William Barr said the one thing that turned Robert Mueller into a nervous wreck

Robert Mueller’s worst nightmare just came true.

The real truth about his investigation is out in the open.

And William Barr just said the one thing that turned Robert Mueller into a quivering wreck.

In an interview with CBS News, Attorney General William Barr knocked down the conspiracy theory at the heart of the Mueller investigation.

Barr told interviewer Jan Crawford that the idea the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians was “bogus.”

The Daily Caller reports:

Attorney General William Barr offered his most pointed rebuke to date against conspiracy theories that President Donald Trump is in bed with Russia.

“Mueller has spent two and half years and the fact is there is no evidence of a conspiracy. So it was bogus, this whole idea that the Trump was in cahoots with the Russians is bogus,” Barr said in an interview with CBS News that aired Friday.

Robert Mueller, who served as special counsel, said in a report released in April that investigators were unable to establish that Trump or his campaign associates conspired with Russia to influence the 2016 election.

Mueller was appointed on May 17, 2017 to investigate whether the campaign had worked with the Kremlin. One source for the conspiracy theory was the infamous dossier written by Christopher Steele, a former British spy working for the Clinton campaign and DNC.

Barr is the highest-ranking law enforcement officer in the land.

His proclamation that Mueller wasted two years of everyone’s time chasing ghosts over Russian collusion is a big deal.

It validates everything Donald Trump said about the Mueller probe being a witch hunt and a political hit job.

Barr’s interview pleased Trump supporters who never saw former Attorney General Jeff Sessions offer any push back on the Russian collusion hoax.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. They need to put the full Congress in prison for treason. They need to do there job. Have not done anything for this country but go after our president.impeach them.

  2. Your full of liberal crap Moses , move to Sandland with them camel jockeys , they have a place in the old goat herd for you I’m sure !

  3. That is not correct! The amygdala is common sense and a truth seeker. Where do you TDS sufferers come up with your non-sense?

  4. No, your brain is not better. The Univ. of Switzerland has been doing extensive studies on the brains of conservatives & liberals for over a decade. Turns out that conservatives have an enlarged amygdala, the fear center of the brain. This enlarged amygdala also reduces the space for grey matter where critical thinking occurs. Conservative brains are deformed leading to incorrect perceptions and a lack of reality.

  5. Get off the crack your about as ignorant as your party, if it wasnt for the Republicans this country would be in jeopardy of chaos.

  6. Get off the crack your about as ignorant as your party, if it wasnt for the Republicans this country would be in jeopardy of chaos.

  7. you must be talking about bill clinton I beleve he was impeached for sticking his pecker in evrything but hillary


  9. Democrats have no shame, that’s why it doesn’t matter to them one bit!They don’t care one bit about the “TRUTH”and this is why they Lie the way they do! No one to answer to! Somehow they forgot who they work for?

  10. Moses, You are full of hate and need to get help. That is not healthy and will be a problem with any relationships you rely on.

  11. MAGA
    when I think back on Obama accomplishments…I draw a blank. However I will give him his dues…he has divided Americans more then any other president in my lifetime

  12. The democrats rely on lies to win elections. They know that if you tell a lie often enough and long enough people will start to believe it it’s the truth. What bothers me about it the most is the media will not call them out on their lies. The media treats the left as if they are the all knowing authority of the truth.

  13. Evidence means a lot. Let’s put those contacts into some sort of context. How many were before the election and how many after? It makes a huge difference. While you’re at it, why don’t you provide the number of Russian contacts made by Hillary and her backers. We know there were some highly questionable contacts from her side.

  14. Can you tell me when those contacts occurred? How many before the election and how many after? While you’re at it, why don’t you hazard a guess on how many Russian contacts were made by Hillary and her team prior to the election?

  15. Scott 27: Just one simple question please. Do you or have you ever posted anything you have proof of? My thoughts are no you have not besides that you seem to have your head stuck in the sand as to facts.

  16. We also wonder about your intelligence by the way you ease around the truth and jump on the anti-Trump bandwagon with nothing to back your assertions but your opinion. Gun nuts of America you should just simply leaver the gun part off to be truthful. Accusations are not proof only opinions in most cases.

  17. Moses: You should respect your namesake and not publish all this unverified junk you are spitting out. Muller spent two years and millions of dollars trying to find collaboration with no success as there was none. Now here you come claiming there was are you smarter than the investigating team or just plain anti-Trump at all cost? Best bet have proof or don’t accuse and lay yourself open to a possible libel suit.

  18. Why did Obama draw the picture of a casket , and print the words abaddon three times while visiting the new world trade center?The word abaddon is spelled
    correctly ,abaddon is the ruler of the bottomless pit.

  19. Moses, Here is a fact you are overlooking, Barr is now in charge of all investigations and there is nothing you can do about it. Mueller did his best to find something on Trump and he found nothing. I will bet you will see many indictments brought against the democrats over the next few months.

  20. u forgot to say what muslim obama sad to russian deplomat tell putin after election i wiil be more flaxeble thats on mike crook hellary took 140 million russia whoremaster husband 800000 for speach bouth 10 milion russia lias dossia demofart pull ur head out of ur s

  21. You think mr.Putin will give me white Russians to drink while I am there thanking him for putting President Trump in the white house? If so, I will go there in a heartbeat.

  22. ????????????????????????
    Your ignorant lies of the collusion illusion is tiring. No one believes that lie any more except the willfully ignorant dems. Come up with another lie. Try something more interesting.

  23. I think Barr should run for president in 2024 to keep people in the white house that are real Americans working to MAGA

  24. You liberals are something else , making false accusations , lying , cheating , Traitors , Treasonous , sneviling , shameless and stealing , what else , there’s many more , just Stupid , Stupider and Stupidest , that’s what Liberalism does for you , all the above

  25. You’re correct. O blah blah blah ma was the ABSOLUTE BEST half black, gay, Kenyan, mooslom mobster, and community un-planner, ever to be elected President of the United States.

  26. If I had a sister in a whore house and a brother in your idiotic liberal democratic party, I’d try to get my brother safely away from you morons first.

  27. Psmela, you know nothing, and I mean nothing, your ignorance is beyond trying to explain why you are wrong about everything.

  28. MAGA, that 140 comntacts is a fact, watch something besides Fox, and listening to Limbaugh and if you read, stop reading right wing lies from Infowars, Breitbart and Drudge. Do you remember Kushner, Sessions, Manafort, Flynn and many others all denied meeting with Russians. Why do you think that they all lied about, you must have some common sense.

  29. Just move to Russia, Trump loves Putin and Russia, never criticizes either but then again he owes Putin for fixing the election so he kisses the other dictator’s ass. Trump is also involved in money laundering for the Russian oligarchs, don’t you follow the real news or just watch Fox and listen to Limbaugh.

  30. You must be blind as a bat, either that or just a fool to believe what you wrote. How much you getting paid for your Lies? Obama or Soro’s paying for that, or maybe Hillary? Hillary and Obama were Both knee deep in cahoots with Russia. Think before you post. Obama was Warned of Russian interference in 2014 yet did Nothing to try and stop it. Blame Trump all you want because TRUMP had NOTHING to do with it. It ALL happened under Obama’s watch. Quit watching the MSM and swallowing every lie they tell as gospel truth.

  31. Evidence means nothing, right? Lies and liars are to always be believed, right? Especially if they are Democrats, right? My brain works better than that.

  32. MAGA, I could have gone on and on myself regarding OBAMA, but I am glad you pointed out Obama’s EVIL and CORRUPT accomplishments, the Russian Uranium deal that OBAMA and the Clintons brokered and especially the Benghazi COVERUP. It is Totally unbelievable how these people that run our government can get away with such lawlessness and then we never hear about it again. Wonder who pocketed the money they received from the Russian Uranium DEAL????? I just can’t believe with ALL of this DECEPTION that NOBODY is charged with a crime and not sent to prison. Just swept under the rug and forgotton.

  33. Freedom Fighter, I agree with your comment. DrAnalog had his description of DC correct: A CESSPOOL

  34. Pamela,
    When I reflect back on the accomplishments of Obama everything he did was evil and corrupt. I can’t think of one thing he did that was constructive and positive for America. He illegally put DACA in place, his activists judges, Obama care and the billion dollar web site was a complete debacle and the money spent on a large part of it was unauthorized, the Russian Uranium deal he and the Clintons brokered, Benghazi was a total deception and coverup, the Iran nuclear treaty and releasing $150 billion to them along with another 1.7 billion in cash for hostages, what he did to institute same sex marriage, and there is so much more I could point out but would most likely be censored and I’m sure you know the rest of the story.

  35. MAGA, I totally agree with your comment. I don’t know where MOSES gets his information, but it is BOGUS. I believe that OBAMA is the anti-Christ and he certainly wasn’t a legal duly elected POTUS who could hide all of his records. As far as I am concerned, OBAMA is the DEVIL within.

  36. Your statement about the 140 contacts is deceptive, not verified, or true and you know it. Who pays you to spread your deception? Our AG, Bill Barr, is a man of integrity beyond what we have seen in the past 10 years or more.

  37. Trump and his whole campaign worked with the Russians to fix the election. Over 140 contacts have been verified of “his team.” although all denied meeting with Russian operatives in the beginning. You must remember those lies, you don’t have amnesia. Barr is another obese lying thug like Trump who is getting his 40 pieces of silver and a big black mark in the history of mankind of justice. The Republicans viciously and absurdly called Obama the anti-Christ, but if there is such a being we have the real deal with Trump.

  38. David says: “Trump has taken us into the Dark Ages.”

    How so David? YOUR Democrat Presidents signed the NAFTA TREATY and sent millions of American jobs to Asia.

    Your Democrats are welcoming in millions of illegal immigrants to dilute the wages of millions of working Americans who supported Dems for over 200 years.

    David, thousands of PREVIOUS Democrats are LEAVING the Democrat Party. David, they WERE like you!

    Look up #walkaway and see thousands of previous Democrats who are LEAVING the Dems. They were lied to.

    David, some people here are cursing you. Not ME.

    I would like to welcome you as you become a new conservative.

    David! Welcome and God Bless.

    It’s time to stop believing Dem lies!


    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  39. During Donald Trumps campaign for president Jeff Sessions was a huge supporter and one of his most staunch allies. After that I thought he was going to do a great job as the AG. Then he turned into a mousy little pip squeak and I was floored! Over and over again I kept thinking Sessions would get off dead center and do something but he would not stand his ground or say anything in defense of President Trump. He wouldn’t even provide documents requested by congress, which was under the Republican control at the time, that would show what had truly happened in Hillary’s campaign along with the email scandal. I can only conclude that someone got to him for something he had done in his past and it shut him down.

  40. And have you read or listened to any facts about how Mueller deliberately misrepresented attorney Dowd’s phone call, Eric. Of course if you are like any of the democrats I know you probably haven’t bothered to try to find out about any of the facts. When Mueller was chosen as the General Counsel dem politicians were delighted. When he discovered that there wasn’t any collusion – YES HE DID – they completely “dissed” him and vilified him. Now that he made a completely disingenuous and dishonest speech, that would have been unacceptable in a court of law, for the sole reason of causing division again they LOVE HIM AGAIN.

    IF YOU CARE ABOUT YOUR COUNTRY, learn about what he said to others about his so-called investigation, and what he said in a 9 minute speech WITHOUT ALLOWING ANY QUESTIONS!!!! He’s as dirty as a muddy river bank.

  41. Another dumbassced comment by the muslim Kenyan; Trump has taken us into the ‘dark ages’; the stupidity of these idiots is untenable.

  42. Scott 27:
    Why don’t you start a new sport like skydiving without a parachute and show people how it’s done.

  43. Hey, Eric! Let’s just say that we accuse you of treason. There’s not a shred of evidence that you’re guilty but we spend a couple of years smearing you in the news and spend millins of dollars doing it and stull come up with nothing. How would you feel? And theb to top it off, we tell everyone we didn’t find any evidence that Eric is guilty but then again we can’t say for sure that Eric is innocent so we’re just going to keep on besmurching Eric’s name until he proves he innocent. How would you like that, eh? Well, that’s just what you’re doing to Trump!!!! It’s not how our government is set up or our rule of law. If you can do it to
    Trump then what’s to keep me from doing it to you?????????

  44. Democrats have a problem. Thay don’t know the truth and if thay find it God will forgive them

  45. Scott27 I would like to know witch laws Pres.Trump has broken that you snow flakes keep harping about! I don’t know of not one

  46. I hear a lot of idiots calling Trump evil and lawless but they can not give any solid evidence of him being lawless and if they had any, the Democrats in power would already have tried to impeach President Trump. All these idiots do is listen to the Fake newscasters and dishonest Democrat congressmen because they are still upset Hilary lost and believe their BS and repeat the BS as truth with no facts or basis for their statements. These undereducated people need to get their facts together before spouting off a bunch of BS.

  47. Look everyone, Eric (AKA Twinkles) is trying to think!! But failed, every time Mueller says something it is that there was no case for collusion or obstruction…can you shown me where he says otherwise except in your delirious imaginings? Although I’d like to see a case for obstructing an investigation into something that didn’t happen, for a laugh….you do know that this was always going to be the case didn’t you twinkles? No? We all did, and now here you are telling us we are all wrong…and flying directly into the headwind’s of cold, unemotional, hard fact.
    I guess that’s a type of thinking Twinkles, but it does point you out to be a bit of a weirdo…and a low IQ individual. Perhaps you are related to Maxine Waters?
    My advice to you Twinkles, is to go back to fakebook where your bizarre ideas are mainstream. This is the adults site Twinkles, you wont understand what we are saying. You will be much happier there.

  48. I was wondering why on a conservative page that 35% would not bote to reelect Trump. Now I know why. Buch of dumb ass snowflake tinfoil hat wearing cool aid drinking open border commie loving liberals are trolling.
    Maybe I should go to a lib site and rile em up a little… nah they aint worth my time.

  49. As long as the democrats are in charge of the house this is the way is going to be kick them especially 4 or 5 women that some of that never been in there to start with and some thats been in way to long

  50. Eric sounds just like another Trump hating snowflake that can not face the facts about this disgusting hoax created by the radical treasonous left. AG Barr will expose the largest conspiracy in the history of this nation with real facts not left wing propaganda

  51. Corruption is Deep with the demorats! How many years has Nancy used tax payers $$$$ to take herself and family and friends on vacations? Who else has been doing it too? We know that we paid for sex payments for con-gress. Where’s the$$$$ from the urainum one deal? Bet Russia been selling it to Iran. Wasn’t that killarys and obo and Mueller’s deal? That no neck Adam needs to also be investigated.

  52. Speaking of Mr Fitton, Judicial Watch could use some monetary assistance. Money very well spent to support this organization,and I know they put it to great effect. I am sure they would appreciate any amount you can spare.

  53. And you losing, Ron. Who do you think is paying for the trade war that is “easy to win?” Hint: not China nor soon to be Mexico. In fact with $11 billion to farmers last year and $16 billion this year to subsidize their loss of markets, we are all paying twice. Some stable genius alright…

  54. Barr was hired to by a shill sycophant for your Dear Leader. Nothing more. Constitutionally, he serves the nation. Nowhere in the Constitution does it say the AG must be a bootlicker to a lawless president.

  55. These CROOKS at the FBI DOJ CIA and Hillary’s BAND of CROOKS have to go to JAIL for a long time so this NEVER happens again. Arrest Hillary Now How many CRIMES does Hillary have to commit to get ARRESTED Classified emails are on a convicted perverts laptop Uranium Deal FISA Treason Clinton Foundation pay to play. And Obama there is no way they did this without OBAMA’S OK.

  56. Ridiculous, More like, every time Mueller says something, little baby barrister b. barr becomes more of a nervous wreck, because he knows his boss, the traitor Pyongyang donald, will be angry.

  57. That is why sessions is no longer on the job! No pushback on the democommies and their impeachment man Mueller! Ag Barr is doing what he was hired to do an denounce the Democrat silent coup!

  58. There is so damn much corruption in Washington that they were flabbergasted that they couldn’t find anything on Donald Trump. They just assumed everyone was as crooked as they are.

  59. I, would like to know when we are going to get around to charges against those responsible for the hoax false accusations against President Trump? I cannot wait to see and hear of the filings against each of them. I cannot wait to see each one of the ditch dirts in prison away from each other with no contact with the other.

  60. Jeff Sessions is a jerk. A loser. And a fake. So, don’t give me this crap that he has high integrity, is honest and a patriot. He participated in the coup by recusing himself and then standing by and letting the phony Special Prosecutor and his band of angry Democrats waste 2 years and $40 million dollars while tying up President Trump’s efforts to MAGA.

  61. Barr, it was treasonous. Maybe you should have waited your comments till you completed the investigation on the Mueller investigators that never steered toward Hillary and Obama.

  62. Well practice your constitutional right on them. Or are you just another blow hard fascist

  63. ” It takes a thief to know a thief.” as they say. Thus, Mueller suspects everyone who is in power woud be like himself, thus, he investigated our NOBEL President as though the President might had done what he would had done himself, if he was in the President’s shoes! Mueller needs to be investigated from within and without!

  64. So far, Barr is all talk. Meanwhile, the coup rages on with nary a complaint from anyone other than me and possibly Tom Fitton and Jim Jordan and Devin Nunes. All talk, no action. All cowards.

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