With four words Hillary Clinton admitted she wants to destroy America for good

Hillary Clinton has never gotten over the 2016 election.

She is out for revenge.

And with four words Hillary Clinton admitted she wants to destroy America for good.

Since she was a little girl, Hillary Clinton has been dreaming of becoming President.

2016 was supposed to be her year where she would finally make that dream a reality.

The Fake News Media was so sure of themselves that they popped their corks of champagne before polls even closed on election night, only for the results to prove them dead wrong.

Hillary Clinton was so crushed that she didn’t even give her concession speech the night of her loss.

Since then, she has been plotting her revenge.

And many believe she has gotten it, with Joe Biden on the cusp of stealing the election from President Trump.

But she isn’t done, and seems intent on not just destroying Trump, but destroying the country that elected him in 2016.

Clinton was an elector in her state of New York, and she cast her Electoral College vote on Monday for Biden and Kamala Harris.

But when she cast her vote, she made clear what her next game-plan was.

Just after casting her vote, she vowed to “abolish the Electoral College.”

“I believe we should abolish the Electoral College and select our president by the winner of the popular vote, same as every other office. But while it still exists, I was proud to cast my vote in New York for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris,” she said.

Abolishing the Electoral College is a radical idea, which flies in the face of everything the Founding Fathers intended.

But it is an idea that has become mainstream in today’s Democrat Party.

The Founding Fathers set up the Electoral College system as a safeguard against mob rule, and yet another check on the power of government.

Instead of allowing population dense areas to decide the election, they wanted to give states with smaller populations a voice.

But Democrats claim it is an affront to democracy.

In reality, the Founders were wisely never in favor of such radical forms of direct democracy.

After-all, they fought against Britain, which used a system of direct election of its parliamentary leaders.

At the end of the day, the real reason Democrats want to get rid of the Electoral College is so coastal elites in New York and California will have a stronger say over Middle America, which is good for them, but bad for America as a whole.