William Barr sat in silence when he saw this report about Obama spying on Trump

Trump supporters have been waiting for this day.

The Department of Justice finally is ready to make public its findings on the Obama Deep State’s abuse of power in the 2016 election.

And William Barr sat in silence when he saw this report about Obama spying on Trump.

Deep State leakers are already racing to get ahead of Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report on the FBI’s use of FISA warrants against the Trump campaign.

FBI officials that read the report leaked its findings to the fake news New York Times in order to frame the conclusions in the most favorable light possible.

For instance, The Times claims Horowitz will “debunk” President Trump’s claim that the FBI spied on his campaign despite the report outlining the fact that the FBI deployed undercover agents to gather intelligence from Trump campaign aides under false pretenses.

The New York Times reports:

The Justice Department’s inspector general found no evidence that the F.B.I. attempted to place undercover agents or informants inside Donald J. Trump’s campaign in 2016 as agents investigated whether his associates conspired with Russia’s election interference operation.

…Mr. Trump and his allies have pointed to some of the investigative steps the F.B.I. took as evidence of spying, though they were typical law enforcement activities. For one, agents had an informant, an academic named Stefan A. Halper, meet with Mr. Page and Mr. Papadopoulos while they were affiliated with the campaign. The president decried the revelation as an “all time biggest political scandal” when it emerged last year.

The F.B.I. did have an undercover agent who posed as Mr. Halper’s assistant during a London meeting with Mr. Papadopoulos in August 2016. And indeed, another Trump adviser, Peter Navarro, reportedly pushed Mr. Halper for an ambassadorship in the Trump administration.

That is the dictionary definition of spying.

Horowitz’s report is also expected the criticize the FBI for serious mistakes – including one possible act of criminal conduct – in how the FBI carried out the spying on the Trump campaign.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. My my. your mother must be really proud of her son. What mouth!!! “Raise up a child in the way he should go and he will not depart from it.” Did mom talk like this? Never her President Trump or his family with that deplorable language. Sorry, mom, you let him down and now he lets you down. Must be a miserable life to hate so badly

  2. Since the IG Horowitz is limited in his power to investigate to just the internal Justice and FBI departments, with no subpoena or indictment authority, his report is limited and will only contain portions of the truth, if that. The AG Barr/Durham report along with indictments will complete the picture, and that is exactly what the democrats are fearing. Truth will prevail.

  3. ‘Truth and Facts’?
    More like bull and Schiff
    You must not get solid news thru your tinfoil hat.
    Watch out for the mold in your mom’s basement, it will rot your brain…
    Oh, oh may be too late…

  4. Trump remains one original American. White among whites. Bearing the true burdens of true Americans. Bold and brave as the true white lion. Making promises and keeping same. Unlike last president before him. Trump remains my best president and I remain an unrepentant supporter of Trump. Trump knows what US citizens needs for their better future and he does just that which must be done to make America great again. I unconditionally love his sort hearts and determination.

  5. Another prime example of demoncrap lies and cover up! Draining the swamp doesn’t seem to have much effect, maybe it’s time For a presidential purge of the swamp.

  6. Nixon was impeached for 15 minutes of tape. Obama started during the election and is still doing so that mounts to treason.

  7. That’s oh so true. If there was ANYONE WHO WAS CORRUPT, it’s Barry along with Eric. Not to mention Hillary. They are ALL a disgrace to America and it’s citizens.

  8. And, don’t forget the ever present “Your” instead of (correctly) “You’re.”

    I get so tired of seeing that one; was nobody listening when they taught this stuff in 2nd grade?!?

  9. So where is redman you may ask?i guess his parole officer had enough of his vile posts.told you not to get involved with him.child sex offenders cannot post filth on social media

  10. Follow the wives. I looked up Horrowitz wife about 2 months ago. She is a journalist that has worked with CNN and other leftist organizations. I can’t remember her whole resume but she is a true lefty. She has her profile on LinkedIn. She has a different last name, can’t remember it now. I don’t expect much from him, remember the first report was not that great either.

  11. Truth and Facts you’re going up against a pro taking on Dan Tyree. He and his kind will hold America together and fight to the death to defend our liberties. I know him personally and he’s not mean. He just means what he says. I’m proud to be his friend. He’s well thought of and people know where they stand with him. He grew up working for everything he’s got.

  12. Truthy I’ve gotten the best of you tonight. I’m going to bed, not in mama’s basement, and dream up some more zingers for you. I’ll play you a sad song on my fiddle tomorrow. It’s called the Trump derangement blues. I’ll use minor notes to set the mood. Now don’t stay up too late.

  13. Martha our country is in deep trouble. We have a sickness in America. It’s called communism. They have been forced into the open by Trump.

  14. I’m wondering about Barr!! I don’t think he is exactly on the “up and up” when it comes to justice. He “disagrees” with what the IG is saying? I guess when we actually see the report we’ll be able to decide. I really have confidence in very few that are running our government. The Republican party has far too many Rhino’s that are beginning to show they are really Dumbocrats in disguise. I fear our country is in deep trouble.

  15. Both Hillary and Hussein Obama were personally trained by Saul Alinsky in Chicago. That should tell you something!

  16. If Obama was 1 tenth as powerful as you morons think he is he would still be president and Trump would still be ripping off every contractor in the tri state.

  17. I hope they have enough orange jump suits and one ORANGE “SLEASURE” SUITE for HILDABEAST. We could go down to the pen where they are all at and throw them some bananas or peanuts.

  18. Truthy that’s only when you trolls are posting. Now go kiss mama and go to the basement. She might tuck you in. It’s clear that you aren’t mentally stable. Try to get therapy before Trump wins again.

  19. I’ll take deep state over Trump dictator state any day. That is if there was such a thing. The fact is the deep state is what the far right cries when they get their asses kicked by the truth and facts.

  20. Truth and facts obstruction of justice, my ass. Its the only way they can have a legitimate argument in charging fake crimes. The impeachment inquiry is a 3 ring circus act, just hoping somebody has anything on trump, when in fact its the demorats doing he crime and taking all the attention off the crimes that are essentionally, their crimes. The demorats are playing with a smoking gun and when the smoke settles, so will their ass, in a jail cell. They already lost the 2020 election and probably beyond that , as long as people remember how corrupt the demorats have been all these years

  21. The Cubans were told that cuba would be great again and everyone would be equal ,no corruption ,they would clean out the swamp ,sound familiar, dumb ass?

  22. Truthy you need to take your meds and go to bed. Don’t forget your teddy bear. I hope mama’s basement isn’t too cold.

  23. Hey truth and facts, may be you should get your act together. According to article 3, section 3 of the constitution, treason against the united states shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort. Benghazi was prime target for a treasonous act. Who gave the stand down order, not yet once, but 3 times. Well that would be Hillary Clinton. Who probably told her to give that order, well at would be Barack Plummer,since he was such a natural born citizen of this country and so much naturalized, his or th certificate had to be altered. Wow,and you have the gall to say what you did. Oh,and did I mention when Kennedy was . ever wonder why Oswald said he was a pet st and why he was killed. be u 3 guesses and the first 2 don’t count

  24. America, do your civil duty and vote corrupt politicians OUT OF OFFICE. Everyone knows what happened leading up to the 2016 presidential elections. The O admin weaponized his administration against an opposing political campaign. People from the O admin should be prosecuted for this type of election meddling. We have to prevent this from ever occurring again in this great country. #VoteRedToSaveAmerica2020 #TrumpLandslide2020

  25. It is only a matter of time before we see lots of Dem heads rolling. If there is justice…we see many of them going to jail.

  26. Why are you people taking the time of day with this guy it kinda said something about you guys, think about it, don’t lower you’re self to his level ( THINK ) he might not be a real person

  27. And yet… it is your current leader who has had no fewer than six close advisers be convicted of felonies; most of whom are now in jail.

  28. Hey URopinion. They were probably bribed or threatened. You know about the list of dead people killery left behind. So you spoke with his mother. Great. I met Waylon Jennings once.

  29. Horowitz was appointed by Obama. Does that tell you anything about what to expect in the report? Have you seen one, just one, Obama appointee who has not covered for him? If you were not corrupt, in the first place, you never would have been appointed by 44 to start with.

  30. Sorry… but I can’t help getting the sick feeling that Horowitz is too close to the people that committed these evils. Hope I am wrong… Hope it is not just someone covering for these Dems as we have seen.

  31. You don’t like our country or the Constitution our country is based on you have the freedom to leave isn’t that an awesome country

  32. Name one trump did not by hearsay.or feelings’ but proof positive .. that not one of our democratic pres did not do themselves’ gov has been black mailing ppliticians for yrs yo get things using tax moneyies to do it example wisconsin and alcohol being 21 yrs old vs 18 recall how THEY got it past us. ? They used our money for school and hwy pulling it away until we agreed to 21 us wide how many States did they black mail to get what was wanted.

  33. Joe the people wanting that crowd in charge can’t guarantee that themselves won’t be thrown under the bus. The revolution in Cuba was supposed to be the dream of working people. Now it’s oppression that many of them are trying to escape from. People being jailed and killed for questioning authority doesn’t look so glamorous now. We have a fool calling himself Anthony wanting to take voting rights from conservatives. He’s posted on this site. If that’s not a wake up call, I don’t know what is. And plenty of them feel the same way They want us defenseless and in servitude. Not on my watch!!!


  35. Resist American freedom and prosperity. Vote for a full communist takeover of the Federal government. It’s the Republicans vs the Communists. Communism always produces the best results for society. Population control. Economic poverty and dependency on the elite controllers. Isn’t that what everyone wants anyway? Oh wait, I have my upside down inside out Democrat glasses on. Just a minute while I take them off…..YIKES!!!!!!!

  36. Then why don’t you come back with some intelligent arguments/facts rather than potty-mouth, grammar school name calling in your comments?

  37. like all the dumb asses that voted for that thing that was in the capital for 8 years stealing all our tax money
    anthony you are just out right stupid

  38. I have spoken with Chris Stevens’ mother, though on another matter. His family does not blame Obama or Hilary and say that Chris knew that his job put him in a dangerous position.

  39. Dan, do not worry with their stance on abortion they show they are against procreation…they will die out eventually

  40. Holy crap, to call someone to uneducated on truth BUT has no simple understanding of the difference between “to” and “too” shows you do not know as much as you think you do. Uneducated…that is comical

  41. Snott27 our attorney general has already reported evidence of a “deep state “. They can run but they can’t hide.

  42. And why have all the principals been blocked from testifying and all the subpoenaed documents hidden from the public from your guy, “the most transparent ever”? Hypocridiot.

  43. Reflect, Michael. Did it ever once occur to you that maybe, just maybe, you’ve been following a trail of lies and misinformation?

  44. When the Department of ”Justice” are crooks and their police force is the FBI and they report to a Corrupt House of Representatives, just who do you go to to get real Justice? A ”Special Prosecutor”?
    Gentlemen and Ladies, our Government has been taken over by a corrupt Deep State. What do we do now?

  45. Janet, you are so right about your statement. They have killed in the past and will think nothing of killing in the present and future to save their corrupt behinds!

  46. Do you really think heads will fall on the left
    Obama was behind it all and still is but for the most part untouchable makes me sick.

  47. Shirley your to UNEDUCATED on the truth and facts to ever make an opinion, you like all Trump suckers are showing how ignorant you make yourself look.

  48. Shirley your to UNEDUCATED on the truth and facts to ever make an opinion, you like all Trump suckers are showing how ignorant you make yourself look.

  49. Everytime you morons respond You prove me right again and show that you are indeed UNEDUCATED BRAINWASHED MORONS.

  50. Your guy ruined this Country. Ask The families of the ones killed at Benghazi, Seal Team six, all the cops killed because of his racism. He ruined our Health care. No jobs, 401K’s in the tank, citizen’s turned against one another. Better do a better job of searching for the truth and facts.

  51. truthless, you call yourself a Christian??? All you do is come on here and spew your hatred and call people names. And nothing you ever say is truth or fact. If you are so interested in truth and facts, you really need to find out what they are. And please take an English course. It is “except”, NOT “accept”

  52. truthless, your ignorance is showing again. Every time you post you prove what a fool you are. You have no clue of the truth

  53. As I’ve said before, I’m not a liberal or a dem, just an independent Christian interested in the truth and facts whether it favors my ideals or not. JUST THE TRUTH AND FACTS ,I have no agenda accept that.

  54. Blow job you are an UNEDUCATED MORON who has absolutely no clue what so ever of TRUTH and facts, because your a brainwashed fool who thinks trump tells the truth. You probably think Hannity and Limbaugh are journalists too. They’re NOTHING MORE THAN propagandists feeding morons the b.s. they want to hear with no regard for the truth and facts.

  55. Trump is .Guarantee that,as well he should because the truth and facts never bode well for Trump and his UNAMERICAN BRAINWASHED FOOL AND HYPOCRITE followers.

  56. Hey MORON John, I support border security with common sense not waste money on the wall that’s already proving it’s no more helpful than the fence it replaced but cost 50 times more. According to the several border patrol agents I’ve spoken to more agents and more technology related tools are what is needed .

  57. The same people we go after to recover all the wasted money the republicans spent on investigations into obama and hilly. And foundabsolutely no wro ng doing. Unlike the Trump investigations that have found numerous associates of his go to prison and him committing obstruction of justice at least 10 times.

  58. Calm down truthy. You commiecrats will get another chance after Trump finishes his 2nd term. And we will watch you idiots fail again.

  59. If there were no United States marines, no United States airmen, no United States sailors, no United States soldiers, no United States minutemen, no United States detectives, no United States attorneys, no United States judges and no United States ambassadors, then there is a very strong chance that you would not feel the protection of the United States Constitution. As we know, freedom is not free.

  60. Let’s not ignore the fact that “state” decisions made by Trump, Putin and Xi, among others, can egregiously affect people half a world away from them. By suggesting that somebody “leave”, you’re actually demanding a fellow human being’s suicide, because there is nowhere to go. The world is too interconnected.

  61. Problem about that statement though, is Trump hasn’t committed any crimes or the 3 year long witch hunt media would have pissed themselves from exhilarated excitement running to be the first to report it. No crime!!

  62. truthless, you are a LIAR!!!!!! Republicans have NOTHING to do with the Russians. FACT!!!! But Hillary colluded with them and you deny it

  63. Truthless, YES, it is. You are truly deranged. Get help. And no one is forcing you to come here. You just want to spew your sick hate and lies. No one here believes a word you say. Try getting out of fantasyland and face reality

  64. Truth, YOU are clearly the fool and the moron. Read your own posts. And I worship God, who gave us Pres. Trump instead of that vile, corrupt, worthless Hillary who would have continued Obama’s sick destruction of this country. The same Obama who DETESTS our Constitution

  65. Truth, If not for the illegals and dead people voting (YES, they did) and people voting more than once (YES, they did) Pres. Trump would have easily won the popular vote. Take your sick hate somewhere else

  66. Name one law they committed, that’s provable. Not made up by lying don and the fox propaganda machine,aka the original fake news channel.

  67. BJ, Anthony Lukatella is not anywhere close to being a Communist.

    Think about it, BJ,do you think the Communist Party would welcome such questionable people into their Party?

    Hell no they won’t. The Communist Party would tell them to stay out and remain their activities as the TRULY DEDICATED DYSFUNCTIONAL DEMOCRATS they best represent.

  68. This is not a Christian site. This is a propagandist b.s site sponsored by the republicans/Russians,which has become one.

  69. Phuck all you trump worshippers. Last i checked it’s a free country and I’m protected by the CONSTITUTION, you inbred UNAMERICAN BRAINWASHED Fools and HYPOCRITES and last but not least MORONS.

  70. Yes hate,but more fear of what they did and what’s going to come out if this President remains in office. They want him out so bad they may kill to protect there abuses.

  71. Are you suggesting that the Гла́вное разве́дывательное управле́ние sponsors this site? Regardless, what would be the manner of the sponsorship? How much money is being donated? Where are all the advertisements? How many foreign liaisons are on the site staff?

  72. President Trump did NOT collude with Russia for anything… and man isn’t going to change the climate.. the earth’s climate has been changing for years… the sun controls the climate…

  73. Agree.. these democRAT swamp rats are appalling.. they are nothing but vicious liars consumed with extreme hate for President Trump… They hated him for winning the election and have been attacking him since Day one… They have poisoned the minds of the lunatics on the left that have their heads so far up the butts of the democRAT swamp rats that they can’t see the truth… it’s pathetic… never in my life have I seen so many vicious lies filled with extreme hate being spread through our country… the ONLY ones dividing our country are the democRAT swamp rats…

  74. Hey Anthony how long did it take you to become such an a h ole or were you just born thst way. Too bad your mutha didnt believe in abortion since she knew she’d have a crack baby!

  75. Trump can commit crimes 24/7 and still will never catch up to Obama, Biden, and Hillary’s Corruption, and Lies!
    Then u have Comey, McCabe, and John Brennan!
    Obama was behind the spying on Trump, and approved of the Hillary, DNC paid for Steele Dossier, which the lawyer for the FBI changed the report to get FISA Warrants, to spy on Trump, and then waste 40 million taxpayer dollars on the Russia Report!
    Every taxpayer in America, should be mad at the tax dollars being wasted on these Lying charges against Trump, by the Corrupt Demo-Rats Pelosi, Schiff and Nadler!

  76. BJ that is true. They know that they are losing and that’s why they try to gang up on us with their commie propaganda. Their party is made up of Marxism and people across America are wising up. Stay strong. We are winning. But I do believe that violence is on their agenda sooner or later. I’m ready and hope everyone else will be. I hope I’m wrong, but I can read between the lines.

  77. Dan, I totally agree. And Anthony is very dangerous wanting to take away our freedom. It’s very chilling that he has no concept of what our Constitution is or why it was written. History is no longer taught in public schools. They are just lib indoctrination centers

  78. They will not get away with it. It will really suck to be them when they have to stand before Jesus to be judged.

  79. Smarter, it’s not that he can’t get his facts straight. It’s that he has no clue what a fact is. And even if he did, he wouldn’t care. He lives on hate

  80. bj are my initials, fool. And you prove me right every time you post. You just come here to spew your sick hate and lies

  81. Anthony, so you want to take away our freedom to vote because YOU want to dictate how we vote. YOU are truly the communist

  82. Anthony, since you hate this country so much, please move to the commie country of your choice. You will fit right in. There is no freedom. You hate our freedom. That is very obvious

  83. Anthony…You are truly brainwashed and there is no hope for you. YOU are a LIAR!!!!! I know HUNDREDS of people who support Pres. Trump and ALL of them are very loving, kind, decent, honest people…FAR better than you!!!!! You have only hate. And it is the dems who are the communists. FACT!!!! NO, dems DO NOT want to help everyone. They HATE everyone who does not agree with their sick immorality. You are PROOF. You need to be locked up. You are very dangerous

  84. Anthony you’re getting into your mother’s crack stash again. You’re talking about forcing people to be in lock step with commie asswipes.

  85. Art, I read the Mueller report and I watched his testimony before Congress. There was NO evidence of Russian collusion. Mueller did not say there wasn’t enough evidence to convict Trump, he said there was zero evidence of Russian collusion. Get your facts straight

  86. No Trump wants to move out of New York because of high taxation. You can’t escape crimes by moving out of state.
    You must have just migrated to the U.S.

  87. reality, morals come from God, whom you deny. The dem party threw God out and embrace satan and his hate and lies and you are a prime example

  88. reality, Obama hates everything this country stands for. FACT. He is very racist and hates whites. FACT. He is a muslim traitor. FACT. He hates our Cosntitution. FACT. He brought in hundreds of thousands of muslims knowing full well that the goal of islam is to replace our Constitution with sharia law. FACT. He was born in Kenya. FACT. Even he said that he was. That makes his presidency illegitimate and all eight years should be annulled. As for evidence, read his own books. Most of what I said is in there. He is a muslim traitor who lied his way into our White House. And it is very obvious from your posts that you care nothing at all about justice or morality. You just hate Pres. Trump and don’t care that the Clintons and Obama are very corrupt. I put party over country??? Really, that’s pretty hard to do, since I am Independent and don’t vote party. And you don’t mind a bit that the Clintons and Obama got away with extreme corruption.

  89. I don’t want a civil war but it might be necessary to stop the cultists Trump supporters. You all should never be allowed to vote after what you did in 2016

  90. GHD, please provide PROOF of what you said. You CAN’T. But just keep believing the lies of your lib leaders without question like a good little robot. Get a brain to think for yourself

  91. If people can’t be trusted to vote properly then they should lose their rights to vote. That needs to be amended to the constitution. If you vote for a racist Nazi fascist you no longer get to vote ever again.

  92. Anthony, look in your mirror to see stupid!! Pres. Trump has done NOTHING that he should be impeached for. FACT. He has done only good for this country, but your sick hate won’t let you see the truth. YES, he will and should be reelected. He will not be impeached. Your hatred is not a reason

  93. No, you should change your name to “NOT Smarter than you”! Just because there was not enough evidence to indict Trump does not mean, AS MUELLER SO CLEARLY STATED, THAT “HE (tRUMP) WAS EXONERATED. John Gotti was involved in many crimes where there was not enough evidence to bring charges, until they finally, under RICO, got the evidence of 13 murders that he had gotten away with previously.

  94. L… What I said is the TRUTH. Sorry that you have no concept of truth. And why are you here?? This is a conservative Christian site, neither of which you have any knowledge of.

  95. Hillary is not president, bj – – you should stop giving bjs long enough to wipe yourself off and read a newspaper. Can you read? Besides, Trump lies every time he opens his mouth – – which I would not care about if he was not president.

  96. GHD, It’s too bad that you have no concept of the truth. I have read LOTS of books on history. I know that. But you have perfectly described the dems…their goal is to suppress the freedom of ALL who do not agree with them. They are Nazis and fascists. They are very dangerous to our freedom. It is you who has no clue about history. Public schools no longer teach. They are lib indoctrination centers and you are proof

  97. Anthony – – with all Trump’s crimes, he is scared to leave office and face both his list of federal crimes P{US the long list of crimes in New York. That is why he wants to move out of New York, because he is trying to avoid all his tax crimes in the the state!

  98. Hey, bj brain, name the list of crimes, with any evidence, that Obama supposedly did that has not been debunked by now. NONE of his people were convicted of ONE thing whereas for Trump: Russia Probe:
    190+ indictments.
    40 people charged.
    5 guilty pleas.
    5 guilty convictions.

    And for anyone, Dan Tyree, who says he hopes Trump gets away with it shows a complete disrespect for the rule of law and the constitution of the United States. That clearly shows you put party over country, and party over justice and morality.

  99. You are just stupid and spend too much time doing bjs rather than reading the news: Ten counts of obstruction of justice, investigated and outlined in the Mueller Report, diverting taxpayer money (over $120 million) into his own pockets and businesses; all his numerous crimes with Cohen, his bribery of Ukrainian president by withholding needed military funds, more obstruction of justice in that Ukrainian crimes, and 3 counts of soliciting foreign interference in USA elections. (Borrowed from another poster on the PP sites),

  100. Anthony, you are very foolish and ignorant. Pres. Trump has done NOTHING to be impeached for. He loves this country and has done a LOT of good for it. Rewrite the Constitution???? Read your own sick post. YOU want to rewrite the Constitution so that it agrees with YOU and takes freedom away from those you think are stupid. That makes YOU the Fascist Nazi.

  101. Do you give bjs to only Trump or any Trump followers? How do your knees keep up with all that pleasing of the right wingnuts?

  102. it is too bad you spend all your time, bj, giving blow jobs to right wingers and too little time reading books and materials where you have a more solid view of history. It was the Nazis and Italian fascists who suppress the freedoms of the people and become the nightmares of the world.

  103. Paul, sorry for pointing this out, but you are not so smart yourself. It is “you’re”, not “your”. Big difference

  104. Anthony, THERE WAS NO RUSSIAN COLLUSION!!!!! NONE!!!! That was proved to be false. But it was HILLARY that colluded with Russia and that is fine with you. And denying climate change is an impeachable offense? Really??? And the climate has been changing ever since this earth was formed. We are not causing it and there is nothing we can do about it. But just keep believing the lies

  105. truth, all you do is come on here to spew your hate and lies. You are not wanted here. This is a conservative Christian site, NEITHER of which you have any knowledge of. You just make a fool of yourself

  106. Ric, what Roger said is the TRUTH. But you have no concept of truth. And why do you come here, just to spew your sick hate and lies?? This is a conservative Christian site, neither of which you know anything about

  107. reality…Now make a list of what the Clintons and Obama have done. It would take several books to list all of their corruption. But you don’t care about that. And most of what you said is FALSE

  108. Fox mew may not be 100% correct 100% of the Time. But 99.9 % of the Time is good enough . Where as the Libturd prograganda machines you utilize as your sources ,such as CNN,MSNBC CBS, ABC ,THE BBC LA TIMES N.Y.TIME WASHINGTON POST SEATTLE JOURNAL TIME MAGAZINE ARE ALL WRONG 78% OF THE TIME

  109. GHD…It is the DEMS who want to suppress freedom of speech and all other freedom. It is the DEMS who have no respect for the Constitution. It is to bad that you have no concept of the truth

  110. We have to impeach Trump or else they will reelect him. The idiots out number us. They should not be allowed to vote and when we get back in power we have to rewrite the constitution so those stupid people can’t vote Fascist Nazis into office again like they did with Trump.

  111. Truth, and you are a fool. It is a FACT that “Michelle” was born Michael and is a male. Pres. Trump is very much a man

  112. Truth and Facts…You really need to change your screen name. You have no clue what truth is or what a fact is. That is very obvious

  113. R.C. , you act as if your statement points out a person who may be guilty. Whose guilty? See just because you say it out loud doesn’t mean any body cares. In fact I will be staying up the in a month

  114. Ok GHD, let’s talk issues. Our vision for America. Trump’s agenda compared to the idiots running against him. All you people have is trumpers and cult members.

  115. Always go to a conspiracy rather than “keeping it simple” and seeing it was just a charge that had NO substance . . . . like most of Trump’s B.S. lies and excuses.
    No “quid pro quo” – – another of his big lies!!!

  116. bj, that is just foolish:

    #1. Trump committed campaign and tax crimes with his first lawyer, Cohen,
    . . . .. who is already serving time for those crimes.
    #2. Trump has continually violated the emoluments clause and funneled over
    . . . . $115 MILLION to his golf courses, then government money to his D.C.
    . . . . hotel, diverted military planes to help his Scotland golf course.
    #3. TEN “obstructions of justice” as outlined in the Mueller report.
    #4. Violating the law three times by asking or soliciting foreign interference
    . . . . in an American election.
    #5. Using approved aid for Ukraine to BRIBE Ukraine president to give him
    . . . campaign dirt on a political opponent.
    #6. Obstruction of justice in trying to hide the phone conversation on
    . . . . a deepest secretive computer.

  117. Of man, cry me a river, Roger, . . . it is amazing how you Trumpers act like victims rather than people of personal responsibility!!!

  118. Yes, Trump wants ALL HIS CROOKS in charge, not other crooks that he “claims” is part of a swamp. He is much more of a criminal than Nixon, and that is saying A LOT!!!

  119. Come on, Danny, the “Deep- State” is just piled feces very deep. There is no evidence or credence, just the fools who like to believe in the conspiracies of the illuminati and the freemasons. In other words, c-r-a-p!

  120. Yes Truth, ANOTHER TRUMP AND RIGHT WINGNUT L-I-E EXPOSED FOR THE B.S. IT IS. Now, let’s get on to the one where “Ukraine interfered in the 2016 election rather than Russia”!!!! Without all your fake conspiracy B.S. you would have a severe reduction in what you could talk about. G.O.P. has been taken over by the ignorant and radical fools.

  121. Now you are involved, yet again in the fascist technique of trying to suppress anyone who uses their freedom of speech – – yet another example you have little to no respect for the constitution. It is too bad you cannot handle other points of view and are so insecure and weak, you want they driven away.

  122. You talk about truth and facts…here’s a few for you…the ex Secretary of State ( of Benghazi fame), one of the highest offices in the USA, requiring TOP security clearance, who by her OWN admission was too STUPID to know that “C” on official documents meant CLASSIFIED/CONFIDENTIAL….guess you support the no wall, no borders crowd…No Borders = No Country…and also support those who would circumvent the “spirit and intent” or would abolish the Electoral College…No College = No Constitutional Republic….obviously a “patriot” you are NOT!!!

  123. James we are proud of our president. Rigged courts and threatened jurors will bring the results the commiecrats want.

  124. I know from a pretty good source that Trump doesn’t plan to leave office, ever. He will change the constitution and laws so he can remain in office for as long as he needs to. That’s his game plan.

  125. James is right. Trump is actually on tape saying he doesn’t believe climate change is happening fast enough so he wants to accelerate it by dropping an atomic bomb before he leaves office.
    He just has to decide where. You can look it up. Trump is the most sinister president we’ve ever had. And Obama was probably the best but JFK was probably better. Some day you will see the truth.

  126. Presidents used to be intimidated and feared J Edgar Hoover and his FBI. Then J Edgar died. Presidents and many in government feared and have been intimidated by the power of the FBI. Except for Donald J. Trump. He is not intimidated nor fearful of the FBI.

  127. …the Big F’n Ngr and head Mudslime of the US was definitely behind EVERYTHING from the beginning, so death to the terrorist and all his crones, including Ms. CLITon…

  128. Which means absolutely nothing, whatever the New York Times reports the FBI leaked to them. We will see for ourselves. We are completely distrusting of the news media. We want the facts. Just the facts. Nothing but the facts. Facts that hold up in court.

  129. James…Your ignorance is profound. Please name ONE THING that pres. Trump has done that is corrupt. You CAN’T!!!! He has done nothing wrong. But the Clintons have been extremely corrupt for many years and that is fine with you. Take your sick hate somewhere else. We don’t need it

  130. Glad at least one other person here hasn’t been sucked into the Trump corruption maelstrom. Between the lies and the corruption now the new normal crippling our image around the world we’ll be lucky to still have a country by the time the Trump family is done shaking us down.

  131. “FBI officials that read the report LEAKED its findings to the fake news New York Times in order to frame the conclusions in the most favorable light possible.” If there is any doubt that Trump cannot trust the DOJ and FBI, here is why. The deep state is real. It is a carcinoma that spreads throughout the government. That carcinoma includes the NSA, CIA, DOS, DHS, DOD, and others. The bureaucrats have become a self-perpetuating cancer.

  132. James, let me school you. Obama – Democrat, Trump – Republican. Get it? If you want to get away with murder, in some cases literally, register as a democrat. You’ll never be held responsible.

  133. The Federal Bureau of Investigation, a law enforcement agency under the umbrella of the Constitution of the United States, has never been a big fan of obedience to the fourth amendment: “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.” The lack of support for this is a problem. The tragic irony is that Democrats and Republicans, including Donald Trump, steadfastly defend a number of programs that go against the “Bill of Rights” except as however those programs personally hurt them. William Barr, Jeff Sessions, Loretta Lynch, Eric Holder, Michael Mukasey, Alberto Gonzales, John Ashcroft and Janet Reno are all roughly the same in authoritarianism, with some being more or less corrupt/derelict when in service to the United States.

  134. You’re right and mainly because the Republicans in congress are pretty much gutless when it comes to Obama, Hillary and any dem who should be prosecuted

  135. Yes, just what Trump has been doing!!! Trump’s corruption is the worst than anything Obama did!!! Look at how many people of the Trump Organization have been prosecuted, convicted, and punished, compared to the Obama Administration!!! Trump’s Organization many convictions in only three years, while the Obama Organization with none in eight years of his Administration!!! If the Department of Justice didn’t have a internal ruling that a sitting President could not be criminally charged, Trump would have been prosecuted already and convicted and punished for all of his criminal corrupt actions!!!

  136. WHat happened to the Democrats constantly saying “no one is above the law” maybe they should add “except democrats”

  137. I am appaled at the way the Obama and his MOB could get away with all of this crap!
    I wonder how much he paid all of these GANGSTERS to get a free ride???

  138. Hold on, Durham’s already advised that “criminal” charges will be coming which is why the Durham investigation has expanded and delayed in “its” release. Hard to believe that Horowitz is coming up with little evidence. “DID someone get to Horowitz? Is their more corruption going on than we will ever know?

  139. Only good to come of this will be Prez. Trump winning 45 states in 2020, Eric Trump winning 46 states in 2024, Prez. Ivanka Trump winning all 49 states in 2032. California will no longer be a state. Seeing libtards say Prez. Trump for the next 2 decades plus, PRICELESS

  140. And yet, nothing is done about it, and never will be. They get away with wrecking lives, and still, we do nothing. The USA is turning into a laughingstock, and it is well deserved.

  141. Mrs, Obama? There is no such animal. He is Mr. And Mr. Obama. And they are animals. Note the opposable thumbs on his feet, that he uses to swing from tree to shining tree. Note the gargantuan lips, and football players body. Note the large sausage like appendage that he takes to his thigh, but it broke loose on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, causing old Ellen’s eyeballs to pop out of her tiny head. Also take note whenever a very tight jar lid needed prying, Big Mike was the go to guy at the Whitehouse. Also note the millions of dollars of anti stink spray to defumigate the Whitehouse after the animals left feces and entrails over it. Very funny stuff.

  142. But, what does it matter, because the end result is the same. Nothing happens, or ever will, to any lying, cheating, democrat. And we just sit here and take it in the keister every single time. And this will be no different.

  143. He is indeed true to his Muslim religion which is to see any “non-believer’ as the devil. Mrs. Obama’s multiple appearances on late night television shows concealed her extreme dislike of white people, yet now they have a new vacation home in the midst of white people. Go figure. I wish people would compare her staff with the staff of any former First Lady. The Obamas lived it up on taxpayers’ money.

  144. “FBI officials that read the report leaked its findings to the fake news New York Times in order to frame the conclusions in the most favorable light possible.” Here we go again… When will corrupt officials realize that we will no longer allow ourselves to be DUPED into believing any official’s falsification of information. THERE ARE OTHER SOURCES OF INFORMATION OUT THERE THAT WE CAN READ IN ORDER TO OBTAIN REAL FACTS ENABLING US TO KNOW WHEN WE ARE BEING LIED TO!!!

  145. A Communist and Muslim , that’s Obummer for you . Any one whose mentor in College was , Old Hippy Professor Bill Ayers as Obama’s was . They couldn’t help but be a Communist / Muslim . Spying , rigging , cheating and making one false accusation after another for three years . The whole DemonRat party is Guilty of High Treason , trying to pull off a Government takeover !!

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