You won’t believe why this NFL coach attacked an army vet

While players and teams protested against Trump during the national anthem this weekend, one offensive lineman took a stand.

Alejandro Villanueva, a former Army Ranger, served three tours of duty in Afghanistan and was awarded the Bronze Star Medal for Valor.

But his decision to take a stand for the national anthem may have just landed him in hot water with his coach.

The Pittsburgh Steelers waited in the tunnel during the national anthem, rather than having some players kneeling and others standing, as many teams around the league did.

But Villanueva came out during the anthem, hand on his heart, helmet under his arm and sang along with the fans.

When asked about it after the game, head coach Mike Tomlin took a jab at Villanueva in his response.

“I was looking for 100 percent participation, we were gonna be respectful of our football team,” Tomlin told reporters.

In other words Coach Tomlin is hitting him for showing more loyalty to the country than to his team.

But in a show of support from Americans across the country, Villanueva sales skyrocketed to #1 on

This clearly shows that NFL players and coaches who think fans will take their anti-American protests lying down are dead wrong.

In fact, some fans have posted videos on social media of themselves burning season tickets or team merchandise:

The NFL suffered declining ratings and attendance over the past year for adhering to liberal commentators on ESPN and in other media outlets.

But preliminary reports show the protests made things even worse.

After a full day of protest, ratings for Sunday Night Football were the worst this season and declined 10% from where they were last year at this time.

It’s clear now the only “audience” NFL brass cares about is liberal commentators at ESPN, etc. and they’re proving they don’t give a damn about their real fans.

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UPDATE: Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger says he “was unable to sleep last night” and wished the team “had approached it differently.” He was immediately attacked on Twitter by a radical leftist claiming Big Ben benefits from white supremacy in the NFL.


  1. Adjust to last transmission. Change last sentence to read,” if there is nothing there why do they need a thong?”

  2. Ever notice baseball players adjust their jock strap, because they have something to protect or adjust. You ever seen any player in the NFL make any adjustments? NO, because there’s nothing there to adjust when you wear a thong.

  3. The owners should fire Tomlin. I guess he never put his crummy life on the line for this country. We need a rebirth in this COUNTRY where we are taught to love and respect what a GREAT COUNTRY we are fortunate to be a citizen of. All those who do not like it MOVE TO A BETTER PLACE> I CHALLENGE YOU. and to all you stupids. That flag to this veteran represents all those great AMERICANS who fought, died, gave some body parts and TIME, so these muscles with am empty space between their ears could live in the lap of luxiory. I ask them,WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR OUR COUNTY.

  4. We REALLY need to get rid of that Old Bastard SOROS who funds a lot of this stuff. If he is a citizen of this country, he needs to be tried and hung for treason/sedition!

  5. In our house Country and Flag comes above all!! Now I wont miss Chicago Fire, Golf etc. Yep Just lost another long time fan. Hope to hook up with my old unit troops to help spread the word..

  6. I have a solution to this problem. Take all protesters and put them in Marine Corps boot camp. After book camp send them to a hot combat zone. Make them do two years there and watch their attitude change.

  7. The NFL; coaches and owners are putting the all mighty $ before true patriotism….which makes them some of the priciest WHORES on he planet!!!!!!!

  8. Thank you for giving my grandchildren at least two powerful football players and good men they can look up too, Tim Tebow and Alejandro Villanueva. Thank you Thank you, JMJ

  9. Thank you Mr. Villanueva for your service and Love of Country. I turned off the NBA long ago because of there Racism.It wood appear that the players and owners don’t need the fans support any more. The NFL has made a huge mistake. I will not watch it ever again.Trump has a backbone.I am sure Obama would have kissed your but. Tomlin is a low life peace of trash.

  10. I agree. The Steele’s exemplify what all these moron represent, Freedom of speech as long as you go along with what we tell you to believe. The NFL is full of racists and I am not talking about the whites, although the whites in whole are a bunch of morons themselves because it is really all about the money.

  11. NFL gone in my home, researched NFL sponsors which will not be purchased, and will not respect anyone who disrespects our country! I fought for this country and lost friends doing same. These players and coaches can kiss my a##. Done with all of them and their BS!

  12. This is the same organization (NFL) who told Texas they would not come back if they did not have the bathrooms for anyone and they told the same thing to North Carolina and HOUSTON voted against turning our bathrooms into anything goes bathrooms. This is the same organization that is telling this Army vet he should not have done this and that was his COACH. Either the Coaches in the NFL are making these people do it or it is the managers telling them to do this. This only reminds me of Communism which if you think about it was Obama after all at a young age his grandparents turned him over to a KNOWN Communist to mentor him. Here is my question – what kind of Mentoring?? His Grandparents were also communist so what were they preparing him for. It is aledged that Frank Marshall Davis also abused him sexually like his mother.

  13. That is by far the most eloquently put rebuke anyone has come up with so far… I wish this were broadcast throughout EVERY SINGLE LOCKER ROOM in the NFL for the rest of the football season as a reminder of WHO these jerks are really playing FOR!!

  14. To hell with the pussey Tomlin and the Pittsburgh Steelers actors, coaches and crew. I salute Villanueva for being an American FIRST. Turn off the NFL, NBA and ESPN for good and do not support their sponsors either.

  15. I don’t like football, you have to be big.
    I don’t like basketball, you have to be tall.
    I am neither.
    The Sport that loves America most is NASCAR. Not one protester. The worlds best drivers. All stand for the National Anthem. Pick a car Brand. Pick a driver that drives that brand. Root for that driver, win or lose. The most exciting moves at high speed you will ever see. And watch the wreaks in replay. NOW you have found a sport that is clean and free of drugs.

  16. Not for Fame OR Reward
    Not for Place OR Rank
    Not lured by Ambition
    OR Goaded by Necessity
    BUT in Simple Obedience to Duty
    As They Understood it
    These men suffered ALL
    Sacrificed ALL
    Dared All .. and Died
    Inscription on Arlington Cemetery Monument surrounded by many American Flags.

  17. The owners could put a stop to this but it looks as though they are just enabling it. Those rich bas-tards need to feel the (financial) pain.

  18. Hit those Owners, coaches, players where it hurts, in the wallet! Stay home from the games and quit buying their over-priced merchandise.

  19. This is all so crazy. This started with Colin last year after he had became a Muslim , and listening to his black lives matter girl friend. Decided that all of those millions of dollars that he has been given in this terrible capitalist,and free country that allows him to make that kind of money is a freaking joke. People like him and all of the other players that feel that they have been wronged, you guys are really going to feel like you have been wronged when those paychecks dry up. You guys are going to awaken a sleeping giant we the people. You have a right for freedom of speech and that should come on your time not on your job. Kneeling and disrespecting the flag and our national anthem has nothing to do with what your crying about and you guys will be the losers in the long run. It’s an awefull lot of money to lose for a cause that shouldn’t even envolve the NFL. Stupid mistake on players part.

  20. Mr. Villanueva, my hat goes off to you sir for standing up for our Country and standing up for our National Anthem the way it should be. I also salute you sir for your service to our Country. It’s people like yourself that makes this Country so great. Please continue to stand strong and show your teammates,
    coaches and other players what a real American is.

  21. Tomlin and the other coward steelers must have forgotten where they play. Pittsburgh has always been a heard working all-American town full of proud Americans. Tomlin should know better than to bite the hand that feeds him – even a dog has that much sense – apparently Tomlin is not as smart as a dog.

  22. Virg
    I am done with football and probably basketball these players can go out and work for a living like everyone else.
    With the downfall of the NFL it will also have an adverse affect on college football. I wish they would
    cancel the rest of the season

  23. to hell with Tomlin,, never liked the cheater anyway,,, like when he stepped in front of a receiver and cost that team a score and was not fined for it the team got 15 yard penalty when they should had been awarded a TD

  24. to hell with Tomlin,, never liked the cheater anyway,,, like when he stepped in front of a receiver and cost that team a score and was not fined for it the team got 15 yard penalty when they should had been awarded a TD

  25. The NFL is a joke as are the overpaid thugs who if not for being able to catch a ball they would be in jail. Goodell is an overrated,overpaid ads with no balls.i do not follow the game,I do not purchase their merchandise, I look forward to the demise of the NFL, and who knows, with the advances with robotics one day these jerks will be replaced. Look at the money they could save. Good riddance NFL. You won’t be missed

  26. The NFL has banned many causes and has fined many a player for breaking the rules when they come out in support of worthwhile issues. If they really want to support a racist cause like BLM then it will be their misfortune at the ticket booth.
    They are stupid to think that they are defying President Trump . The President spoke for me as well so by proxy I stand defied . No great loss from a racist promoting organization.

  27. The NFL and the NBA have lost their hero status and have replaced​ it with being spoiled, rich, entitled,temperamental children.You have forgotten the fans,who love our country,and who many are in the military,are the ones you are disrespecting,are the ones who pay you and make your lifestyle possible.You will never get another penny from my family,and we will not be watching you on TV.Disrespecting the one player who served in the military himself should make you hang your head in shame,and no to the sports commentator,Trump has no reason to apologize to them for anything.

  28. When the NFL is shut down due to lack of fans and sponsors. Perhaps, just perhaps, these spoiled turds will understand what it means to be an American, and a honored American, and doing what they are now doing in NOT what it means!!!! So wise up you spoiled nothings.. which is just what you are without football… YOU ARE NOTHING!!!! get it? So try to act responsibly. Maybe go back to school, and this time to learn something. Learn the honor and responsibilites of what it is to be an AMERICAN, and try to live up to those ideals!!! You have been spanked now, something that should have happened long ago…DON’T CRY, NOW!!!!

  29. Tomlin ask Villanueva to show you what a set of balls look like since you
    and no else on the team have any.

    Way to go Mr. Villanueva and thanks for your service!

  30. Hay Tomlin, guess what? Villanueva was also looking for 100% participation from you and his team mates but, he didn’t get from you or his team. Oh well, he did get 100% from the fans all around the league.

  31. Clearly Tomlin cannot understand how many teammates Villanueva lost during those three tours in Afghanistan and his desire to pay respect to those teammates (and others) who paid the ultimate sacrifice. At least Tomlin is alive and allowed to speak his mind under the Freedom of the Flag.

  32. Trump is far from perfect but he is dead RIGHT about the NFL. If the NFL owners & players weigh the good about America, Owners great wealth, players BIG Paychecks compared to most, fan adoration, celebrity status, against what they are protesting(i’m not clear on this)I can only imagine that the good greatly outweighs the bad. They should look up the word “Gratitude”, do a bit of soul searching, or as much as they can muster, analyse their behavior and hopefully modify their behavior. Seems to me they are acting like a bunch of spoiled kids who didn’t get the newest iPhone the day after it came out. The NFL has a great stage to influence America. Think positive!!!

  33. It makes me wonder how the other team players felt about his courageous act of defiance to a stupid protest against Trump. When the players disrespect the flag and the National Anthem, they only THINK they’re protesting Trump. The flag was here LONG before Trump, and they are nothing more than losers now. What if a few of the other players wish they had the gonads to stand up for their country, too? Next weekend, let’s see what happens!

  34. Alejandro Villanueva is a hero both on and off the field. The Rest of the team hid like the cowards they are!

  35. Why don’t you have the courage to top these players from showing such disrespect for this country that has given them so much. I don’t watch the NFL anymore.

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