William Barr stepped up and made one decision that left jaws on the ground

Donald Trump removed Jeff Sessions as Attorney General because he wanted someone unafraid to stand up to the Deep State.

That’s why he nominated William Barr to succeed Sessions as Attorney General.

And now, William Barr stepped up and made one decision that left jaws on the ground.

Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance wanted to punish former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort.

Vance’s office indicted Manafort on a series of financial crimes similar to the charges Robert Mueller brought to make sure Manafort spent time behind bars.

President Trump’s pardon powers do not extend to state-level crimes, which is why Vance brought these charges.

To make matters worse, Vance ordered Manafort transferred from a low-security prison facility to the notorious Rikers Island where he would spend his time in solitary confinement while awaiting trial in New York.

Many Americans believed this would have been a form of torture.

But the Justice Department, under William Barr’s watch, stepped up and put a stop to Vance’s scheme to exact revenge on a prominent Trump associate.

The New York Times reports:

Paul J. Manafort, President Trump’s former campaign chairman who is serving a federal prison sentence, had been expected to be transferred to the notorious Rikers Island jail complex this month to await trial on a separate state case.

But last week, Manhattan prosecutors were surprised to receive a letter from the second-highest law enforcement official in the country inquiring about Mr. Manafort’s case. The letter, from Jeffrey A. Rosen, Attorney General William P. Barr’s new top deputy, indicated that he was monitoring where Mr. Manafort would be held in New York.

And then, on Monday, federal prison officials weighed in, telling the Manhattan district attorney’s office that Mr. Manafort, 70, would not be going to Rikers.

Instead, he will await his trial at a federal lockup in Manhattan or at the Pennsylvania federal prison where he is serving a seven-and-a-half-year sentence for wide-ranging financial schemes, according to people with knowledge of the matter.

Many Americans are applauding this decision as common sense and decency prevailing over a psychotic spirit of revenge.

And they also realize this act of mercy never would have happened on Jeff Sessions’ watch,

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Mary, I’m afraid we wont step up. I mean, look at all the dem cheating in our voting process. In Arizona, Mcsally was winning handily all the way until Thursday night, and when we awoke Friday morning, she had conceded to Sinema the Enima. Now, I ask you, how is it possible, that all of a sudden, they “found” enough votes to win? How is that even plausible? Yet, we did nothing. And if the shoe was on the other foot, do you think the dems would have shook hands and said good race? No. They would have burned the cities to the ground. That’s the difference between us. They will do whatever it takes. We will sit on our keyboards and type like madmen, how we’re gonna do this or do that. But in the end, the left knows, we ain’t gonna do nothing.

  2. Yes – and yet the democrats – the party of border lawlessness – continue to chant ‘NO one is above the law” evidently trying to imply that Mr. Trump is hiding something. Democrats are ridiculous and stupid. “No one is above the law” except 1,000,000 illegal invaders of this county annually and the leftist democrats that do everything they can to keep them coming.

  3. Dan Tyree, I know it is easier to believe what you want to believe BUT we are not in Russia, North Korea, China, or IRAN. If you would just come to the USA LEGALLY you would see for yourself that being a Dem is a disease. Until you come to the USA you will bask in your pool of ignorance and I would ask one question: Did your parents have any kids that did not have Brain Damage??

  4. Looks like the charges on Manefort for financial crimes in Ukraine were bogus. When that finally comes out, he will be a rich man and Mueller may replace him in prison.

  5. Tyree,
    You must be a dumb ass commy democrap to make a statement like that. SEMPER FI USMC RETIRED TRUMP2020


  7. Dan it seems you are confused about our president. He is the only one I can remember in my 82 years that has done his very best to do just exactly what he promised when campaigning. Unlike his predecessors. It is obvious you have him confused with Hillary.

  8. TRUMP hides his crime so well: Worked in NYC, no affiliation with crime bosses known, just rumored; built all over the world; ‘dossier’ proven false; Manafort’s crimes from how long ago, brought to the forefront to get the attention of the public, to get Trump – failed, then punish Manifort for not being more useful – Rickers Island/solitary, (I would really like to know what he knows that makes them want him silenced so bad. Manifort should be given immunity and exonerated from past crimes to spill the ‘dirt’ on hill and co); won the election in a Constitutional manner; just announced his running again for PRESIDENT to record breaking crowds of deplorables – ME/WE the People; could not be taken down for any crimes by the whole intelligence apparatus being used to find anything; was exonerated by Meuller of any election interference or Russia collusion, only thing left open was obstruction, which is crazy talk. GOD prepared President Trump from his birth: a rich heritage, brilliant mind, like David -human and tempted, charismatic, entertainer- including his crass remarks, his playful insults – Rocketman, people person, intuitive, not follower of the anything, leader, decision maker, dealer, knows when to seek help, allows if not seeks prayer, hope seeks GOD, not just answers, he was provided by GOD against all odds when WE needed him.

  9. Trump standing up for the “rule of law”????? Trump may be one of the biggest criminals walking on the planet!!!!!!

  10. JFK talked about the deep state and how he was going to expose them right before he was killed.

  11. It seems like, ‘the deep state’ knew about all of Manafort’s crimes, investigated them, and then did not indict, ‘they’ could say for lack of proof that now years later they have. OR one could believe, ‘they’ held info against him and used it when it suited ‘their’ Needs. What about podesta, I guess ‘they’ will keep his crimes to keep him in check, until ‘they’ need to use them. I wonder who keeps hill’s crimes and when ‘they’ will use them.

  12. I agree. I keep hearing about all the “proof” they have found of all their slimy crimes, but not one single arrest or indictment yet? What I’ve heard they’ve found is certainly enough to do both. I know they’re digging deeper and they do keep finding more, but I want to see some action. I want to see Pelosi, Shumer, Waters, and all the other slimy Demoncrats jaw hit the floor when these charges are spelled out and their boat is turned upside down. Come on Barr, I know you’re doing a good job, but let’s see some results besides just reports.

  13. You are quite off-base concerning Manafort. He broke numerous laws and should pay the price of his wrong-doings. Flynn and Stone? That’s another story, and it’s not clear that they are not being railroaded.

  14. This is why Trump is so successful as POTUS he is taking the politics out of the parties and making them stand up to the rule of law.

  15. You know I just have to wonder since I was a child all I heard about were the great Democratic party. My family were all democrats and now we are all Republicans. My how things change and all it takes is corrupt people getting elected to higher office. Give them a little power and they think they own the world and all of us. It sickens me to think that we may not see justice done in the cases of the deep state. I will beleive they are going to be held accountable when I see it and not before. Talk is cheap, we must have action. I think we have has some bad actors, but I do beleive the Clintons the the Obama’s take the prize. With them there’s only 2 options. U either do what they say or else u get paid off or killed off, whichever fits the occassion. Obama was a sleeper in OUR Whithouse. I’m telling you folks, we got to step up to the plate and keep them demorats our of office or we are toast and I mean burnt toast.

  16. Barr is a man of honor and fortitude . Who, not only takes pride in job, but his country as well. But I fear for him and President Trump.The Democrats have gone unchecked for so long, they fear no one and feel they are above the law.This fact is so painful obvious to anyone that seen their actions from the Clintons to Obama, which have never been held accountable for their conduct. Look who’s in our government right now! Supposedly representing WE THE PEOPLE. Do you really believe the average voting Democrat can grasp the REAL truth after being bombarded DAILY( TV and etc) by the propaganda spread by their leaders? It called brainwashing , which is a very powerful weapon.Please pray the Democrats do not get a sitting president in 2020. Because our country will no longer be OUR country. It will be theirs, for their own greed and benefit.And then heaven help us all……

  17. I truly believe that the Trump, Barr partnership, with the aid of some good prosecutors, will finally end the reign of evil Deep State. They (Dems), have gotten away with way too much thuggery. Drain the swamp!! Trump 2020

  18. Most probably he was very concerned about surviving the wrath of a powerful Dem.-clicque!

  19. I am so sorry on what happened with Manaport, Gen Flynn, Roger Stone because Mueller was not able to squeeze any bad things from them against our president. I hope, Attorney William Barr will do to get free them from the bad records on their head. I want our president have the right to free them.

  20. You Liberal Idoits best watch your step , Barr’s his name and he’s not going to take no crap off you damn fools , just maybe we will be able to give him the handle ” The Hanging AG ” William Barr , just like Judge Parker from Ft Smith , The Hanging Judge , It’s time to see some necks Dangling from the Short End Of A Good Rope , High’em High , yes indeed

  21. Mike G
    I am also an older retired vet in the old 11th Airborne division in Germany. I am 84 years young and in decent enough health to kick ass and take names of the punk baboons that we have running around free in NYC and LA. I agree 1000% with you brother. I am honest so I cant say and mean Semper Fi but I sure as hell can say AIRBORNE and mean it. Old 11th Airborne paratrooper.

  22. Rikers would be a good place for Hillary and Obama to start. Nancy all you would have to do is take away her booze.

  23. Unfortunately, the Democrats in Office, be it State or Federal, have lost they way. They have become cruel, wrongful avengers, unforgiving, selfish and self-centered, and has thrown away Law and Justice. They have denied Truth as well as have thrown away Mercy. The Democrats have lost their way, they have no shame. Ag William Barr and Deputy Jeffrey A. Rosen not only took step to undercut Mr. Vance’s actions toward Mr. Manafort but did so for humane reasons. So too was Mueller wrong with his treatment of Mr. Stone, Mr. Flynn and others. And most of all toward President Trump because he knew he had absolutely nothing but gave ‘his’ opinion which was not his to give, but he left a ‘doubt’ where a ‘doubt’ was not a proof, but just the same gave leeway to help the Democrats continue their persecution of President Trump, his Staff. No, the Democrats and RINOS who are continuing to push these ‘investigations’ without reason. And yes, I hold the RINOS, alive and dead, who have help to perpetuate injustice.

  24. Mike G,
    I agree with you. I too am a old vet to with 30 years in the corps. I sm a combat marine scout sniper in recon. I am 75 and in good health snd woulf fight for the country I love. As a vet we all feel the same. The lord takes care of fools and old marines. SEMPER FI brouther USMC RETIRED

  25. Dummycrats, especially New York and California Dummycrats, are the poison that will kill America! They’ve given all sane citizens bellyaches already!

  26. Just another low life dem, NYC/ NYS is full of them. From Governor Andy C to villages / townships.
    Another hit on real NYS citizens, drivers licenses to illegals.
    Getting so the illegals have more rights than we do.
    Wish we had a governor like Florida has, a person that actually cares for US citizens.

  27. Yes, mr Barr. But please be careful!
    They will stop at NOTHING to stop you from letting AMERICA see what they did!
    May they all rot in jail, then rot in hell!

  28. If thesse idiots want to send someone to Rikers, make it Hillary, Obama, Waters, Booker, Pelosi, Schumer and all other Obama terrorists he has in government.

  29. Cy Vance should be thrown in gaol in gitmo and get waterboarded until he kicks the bucket.

  30. Dave this “old vet” feels the same way as you do, some sort of a civil war, would get rid of most of the commie Dems since they don’t care 2 craps about our country, but are more interested in letting in illegals just to get more votes. I’m almost positive we would win since most vets would be on our side, and most of the NRA…..Semper Fi.

  31. WOW! A DOJ with some balls. How great is that? The Democrats are going to be next on Barr’s hit list. I can not wait!

  32. DemocRATs are SICK EVIL LIARS and CHEATING scammers, MEGA THIEVES and mass MURDERERS who must be voted OUT of CONGRESS and punished for their TREASON and MANY CRIMES!

  33. Sessions decided to go with the Deep State, maybe he thought he could get ahead faster/better that way.

  34. Bravo Mr. Barr. It looks to me as though they plan to break him mentally before his second trial. The Democrats wouldn’t have stood for this type of behaviour from the Republicans. The rule of law only applies to everyone else.

  35. Perhaps, but that would allow New York State to continue prosecuting Manafort, and then they could put him into Rikers. I think our President is wise to wait and see how it all plays out and probably commute his sentence to time served or move him to a low security “country club” facility.

  36. Democrats are a hateful vile unlawful bunch of lunatics, liars, criminals and communists. VOTE THEM OUT.

  37. AG Barr is not asleep at the wheel as Sessions appeared so many times. AG Barr appointed on the very best prosecutors, US Attorneys, as Special Prosecutor, and John Durham has been putting the fear of God into many Obama staff.

  38. Hitlery need to go to PRISON, then to the GALLOWS to hang for TREASON. (along with many other “deep state” TREASONOUS TRAITORS.) There are enough SCUM to keep the “hangman” busy for weeks.

  39. Yes thank you so much Mr Barr I wish the President booted Sessions long ago and did not listen to those who were afraid of not getting re elected if the President did that. However Sessions should have had the decency to just leave on his own, well Thank GOD he is gone and thank you again AG Barr!

  40. Thank you AG Barr for doing the right thing. Such a breath of fresh air to know that finally there is pushback to the hateful, spitfull tactics that have been used to many times.

  41. In laymen’s term thank you for having the balls that was and is needed to deal with the deep state

  42. Manafort is not a sympathetic guy to me. I believe he was itching to sell access to the POTUS once the Administration was in full swing. Do I think he would have been found out by President Trump and gotten the boot? You bet. Having said that, I’m relieved Barr’s office stepped in and stopped what was a politically motivated move by Vance. Thank you, AG Barr, for having the intestinal fortitude to do the right thing.

  43. SG Barr is my hero these days! That goon Sessions was a puppet for the liberals. F the liberals!

  44. Glad that Barr step in, it was so obvious that they were taking out revenge. Our new attorney general we’ll fight for justice no matter who they are but for revenge the buck stops there. Thank you AG Barr..

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