William Barr took Donald Trump by surprise with this Obamagate announcement

The Obamagate scandal is reaching a critical mass.

Evidence of wrongdoing by top FBI and Obama administration officials is piling up.

But now William Barr took Donald Trump by surprise with this Obamagate announcement.

Attorney General William Barr addressed recent developments that showed Barack Obama and Joe Biden were in the loop on the FBI and Justice Department trying to frame Michael Flynn for colluding with the Russians.

President Trump and others suggested that Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham subpoena Obama to testify.

In a press briefing, Attorney General Barr stated that while United States Attorney John Durham was conducting a criminal investigation into the Russian collusion hoax, it was unlikely Obama or Biden would become targets.

“As to President Obama and Vice President Biden, whatever their level of involvement, based on the information I have today, I don’t expect Mr. Durham’s work will lead to a criminal investigation of either man,” Attorney General Barr told reporters. “Our concern over potential criminality is focused on others.”

Attorney General Barr explained that one of the reasons for this investigation was to end the Obama-era policy of using the Justice Department to target your political opponents based on flimsy cases.

“This is not good for our political life and it’s not good for the criminal justice system,” Attorney General Barr explained. “As long as I’m attorney general, the criminal justice system will not be used for partisan political ends. This is especially true for the upcoming elections in November.”

President Trump reacted to the remarks with surprise.

“I think if it was me, they would do it. I think for them, maybe they’re not going to,” President Trump stated. “I’m surprised because Obama knew everything that was happening.”

“I think it’s just a continuation of a double standard. I am surprised by it,” President Trump added.

There is no doubt if the roles were reversed a Democrat administration would try and investigate Donald Trump and jail him.

That’s why William Barr is trying to put a stop to the politicization of the Justice Department.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


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  8. Gab, it’s very simple. God wins. The dems and you lose. There is no way you can fight God and win. You keep attacking Pres. Trump who is on the winning side. He has done only good for this country and for Christians but all you have is hate. sad

  9. Gab, you have no clue of the truth. You deny the truth, which makes you the fool that you are. Not one thing you say is true. This is a conservative Christian site and it is very obvious that you know nothing at all about either one. Read the Bible and find God’s truth. The dems have thrown God out and satan controls the party. You show yourself to be very brainwashed

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  13. BJ you and the president have no concept of reality. He thinks reality is whatever he imagines. In that respect, he knows more than our generals. I would laugh as he leads you little ants to slaughter but that’s not why I served. Certainly, every other nation on earth is now laughing at us for having him as president. He stole trillions for the wealthy like him, for corporations like his. It’s all under the guise of his tax plan which is set to start taking its toll next year. The GOP planned it that way so as not to hinder the election. We will never stop paying him. Hail Trump!

  14. Gab, from where or whom did Pres. Trump steal trillions? He stole NOTHING. You are truly brain dead and have no concept of reality. You can’t see the truth. You just hate. sad

  15. Gab, you are extremely sick and a liar. Pres. Trump killed NO ONE!!!! The virus came from CHINA, who is totally responsible for it. Take your sick hate somewhere else. We don’t want or need it

  16. Treason? That would be Obama, the muslim traitor. You accuse Pres. Trump of things he did not do, but Obama and vile corrupt Hillary do not bother you. Dare to see the truth that you deny. satan has you very deceived

  17. Marvin, I know hundreds of people who support Trump and MOST are very intelligent. They know enough not to believe the sick lies of the dems. Sorry about you

  18. Bj I already said but since people on this site can’t read: killing 100,000 Americans, stealing trillions, and treason for starters.

  19. Vicki, back to work. You might have time all day to stick to conspiracies and lies. I’ve got better things to do than to to the brainless.

  20. bj, I think Gab is finished. Fluffy tore him to pieces.
    I think he’s licking his wounds but I don’t if he will be back.

  21. Attorney General Barr explained that one of the reasons for this investigation was to end the Obama-era policy of using the Justice Department to target your political opponents based on flimsy cases.

    Come now Bill, you’re smarter than that to know its NOT flimsy re what Obama and his cohorts have done to Pres Trump and his WH administration!

  22. Gab, we are waiting for you to tell us what Pres. Trump is guilty of and what he has done that is anti-Christian

  23. Gab, he was not serious, you idiot. And what the dems are doing is FAR worse. They are using this virus to put in place their evil agenda. Their goal is TOTAL control of every aspect of our lives, and they will do that any way they can. They will crash our economy and blame Trump so they can get rid of him and take control. Don’t even try to deny it. They themselves have said it. But that is all fine with you. You have proved with your comments that you are not a Christian, so you can stop pretending to be one

  24. Fluffy, you are so right about everything you said. Gab, Robert, and Scott27 are in total denial of the truth, but that is what the left does…deny anything that they do not agree with and attack anyone who tells the truth

  25. Some court have ruled in favor of banning so called assault rifles and others have ruled against it. This will end up before the scotus. The bans would probably be ruled unconstitutional under the language of common use weapons. That’s why elections matter. Remember what O’roark said when he was running for President? But taking guns by force would trigger a civil war. And rightly so. But the Supreme Court ruled for gun ownership with the Heller and Miller decisions

  26. Gab, why would we vote for someone who isn’t a Christian for president??? Obama hates Christians, as does Hillary and I bet you voted for both. And Pres. Trump loves this country and has done only good for it. But that means nothing to you. Obama is a muslim traitor who had no business being in our White House, but that is better than Trump? You are clueless

  27. Gab, you are extremely sick and ignorant. First, Pres. Trump is on the side of Christians and has done a lot for them. It makes me wonder if you even know what a Christian is. And second, it is CHINA that caused the virus and purposely spread it everywhere they could. When Pres. Trump banned travel from China the dems went ballistic and said he was racist and fearmongering. If he hadn’t done that it would be a lot worse than it is. You are a fool

  28. Also, you are wrong too about confiscation never passing in this country.
    Cook County Illinois, which is Chicago, has an assault rifle ban, which includes AR-15s. Now you and I both know AR-15s are not assault rifles because we both looked it up in the dictionary, nevertheless, democrats still keep referring to them as such, and banning them. Maybe you should retract your statement that democrats don’t want to confiscate guns because Dan and I know better, and now you do too.
    I live in Illinois.

  29. Gab, Fluffy is right on. Please name one thing that he got wrong. You have no concept of the truth. You just blindly believe the sick lies of the left without question.

  30. Gab, you need to take your own advice. The collusion is all on the left. Does Russian collusion ring any bells?? And please explain what Pres. Trump is guilty of. He has done nothing wrong, but only good for this country. You claim to be a Christian, yet you support the dems and their lies. They have thrown God out and satan controls their party. You cannot be a Christian and deny God like they do

  31. Ok Vicki, semi banned in late 90s yet Australians now own more guns per capita than they did back then. US feather per 100 thousand are one of highest for any nation at 4.46. No useless facts like that really aren’t what college was about. Legislation as I stated on this one should be easy without involving any confiscation. Also Hillary’s views aren’t shared amongst all or most dems.

  32. Gab, if you think I am wrong on most of my points you haven’t been paying attention to the democrat candidates.

  33. Gab, you’re the one bragging about your education.
    You don’t know what Australia did with guns?
    Do you know what New Zealand did?
    Is that how you got through college by having other people do your homework for you?
    Look it up yourself.

  34. Gab, don’t ask stupid questions. If I waited for a Christian I would never vote.
    It’s the lesser of two evils. Trump is a capitalist, and democrats are social ists.
    Trump wants a wall, democrats want open borders.
    Republicans want voter IDs, democrats want mail in voter fraud.
    Republicans want smaller government, democrats want bigger government.
    Trump knows climate change is a scam, democrats want to force it on us.
    Republicans want Americans to be self sufficient, democrats want more dependency.
    Republicans recognize abortion is murder, democrats have no problem murdering babies.
    Republicans respect the constitution, democrats claim its a living document.
    Republicans respect the 2nd amendment, democrats want gun confiscation.
    I could go on and on but this is why we voted for Trump. Do you understand that?

  35. Ok Vicki, What do they do in Australia? Only think I know there is that everyone is required to vote. That should be law here also (and by everyone I exclude illegals and non Americans). However even if she was president confiscation would never pass in our nation.

  36. As for Democrats not wanting to confiscate guns, Hillary Clinton said at a town hall meeting in New Hampshire the following:
    “I don’t know enough details to tell you how we would do it or how it would work, but certainly the Australia example is worth looking at,”
    Gab, you are wrong about that too. Seems you are wrong about everything.

  37. Ok FluffyPillow. Just because I think Im better than ants… wasn’t calling that bragging but you could be right this time. I was just saying who I am… that in a way at least might be bragging. Why would you vote for someone who isn’t Christian for president?

  38. Gab, Trump is no Christian either.
    As far as not bragging, these are your own words in regard to your education, “I admit I do therefore believe I am better”.
    See Gab, the problem is I have all of your posts to refute you. If you lie I will catch you. If you try to change the subject I will call you out. If you try to deny the truth I will expose you for being a phony.
    Liars always eventually get caught in their lies.

  39. Vicki, not a single lie said by me. The point wasnt that automatics had been used but rather that they have all already banned so gun legislation wouldn’t really affect much that isn’t already there. Not my fault that you people are too dumb to follow an argument. I would only expect as much from those in this site.

  40. FluffyPillow, I grant I did say everyone this time but I didn’t mean illegals … They shouldn’t be included in any plan meant for Americans. Trump brags all the time so he must not be Christian Right? Besides it’s not bragging, just telling you who I am. Only you look up to that somehow and I defend just who I am. Finally, all 100% true… where shall I post them. That’s on you.

  41. Gab, what a dumb*ass you are that got caught in your own lies.
    If you knew assault rifles were automatic you would also know that not one assault rifle has been used in a mass shooting in this country since Al Capone because they have been BANNED. So all of this talk about gun laws is a mute point.
    For someone that claims to be so smart, you sure got your ass kicked on here from us stupid Trump supporters.

  42. Gab is no Christian, and I seriously doubt the rest of story about serving in the military, and being a republican, and having all these degrees.
    First off, no Christian would brag about their accomplishments.
    Second off, no person with a military background would get confused about rifles.
    Third off, no republican would be in favor of open borders, and free medical for illegal aliens.
    And finally, an honest person would admit there is now enough evidence to prove Obamagate happened, which Gab refuses to do out of spite.

  43. Dan I know and I asked about assault rifles instead of asking about automatic rifles despite the fact that it doesn’t change the question at all. How many automatic rifles do you have? For only that you could lose.

  44. Gab calm down. You’re going to have a stroke before someone gets to shoot you with an “assault weapon “.

  45. You idiots don’t know how to read. Not once did I say anything about an AR 15 being an assault rifle … I was after what you would lose and you wouldn’t lose those. Get a brain dumb asses. Even if who cares? Doesn’t change a single point I’ve made even if you want to invent words where there are none.

  46. Bj how about telling you to drink some Clorox? His stupidities have caused idiots like you to die… that is evil.

  47. FluffyPillowFive the leftist call the AR15 rifles and AK47, SKS and others assault rifles because they are semi automatic. Fully automatic weapons can be legally owed by going through a process of a trail of paperwork that I described in an earlier post. But due to the cost and red tape, not many people do. Mostly security firms. I don’t own a fully automatic

  48. Gab, name one thing that Trump has done that is evil. You can’t. You claim to be a Christian, yet you are against the truth and embrace the lies of the left

  49. Gab, you asked Dan how many assault rifles he owns, and you told me to look it up in the dictionary, which you yourself didnt’ bother to do or else you wouldn’t have asked Dan in the first place. You can play these silly games all you want but everyone here sees what you are doing, and everyone here sees you’re a phony. You keep changing your story, just like Vicki said, and you never bother to answer any of the questions about Obamagate while you accuse BJ of not staying on topic.

  50. Not surprising that you all don’t know how to read. Where did I say that an AR-15 is an assault rifle?

  51. When the Heller and Miller decisions were handed down by the scotus, one vote was the deciding factor in preserving the 2nd amendment. And California can’t seem to pass enough gun control. A license to keep and bear arms is stupid. It’s in the bill of rights. We don’t need a license to use the 5th amendment, or any of the others. Why the 2nd? I agree with the concept of keeping guns away from crazy people and felons. People have said that we need a license to drive. But cars wasn’t mentioned in the constitution

  52. Every democrat, including this Gab clown, has never bothered to look up assault rifle in the dictionary or else they would stop using the term incorrectly, and stop calling for assault rifles to be banned when they already are.
    Every democrat thinks AR-15s are assault rifles, including Gab, until Fluffy properly educated him from his own advice to look it up in the dictionary.
    What a bafoon this Gab troll is.

  53. Dan your right, the Framers made a clear choice and they reserved to all Americans the right to bear arms for self-defense. I do not think we should stand by idly while a State denies it’s citizens that right, particularly when their lives depend on it. Texas Constitute acknowledges every citizen shall have the right to keep and bear arms in the lawful defense of himself or the State; but the Legislature shall have power by law, to regulate the wearing of arms in view to prevent crime.

  54. Try to stay away from being so infantile even if you are having trouble following the discussion. No need for insults just because you can’t comprehend.

  55. Gab, who cares about all your education and degrees? You have no clue of the truth about Obama. He is evil. Either you are very brainwashed or you refuse to see him for what he is. sad

  56. “I have been out a while but assault rifle is in the dictionary.”
    “Only you should be firing your guns and how many assault rifles do you own?”
    Gab, you are so full of crap. What a liar.

  57. To own a full auto a person has to have a tax registration stamp from the ATF. Also the weapon has to be put in a trust. The trust owns it. Not the trust holder. And a designated person has to be available to receive the trust if the trustee passed away

  58. Ok Vicki, except I’m willing to provide any proof you wish and I thought we were getting somewhere: settled Pro Life, murder and gun control already. There is nothing fake about me nor have I changed a single iota. If my life is too good for you, that’s on you but I know I’m not perfect as a Christian should.

  59. “Dan…… and how many assault rifles do you own?”
    “FluffyPillow get a dictionary”
    Gab, you are a FRAUD, and everyone here can see it. You told me to look it up in the dictionary without even bothering to check it yourself, for it you had you would have never asked Dan if he owned one sine they are banned.
    What a phony.

  60. FluffyPillow, do you know how to read? I meant to ask assault /automatic rifles as only they should be removed … they have been banned since 1934. So I expected 0… which means you should be virtually unaffected if you are following current law. I’m doing little about semi and so know it. They are controlled so that owner can keep and fire it. Not anybody else. Thought we already established that.

  61. Stop wasting your time with Gab. He is obviously a phony and a troll.
    He doesn’t even know what an assault rifle is as defined in the dictionary so it’s obvious he bullsh!tting about his military training. Probably bullsh!tting about his college degrees too. He keeps changing his story.
    Won’t answer or address any of the evidence that has come forward about Obamagate.
    Just keeps denying it and calling it a conspiracy theory like all democrat hacks.
    How could he ask Dan if he owned any assault rifles if he already knew they are banned? The guy is a first class FAKE!

  62. Well that shows you’re an idiot then Gab, because you just asked Dan how many assault rifles he has. But if you already knew AR-15s are not assault rifles then you know Dan could not own any assault rifles since automatic rifles are banned nationwide.

  63. Dan, I totally agree with you on this one too. Anyone found guilty of 1st degree should be shot… 1 bullet done. Not we need to pay millions for his execution or life long room and board.

  64. Gab my state passed the castle doctrine and and stand your ground with a democrat governor signature several years ago. That’s out of the normal way. The states that have passed constitutional carry had a reduction in gun violence. It pisses me off that lawbreakers makes it difficult for law abiding people. I suggest public hanging for 1st degree murder. And I’m not joking

  65. I never said AR-15 etc were assault rifles. You should be able to fire but I shouldn’t be able to fire your AR-15. Easy.

  66. FluffyPillow, no… we would need to come up with tighter control maybe by just enforcing current legislation on semi autos … no need to affect them. Just protect them.

  67. Gab, there is your dictionary definition of an ‘assault rifle’. See below.
    As you can see, its an automatic rifle, not a semiautomatic rifle.
    Google it yourself. An AR-15 IS NOT an assault rifle by the proper definition.
    as·sault ri·fle
    noun: assault rifle; plural noun: assault rifles
    “a rapid-fire, magazine-fed automatic rifle designed for infantry use.”

  68. Dan, A+ agree full heartedly. However, GOP only wants to make you think dems mean worse … they don’t and it wouldn’t pass if they did. Good civil discourse.

  69. OK gab, what is an assault rifle? Is every semiautomatic rifle now an assault rifle?
    What about semiautomatic handguns like the Glock?
    Should that be called an “assault handgun”?
    You see where this is going, and why there is no such thing as an assault rifle.
    If you call every scary looking gun an assault rifle then the term has no meaning.
    And what about all the people that are shot in major cities by handguns?
    Why not ban those first?

  70. Gab the problem with so called “sensible “ legislation is that many democrats want to abolish the 2nd amendment. And only the rich and connected can get a license in New York. And yes, assault rifles have a definition, but like FluffyPillowFive said, that applies to military guns with fully automatic firing. The AR15 and many other types are in common use and almost 100% aren’t used illegally. I know many people that have them, and no worries there. Guns have their uses but guns in the hands of idiots worry me. Mental health screening is a good idea.

  71. Only thing you fire off his your head…Credibility Means Nothing, just a repetitive loud mouth. All bark and no bite, go scratch fleas & leave this site to true Patriotism. Change the channel want-to-be…

  72. Dan, then again you would be unaffected by sensible legislation.
    FluffyPillow get a dictionary. I have fired most weapons on the Army arsenal… one of the fun things we do at Ft Lewis officer training. I have been out a while but assault rifle is in the dictionary.

  73. Gab I own guns but I don’t disclose what or where they are. Yes, I am sane. I never fantasize about shooting people. I have had a license to carry for several years, and I carry at all times. One time only I drew my weapon to warn away two idiots that tried to rob me with a knife. No shots were fired. And the punks were within legal distance from me that shooting would be justified. I don’t even joke about shooting people , and I don’t have a killer’s heart. But I will if I have to protect myself and others. All my guns are legal

  74. Gab, you obviously never served in the military because you use the word “assault rifle” which is incorrect. There is no such thing as an assault rifle. Only democrats use that term because they don’t know any better.
    Fully automatic rifles are already banned nation wide. No soldier uses an AR-15 to assault the enemy.
    And handguns are used in far more homicides than rifles so this also shows you have no clue what you are talking about.

  75. Gab , have you always been this uneducated and IGNORANT !! As well as being a phony ?? So much EVIDENCE has been presented to you but YOU refuse to acknowledge it !! That is typical of an UNEDUCATED IGNORANT democRAT

  76. Gab , have you always been this uneducated and IGNORANT !! As well as being a phony ?? So much EVIDENCE has been presented to you but YOU refuse to acknowledge it !! That is typical of an UNEDUCATED IGNORANT democRAT

  77. Go download your certs in the toilet, means about as much as the horsesh_t that’s come out of your head Gabe. America Patriot far from it amigo…If you live in Texas, please leave along with your caravan…

  78. Raegan Republican all the way although trickle down has failed. I am worried about the 5% so you should not be affected but rather protected. Are you sane? Only you should be firing your guns and how many assault rifles do you own? Those questions should not impede on your rights. We should make Americans work, no hand outs. We should be fiscally responsible. We should be the super power the rest of the world can only envy. We need to behave like Christians. Pro Life good… so teach people how wrong abortions are and to be responsible. Only then can we say good bye to that illness. Those are republican values.

  79. Gab you posted before that you served in Iraq. How many hajjis did you personally kill? If none, you wasted your time and our tax money.

  80. No republican would say Obamagate is a conspiracy theory after all the evidence that has come out.
    No republican would take the side of democrats, and want open borders, free medical for illegal aliens, gun confiscation, mail in voter fraud, wasting taxpayer money on witch hunts and fraud impeachments, and blaming Trump for every single bad thing that happens, even if it comes from overseas.
    You are a phony Gab. You are a troll.

  81. Gab, you are only showing everyone on here that you are dishonest because you refuse to address the questions, and evidence brought up that Obamagate is not a conspiracy theory anymore. I showed you 4 things out of many that prove Obama is guilty but now you want to change the subject to griping about Trump. We get it. You hate Trump. But that doesn’t mean Obama is innocent or broke no laws. I wish you could be honest but I see it’s not going to happen.

  82. Gab you are NOT a republican, as you claim. 100% of your rhetoric is right out of the social ism handbook. Freebies, gimmee gimmee. Gun safety? I’m a very responsible gun owner and WILL NOT have the government dictate what I can own. Out of the millions of us gun lovers, less than 5%of us kill people. The surge in gun sales are not guns that’s going to be turned into the government. Stop killing? I would love to see that by enforcement of existing laws. Why not stop the murder of babies? Now there’s an idea!!.

  83. Ok so the democratic agenda: you mean giving money to average Americans instead of the rich, abandoning trickle down economics which have only grown division and poverty in this nation, provide healthcare and education for everyone, gun safety so that school and church shootings decline. Sensible immigration reform … most traffic comes in via ports not all thru Mexico. It’s ok but right now I’m more worried about having an insane person in the White House not because he is GOP but because he is insane. Pence I would prefer. I still back W all the way. I am a true republican and you have forgotten what that means. I don’t like every ally laughing at our nation. I don’t like enemies coming up to our moronic president. Trump praised the Chinese all the way til March. They are guilty of covering up and not stopping this at the source but we are guilty of trusting them and removing our office from China that would have let us know this was coming. As for my certs, I’ll provide if you give me a site I can upload them to.

  84. Andrew BcCabe testified that the two agents who interviewed Flynn said they didn’t believe he was lying.
    Comey bragged about violating FBI policy to ambush Flynn on NBC with Nicole Wallace.
    They have Susan Rice’s email stating that Comey did not want to share classified information with the incoming Trump administration.
    Declassified information describes an Oval Office meeting in Jan of 2017 with Obama, Biden, Susan Rice, and Sally Yates where they were discussing Flynn, and the fabricated Russian collusion scam. Biden tried to say he wasn’t at the meeting until pressed about it.
    And they have Peter Strzok’s text message stating “POTUS wants to know everything we are doing” regarding Russian collusion interference, even though Obama denies knowing anything about it.
    I could keep going with more evidence but you get the message.
    You can keep proving yourself to be the fool claiming this is all a conspiracy theory in front of everyone that reads these posts Gab is you want to.

  85. Gab go ahead and post it. I’d like to see it. But you still won’t tell us what you like and dislike about the agenda of the commiecrats. Why are you dodging the question? Retard joe is the one sucking up to China. And he’s on record bribing the Ukraine president. Joe and his idiot inexperienced puppy got wealthy off of China. Oh and let’s not forget. Trump didn’t collude with Russia or anybody. Whom ever said he did is a damned liar. Back to work? Go back to make believe. What hospital are you in?

  86. Agree “you can’t fix stupid” but because I care about our nation I try even if that means talking to the brainless sheep going to slaughter.

  87. I agree both China and Trump are guilty. I imported my interrogater cert from the army. Where shall I post it? In now way am I a troll and what question if any did I not answer… am working so can’t spend all my time talking to the brainless.

  88. I’m sure Gab believed the Russian collusion conspiracy theory hook line and sinker, like all the idtiot democrats did, but now we have Obamagate which is real with evidence from multiple sources, but Gab calls it a conspiracy theory. He just doesn’t want to accept reality. You can’t fix stupid.

  89. Gab has been up all night trolling. He probably has PTSD from a toilet seat falling on him while performing latrine duty. And Trump being anti Christian? What party caters to queers and baby killers? What party is hostile to people of faith? Cut the crap Gab. Go back to playing soldier. Your playmates miss you. I’ll bet that you got a lot of wedgies growing up.

  90. You did it again Gab. You called it a conspiracy theory without addressing any of the evidence that both vicki, and myself listed which has just come forward.
    That makes you either an idiot or a troll, but certainly a phony.

  91. Dan I did respond immediately but this does not always allow me to respond (either too quickly) and sometimes just doesn’t post my answer. (Although I waited to see if they would) In no way am I phony. There are more individuals like me than there are those who believe in the conspiracies published on this site.

  92. Gab you are a troll. We all know that you know this virus is not Trump’s fault but Chinas. You are just acting like the typical “I hate Trump no batter what” democrat troll. Just like Scott27 and Dr.J.D. and QED and all the rest of the trolls.
    If democrats were capable of being honest just once they would concede that China is responsible for all the deaths, not Trump.

  93. Of course he’s a phony. He never answered the questions Vicki asked either.
    All he said was some nonsense about being trained to interrogate when he was a cadet which is total BS.
    Gab is an idiot because he willfully choses to ignore the mounting evidence that Obama was involved in a coup, and used the government to spy and try to take down a dually elected president.

  94. Ok resubmitting my previous response to Dan. At first, it was just Trumps anti-Christian infantile behavior. Then it was his stealing of trillions for the rich, his properties and corporations although that assisted the stock market since the wealthy own stock. Finally, it was killing 100 thousand Americans due to his own stupidity. Funny to see how stupid leads stupid to slaughter but definitely not why I served this nation.

  95. FluffyPillow you must be quite limited upstairs to even call yourself that. Funny! Nothing I said is a lie and of course I’m not a troll either. I’ll prove that any way you want to come up with just let me know.

  96. I’m calling Gab a phony. No intelligent person would claim the FBI did nothing wrong, or claim Obama had nothing to do with it, when both him and Biden were briefed in the meeting, and there were the text messages about the POTUS wanting to know everything, and the hand written note about trapping Flynn. Either Gab is a total idiot or he’s a troll that knows better. Either way, Gab is a LIAR.

  97. Gab I would like to know if it’s Trump’s agenda that riled you up. Like securing our borders, cutting the job killing regulations of the obozo administration, cutting taxes ect. How about standing up to protect our freedoms and 2nd amendment. Taking lots of ms13 thugs off the streets. Opposition to allowing our emigration laws to be trampled by leftist communist mayors and governors. How about being energy independent the first time in many years. You call people stupid that don’t agree with you. Facist!!!!

  98. That was your brain in the case 11B10Grunt. Of course you don’t know better since it’s not in your head.

  99. To: gab/libturds/democraps =SCUM

    The DNC is pushing this to change the graphics of America. It’s all about the power. The DNC knows that their party is on life support. They know the American people has woke up to their ways of ruining America. They hate that.Just like the health care they want to provide for the American people with death panels. It’s time to tell the democratic plantation that there is no cure go live out your life and suffer like how you want us too. Pull the plug on the most corrupt organization in America known as the democratic plantation. Get rid of this cancer we call the democratic plantation. Then and “ONLY THEN” you’ll save America. GFYS!!

    ” A guy goes into a brain store. The clerk asks if he can be of any assistance. The guy says yeah – I’d like to buy a brain what do you have? The clerk says well we have the brain of a German Scientist – that sells for $100,000. We have the brain of an American astronaut that sells for $200,000. We have the…….The guy cuts him off and asks what about this one? Pointing to a brain in a display case. The clerk says – Oh that is the brain of a liberal(GAB). How much for that the guy asks. That’s $1,000,000 the clerk replies. Damn the guy says how come it’s so expensive? The clerks says liberals(GAB) don’t use there brains it has never been used, NEW OLD STOCK.”

  100. There is no connection between education and wisdom.
    You can have all the education available, and multiple degrees but lack wisdom.
    You can have a PHD but no common sense.
    If this Gab person does really have all the degrees he brags about, he shows us all he has no wisdom, or common sense. Perhaps Gab doesn’t really know what a conspiracy theory is.

  101. “Through this inscription I wish to enter my dying protest against what is called the Democratic party I have watched it closely since the days of Jackson and know that all the misfortunes of our nation has come to it through this so called party therefore beware of this party of treason. Inscribed on the tombstone of Lt. Nathaniel Grisby Born 11 October 1811 in Nelson Co., KY. Died 16 April 1890!

  102. Yeah I’m thinking just when we have someone in the AG chair who’ll carry out justice. Wham! they fall in line with the left. Fire his ass Trump! Barr’s reason doesn’t have any affect on politics. What would really affect politics is holding these crooks accountable for their action. That would be the biggest change in politics.

  103. Gab you claim to have been a super soldier. I’ll bet you wasn’t nothing more than a lowly sad sack. I doubt your valor. Truth be told, you probably got kicked out. What did you do? Colluding with the enemy? Or did you grope like sleazy joe?

  104. Gab, you are an idiot and a fraud. I’ve seen your posts about your military service and getting called out for your BS by several posters on here that also served in the military, and how you keep changing your story, which proves you’re a fraud.
    I’m sure all of your bragging about college is BS too.
    But what makes you an idiot is your willful denial of the facts, and recent unearthed evidence that the Obama administration weaponized the FBI to go after Trump, and people around him in hopes of undoing the 2016 election. There is no denying it anymore. Its moved from a very plausible conspiracy theory to FACT.
    And only an idiot troll like yourself would come on here and try to deny it.
    Everyone can see right through your BS.


  106. Those in Trumps administration should be prosecuted, indicted and serve longer prison terms for misleading those gullible enough to follow their conspiracy theories.

  107. I am not surprised. The power brokers that made Obama a candidate and the Mafia that sustains the Clintons and the sold out vested political owners of the primary MSM networks and press are so deeply entrenched even if the corrupted FBI and Justice departments had the will to pursue justice (which they do not have yet) would face a formidable task. However if Barr and Durhap are sincere and driven enough to take the overwhelming political heat they may be able to at least move the needle toward restoring the federal justice system to its non-political charter. To do so will require that key players in the Obama administration are indicted, prosecuted and sentenced to long prison terms that commensurate with their treasonous criminal acts.

  108. Just because even Barr won’t partake in your conspiracy theories does not mean he works for Dems. In fact, he works for Trump.

  109. I must say, I was a bit (ok a lot) surprised when he said that as well. I understand that he doesn’t want to play the same political games that the Democrats are playing. However,I do also believe that if there are no consequences for what these people did, then it WILL happen again. Prosecution is not to get revenge on the person, it is to get justice for the victim. And in this case the victims are General Flynn, Roger Stone, along with the whole Trump family. And anyone else that was caught up in the fevor of trying to bring Trump down!

  110. Marvie the soldiers that won our wars were going on with so called sexual banter To me it shows maturity and patriotism. Us Trump supporters are the TRUE patriots. The rest of you idiots are traitors and communists. Like so many of you think that we are stupid because we don’t share your political beliefs. But you people are the low I Q morons. And a total moron is all that you fools can come up with to run for President

  111. Most of the comments are at the mental level of third grade students. That is the average level pf a typical Trump supporter. Why so much sexual banter? Shame of most of you.

  112. Obamagate is real! Obama and Biden are snakes. Barr is letting them believe they are safe and slither away. All the while Durham goes after all those that did Obama & Biden bidding. Wait for it…who flips first!

  113. I want to take Kayleigh McEnany’s panties off and boink her! I want to take Katie Miller’s panties off and boink her!

  114. If William Barr not going to do his job or Graham. Then I guess it going to be American citizen taking matter into their own hands! We remove these coward and take back our Congress. And executed those who try to DESTORY AMERICA!

  115. So many members of the Trump administration were interrogated, why not the previous administration.

  116. Gab opinions are like ass holes. Everyone has one. You said killery would make a better president? LOL. That bi&ch isn’t good enough to kiss Trump’s ass. Isis would own the world by now.

  117. Dan your comments only serve to prove that you are a bad person and very uneducated plus I already know you aren’t patriotic. I do agree Hillary was an awful candidate though. She is hardly preferably even over Trump,

  118. Robert what will I do with Vaseline? Tell your mother to bend over. About obozo, go suck the color out of his dick.

  119. Gab get real. Killery Clinton made statements about being part of the resistance. And digging up the impeachment hoax? Hell no Trump isn’t guilty. The entire body oriface exham that he endured by the crooked commiecrats would have turned it up. Your side lost. Get over it. You and snott27 are beating a dead horse. For someone that claims to have a high education, you sure don’t know much. And let’s talk about the two FBI lovers and their insurance policy. Retard joe isn’t going to win. Get over it.

  120. Hey Dan Tyree I know what you’d do with that jar of vaseline. Since you’d be by yourself you’d be screwing yourself. However you already did, screw yourself, when you voted for a sociopathic, lying narcissist. Vicki, I know orange face isn’t a black man. He doesn’t have as much smart in his entire being as President Obama has in his fingernail.

  121. Why don’t they say something about this on the news, They hammer President Trump
    like he is the fault of everything, but never any of the Democrats!

  122. Ok Monty don’t be an idiot. I jointly went thru college and ROTC while being a member of an MI Batallion in Baton Rouge. I did the training over summer for my unit and not for ROTC. Ask me instead if any of it confuses you. Others did the same. Nothing I have said is made up.

  123. Being a ex- Chief Warrant Officer, a lot comes out in a person in short order. But at the same time, I won’t State what I really think because it would bring be down to the level of a non-America. Sua Sponte & God Bless America…

  124. Wow this Gab idiot just makes up sh!t as he goes along. I was in the service dipsh!t and they don’t teach cadets how to integrate. You’re a f**king liar.

  125. OK so Gab has done everything. You name it he’s either done it or knows all about it. He considers himself above us all. And Scott27, in his usual style denies and diverts.
    Whatever. I’m done.

  126. As I have previously stated, I had never thought Obama would be charged, for the same reasons he has always been elected. Regardless, if the other perpetrators are brought to justice, everyone will know Obama was their leader in crime.

  127. Ok James that isn’t always where the training takes place. My interrogater training AIT only was at Ft Hood. OBC was at Huachuca AZ. Officer training at Ft Lewis/LSU. Armor training at Ft Knox KY. Just because it wasn’t exactly like yours doesn’t mean I’ve said anything incorrectly. I am also fluent in Spanish and French so didn’t have to go thru DLI. DLPT at 3/3 on each test. My wife did go thru DLI in Russian.

  128. Anthony.. et al… that is the first noble thing Barr has done. There is simply nothing there to pursue, in spite of what all your alternative facts tell you. “obamagate” is a mirage, smoke screen diversion that you all are falling for hook, line and sinker.

  129. Gab get your facts straight…Echoes” Human Intelligence Collectors are trained at Fort Huachuca Arizona and have to be proficient in regional foreign languages. This training last eighteen weeks and I received it after being awarded an Ranger tab and speak five different languages after spending 12 years in South America and Somalia…Talks Cheap…

  130. What message is AG Barr’s action sending to future presidents? Attempt a coup and if you fail you get a Free Get Out Of Jail Card

  131. Bill Barr another candy ass just like all republicans men its time to put some real men into office!! Some one that will tell Pelosi to shut her dumb ass mouth or call liberals scumbag liars and fight fire with fire and stop trying to be nice guys because nice guys are losers!!!

  132. Barr better set up the cabal who were trying to unseat the President, and that included B.O. and all his lieutenants. All should be charged with sedition, and sent to prison for life at hard labor because of it. Seems like only lower-level people in DoJ, FBI, CIA, NSA, and State will get charged, but the ringleaders will get off scott-free.


  134. Mr. Strader…there are plenty of facts.. not alternative facts… but real facts available. Some thirty percent of the people just don’t want to hear them and would prefer to buy into boogie-man conspiracy theories. And Chicago had nothing on this current administration regarding corruption… most greedy corrupt administration in the history of the United States.

  135. Well it looks as if the dems have barr in their pocket barr has turned into a gutless wounder another waste of sperm

  136. Reading the posts most are missing the point Barr is trying to make, that is “we are not going to play the same political games the Obama people did…” I disagree, we have obvious criminal behavior that cannot go unchecked. No doubt the democRats would gleefully take down anyone knowing they have broken every law and ethic to do so. They are who they are, and as long as people swallow their lies they will continue. Recent revelations are mostly hidden from public view by an equally corrupt media and social platforms like YouTube, Google, Twitter, FaceBook and on and on. Few are getting the facts so are unable to get the full picture so remain skeptical. Our only hope is that enough people can hold the country together while things get worked out or the entire nation will look like the Mayor Daley run Chicago filled with graft and corruption from street to penthouse. (Worked there in financial sector… very corrupt and everyone scared to call it.)

  137. Let’s start a pool to see who can guess Trumps new nickname for A.G. Barr. My first guess would have to be something insulting about Barr’s weight but then I just learned that Nancy Pelosi outed the fact that Trump is actually claasified by medical professionals as being “Terminally Obese” so I’ll have to comeup with something else; Trump would never be stupid enough to plaster Barr a nickname that could be turned around to bite him in his fat ass.

  138. How about using the criminal justice system to prosecute crimes? Doesn’t have to be political, unless you’re a dumbocrat!

  139. Dan T… even Putin himself said he and Russia preferred trump; it’s widely acknowledged that Russia operated troll farms in support of trump; and they are working on this current campaign as well. They wanted Hillary… haha… what a laugh… and that statement is totally imagined.

  140. Law enforcement rule number one: get the criminal to lie so that his integrity is at question. This isn’t news to anyone who knows the first thing about interrogation but I am a trained Army interrogater too. Completed that training at Ft Hood while I was a cadet.

  141. Law enforcement rule number one: get the criminal to lie so that his integrity is at question. This isn’t news to anyone who knows the first thing about interrogation but I am a trained interrogater too.

  142. They have Peter Strzok’s test message stating “POTUS wants to know everything that’s going on. Every Flynn interrogator claimed he did not lie when they were under oath. Comey told us he broke the rules and just sent a couple of guys over to the white house. They have Priestap’s hand written note saying what is our goal? Get Flynn to lie or get him fired.
    Gab, are you really that stupid or just messing with me and Dan to claim there is no Obamagate?

  143. You are delusional to believe in Obamagate. As for me being phony, I already asked you to get me a list of what it would take top rove that idea is wrong. I just expected this from you which is why I do look down on you.

  144. Gab, if you claim Obama had nothing to do with what was going on at the FBI, and knew nothing about it then you are admitting you believe Obama was incompetent. Every president should know what the FBI is up to with high profile cases like this under their watch. But I think you know the truth. The truth is Obama is a liar, and so is Biden. Both of them were calling the shots. If you were an honest person you would concede that.

  145. Yes Dan, I think Gab is a phony.
    He is also delusional to think there’s no evidence to Obamagate. If there were no evidence Barr wouldn’t look into it. Gab is just not very intelligent it seems.

  146. Not so Gab. The Russians wanted Hillary to win. So if you want to lose the country that you claim to love, vote joe

  147. What Trump said to Ukraine was wrong even the entire GOP on Capital Hill admits that. Russia did help Trump win and there are far too many connections between Trump and Russia. Those are truths. Then there is Obamagate without a shred of evidence pointing that way. Get the difference?

  148. Gab it’s ok to believe in conspiracy theories concerning Russia collusion and the Ukraine lies. I see a double standard. Do you think it’s possible that the FBI’s reports were false? And documents have surfaced showing that they found no wrong doings but proceed to push it? The deep state does exist and was planning impeachment before Trump took office. The proof has been revealed

  149. Dan, no but you alone were insulting them. I only look down on those that believe conspiracy theories and demonstrate infantile behavior.

  150. Gab I didn’t need assistance either. So, are you saying that you look down on the mechanical trades person that comes to your home to fix your plumbing or HVAC system? Or the mechanic that repairs your cars? If so, you aren’t better than anyone. Or what about a guy like me that might entertain people with my guitar and fiddle?

  151. Vicki you seem to have education and sense. So tell me. Do you think that Gab is a phony?

  152. Dan don’t go back to lies and your bad behavior. I have 2 homes and earn more than twice the amount that made me not qualified to receive any assist last month besides I’m still working right now so see you later. However using such to try to insult me is just more of that infantile behavior (and insults those not so fortunate) for which we look down on you.

  153. Gab is your mama’s basement warm and comfortable? So go ahead and support retard joe. That would prove your “intelligence “.

  154. I’m typing on my iPhone rather than on a computer and I don’t really care to do otherwise. I am not black but that’s offensive to blacks so won’t partake in that either. Your beliefs are why so look down on you. I don’t look down on those who are better than that.

  155. Gab you aren’t entertaining us. We spot you as a phony. You’ve probably never been near a college or a military post. You’re probably just another snowflake living in your mama’s basement.

  156. SO maybe Barr is afraid to go after these criminals?

    Come on Mr. Barr, do the right thing!

  157. Any proof you guys want is yours. Uneducated unpatriotic individuals like you are now the top problem with our nation. We no longer live in 1775 and false conspiracy theories will only hurt you especially in how the educated view you. I admit I do therefore believe I am better and have accomplished more for our nation than you ever shall (and I’ll pray for that pride) but feel free to prove me wrong. I’m open to that. Infantile behavior only confirms my current beliefs so that is your choice.

  158. Gab, if you are a black man that might explain why your post seems illiterate to people like Vicki. She probably isn’t used to people talking like you do.
    White people, especially educated ones, don’t talk like that or makes sentence without proper punctuation.
    “don’t try your lies against me fool”
    “Don’t bother responding your lies are too abundant as it stands”

  159. Ashley it seems that Gab looks down on people. That idiot doesn’t realize that uneducated common people defeated the British and gave us this great country. He comes across as hot sh&t but he’s nothing but a cold turd.

  160. Gab, you sound just like Joe Biden when he was bragging about all his accomplishments that were also lies. But if you want to know why I don’t think you ever went to college go read your previous post. It’s appalling for someone with higher education.
    However, if you are suffering from the same ailment that Biden has my sincerest apology.

  161. Gab I’m proud of you. But the military people aren’t the only good Americans. And you seem to be a person who thinks that he’s above everyone else. A lot of educated people think that their crap doesn’t stink.

  162. Ashley of course I would expect you to not believe the truth and to believe in lies only. However I’ll provide any proof you wish if I feel like it. Don’t know how much time Ill spend entertaining uneducated unpatriotic fools.

  163. Vicki, I guess you want to pick on me fool. What proof do you want. I have bachelors in Computer Science, English Literature and Political Science from LSU in Baton Rouge. I also have an MBA, MLA and masters in Computer Engineering so what kind of proof do you want dummy? I received my commissioning on the same day I got my first 2 bachelors with just 155 college hours at the time. My unit First Brigade Armor led the Persian War charge into Iraq. How much do I need to say to convince you? Yet you thrive on false conspiracy theories. Awesome!

  164. Gab where do you get to call Dan Tyree a liar? Perhaps you’re lying about military service and education. You seem pretty stupid to me.

  165. No Gab I wasn’t in the military. But I like to think that I’m a good patriot. And don’t call me a liar. And yes, I graduated from college. I have education and can even read music. It’s not only the people in uniform that serves their country. And thanks for your service

  166. Your thinking is more than enough to prove that you are a very bad person. Claiming otherwise will not fool anyone. You probably haven’t even served in our armed forces or done anything else for our nation. Don’t bother responding your lies are too abundant as it stands. I am a retired veteran army officer with over 400 college hours including multiple masters so don’t try your lies against me fool.

  167. Robert, Trump isn’t the first black president or a social ist.
    Right over your head.

  168. Gab I know that good will triumph in the end. Trump will be re-elected. And you don’t know if I’m a bad person or not.

  169. Dan that is the type of thinking and behavior I would expect from someone like you. Believe whatever you want but you are a very bad person. Good shall triumph in the end.

  170. There is no such thing as Obamagate and anyone saying otherwise is simply lying to you. Wake up people!

  171. Yeah Vicki, right over my head. Is that the best you can come up with? Heck, you are not learning anything from Trump’s self-serving infantile tweets.

  172. Robert the deep state is a proven fact. But stupid libturds like you will defend and deny the slimy bastards to the end

  173. Robert, you must be seriously stupid to not even pick up on Fluffy’s post.
    I guess it went right over your head.

  174. William Barr is using the DOJ for Trumps gain so what is he talking about. Deep State? I love it. Man, you guys have some kind of conspiracy theories. Grow up just like your furor needs to grow up. FluffyPillowFive described orange face to a T. 🤣

  175. Who was Obama’s pastor? Jeremiah Wright.
    Who was Obama’s friend? Bill Ayers.
    Who was Obama’s business associate? Tony Rezko.
    Who was Obama’s hero? Saul Alinsky.
    If you don’t know who these people are do yourself a favor and read about them.
    It will tell you everything you need to know about Obama, and the kind of man he is.

  176. I don’t mean this to be racist but its unfortunate that our first black president had to be a man like Barack Obama. The most corrupt, inept, narcissistic, social ist, president this country has ever had. Even worse than Jimmy carter, if that’s even possible. At least Carter didn’t use the government to attack his political opponents.

  177. Yes, and Flynn will not be acquitted of the charges as long as that criminal and treasonous Activist/Legislating judge Emmet G. Sullivan remains on the bench and he will as long as the members 9f the Communist party remain in control of the HOR.

  178. Glad to hear this
    All connected with trying to take down the best president we’ve had in a long time and attacking Gen.Flynn, I prat they all go to prison. Thingslike this should not happen in the USA!!

  179. I always said nothing would happen because the Deep State is to deep. It has been developing for over 200 years and now our government is totally consumed. Again I will say, nothing will happen. The communists will probably win. Liberty will lose.

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