William Barr was just double-crossed by these Obama deep state allies

William Barr’s been investigating the origins of the Russia probe.

So the Attorney General has put the former Obama administration in his cross hairs.

But that’s when William Barr was double-crossed by these Obama deep state allies.

Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz – who was appointed by President Obama – referred former FBI Director James Comey for criminal prosecution after Comey leaked classified information contained in confidential memos he passed along to a friend.

Comey leaked the memos to a friend so in case he got fired, his friend would leak them to the press and it would force the appointment of a special counsel.

That is exactly how events played out.

But career Deep State prosecutors declined to follow Inspector General Horowitz’s recommendation and charge Comey with a crime.

Fox News reports:

The Justice Department has decided against prosecuting former FBI Director James Comey for leaking classified information following a referral from the department’s inspector general, sources familiar with the deliberations told Fox News.

“Everyone at the DOJ involved in the decision said it wasn’t a close call,” one official said. “They all thought this could not be prosecuted.”

Comey penned memos memorializing his interactions with President Trump in the days leading up to his firing. He then passed those documents to a friend, Columbia University Law Professor Daniel Richman, who gave them to The New York Times. Comey admitted to that arrangement during congressional testimony.

After the fact, the FBI classified two of those memos as “confidential.”

DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz had referred Comey for potential prosecution as part of an internal review.

To many Trump supporters, this smells like the Deep State covering up for one of their own.

Barr risks a DOJ wide rebellion if he goes against their wishes.

But based on the early reports about Horowitz’s investigation, there should be more criminal charges against Obama Deep State allies.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Just wait, I still believe that AG Barr is doing the right thing. Some times it takes longer to cook a fish if it is still frozen. But it ends up getting cooked very well when it’s completely melted in the fry pan.

  2. It should come as no surprise to anyone that Barr gets his check from the government and he is going to protect the government. Barr will and has done not one thing to bring anyone to justice. In fact, has announced he isn’t going to prosecute Comey for lying and stealing documents from the FBI. Bet that wouldn’t be the case if it was just ‘joe smo’

    • So far its just for the leaking. There are other charges that are pending investigation. Maybe he feels that his fight should come for more severe charges to come. Don’t dismiss his deep state ties just yet.

    • Mr. Larry Gaines, Sir, You got that correct, and that truly have to be done against those Deep State Lawyers including Mr. “Big And Loud Mouthed” Soro’s, Who Just Can Never Keep His Trap Shut Too!

  3. Arrest these deep state treasonous Obama freaks need prison and need to be proscected.
    If The DOJ is not going to do its job than maybe a force of Patriots will need to take care of the Deep State losers instead.

    A vigilante force for the rule of law and Justice.

    You cannot have 2 different sets of rules and laws depending on who you are.

    Arrests have to be made!

  4. The RULE of LAW used to mean something in the United States of America…!! Now, we are seeing more TREASONOUS TRAITORS in high places than people who follow our laws and the United States Constitution..!! The only high place I would like to see those TREASONOUS TRAITORS is in a high tree with a rope tied to it…!!

  5. Leaked, Lied, Covered up, Changed memo’s., omissions of critical evidence..etec etc and THEY WANT TO IMPEACH PRESIDENT TRUMP?

    The Justice Department has decided against prosecuting former FBI Director James Comey for leaking classified information

  6. Here is the Truth about all of the Corrupt Agencies throughout our Nation. The bad guys/gals would rather kill AG Barr, than protecting and serving Law Abiding Citizens. Every Corrupt Agency has been dirty for over 100 years. All knew about Obama and his ties to Terrorism and his birth in what is now known as Kenya.

    The only way we, as a Nation, can survive, is thru a Civil War. Hell now even Trump is calling for Red Flag Gun Confiscations and his AG Barr agrees with him. Every day I pray that this Nightmare will disappear, but it keeps getting worse.

    Pray that I am wrong about this, but at the same time, plan for the worst.

    God Bless America and keep us safe.

    Semper Fi

  7. we should refer to all these deep state democrats as the Desposables because after messing around not tending to business ,what we pay them to do .We should get rid of them.If we did you would never miss them.They don’t do anything so they are desposable.

    • it is the other two branches of government that aren’t doing anything.mr trump doesn’t even apparently understand his duties as a president n seems to think he was elected monarch. The congress is to oversee the other two parts of the government help regulate it but Mr. trump brings chaos that can not be overseen. The democrats are the only ones seeking to do what they were elected to do.

      • You really need to layoff the drugs dude. The Demoncrats are the epitome of evil and everything that America is not. Anyone that thinks the Democratic party is for the people of this nation is ignorant of just stupid.

      • Dems have done nothing but attack, investigate, and lie about Trump since they took the House. Not a single piece of important legislation has even been put forward. Dems are the true obstructionists.

  8. For goodness sake will someone stand up to these bullying deep states sh*tholes whoever they are and put Comey, Clapper and cohorts in jail. We, the American people DEMAND it.

    • Seems we cannot find an “ethical” prosecutor in DC willing to put his life on the line to send these felons and traitors to Leavenworth. The threat of a “contract” going out of Chappaqua is always a real danger.

  9. This must stop, who are these DOJ players who think Comey should not be indicted even with a solid referral from Horowitz who has been investigating Comey for quite some time. Barr should bring all these so called deep state lawyers to answer for this obvious dereliction of duty. Obama’S deep state leftovers are unacceptable and should be ferreted out of any position that they seem to benefit criminal behavior like Comey!

  10. You, William Barr, are the Attorney General of the United States, not the deep state…..Rattle their cages and let the chips fall where they may…..Our country wasn’t destined to be controlled by criminals…….Word of advice, bring George Soros up on charges of sedition and treason, along with Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Eric holder and all the ones that will continue to defy the rule of law.

  11. Get A Good ROPE Fellows , THE Traitors Necks need to be Snapped in Old DC , they wouldn’t have a thinking “stupid” problem , after there Short Drop from the Gallows , End of Story

  12. Betty’s SOUL ‘Loves’/& ‘Thrives’
    0n Hate replies.
    Ahem. What does that tell? you All.
    Anyway, SAVE USA, ‘WE WILL’ !!!
    >0h, re the Dem debate (0MG) – that
    ‘ high tech yang guy Say: Give e’1 $1000 &&&
    MOVE to Higher Ground, cuz world is finished
    (climate change) in 10-12 yr(like AOC Say. Really__
    LOL , i’ll Build a Tree House, Rite NOW.
    & Come 0n 0ver & UP !!! 0h lordy.
    >>> Back 0n TOPIC” : INspector Gen. Horror’witz
    NEED a V. SEVERE, WHIPPING/ 0r Worse to Not ‘prosecute’
    a HUGE Liar/Traitor COMEY. <<<
    ( & 'they Laugh & Tout' that Fact. )
    I AM More 'Frosted' Than 'Dry Ice'.

  13. The democrats are as desperate as BETTY, everything that Betty says is a example of how the democratic party conducts
    everyday business.
    Comey is a scapegoat for someone higher on that ladder of failure. Right now WILLIAM BAR, is the DOJ. There’s not anyone else that’s not afraid to seek the truth.
    I think he will succeed in his quest for justice.
    Don’t forget, BETTY is the mouthpiece of the worst of them.

  14. > Awful, JUSt AWFUL, the DOJ IS
    Cowardly to ‘prosecute’ Comey.
    > What An X-TREME ‘Cover’.
    (ps. & You ‘punks’ Here, Just Don’t
    Get ‘it’.)

  15. Truly amazing the vile language about our POTUS and First Lady > disgustingly shameful, really. Chatter is > DOJ’ers say ‘no prosecute’ Comey because, like Comey-on-HRC, no evidence of INTENT. Comey had forethought to even pen and KEEP what he calls his ‘diary’ with absolute INTENT to leak! INTENT IS THERE PLAIN AS DAY! IG Horowitz’s recommendation for prosecution is DISRESPECTED! AG Barr and HIS pursuit for JUSTICE are DISRESPECTED! D = DEMOCRATS = DISRESPECTFUL TO THE NTH DEGREE > towards AMERICA > for EQUAL JUSTICE! Dems will BURN come 2020 > NOT SOON ENOUGH!

  16. Comey should be prosecuted he even admitted he released the documents. Clean house in the DOJ if need be. We are either a country ruled by the rule of law or we are not, and no one is above the law.

    • Betty the acrobat. Stands on her hands, talks out her ass and wipes her mouth with Charmin while wearing a Depends diaper for a burka. Disgusting little troll trash is all ass uppity cause nobody would take her to the prom. Let her words be her judge.

      • State your case we know where the rats have been Obama the Clinton and the rest of the corrupt FBI and DOJ.
        Judicial Watch is exposing the corrupt deep state government.

  17. Hey, george. And Let’s start the house cleaning by the 2020 voting out of the presidency a pair of trump TRASH, mr.White House WORTHLESS WORM & mrs.White House WORTHLESS WHORE!

    • You’re a sick betty. And like your namesake,a pathetic whore. When obungler snuck out of the rat and roach infested White House he threw the 20.00 down. Didnt he

      • Hey, dan. The White House only became Rat & Roach Infested when a WORM & His Latest Legalized WHORE moved into two years ago!

        • Betty, would you be so kind as to tell us why you call the president and his wife those things? I seriously doubt that you degraded Obama and his wife, knowing they are members of the NWO. It is proven that he was born in Africa, is 1/3 Black. 1/3 White and 1/3 Arab, is queer, encourages overthrow of our country, Cares nothing about the ordinary citizens as he stated, his brother lives in a cardboard shack in Kenya, sealed all of his personal records…In general is a piece of crap that fools like you voted for.

          • 8 Yr of ‘gay’ & tranny’.
            Joan Rivers ‘died’ 0ver that___
            statement.ie. ( ” WE ALL KNOW”)
            Remember that video
            of’paparazzi’ chasing her upstairs to her
            Residence? I DO. & NOT ‘easy to Take, but
            ‘we’ ‘buck Up’ & ‘handle IT.
            Betty too ‘braindead’ & Hatefilled to ‘know’
            Anything At All. ___ a Pity Indeed.

          • TO Richard/VN. Of Course he is a “mutt”__
            Totally 0bvious. It has been Said:
            “Ashkenazi Jew” & that’s All i gotta say___

        • Did you forget about Bill Clinton & Obama your side of the house has lots of garbage laying around.
          And why is it that almost every Dem is full of hate yes hate you may pay for that some day.

        • Thank you Betty. I couldn’t have said it better. Barr, Trump and their cohorts can dish it out, but they can’t take it back. If Trump & Barr want to keep the fight up, they can expect to get an answer back. Boo Hoo Barr & Trump. Run to Mommy Now”!!!

        • Childish, that is all you guys know that to do is slander people without facts. We will see, start acting like adults instead of kids.

    • Whore yourself ( putain toi meme) and your husband is shit
      Surveille ton langage si tu ne veux pas qu’on te traite de roturière

    • Sounds like it’s CNN time ! What s bunch of dimwits. No smarter than the demoncrates all brainless bunch of racist has I said it ! Of lowlife coward’s. Chicken shit losers ! Trump. 2020 2024. 2026 yep ! Time to change the rules, to 6 years,taken from the demoncratic playbook

    • Batty there you go again. We all know that you are very ignorant person. You repeat the same bullshit with no substance. Orange worm and whore eat. don’t get it. You don’t know what the issues are. Grow up and accept the fact that killery lost. Get over it. If you must bitch about it, lay out issues and make your case. You have to admit that things are better under Trump. He wasn’t my choice in my state primary, I supported Ted Cruz. But I’m proud to say that I helped deliver my state’s electoral college to Trump. And am looking forward to doing it again.

    • Just heard that Texas is losing 5 House members of the GOP to retirement. Sounds like 2018 all over again where 41 GOP House members decided to retire too. GOP who aren’t fighters as we all know are jumping ship. They see the illegals becoming voters and Texas will fall to them like dominoes.

  18. -I did not read the article, only the headline, If Barr is gullible enough to be suckered by obama’s trash, then he deserves the whipping.

  19. It isn’t over yet. Comey had better save his candy bars to buy him a few nights sleep. He will end up in jail. They have their reasons for holding up prosecution right now. But don’t think he will flip on Hillary. He wants to live even if it’s spending time being someone’s prison bitch.

  20. The ‘Democratic Party’ left years ago. They will not say it but they are the ‘Globalist Party’. To them there is no America. There is only ‘the World’. If anyone thinks that this is new and progressive then go back to school. It is the same ‘Globalism’ attempted by the Greeks, the Romans, the Mongolians, the French, the British, the Germans, the communist Russians, the Islamists and on and on. It is all about POWER and CONTROL over each of us. Our Country never went down this road until the Democrats became so empty that they NEEDED YOU to worship them. Just vote them into disappearance. Behind their promises and smiles they despise you

  21. I think it’s time for the militia’s of this country the Step Up we must finally take the dark down. This is a Scourge to this world and it’s coming to a head every time we turn around there’s some child being sold for some ungodly reason we need to protect our children and our women and ourselves and this country and everything seems to be coming to a head so I for one will fight to protect everything we love and cherish it’s time mr. Trump let’s do this thing now. No more beating around the bush , the Deep State needs to go to jail and we need to take our world back big Patriot.

        • Keep digging and let the chips fall where they land. Enough of this bs,invesetrgate them all.oh hell give me a A10 with a 30mm machine gun and we will level D.C and Baltimore.

  22. cmwy is a thumbprint right now , i believe that when they get down to it the is going to be a huge picture , that comey will not be able to walk from it…

  23. Am I missing something. Comey will get off on these charges… charges that the Mueller investigation have thrown innocent people in jail for … because the FBI prosecutors are throwing a hissy. I hope that Comey is not being prosecuted for the other reason given… that there are a whole lot of other charges.. more serious charges they are going to nail him to the wall. How did he ever get into the FBI ? Intel? Director? with his connection to the Communist party from early in his university years

        • You’re worse than a broken record. You repeat the same garbage over and over again. It’s a waste of breath. It’s not true now and it’s not true when you say it.

        • 01001000 01100101 01111001 00100000 01000010 01100101 01110100 01110100 01111001 00101100 00100000 01010100 01110010 01110101 01101101 01110000 00100000 01101001 01101110 00100000 00110010 00110000 00101111 00110010 00110000

    • As much as I despise Comey, if it is true as it says in the article that Comey’s memos were classified AFTER he passed them on AND if it wouldn’t have been obvious to the FBI Director that the information was classified, then I would agree with the career prosecutors. However, even if Comey didn’t commit a criminal act in “leaking” the information, he was still in the wrong, and should have been immediately fired, which he of course was, but for different reasons. Comey is and was rotten to the core.

  24. It appears that the “deep state” is operated by Stalinist tactics. Those within the system are never prosecuted. Only those that oppose the communist system (non -party members) are prosecuted. The Clintons and Obama with outside help instituted this form of government in the USA. Have any of the Clinton or Obama munchkins been held accountable? Slap on the wrist maybe. The US government deep state looks like the Supreme Soviet government of 100 years ago. But who really cares other than Trump and his supporters?

      • If they were appointed they can be fired and if they are management they are not union and I’m pretty sure the POTUS can fire anyone he wants to.

  25. If Bill Barr will do the thing he can drain the swamp and prosecute Comey, Brennan,
    Clapper and others who were responsible of the FAKE FABRICATED Russian investigation!
    It was Killary and her campaign that must be investigated for real Russia collusion!

  26. Mr Barr, Please show some guts and do the job you are compelled to do. Prosecute any one in either party if there is any corruption. America is at a cross road, and in order to save us from future corruption like this,YOU MUST act to resolve this crisis immediately !! Our children and grand children deserve your utmost participation in order to preserve their futures like our forefathers had.

    • I agree, please put all this to bed. Obama started all this with a lot of help from the Democrats. Get it done before my grandkids have to go through this. I will thank you now 🇺🇸👍

  27. Fire and replace everyone of them and guarantee their allegience to the constition, rule of law and the USA. Ensure none has an allegience to any one person and then reevaluate the charges against Comey. Comey MUST be held accountable and all others who had ANY connection with the attempted coup against the president of the United States.

  28. It is and will always be just a case of smoking mirrors. Md. is correct in his statement
    of all politicians covering for each other for if one goes down they all go down. It is just a big country club where they all have their hands in the cookie jar. Look at AOC , has not been in congress a year yet and appears to have made of with $900K. A good 6 month
    work for a bar tender!! They all have their hands out from the RNC & the DNCC for money then turn around with mailing to the public begging for more (That goes to their pockets)
    all though they shout they are clean. IE E. Commings 17.5 billion to his district and where
    is it now (in his,his wife’s & all his cohorts pockets.

  29. So what if the DOJ simply refuses to prosecute any additional charges, on ALL of them? Is AG Barr going to take that chance? When does it end??? Will it end??? Should we even bother? Maybe we should just appoint them kings.

    • Chris if that happens then Marshall Law is declared and the Marines start rounding them up and military tribunals start prosecuting them.MAGA WWG1WGA

  30. D O J – Bill Barr:
    Sir – you need to do the right thing for these United States and investigate ALL corruption!!!
    Our Unites States as we know it – is depending upon you!

    • They are Democratic that’s why they can do what ever they want to do if that was the Republican they would be throw it jail ina heart beat NO RIGHT TO HAVE TWO SETS OF LAW ONE FOR THE Republican and one for Democratic

    • They are Democratic that’s why they can do what ever they want to do if that was the Republican they would be throw it jail ina heart beat NO RIGHT TO HAVE TWO SETS OF LAW ONE FOR THE Republican and one for Democratic

  31. I’m tired of the favor system…we need justice and people who put right before wrong…personal greed for the almighty dollar has got to stop…God must prevail…

  32. Start firing the criminals.

    In my business I never gave a second chance once a worker lied, stole or started slacking off.

    You’re only as good as the people around you.

  33. Our ENTIRE GOVERNEMENT (except for about 10 Republicans) are CORRUPT TRASH. Barr is not going to do anything. As usual, if you are a DemonRAT, we see NO JUSTICE for their corruption. Jesus, please come soon.

    • Nothing makes any difference if the one world order takes over. At that point you will be like who gave the pacifiers to the children. That way they didn’t have to suffer through something we might need to get involved with. Sure not this trash you are reading about right now.

    • I hope and pray Mr. Barr will do the right thing. I hear he’s holding back cause he has a bigger thing he’s going to nail on the rats. One that will put him behind bars. Lets back Barr and be patient. Go get the son of a bitshs.

  34. Mr.Barr please do the right thing. The democrats have hunted and pursued the President for 2 years. Please undercover the truth. Thank You!!

  35. Barr will not clean the house. The government deep state is to deep and for most part of it he is in it. He knows all the players very well and will not betray them.
    If any justice is served I will be totally surprised. It looks like this investigation is going in the same direction as the Comey investigation of Hillary.
    The only thing missing so far is the Tarmac meeting.

    • RJK – You’ve nailed it bud. And as long as soreass and the little faggot porchmonkey are alive, NONE of this shit will ever get cleared up! One politician knows shit on another politician who knows shit on another politician, who knows…… And the pattern will never change. In just the last two years, I have sworn, I WILL NEVER TRUST AMYONE ANYMORE !! Sad, isn’t it?? 😗😒😥😪😞😰😉

      • It is more than sad; it means the loss of everything we hold dear; the sense of justice, of integrity, of honesty, of hope for the future. When we have a privileged class in this country who can step all over the truth, who can run conspiracies against a sitting President, who can escape the law, who can manipulate the Media to their benefit, we no longer have a representative republic; we have a 3rd world corrupt “swamp”.

      • The last 2 years, my butt; it started with Slick Willie and Hill and has gotten worse, especially during the ’08-’16 reign of OcriminalA foreign born muslim!

    • I believe the same. I keep hearing that prosecutions are getting close; every time I just sit there and say to myself, “I’ll believe that when I see it.”

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