You won’t believe what this CNN producer was caught admitting

In a world full of fake news, CNN is leading the way.


  1. CNN SHOULD GO UP IN SMOKE. AND IT WILL, SUCH LIARS.TRASS all the way, there loosing there backers rapedly, your rating suck get our of your world of disillusion your trash……………….

  2. I’m certain no one on this site is in shock and awe over this ‘news’, for once not fake news from the gob of CNN. Americans viewing this intentional conjuring of misinformation are either comatose, utter fools or both, aka, Leftist Progressives. Ratings, I am more than certain CNN’s ratings are also amplified into a realm of improbability. This weenie is actually boastful regarding this perfidious action; frankly, he and his counterparts should be charged for sedition; however, this will not come to pass. Leftists of all persuasions deem themselves above the law, thus far they are right. Pathetic.

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