With one tweet Donald Trump just turned Washington upside down

Donald Trump was elected to shake up the Washington status quo by putting American workers and citizens first.

Trump’s signature issue on that front was cracking down on illegal immigration by building a wall on the Southern border.

And with just one tweet President Trump turned Washington upside down.

On Monday morning, President Trump tweeted that he would be willing to shut the government down over funding for his border wall.

Establishment Republicans lost their minds with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell insisting there would not be a shut down and that Trump would have to wait until after the midterms to receive funding for the border wall.

This is the same bait-and-switch swamp Republicans have pulled since the start of Trump’s Presidency.

As every funding deadline approaches they swear up-and-down that the next time will be when they dig in their heels and fight for Trump’s signature issue.

And every time they punt.

Trump is absolutely right to demand funding for the wall.

Immigration was why he won the 2016 election and the funding bill should reflect his – and not the Democrats’ – priorities.

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