William Barr will hit the Supreme Court with an ultimatum that made Democrats panic

Democrat Governors across the country are playing games with the coronavirus response.

But those days quickly could be coming to an end.

And William Barr will hit the Supreme Court with an ultimatum that made Democrats panic.

Governors across the country imposed lockdown orders in March and April that turned off the economy.

President Trump and many economists know this “social distancing” will lead to economic ruin and the President proposed guidelines to slowly re-open the economy in May.

But some Governors – mostly Democrats – are dragging their feet on re-opening.

They want to keep the economy shuttered to boost Joe Biden’s chances of victory.

In an interview with conservative talk show host Hugh Hewitt, Attorney General William Barr made it clear the administration would step in and pursue legal challenges that could go all the way up to the Supreme Court to push states to re-open once the coronavirus emergency passed.

“We have to give businesses more freedom to operate in a way that’s reasonably safe,” Barr told Hewitt. “To the extent that governors don’t and impinge on either civil rights or on the national commerce – our common market that we have here – then we’ll have to address that.”

“We’re looking carefully at a number of these rules that are being put into place,” the Attorney General continued, “And if we think one goes too far, we initially try to jawbone the governors into rolling them back or adjusting them. And if they’re not and people bring lawsuits, we file statement of interest and side with the plaintiffs.”

Barr warned that these lockdown measures amount to house arrest and keeping the economy closed for too long will prove fatal.

“These are unprecedented burdens on civil liberties. The idea that you must stay in your house is close to house arrest. You can’t just keep feeding the patient chemotherapy and kill the patient. Now is the time to move to a more targeted therapy,” Barr added.

22 million Americans lost their jobs in the last four weeks.

The economic trajectory these lockdown orders put America on is dangerous and unsustainable.

And the Attorney General is sending a warning that any Democrat attempts to continue these lockdowns long past their usefulness will met be met with swift action.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Steve, speaking of brains, you should try growing one rather than letting the CCPA (CNN,MSDNC) do all your thinking for you.
    All they “report” now is CCP propaganda and 24/7 anti-Trump stories to assauge Zucker’s years-long grudge.

  2. The country must follow an strategic to move to normal or the chances to bankrupt is around the corner and then, the President will be blame again any way! it will affect the country general stability and other endless number of other fatal consequences for all as result, the results during the next election is crucial, the message must get to all Americans, Mr. Trump must be re-elected.

  3. I question their Constitutional authority to close anything to the public, they may have to Quarantine those who have the virus but going further in my opinion is a Constitutional violation of Civil Rites.

  4. Steve is a lying POS liberturd, so just ignore the imbecile. Barr is the real deal, he will do the right thing and stop the power hungry demoncrats from totally corrupting our republic. GBA Go Barr. Suck it stevie.

  5. When history reveals the entire truth about the past and current decades, it will certainly reveal many devious plots and the evil people behind them. Certainly hope it will be a guide for those moving forward.

  6. No Julio they weren’t actually following the presidents guideline. Maybe if you stopped watching the lamestream media you might actually learn something. I’m not into calling people names, just trying to inform them that if you watched and understood what Trump was saying, rather than someones interpretation of it you might get a clearer picture. What he actually put out was a carefully thought out plan in conjunction with the health experts so the states could re-open after following a strict set of rules. Some of them have chosen not to do that so you can’t blame Trump for that. Oh I forgot, democrats like to blame him for EVERYTHING!!!!

  7. Just another pied Piper leading the rats, I can see a lot of places sue for transfer of the virus,and some for un wrongful deaths! This country needs to test!!! For as big as this is,it sad that it takes months to get testing!! Your POTUS dropped the ball,and has been since it started! Oh as the POTUS said Lysol immunizations should work! Sorry the brain pills he’s taking are not working!!

  8. Bill Barr is one of the pillars of the Trump administration. Democrats are in an all out effort to stop him and one or two others like him. Getting the economy going is a priority for a successful recovery.

  9. I believe Democrats know they have no chance with Joe Biden and are focused on taking Senate seats. God forbid Dems get Senate majority! We must make sure Trump 2020, PROTECT Senate majority and Take back House 2020!

  10. Ahhhhh… There are a ground sell if Americans on this country… They may be quiet… But they are intelligent folk. They VOTE.
    I believe president Trump will prevail for 4 more years…. Just sayin’


  12. The “Bill of Rights” does extend to the states; they must follow the federal laws as the states sign on to. The Constitution governs commerce between and mutual defense of states. The “Bill of Rights” was accepted by the states as the governing laws for the people. Given the law, the states cannot circumvent the peoples protection from tyranny and government over stepping its authority. That is why 2/3rds of the states have to ratify any amendments to the Constitution. No Federal, State, county, or city con write any laws that are un-constitutional and against the “Bill of Rights”. These people’s rights are the only protection the people have against a tyrannical government. This part of our Constitution is unique in the world; no other people has these rights; this is the reason why dictators don’t like us. We have a redress against our government that no one else in the world has. We are a free people and control our government. Freedom or die.

  13. Some of the governors — Democrat or Republic — are ceding their decision-making to the county bureaucrats. In Miami-Dade and Broward counties we have 67 mayors with probably as many opinions. Some cities have imposed fines for being outside without a mask, some others have patrolled with drones to “watch” the offenders. Miami Mayor Carlos Giminez closed beaches (the first such “order” in the State), followed by beaches, roads/walks fronting the beaches, parks, playgrounds and boat ramps, all in the name of protecting his people. He has totally forgotten he works for the people. BTW, he is retired fireman with a bachelors degree in Public Administration. He has taken an authoritative position that is “crashing” Miami. After five weeks of being under his rule, he finally got around to saying something like “we (all the other 35 mayors?) have come to a unanimous decision ….” Does that mean that all the other “decisions” were his alone? Our governor applauds his actions even when they contradict what the governor says is going to happen. Hopefully someone like AG Barr can go a little deeper than the state governors to the mayors who think they know better than anyone.

  14. God just in all He says and does. His promises are sure, they are covenant promises and He promised justice for the oppressed. Many are oppressed in our nation and other nations as well as those who fit in the catagory of wealthy treasonist are exploiting them are having their short lived hayday. Their feet are in slippery places they can’t see because of their blindness. Many are crying out to God in truth in all of this and He is hearing their cries as He said He would, He will vindicate those who trust Him. The arrogant treasonist, oppresssors will be brought to justice.

  15. Hey Julio – the virus doesn’t have a mind therefore it neither cares nor doesn’t care. It just acts like virus’ act. What are you a science denier? Well I have found my Democrats are unless they can misconstrue science to lie. Our constitution actually puts responsibility for dealing with things like the COVID-19 directly on the individual states. It seems to me that the federal government has been doing more than is necessary to help the states. However, the states have a responsibility to listen to the population of the state. Which most Democrat governors are not doing. One went so far as to ban sale of seeds because food is non-essential (thank you Gretchen [dumb dumb] Whitmer of Michigan). Tell me how that makes sense?
    The people should have the final say – not the elected (or in some cases like Wisconsin, the appointed) officials. Why don’t you try reading the Constitution (or maybe you don’t know how to read – you could have dictated your drivel to someone else to have them post in your name).

  16. There are 2 groups of people that are attempting to set the future course for our nation.The problem is not totally about the difference of views or the changes of direction BUT on HOW we continue as a Republic and to work out our differences .We have an election process however one side has refused to honor the process and have committed acts of treason to overthrow our laws and election and governing process.

  17. I read today where a county in Montana is making people wear arm bands, to prove they don’t have the virus if they’re from outside that county. They had a picture of a man with one on, & it was HIGHLY reminiscent of the ones that Hitler made the Jews wear. Scary!

  18. Who do you trust more to act in a responsible manner?

    government bureaucrats that are getting a paycheck and aren’t really the sharpest rocks in the desert?

    Or THE PEOPLE THAT PRODUCE what governments WASTE?

  19. Hey Julio, stop watching the idiots on the Main Street Media, especially CNN and MSMBC. These are corrupt lying left wing nuts. If you want to see the truth go on line and read the guidelines.

  20. it is time for some relief from this lockdown slowly not all at once even if it is county by county

  21. Governors must heed our rights. Beshear while his intentions may be good it’s really coming close to overstepping authority. My right to peruse my religion is a guaranteed right. His snitching on people follows too close to Germany,s take down of the Jewish people.
    Keep a close eye on this if it continues. We must put a stop to this insanity.

  22. I am thankful that our governor has common sense and my state is not on lockdown. It is time we get back to normal and open everything up. This is just a nasty flu and MOST people recover from it

  23. Hey Julio why is it MOSTLY LIBERAL CONTROL STATE WITH THE MOST CASE OF CORONAVIRUS? Guess like you, don’t care about helping the people like a conservative does!

  24. The commiecrats will cheat any way that they can. They know that they don’t have a chance with retard joe otherwise The lowlife bastards forced a democrat black rep to resign in Georgia because he supports Trump. Is this what we really want? The commiecrats are showing their true “colors”. The guy wandered off the plantation and now Rastus must be punished to keep their other “darkies” in line.

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