William Barr will be on thin ice after Donald Trump sees what Barr told Fox News

Attorney General William Barr is one of Donald Trump’s most trusted cabinet officials.

But that could be changing.

And William Barr will be on thin ice after Donald Trump sees what Barr told Fox News.

Attorney General William Barr has given a series of network TV interviews to defend the administration’s response to the riots in Washington, D.C. following George Floyd’s death.

The point of contention for the Fake News Media was the United States Park Police clearing out Lafayette Square as rioters began throwing projectiles at police.

President Trump then walked through Lafayette Square to pay tribute to St. John’s Church, which rioters attempted to burn down during the previous night’s chaos.

Barr defended the move by stating that the crowds in Lafayette Square repeatedly resorted to violence and created such a public menace that just a few nights prior the Secret Service put Donald Trump and his family in the White House bunker.

“Monday, we were reacting to three days of extremely violent demonstrations. Right across from the White House, a lot of injuries to the police officers, arson,” Barr told Fox News. “Things were so bad the Secret Service recommended the president go down to the bunker and we can’t have that in our country, so the decision was made. We had to move the perimeter one block and that is what we are doing.”

Donald Trump previously told Fox News that he merely went down to the bunker to inspect it.

After Secretary of Defense Mark Esper publicly contradicted Trump on the use of the Insurrection Act Trump fumed and mused about firing Esper.

Will the same fate befall Attorney General Barr after contradicting Trump?

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