking we have MORE DEEP STATE SWAMP DWELLERS SHOWING THEIR POLITICAL BIAS AGAIN. They seem to be everywhere hiding in Washington DC. A few come out everytime the Democrates are looking to UPHEAVE this COUNTRY AGAINST THE PRESIDENT. They have NO ONE THAT CAN BEAT PRESIDENT TRUMP. This would not surprise me that they were behind the shutdown of this country. I did not believe this when it started 2 months ago. But all the MODELS of this PANDEMIC is FAILING TO LIVE UP TO EVEN ONE MODEL AS BEING ACCURATE. Not even close in the numbers they predicted. SOMETHING IS FISHY AGAIN.

  11. This virus isn`t as bad as the fear mongers are saying. The deaths have been stacked, fed hospitals have been taken down having had no one in them. It“s a scam in order to wreck the aconomy and control the citizens. 1% deaths and the rest have been false numbers as every death has been called falsely as a esult of the virus. Many deaths have been a result of the resperators being set wrong by people who didn`t know how to use them. This whole thing is tryanny and some one should pay. Fauci, Bill Gates and many other liars need to be prosecuted and sent to prison!1

  12. Langham are you still spouting your commie stupidity? Find something else to do. Cut a hole in your pocket if you need something to play with. Stay out of adult conversation. You’re too stupid to be involved.

  13. Langham your a troll who is only smart enough to paste the same crap over and over, Means Nothing retard…

  14. Talking about ignorance and being uneducated. J.H. Roberts your statements and deflecting questions are typical of someone who creates problems without solutions. If you don’t have money to buy food, how are you going to survive??? Let me guess you’ve been trained as a survivalist in war time guidelines??? Probably Not…Maybe you will set back and wait for someone to hand feed you like Nancy Pelosi.

  15. HEY ALL REPUGLIKKKANS. PLEASE DO IS ALL A FAVOR. Go back to work NOW. Go out to the malls, go eat in the food court. Go out to concerts/movies. Sit as close to each other as possible. Go out to parks, play basketball or any other contact sport. PLEASE! DO US THAT FAVOR!! By all means go to restaurants and bars. Go to the beaches, lather each other with suntan lotions. PLEASE DO THAT FOR US! And by all means, go to your holy-roller churches, greet each other by hugging and kissing each. Roll around on the floors, convulsing, spewing unknown, unintelligible languages out of your mouthes, don’t forget to lay your hands all over each other. YOUR Dear Leader, his cronies and Fox news has encouraged you to do so, because of course it’s a democrat HOAX. CONTINUE BELIEVING THAT. PLEASE DO THAT FOR THE REST OF US!!

  16. William Barr
    V O.T I N G
    N. O. W
    V O T E
    V O T E ALL

  17. If Nancy refuses to return to Washington and do her job she could get a shovel and clean up her streets. The homeless people crapping in the streets are a real problem in San fransodomy.

  18. Where are the solutions to the virus? What happens when all become sick? Will all be treated? Or do all have equal access to treatment? What is more important life or money? How does Trump’s order to make meat workers to keep working or be replaced, not make the workers become slaves with no rights whatsoever? Trump is turning into a despot, an ignorant uneducated racist bigot of a leader!!!!!

  19. The commie bastards that would love to see the USA have millions and millions of people die from Coronavirus just to get rid of Trump (Greatest President I know) are: yes sick! Deniro, Behar, Goldberg, Soros, Pelosi, Schumer, and most other far left Dummycrats. I can only hope Deaths come from there family, relatives and friends first! Politics really Suck, media knows nothing of being Objective, constant lies, opinions. The worse of the worse are Dummycrat
    politicians and then the voters that put them in office. That’s the fact Jack.

  20. I think it real bad when dem don’t what to come back to work what the hell are being paid to do sit on there butt and eat over price ice cream shame on all of you we American are hurting you are livening up in your home with walls up get back to work maybe we tax payer should stop your pay check

  21. Nancy Pelosi is a TRAITOR to the American People!
    The Constitution defines, “Treason against the US.. ..adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.” Illegal aliens are enemies that invade our country with drugs, human trafficking, and terrorist causing death and crime to American citizens. Nancy Pelosi adheres to these enemies by voting for and providing them aid and comfort through Sanctuary policies funded by US citizen tax dollars, and refuses to protect American people by refusing to fund our border wall, leaving our borders open and unsafe. Pelosi refused to meet with Angel families, caused the government shut down then traveled on US dollars to Hawaii and Puerto Rico while 800,000 Fed workers don’t get paid, and uninvited Trump for SOTU. IMPEACH Pelosi for treason!
    Edit or delete this

  22. Please come to IL. Our Governor is leaving economic decisions to “the science and the experts” without concern for the people or business.

  23. Now we have an Attorney General that actually does his job, instead of wood ape Eric Holder that was the worst Attorney General in the history of the United States. You could blend Holders & Susan Rice’s brains together and they still couldn’t peel a banana…These people will rot in hell for what they did to General Flynn…

  24. julio…??? Nothing. She is long dead and did not leave me a thing. Why should she have?? She had children to leave her things/money to, which she did

  25. CM Vandertie…sigh! I, too, lament the lack of an edit button. It is frustrating not being able to correct my comments.

  26. I know Jelly Belly Pritzker in Illinois wants to keep the state closed longer because he’s trying to get the fed to give him 4.1 billion COVID-19 relief, one billion of which is to be used to bail out the unfunded pensions. For decades crooked democrats have mismanaged Illinois and gotten it underwater, but now they’re looking to taxpayers from other states to bail out Illinois. Never let a crisis go to waste if you can get some extra stuff said Rahm Emanuel, former Chicago mayor, and former Obama dance partner.

  27. You getting tired of reading hate for Trump on here! But NOT one reason why you hate him? Tell me what have you gain under a Democrat president in the last fifty years? Or should I say under a Congress that is control by Democrat? Don’t praise God if you are a Democrat SUPPORTER! Ten commandments has been broken by Democrat since 1990! Oh. Yeah it has! Our Founding fathers wrote the CONSTITUTION LAWS AND BILLS OF RIGHTS will the idea that the government BECAME TYRANNY! We see it everyday and ever years since Bill CLINTON was president! And by the way don’t call other people RACIST OR HATER! Without looking at yourself in a mirror! Don’t care if you believe in GOD, you still are judging Trump and other people! How can you VOTE FOR A DEMOCRAT that has GONE AGANIST THE BIBLE? Guess you don’t know the BIBLE! Because ABORTION IS AGANIST GOD RULES! Another thing is I don’t care if you are BLACK or WHITE! Phony preacher and pastor are wolf in sheep clothes! Just as anyone try telling other that they need to pick a black person or white person! That is RACIST and HATE being spread by YOU!

  28. Democrats in America do not care about their conservative neighbors at all. They only hate Trump and do not care about America or Americans who are having trouble staying financially afloat. All Democrats care about is Trump not getting re-elected and the fake news media does nothing but fear mongering.

  29. that’s funny what about the Gov. that the court just ruled that he could not just move the date till the middle of next month

  30. Why not let states/cities that want to open do so and those who don’t stay closed? One thing is certain if people don’t go back to work – the shelves will be empty. when you look at the real numbers of COVID-19 cases and deaths and divide that number by our over 300,000,000 population you see that less than 0.4% of our population has either tested positive or died. The other 99.6% of our population have not.

  31. Damn! why are you not allowed to make amendments to your posts that should have been a “B” in the word be and not an “N” and emasculate should have been emasculated, the first error was me accidentally pressing the letter “N” rather than the letter “B” and 2nd mistake was that of the H-1B Software writers and Samsungs poorly written Predictive Text software algorithms.

  32. Barr is about as honorable as the Covid-19 virus spores themself, why were all charges against McCabe droppwd never yet Stone was indicted, tried and sentenced to prison.

    The DOJ will ne emasculate by the criminal and treasonous Activist/Legislating judges issuing another injunction based on their warped interpretation of the articles of the United States Constitution and tyrannical governors like Newsome and Cuomo will continue to lose people their jobs.

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