You won’t believe what Bill O’Reilly said about Megyn Kelly

Bill O’Reilly and Megyn Kelly were two lightning rods at Fox News.

Both left under a cloud of controversy and were painted as rivals at the time of Kelly’s departure.

So what O’Reilly just said about Kelly will shock you.

When she left Fox for NBC, her tension with O’Reilly was cited as one of the reasons she jumped networks.

So when O’Reilly was interviewed about his comeback following his controversial firing by Fox News, it was surprising to see him take a pass on criticizing Kelly.

He even offered her words of support.

Kelly’s tenure at NBC has been a flop.

Her Sunday night program was canceled after airing just eight episodes when it was originally scheduled for ten.

According to the transcript of the interview with the Hollywood Reporter:

Have you watched Megyn’s Kelly’s NBC News show?

“I watched it. I feel bad for her because it’s the same old game; you build them up and tear them down. I mean, what has Megyn Kelly done wrong? I don’t get [the media criticism]. She worked her way up from being a reporter, and now she’s making good money, and she’s in a good position. So what has she done wrong? You don’t like her haircut? Is that it? I don’t get it. Megyn and I, we worked well together at Fox. She was very successful on The Factor. And after me, at 9 p.m., she did very well. So I don’t get it. What is the hysteria about this?”

Kelly proved to be a one note wonder and O’Reilly was very kind in his remarks.

It’s clear her success at nine was built off the fact she had the best lead in on cable news as O’Reilly had the largest and most loyal following on any of the 24-hour news channels.

When she left, Tucker Carlson actually drew higher ratings in her old time slot than she did.

But Fox stumbled when they fired O’Reilly.

Rachel Maddow is now the number one host in all of cable news and Fox News audience has dipped since they unceremoniously fired their star anchor.

Do you agree that Megyn Kelly was treated unfairly? Or is all the criticism well deserved?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.



  1. Ever since the two progressive sons of the Fox owner replaced their father as Fox executives there has been a strong tendency for Fox to join MSM.

  2. FOX screwed the pooch when they fired Bill and Eric . They even tried to can Hannity which would have spelled their end. As for Megyn she was not doing well on her show after Bill left because she started attacking Trump and if anyone wanted that IGNORANCE they could watch the regular networks. Then there was that disaster of an interview where she dressed more like a street walker than a Reporter. I said Reporter because Journalist is just a polite way of saying LIAR and I want to give her the benefit of doubt that she has not turned into just another member of the MORON MEDIA.

  3. I think everyone who has been fired at FOX should band together in a class action lawsuit for wrongful termination. Then with their winnings they should start up their own conservative news channel. Then the fan base that built up FOX can help restore order by building up the new channel. Then they can headhunt Sean Hannity and we can all have our reliable, trustworthy, honest, fun, no-spin news again!

  4. I heard from sources that ask not to be named as they are not offically authorized to release this information ( have you heard that before?) that Megan gives great head and used her big mouth to help her advance up the ladder.

  5. Fox news is being moved from pragmatic news and opinion coverage to a more controlled presentation of news and opinion. Before they can complete the transition the have to get rid of Hannity and Carlson.

  6. I had stopped liking Megan before she was let go. She got carried away with herself, a diva, a princess. And when I watched on election night, I almost threw up as she fought back tears as hard as I ever saw anyone. That was enough for me. Now if we could get rid of Shep and bring back Bolling, I might be able to watch more than The Five and Hannity.

  7. O’Reilly is a stand up guy. He was set up many times by many a gold digger. That would be hard to say about Kelly being a stand up person since we know she would conspire to stab you in the back with her winning smile all the while. It is quite surprising that anyone with any semblance of a brain would frequent the Madcow show. I havwe wondered if Madcow is a tranny or just very masculine.

  8. I don’t have OAN available with my current cable supplier, but Fox continues
    to give me my best exposure to the news (no ‘fake news’). I too would
    love to see O’Reilly and Bolling back…

  9. I hope to see Bill O on TV, but I hope he doesn’t return to Fox. They have just gone to far to the LEFT for me. I never watched Megan anyway, didn’t care for her. I watch The Five and usually Tucker. The Fox News just isn’t what it use to be for me.

  10. I was glad when arrogant Megan left. I do miss Gretchen and Eric. They were done wrong and for all those leeches winning lawsuits off others at Fox – screw you. You are nobodies anyhow!

  11. She alienated liberals by working at Fox and alienated conservatives by moving to NBC. If 30% are strong liberals and 30% are strong conservatives, she chased off 60% of her potential audience.

  12. Megyn is an egomaniacal, turncoat and I’m glad she left Fox. Fox made a huge mistake, however, when they fired O’Reilly. He was Fox News. Ratings have dropped and Fox is now leaning left, so I have quit watching.

  13. Megyn “Full of Herself” Kelly got to thinking she was going to turn the tide against Trump with her deceitful actions and words! When she turned on Trump….65 Million Voters turned against her! She is a Loser and he is a Winner! President Trump “will” Make America Great Again if given half a chance by Congress! Please throw this Nobody off the air for good!

  14. Megyn Kelly is nothing more than a legend in her own mind. Hope she is off the air for good. At any rate, I will never watch her show.

  15. Kelly is in the past. Maybe we can resurrect O’Reilly!
    If he were to come back before or after Tucker Carlson, Fox News would probably skyrocket!

    • I hope for the return of Bill O’Reilly. Never missed his show and now I really do miss it. Glad that Megyn is gone and hope she never comes back. So full of herself and for no good reason.

  16. Fox News will never be the same without Bill O’Reilly. What were they thinking? Not thinking and lost me. If Bill O’Reilly comes on another network Fox will see the error of their decision.

  17. I tend to agree with the previous comment that Mygen had in-house antagonism from her peers, however, I always noticed that she was not silent and led with new thought-provoking comments, while her counter-parts repeated the same old worn out by lines. I didn’t always like what she said, but what she said just tended to keep me involved. I was sorry to see both her and O’Reilly pushed out of the programs they earned.

  18. I wish the news was unbiased. We have enough left reporting and even left sports protesting. I will not buy a newspaper etc that is left media nor watch left TV shows. We need to start pulling our money back from the left so that they will stop acting like spoiled children and appreciate what they do have.You can’t change the terrible things that happened in the past. You have to remember the past and learn from it so it is never repeated. They need to live in the present and hope for the future.They need to recognize that there are conservatives in the country with voices as well.

  19. Ms. Kelly rode Bill’s coat tails to a respectable fan base which did not follow her to NBC.
    Her self promotion showed her to be a narcissist and really viciously provocative interviewer.
    When she attempted to be the Giant Killer who tried to take out Trump in the debates she
    showed her true side…she will do anything and step on anyone to get ahead.

  20. I also quit watching Fox when they got rid of O’Reilly! I found One America News Channel and they are much more conservative than Fox! I do turn on Hannity once in a while if OAN has some fill in host, but they kind of screwed with him also. So screw them altogether!

  21. The public in general just does not appreciate ungrateful back stabbers.
    She used and abused the people who gave her more than she was worth. When she went to the other network the pattern reran. Who is surprised? They both got exactly what could be expected from each other and the public are not surprised.

  22. I do not watch Fox any longer. After what they did to Mr. O’Reilly, I refuse to. I watch no TV news as I don’t believe anything they lie to me about.

    • When I discovered that Bill O’Reilly left I too stopped watching. I started watching him when I was still living in California and after moving to TN I watched him as well even it took an hrs. of my beauty sleep. I retire at 7:00PM because 3:30 comes very early. I miss his program and I learned a lot from him.

  23. I’m quite surprised at Bill O’Reilly’s remarks about Kelly. We know that he really doesn’t feel that way, as they disliked each other intensely. Why can’t people be honest for a change? Then again, some people will say anything, so long as it boosts their career. We know that his opinion of her is probably about the same as the viewers: she is an overly conceited, self serving, vicious woman.

  24. I’m sure that a lot went on behind the scenes that we don’t know about. There are probably some good reasons that she’s no longer with Fox News, but if it’s true that Fox News is starting to lean more and more to the left these days and that’s the reason for all this, I will be very disappointed.

    • The more to the left the network goes, the less I will be watching. I liked Bill and his program very much. I liked Kelly until she went after Donald Trump. Then I dumped her. She can stay gone as far as I’m concerned. I think Bill should be brought back as long as it doesn’t conflict with Tucker Carlson’s time slot. He is good.

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