William Barr stepped up with one coronavirus plan that left jaws on the ground

President Trump directed a “whole of government approach” to combating the spread of the coronavirus.

That now includes the Justice Department.

And William Barr stepped up with one coronavirus plan that left jaws on the ground.

President Trump recommended social distancing measures to stop the spread of the coronavirus so as not to overwhelm America’s healthcare system.

State governments went even further and instituted lockdowns to shutter businesses and force residents to stay at home.

Now the Justice Department released a controversial memo claiming that it would arrest anyone who knowingly spread coronavirus with terrorism charges.

POLITICO reported, “In a memo to top Justice Department leaders, law enforcement agency chiefs and U.S. Attorneys across the country, Deputy Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen said prosecutors and investigators could come across cases of ‘purposeful exposure and infection of others with COVID-19.’

“‘Because Coronavirus appears to meet the statutory definition of a ‘biological agent’… such acts potentially could implicate the Nation’s terrorism-related statutes,’ Rosen wrote. ‘Threats or attempts to use COVID-19 as a weapon against Americans will not be tolerated.’”

Some Americans worried about this memo.

Many cases of coronavirus are asymptomatic where the individual doesn’t even know they are infected.

Would Attorney General Barr charge them with terrorism if they left the house and others picked up the virus?

Some governments are using this pandemic – which is serious – to shred the constitution and destroy freedom.

In Virginia, Governor Ralph Northam – who was once photographed in his medical school yearbook either in blackface or wearing a Ku Klux Klan robe – issued an order threatening residents with 18 months in prison if they attended a church service of more than 10 people.

Other officials closed down gun stores.

Many Americans are worried that while the coronavirus is a threat to take seriously governments are exploiting this emergency to steal freedom.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Then Barr should go after and arrest Nancy Pelosi because she is on video surrounded by a group or crowd in Chinatown telling people to come on over and mingle. She was delibertly spreading the virus and going against the laws or rules. Just because she is a member of congress and Democrate should not does not eliminate her from the consequences.

  2. Hey Dear DEMOCRATIC “kids”, DO NOT BOTHER TO “THINK” any longer… just FOLLOW the “old sage” PELOSI who is now hugging and kissing all the guys and girls in China Town….

  3. Trump 2020, baby! ❤️MyPresident. There are positives. The Electoral College is going to work, even after President was, “So called” impeached. Our founding Fathers were divinely led by God!

  4. Concerned Democrat said, “Only democrats know how to stop the virus.” No, we know how to stop a virus but last I checked, it was illegal to shoot Democrats.

  5. Granny, and the one Democrat candidate that they won’t even let debate, is the only sane one out there. And she was praising Trump. Tulsi, I think you are in the wrong party.

  6. Well this could be very risky as to our Constitutional rights. But Barr has a point when it comes to deliberately spreading covid19. Some polititions have joked about it, even. Proof of being aware you have it would have to be obtained. So this is iffy.

  7. I had to laugh at the comment made by Concerned Democrat. He/she said that those who don’t like what is said are called names. He previous sentence, however, says “All you Trump supporters are bigots and racists.”

  8. Hey John Rodman you asked why they didn’t do it for aids? Answer: the left love homosexuality and anything immoral.

  9. Read the truth Julio you stupid f’ing wetback puta cabron! You scumbags were pushing impeachment when you should have been worrying about COVID-19

  10. The government can shut us down and lock us down but they won’t arrest and convict and throw ALL those TREASONOUS TRAITORS in prison who were involved in the OPERATION CROSSFIRE HURRICANE COUP to overthrow President Trump..!!!??

  11. Now that Witch Pelosi has her Conronavirus Committee together they will probably have their meeting in the Bohemian Grove. Very fitting.

  12. only the most foolish will vote for a Democrats, they seem to forget the freedoms they have no say in good or bad you see why we have laws.

  13. I am in partial agreement on this in fear that it gives too much authority to the government. However, I can understand why they would consider this. People who had the AIDS virus would purposely give others the virus for a variety of reasons. Non of which could justifying a hateful reason. People have changed so much over the years. It feels so sad because years ago, a stranger was just a friend you hadn’t met yet. However, these days with a stranger near you must be watch because you can’t really trust anyone at all. Truly breaks my heart to see what humans have become.

  14. The operative word is ~”knowingly”~ spreading the virus.
    That means the person doing the spreading must either have an existing diagnosis or else be using the threat of Corona Virus as a threat.
    Nothing has changed for 99.999% of us, so get a grip.

  15. And they didn’t do this waaaaay back then over deliberate spreading of HIV/AIDS because ??????

  16. CONCERNED DEMO–C–RAT:* you have proved again why all people are up in ARMS & concerned why we the PEOPLE WOULD ever want DEMO–C–RATS in GOV. ever again !!! Everyone get to the poles NOV.2020 &solve these HATE ,LIES, DECIET,& BLAIMING LIBERALS !!!

  17. The problem as I see it is State governments have enacted unconstitutional laws regarding guns and gun stores as well as what you can and can’t do or go. The only time the media prints anything or says anything about this is when a Republican AG says something that gets their attention. Come on folks don’t you know we’re all watching. Vote Trump and Republicans in 2020 or lose your freedom and your country.

  18. julio, That is a LIE!!!! if you actually had a brain you would know that Pres. Trump DID NOT call the virus a hoax. If you actually knew how to check it out you would know what he really said. But you clearly have no brain and cannot do that. You are a fool. You prove it every time you come here

  19. last I checked the vast majoritity of countries in the world do not have our constitution.

  20. Not only are all of the previous administrations’ criminals still active and spitting in our faces while preparing to move on us, NOBODY within 10 miles shows they even have a cold.This to allow the Khazarian mafia and City of London banking system to rob us blind and feed on our corpses under the name of Quantitative Easement.

  21. Wow, concerneddemocrat is a total nutcase. With losers like “concerned” out there we conservatives have to rally and vote as many demoncrats out of office this Nov. People who believe this BS way are dangerous and need to be put in their place which is second place in the vote tallies. Go Trump! MAGA KAG GBA

  22. I wish all of our former presidents in the past 12 years had been as diligent in protecting our fellow countrymen (citizens) Thank you President Trump for bringing great talented leaders in our country to work on this solution to the Corona Virus. God Bless you. God Bless the USA.

  23. What a damn mess the communist liberal news networks have made for every American citizen. Well , I hope all you liberals are happy , you’ve managed to screw up a great ecomny , with your fear mongering tactics . I’ve not seen or heard of not one sick person with this averge flu virus , the corona BS virus . So take it and shove up your rear ends you damn bunch Idoits !!

  24. What is being said is those that knowingly spread this virus could be charged as a terrorist. A bit extreme but these are not normal circumstances. Now if you are totally unaware and manage to spread the virus nothing will happen to you. But if you continue after knowing then things could get really bad for you.

  25. Concerned Democrat obviously does not interpret news the same way a growing majoriy of Americans are now seeing the truth about the dems. Please wake up, whoever you are and acknowledge that dems are a growing cancer in our midst. They do not want our knowledge of this cancer to become a well known fact because that would prove that our President is right and the likes of Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Nadler, etc are only in this for themselves and not for us, the American people. The likes of the #squad hopefully will not win and the cancer they foment will be stopped in its tracks.

  26. Who was that jackass ” Democrat” that said ( if you have the virus go to Trump rallies). She should be accountable and removed for even thinking of such a demonic idea.

  27. There are reports coming in from multiple areas of New Yorker’s who have second homes breaking the stay put orders and going to their second homes. Rhode Island has issued an order for all New Yorker’s found within R.I.to be placed in virtual quarantine or face arrest.
    If people aren’t going to voluntarily step up to the plate then they need to be clubbed into doing the right thing, just like any other anti-social individual engaged in criminal activity, and spreading this highly infectious disease ~is~ a majorly anti-social action.
    We still don’t know the long term after effects of this virus. Personally, I suspect they are going to find a significant percentage will be diagnosed with diminished lung capacity after having had a moderate to severe case of Covid-19, especially smokers and vapers.

  28. We have had what it looks like when people like the Concerned Democrat get upset when not getting their own way… Three years of lies trying to take down our President. Holding closed door heaingrs not letting any cross examining or have all witnesses testify. The Pelosi mob of morons have shown over and over again how to debate — walk out or tear it up – This is how Democrats deal with things.

  29. The concerned democrat is confused; it’s the democrats that result to name calling when want ( in difference to c.d., this use of want is as a noun which means ” a lack or deficiency of something ” ) of a logical response to a question or statement. This is there same c.d. that previously stated that the corona virus was caused by climate change. I pointed out to him/her/it that viruses cannot be caused by inanimate objects. I also questioned how far he got in grade school. No one who makes such moronic statements could have gotten passed the 3rd grade. So, consider the source.

  30. OBEY the Word from the LIPS of our PRESIDENT until the END ~ to avail all possible ways to STOP the spreads of this Corona Virus. It is the Responsibility of each and EVERY CITIZEN and Resident of the USA! Virus have no Prejudgement of any kind! It loves everyone equaly!

  31. Let me get this straight now? William Barr the guy who turned chicken and refused to indict the proven guilty in the first proven coup a against Trump now is showing he has balls, he is going to arrest little old ladies who have the virus and infect others. We know the FBI rank and file are heroes, not the leadership, but why has not one honest one come forward to tell the truth about their involvement in the coups. Barr needs to grow a set if he wants criminals he has loads of them involved in the first failed coup not being arrested. Why are no democrats ever indicted since Obama?

  32. Concerned Democrat, I’d prefer to put you and the rest of your kind in the ground, with pleasure. Then we can work on any scumbag using this hysteria as a weapon against the people. Whether it’s scumbag filthy local politicians enamored with power, never Trumpers and evil jerkwads that supposedly Protect & Serve, they will all suffer the wrath of freedom lovers! Prosecuting someone who is tired of the quarantine BS won’t go far. It’s political suicide.

  33. The longer this virus is going to last the uglier and more unreasonable our arguments will become. It’s all because are scared to death that our demise might become more apparent.
    This fear is perfectly reasonable, for death is scary. There is only one way to overcome that fear. In many ears this may sound ridiculous, but God IS the answer. He is a forgiving God and very much willing to forgive when we and our society repent of our wrongdoings and show a willingness to mend our evil ways. Then He may also give us His peace.

  34. Getting a little nervous, wonder if President Trump is a wolf in Sheep’s clothing? I do not want to think that, but the Constitution comes first. Governments cannot tell Church folk, not to attend Church. A lot of states are basically Conservative, but some mayors in that state are big government liberals.


  36. Dear Concerned Democrat: How is it that ONLY Democrats know how to stop this virus? Would would they do differently? Seriously, I’m just curious what the answer to defeating this virus is. If you think you know the answer, well let’s hear it. If you’ve got the cure, I’m all ears!

  37. “Concerned Democrat”: You criticize Trump supporters for name calling and other things in the same post you are name calling? You are really too stupid to be allowed to vote, ever.

  38. yes that’s true roll out the tanks and police & load them all up to prison ships to gitmo! or there for US US citizens for vaccine and fema camps! or the other Video i saw the department of Justice rolled out to arrest the sealed indictments, how about the drug people here Venezuelan Leader Maduro Is Charged in the U.S. With Drug Trafficking and it looks worse then the USA even in full lock down! could that be where the tanks are going and the million guards are need in USA, all the army and ships are needed there to get the criminals there??? the true facts are maybe miss leading!

  39. When Barr & Co. start arresting and prosecuting the multitude of traitors that are still out there running around loose,(ie) Hillary, Comey, McCabe, Strozk, Obama, Page et.al. they will maybe have a modicum of credibility. Until then, they are no better than the traitors they protect.

  40. If AG Barr was not a swine, he would have arrested the entire Bush/Clinton/Obama criminal cocaine/murder cabal long ago. He sits and eats and dances for the crowd. That is his job.

  41. @ bj this is being used for evil. But if Christians are going to bow down rather then fight for their rights as well as anyone else we deserve what we get! Christians are to obey the laws of the land unless it goes against the Bible . God is not pleased with this nation or others ! This is a for taste of what’s coming because we’ve closed our eyes to this government and let people and things in that shouldn’t be. We got lazy period! Ungrateful and arrogant! Unless we ask forgiveness and turn from our wicked ways this land won’t be healed ! If we can’t see there is no real dem or Republican Party anymore. Not happy over this senate bill that wicked witch of the west Pelosi got what she wanted . 350 million billion whatever for immigrants illigals and refugees ?! Really what about the homeless , vets , and the elderly?! Ya what needs to matter doesn’t! The dems have gotten away with it all and I see that as a take over to a communist nation where you have no rights unless they say so!

  42. Yes I agree with him. RIGHT. Vote Biden in Nov—are you kidding. Creepy Joe doesn’t even know what state he’s in. Check out the big cities Dems in charge—Baltimore, LA, NYC, Chicago, etc. All a total mess. The Dems are a total disgrace.

  43. To concerned demonrat: your infamous cult leader, non American laughing stock to the world, the only president ever to have no legacy……..etc etc…left the emergency supplies of masks, respirators, ventilators and ppes completely depleted and used the reorder monies to fund some special interest groups that would only benefit “people of colour”. So as a 47 year Democrat myself, I’m sick of the lies and BS. Therefore I will vote a Str8 Republican ticket this year. There isn’t one demonrat that I trust anymore, they are crooked as can be and if they’re breathing, they’re lying.

  44. I don’t know what or who I am replying to, but I wish I could hug Pres.Trump’s neck, as i do all this i love and tell him Thank You. I know that NY Governor is laying his political foundation to run for Pres against Pres Trump. Think about it. The Demos will NOT allow Biden to be the one to debate/run against Trump. They will declare him mentally unfit, somehow take the votes from those still on the list, give them all to Search Results
    New York/Governor Andrew Cuomo and HE will be the one to debate Trump. Yes, he is already paving the way to challenge
    Trump and the Demos will know how to conceive and get it done.You can be sure it won’t be Biden. THAT is already in the works or there would not be so many gaffs published. Rep. are not pushing that.

  45. What A dumb Ass Mr Concern.. Put your empty head back in DEEP SAND. AN just stop talking out your Ass. Because Your 👄 should know better.. Trump 2020

  46. Are they going to arrest anybody that goes to work with the sniffles? By the statement in this article they would also be releasing biological weapons.

  47. Knowingly. Like as in deliberately coughing on 35k worth of produce, meat and baked goods in a grocery store or on people or something like that.

  48. Barr said “knowingly “. As in on purpose. Like if I drove my truck blindfolded knowing that I’m going to run someone down. Oh , to the concerned commiecrat. You’re crowd would be the finish of our country. Your commie party are all a basket of deplorable idiots.

  49. Do not make comments to concerned Dem. He is a troll and trying to provoke you. He’s a scared dem. Who knows his dem party is doomed in Nov 2020. Lastly, his post shows his ignorance , by saying republican’s are bigots’ and name calling . Which is what the dems do.

  50. Calling names just like your doing, go look at yourself in the mirror deep and make adjustments to your soul, you will need it jackass Demorat… We don’t need parasites like yourself in this country… Sua Sponte & God Bless🇺🇸

  51. All you Trump supporters are bigots and racists. If you don’t like what someone says you call them names, just like your cult leader. You call yourself Christians but act worse than pagans. This country will never be great until your president is removed from office and the democrats are put back in charge as they should be, always. Every time the republicans steal elections they wreck everything they touch.

  52. ????? I have no clue how that got posted twice. Sometimes I have a lot of trouble getting something to post once

  53. concerned democrat, are you totally insane??? It’s dems who are the whole problem. You are either a total fool or extremely brainwashed

  54. concerned democrat, are you totally insane??? It’s dems who are the whole problem. You are either a total fool or extremely brainwashed

  55. The statement by Mr. Barr was blown out of shape by the article. There is a big difference between knowingly spreading the virus and being asymptomatic with the virus and it being transferred to another person. The innuendo brought by this person’s writing is simply to gather more money from readers with his ad campaign.

  56. The only way to stop this virus is to put democrats back in charge.
    Only democrats know how to stop the virus.
    Vote democrat in November if you want this crisis to end.
    Vote democrat if you want peace and tranquility, and put an end to the bigotry or racism.

  57. If you live in a low risk area there should not be any of these rules. What they need to do is get after these people who are stockpiling during the crisis. They should have been prepared for a 2-3 month emergency already. That would have eliminated this problem. So why are there masses allowed in Walmart at one time when there is a crisis and they want to stop the spread of the virus? Walmart should have limited the number of people in the store a time.

  58. satan is causing as much chaos as he can and it is working. Pres. Trump said no gatherings of more than ten people. But the governor of Virginia will specifically imprison those attending a church service. Make no mistake. This is a direct attack on Christians. This virus is being used for the evil agenda of the left

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