You won’t believe the comparison Colin Kaepernick just made

Colin Kaepernick waded into controversy again last week.



  1. Congratulations, Colin! You just joined Maxine Waters as the Number 1 and 2 most stupid people in the universe! Damn, someone had to come in second place but hey, at least you get your “participation award”, eh’?

  2. Why do people not understand that Black lives matter is a racist, hate-filled organization? Employers don’t want to hire folks who are going to fill the work-place with hate fueled political controversy. Therefore, if Colin is unable to find a job on his own, this is trouble of his own making. He should apologize to the police and the American people.

  3. When you start stereotyping any class of people, you’re wrong and I don’t care who or what you’re talking about. Colin Kaepernick condemning all law enforcement, is wrong, wrong, wrong. Just look at how many black people are in law enforcement. When I was on the job, one of my partners was black and I had to really settle him down, when he was dealing with blacks, because he said that they were making him look bad. So all blacks aren’t bad, neither was one of my nephews that was black and we just buried him a short wile ago, when he got back from Afghanistan. The problem with Colin Kaepernick is that he is a racist and don’t think that there is anyway to stop the hate of ignorance, at least I’ve never seen it.

  4. Poor Mr. Kaepernick is just another “victim” of racism, don’t you see. Personally, I think he’s just another whiner who wants to blame anyone but himself for his circumstances. NFL teams don’t want to hire him? Well, hey stupid, that’s what happens when you disrespect your audience and your country in public. It isn’t anyone’s fault but your own that you are unemployable in the only career you have any skills for.

  5. 1st who gives a crap what he says or does? 2Nd what does a washed up football player know about anything? 3rd I think he must have been tackled without his helmet on too many times.

  6. What a jerk. First of all, Black Lives Matter is a racist, violent organization that hates whites and cops and preaches violence against both. Secondly, Kaepernick is a rich elitist who has become rich because of the country he lives in and our so-called “system that perpetually condones the killing of people”. He needs to leave this country and see how he’ll be treated in, say, Russia or China. Bet they’d love to have you.

    • This guy, like many other “celebrity” nut cases is gobbling up publicity. IGNORE this nobody! Like Al Sharpton and similar blabbermouths he is out for publicity. STOP giving this spotlight seeker publicity!

  7. So who or what is Colin Kaepernick that we should have to listen to or put up with what he has to say? Why should he have a platform anymore than any other peon as myself? I can throw a foot ball around, maybe not quite as good as he could, but actually his opinion is not worth anymore than mines is. It’s just that the media kisses him more and thus gives into his obstruction of what life is all about.

  8. Another step in his fade into obscurity. Good luck finding a job, or getting police protection at any time. What a fool!!! Spoiled elitist brat.

  9. What the poor dullard forgets is that this country spilled its precious blood to end slavery. This country constantly improves its self. He just doesn’t get it.

    • I agree Bob, and he’s the one who should re-learn his history of who really did not take up for the slaves and who did!

      • The QB needs to read up in a history the political party that formed the KKK and the party that fought to prevent Blacks from voting. Guess who it was Colin? The Democrats and that’s just two things they did to keep Blacks on the plantation.

    • When I was at school, more than 50 years ago, the sport achievers were very much in the foreground. There were not yet words like ‘geek’ and ‘nerd’ but we swotters had no standing. Our revenge was to say that the sporting stars were solid cement from their necks up. Now I’m 50+ years older than then, and I know it’s not true of all sporting stars … but surely of some?

  10. He’s not a slave, he’s not a poor man, he’s transemotional.
    He’s fighting someone else’s battle, and we’re supposed to be sympathetic?
    Grow up and play football.

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