William Barr will hit the Supreme Court with an ultimatum that made Democrats panic

Democrat Governors across the country are playing games with the coronavirus response.

But those days quickly could be coming to an end.

And William Barr will hit the Supreme Court with an ultimatum that made Democrats panic.

Governors across the country imposed lockdown orders in March and April that turned off the economy.

President Trump and many economists know this “social distancing” will lead to economic ruin and the President proposed guidelines to slowly re-open the economy in May.

But some Governors – mostly Democrats – are dragging their feet on re-opening.

They want to keep the economy shuttered to boost Joe Biden’s chances of victory.

In an interview with conservative talk show host Hugh Hewitt, Attorney General William Barr made it clear the administration would step in and pursue legal challenges that could go all the way up to the Supreme Court to push states to re-open once the coronavirus emergency passed.

“We have to give businesses more freedom to operate in a way that’s reasonably safe,” Barr told Hewitt. “To the extent that governors don’t and impinge on either civil rights or on the national commerce – our common market that we have here – then we’ll have to address that.”

“We’re looking carefully at a number of these rules that are being put into place,” the Attorney General continued, “And if we think one goes too far, we initially try to jawbone the governors into rolling them back or adjusting them. And if they’re not and people bring lawsuits, we file statement of interest and side with the plaintiffs.”

Barr warned that these lockdown measures amount to house arrest and keeping the economy closed for too long will prove fatal.

“These are unprecedented burdens on civil liberties. The idea that you must stay in your house is close to house arrest. You can’t just keep feeding the patient chemotherapy and kill the patient. Now is the time to move to a more targeted therapy,” Barr added.

22 million Americans lost their jobs in the last four weeks.

The economic trajectory these lockdown orders put America on is dangerous and unsustainable.

And the Attorney General is sending a warning that any Democrat attempts to continue these lockdowns long past their usefulness will met be met with swift action.

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