Winsome Sears had one message for every American that Democrats are going to hate

Winsome Sears winning the Virginia Lt. Governor race was one of the biggest political earthquakes that struck America in the past year.

Liberals across the country were sent reeling after Republicans swept the statewide contests in Virginia.

And Winsome Sears had one message for every American that Democrats are going to hate.

Sears won her race for Lt. Governor, becoming the first black woman to hold statewide office in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

In an interview with the Associated Press, Sears stated that she was ready to get to work and put in place the policies that Sears and fellow Republican Glenn Youngkin campaigned on, such as ending school mask mandates and banning Critical Race Theory from classrooms.

“Actions speak louder than words,” Sears stated. “And that’s why I couldn’t wait until we got to the end. So that I can really show the people that I mean to do right. That I’m not just using flowery language.”

During the election, Sears campaigned as a living rejection of Democrats’ obsession with identity politics and the Left’s lies about how America was a racist country where someone’s skin color determined their station in life.

“When you tell me that I’m a victim … how? Tell me how,” Sears told a crowd at one campaign event. “Everything I’ve had, I’ve had to work for. Everything.”

That is not the message Democrats want to communicate to Americans.

Democrats falsely claim America is a country founded on systemic racism where all the nation’s institutions were infused with white supremacy and designed to oppress minorities.

Sears’ rise as an immigrant coming from Jamaica to the Marines and finally winning the Lt. Governor’s race in Virginia – the Capital of the Confederacy – proves the Left’s been lying to Americans for decades about America.

And what worries Democrats is minority voters – which the Democrat Party depends on – will see through the lies and defect to the GOP.

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