William Barr told Fox News one fact about voter fraud that will frighten every American

With polls showing Joe Biden leading President Trump, Democrats are trying to press their advantage on every front.

That is raising fears of a rigged election.

And now William Barr told Fox News one fact about voter fraud that will frighten every American.

Democrats don’t want to leave anything to chance this November.

Led by Nancy Pelosi, Congressional Democrats are pushing for a so-called “universal mail in voting” scheme that President Trump and his supporters believe is a recipe for mass scale voter fraud.

The Fake News Media claims supposed “studies” show mail-in voting does not benefit either party, but if mail-in voting did not provide a significant advantage to Democrats they would not support it so strongly.

In an interview with Fox News, Attorney General William Barr took on the controversy over so-called “universal mail-in voting” and raised questions about how it would affect the integrity of the election.

“The thing we have going for us, especially when there’s intense division in the country, is that we have peaceful transfers of power and a way of resolving it is to have an election,” Barr told host Maria Bartiromo.

Barr asserted that state’s moving to mail-in voting would open the floodgates to potential fraud that would lead the losing side in 2020 to call into question the legitimacy of the election.

“But when state governments start adopting these practices like mail-in ballots, that open the floodgates of potential fraud, then people’s confidence in the outcome of the election is going to be undermined,” he added.

Despite the Fake News Media claims that voter fraud is nonexistent, the facts on the ground tell the opposite story.

Just last month a city council election in Paterson, New Jersey descended into chaos as the winning candidate held an eight vote lead over their opponent.

But the city said it received 3,000 more mail-in ballots than were counted.

800 ballots were disqualified because of how they were bundled in mail boxes and the other 2,200 were invalidated over questions about the signatures on the ballots not matching those on the voter vile.

Mail-in voting on a national scale with over 130,000,000 votes cast this November could lead to – as William Barr noted on Fox News – a national nightmare over the outcome of the election.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. 65 year old Immuno-compromised Cancer patient, Voting clerk here, and I invite those who wish to vote to come on down, we have masks, gloves and Stylus to operate the voting machine, Personally I will be the one sitting at the table checking I.D.’s, with my mask, gloves, and pen. As for Mail In ballots ?
    well yeah I legally qualify for One, being of the age and medical conditions for it, But NO I dont trust that Set-up in ANY state… Let alone a State with democRATs in Office.

  2. OK, if deep state establishment voters are afraid of going to polls (lol) We can perhaps agree on a way to prevent rampant cheating in the upcoming election.
    Mail out ballots only to registered voters who requests them. The ones afraid of catching Covid 19 should then take their ballot down to their bank, or any bank that has a notary public on duty, and have it signed in their presence & notarized and a copy of a picture ID (driver’s license?) attached and mail it in or each poll can have a drive by locked box to drop them in on election day.
    Think it would be a good idea to start a petition giving people their choice of going to the poll with a picture ID or having mail in ballot notarized every year. Frankly I prefer my picture ID which is usually good for at least 10 years, before you have to get a new picture taken free at any place where you get a driver’s license.

  3. OK, if deep state establishmentvoters are afraid of going to polls (lol) We can perhaps agree on a way to prevent rampant cheating in the upcoming election.
    Mail out ballots only to registered voters who requests them. The ones afraid of catching Covid 19 should then take their ballot down to their bank, or any bank that has a notary public on duty, and have it signed in their presence & notarized and a copy of a picture ID (driver’s license?) attached and mail it in or each poll can have a drive by locked box to drop them in on election day.
    Think it would be a good idea to start a petition giving people their choice of going to the poll with a picture ID or having mail in ballot notarized every year. Frankly I prefer my picture ID which is usually good for at least 10 years, before you have to get a new picture taken free at any place where you get a driver’s license.

  4. I will be voting for President Trump in November. For many years, I have used a mail in ballot to vote. The only difference is I never mail it, but hand deliver it to the Supervisor of Elections drive thru area where at least 1 person of each party is there to collect them. They have a locked cart on site (With a small opening thru which to put the ballot) so neither person can remove a ballot. It is quick, easy, and I don’t wait on a line. I usually go during the early voting because it takes 1-2 days to appear on their website that I voted. (I always check to be sure my ballot was counted.)

    With the way things are now, I would suggest that all those who have requested legitimate mail in ballots, use this method. I also suggest thar the Supervisor of Elections require a “Drive Thru site” for those wanting to deliver ballots this way at each voting place. They would need to provide a record of all the Mail ballot requesters in a book like they do at the voting precinct so that they can be checked off like all other voters in real time and cannot submit multiple ballots. They should also be required to show an official picture ID (Driver’s License or official State ID card) to verify the person is the legitimate voter. This would save a lot of headaches since both parties would be validating the ID and the legitimacy of the ballot against a verified list of enrollees from the County website database.

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  16. Dr. JD.
    Please provide facts yo support your opinion. I have researched this extensively and have found little evidence of voter fraud at all.

    Please provide me with your sources so I can analyze their work and reputation/(s).

    If your opinion is not based in fact and you have not revealed your sources, then how should I believe you. And furthermore, I would ask that you provide your credentials to validate and ensure you were not a fraud like Trumpty DUMBty.

  17. If the democrats are advocating for something you can bet its because they think it will help them win. Let’s not be ignorant about this people. The only reason democrats want mail in voting is to commit voter fraud. Plain and simple. There is no other explanation. Its the same reason they oppose voter ID laws because that makes it difficult for democrats to engage in voter fraud, as they have done in every election.

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    Well, the House in now investigating Barr’s bias against cannabis related companies and nearly 70% of the US population. Further proof that Trumpty DUMBty and his minions are completely out of touch with the people they serve.

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  23. Biden has a lot of things against him.
    1st, he’s boring, and not popular at all. Even less popular than Hillary was.
    2nd, he can’t debate or even hold a rally for any length of time without a chair.
    3rd, his mental facilities are failing him.
    4th, he’s never answered for his Ukraine blackmail, and money laundering of tax dollars in China.
    5th, he has not publicly condemned BLM which turns off swing voters, and normal Americans.

  24. Hillary won the popular vote because of voter fraud. That is well established. The problem is it’s harder to commit voter fraud in swing state because it’s scrutinized so much more. That’s why democrats won the popular vote and lost the electoral college. I expect it could be the same this time. The only way Biden can win with everything going against him is with a whole army of democrats committing voter fraud, like last time.

  25. 😂🤣😃Damn near 60% of the country not being married to our brothers/sisters and still having working brains will be MAILING IN OUR BALLOTS FOR Uncle Joe and our one and only prayer to the big guy in the sky is for Seniòr Stupid to think he can sit in that Oval office for 5 min more then he’s been told which is why you are not mad today no the sight of recently released people from his illegal immigration camp dragging his ass out that’s only a few short months but I’m quiet sure that is definitely going to do it Yikes!

  26. A Polack overdosed on pixie dust, Perfect…Stay in Oregon & Washington with the rest of the idiots from the “Freak Parade” you’ll fit right in…

  27. Mail in ballots have been used in States like Oregon, Colorado, and Washington for years. The only voter fraud was done by Republicans. And because they are idiots the amount didn’t change the results. We know Republicans will lie, cheat and steal to win an election. And call Russia for help. Your game is voter suppression because you can’t win any other way. The winds of change are blowing, deal with it.

  28. There is always a motive behind everything democrats favor or oppose.
    Voter ID? Democrats oppose because it makes it harder to commit voter fraud.
    Mail in voting? Democrats favor because it makes it easier for voter fraud.
    Amensty for illegals? Democrats favor because that would mean 22 million more democrat voters.
    Never listen to what democrats say because they are ALL liars. Just look at their proposals and you will understand what they’re trying to do.

  29. Riddle me this. If mail in ballots are not subject to fraud, why are there always trunk fulls of uncounted ballots discovered at the last minute and all are for democRATS?

  30. I’m not sure who coined this Phrase but it makes sense !
    “It’s not the voters that count in the election but the person or people that Count the Votes”

  31. You’d have to be completely irrational, and devoid of logic to vote for a man who is clearly going senile, and should be in a nursing home. This behavior is the symptom of TDS. Some day the psychiatrists might study TDS, and be able to explain why seemingly normal people have gone insane. And it’s not just voting for Biden that’s insane. It’s the whole democrat platform that’s insane. Open borders and amnesty for illegals? Tearing down statues, and defunding the police? Allowing anarchist thugs to burn, loot, and take over neighborhoods? Telling people its OK to riot but you can’t have a rally, or a football game, or even go to church because of COVID? Reparations for people who were never slaves???

  32. Good news, God is still in control! The DemoncRats are done! See Zachariah 2:7,8 and Isaiah 13:9. Deep State drained!

  33. Mr. Barr needs to get off his butt and make a legal connection between censoring on social media and election tampering. Election tampering is criminal, and by association censoring on social media is also criminal. Zuckerberg, Dorsey, and other social media execs would look good in federal prison orange in federal prison. Lock a few of these execs up and the censoring will stop.

  34. Voter Fraud is very real after all any time the democrats would spy on a person running for President and trying to entrap him through a bogus Russian collusion a two year investigation then a trumped up charge and an impeachment charge. With that failing they will try it again. Why because they want Donald Trump Gone. So they would do anything to derail our America Elections.

  35. Demturds will do anything to make ppl mail in the vote. They are doing everything in their power to keep you home. Virus and riots. We all know they are the ones who put this havoc on us

  36. Maybe they should post the rise in virus rates for the so called Protest (Riots) also than. You can always stay home and note vote or buy groceries or get gas or just stay home in isolation. Just got to be responsible and courteous to others. Hopefully, the majority of the population has open eyes and realize all the facts finally being exposed about our professional politicians on both sides of the isle.

  37. Going to vote is no different than buying groceries. Wear protection, sanatize hands and vote. Early voting for Senior Citizens, the disabled or out of country due to work. Other thsn that, everyone should have to show legal picture ID! No exceptions!! But, some don’t want that because that’s where they get their largest numbers from, also why they don’t want a border wall. They have their walls and security, but we shouldn’t have the same in their opinion.

  38. This virus is hoax. Don’t fall for it. Yes, we have a flu season and some strains are worse than others. But this politically and globalist endorsed nonsense is very damaging hoax.

  39. I believe you are all wrong when it comes to mail in voting. Unlike previous years of voting, this year is the coronavirus pandemic. Prevention of getting the virus at polling places is a risk to a person who also can risk others in getting the virus.
    To prove my point, just watch the spike in infections due the Oklahoma convention next week. I hope You cross your fingers on this not happening.


  41. Snott27 there you go again. Cult, brown shirt ect. Your commie party is a cult of anarchy and stupidity. I don’t hear them put forward any reason to vote for them. The best candidate they can come up with spent 47 years in Washington and has no accomplishments. And now he’s old and senile and don’t know his wife from his sister. Remember that? Lol. I suppose that he should have given them the finger test. He probably thought that Tara Reide was his sister.

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  43. Scoooty27. Can u please give us a list of the “voter suppression” in GA?! Always throwing out facts with no basis. I heard they had increased the number of voting location to 6,400! My number is bigger than yours!! Show us the numbers fake news!! Give proof or zip it zippy!

  44. Snot 27. How appropriate. He must be thrilled with Creepy Joe and his resist agenda, that pays his corrupt inept family. Communist Chinese must love snot 27, why don’t you move there? China is where you belong, snot 27. Trump 2020

  45. Dan… I recently read a long article in Psychology Today about an analysis of trump voters/cult members and why you are so immune to truth. Made sense and I saw you and a bunch of folks here in that article. You simply won’t believe what’s in front of you until, or perhaps not even then, you have your brown shirt on and marching fellow citizens at gunpoint to a camp because they disagree with you. Have a nice life.

  46. At election track the mail vote. Arrest the Democrats who move or ignore them. Hang the ones who do it in public. Problem gone.

  47. All of the seditious/traitorous dems who will stop at absolutely nothing need to be removed long before the election. Those who can act fairly enough to participate in an election if they are any left, should be able to support their candidate without cheating and manipulation. Pelosi and her corrupt gang, the Clintons, the Obamas the Bidens, and a host of other just plain sneaky deceptive and downright nasty cheaters should be facing prosecution for their obvious crimes instead of letting them deceive and manipulate their potential voter base comprised of many young people who have been deceived over many years. If they continue their deceptive behaviors, they WILL start a civil war and it won’t be good for either side. Unfortunately they don’t care about anyone but themselves and they will continue to deceive and sneak in anything they can do to corrupt the election. They need to be stopped now. Biden won’t win against Trump unless they cheat so they will do everything they can to lie and cheat to keep their jobs and cover their collective hides.

  48. Snott27 people should have to vote in person or have their ballots certified by in the presence of their county’s clerk of court. And they should have to show why they can’t show up and vote. Your commie party is notorious for voter fraud. Why am I wasting time on an idiot? Because someday you might realize the truth. I wouldn’t bet on it. And voter ID should be law in all states. Yes we have a constitutional right to vote. Also a right to bear arms. But we have to show ID to do that.

  49. i forgot something i don’t think there is any way the democrats could win a fair and honest election

  50. This mail-in stuff is nothing but BS. People can just get off their duffs and go vote in person. That is the ONLY legal and valid way to vote. This crap needs to stop

  51. that’s one thing the democrats are good at is voter fraud. one of first memories as a child was at election time my mother would mention the name of the democrat running and then my grandmother would say vote early and often.

  52. Democrats have been winning elections in California, New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Minneapolis, Washington State, Washington DC, Delaware, and Connecticut for years, through voter fraud.
    Look at how long the Democrats have been controlling such cities as San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Washington DC. How can it be possible that City and State elections keep voting in Democrats, who do nothing but raise taxes, protect illegal aliens, diminish their police departments, and put in egregious Climate Change laws that increase costs to tax payers, by insisting on higher gas taxes, and commanding home owners to install solar systems; or face heavy fines.

  53. When I go to vote, they have a book of all the registered people and I have to sign it before a precinct worker. So it should be that a notarization of their signature be sent along with their Mail-in-Vote. An envelope with two pockets whereby the first pocket that contains the notarization would have to take place and entered into a data base for proof of identity.

  54. Georgia reduced their number of voting locations from 3700 to fewer than 300… for no other reason than to make it has hard as possible for voters, thus to limit the number of voters. Barr and his dear leader don’t want people to vote and this hoopla about mail voting, which has never been proven to be fraught with wide-scale fraud is all about limiting the number of voters. They know if people vote, they’ll lose. Period.

  55. They should be told in no uncertain terms that there will be consequences if the election is rigged.

  56. Of course Hillary likes the idea…Its so fraudulent Maxine Waters is dancing the jig-a-boo Zulu with Pelosi. James Brown already voted 100,000 times…Nancy is singing “ I feel good”

  57. dems threw God out and have no morals. Their goal is total control and they do not care how they get it. Lying, cheating, and hate is all they have. They are very dangerous and the time to stop these sick corrupt traitors is now

  58. Criminal acts is the only way the Democratic party has survived as long as it has it should died and decomposed decades ago.

    If if is a political act that is supported and has the blessing of the members of the Democratic party there is no doubt it is a criminal act.

  59. If they think that commiecrats will cheat stop them now. It’s too late when we have a retard having his token trying to explain the oath of office to him.

  60. Democrats know Biden cannot beat Trump. Democrats know Biden can barely tie his own shoes these days. Democrats know Biden needs all the help he can get.
    Sabotage Trump rallies. Mail in voter fraud. Trying to buy black votes with reparations, and a black VP. Anything that works.

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