You won’t believe what Hillary Clinton is whining about now

To someone like Hillary Clinton, personal responsibility must be a foreign concept.

Today, she was asked point blank by CNN if she takes any personal responsibility for her loss.


  1. roberta eu te adoro eu tenho todas as suas resaitvs td ate roupa igual a sua eu compro eu fasso comque coisa pra te ve de perto esse e meu maior sonho acho que nao tem ninguem que eu gosto mais desse mundo

  2. At leaat Trump doesn’t have a body bag trail of connections that number near 80 individuals who were left behind that associate with him.

  3. Miss Hilldabag,I was never going to vote for you ,Widileaks ,or not !!!Also ,never believed the USA was in the shape it is ,till Pres Trump got in and the hard time he is having making any head way !!Both sides of the aisle !!Go Trump !!!

  4. There are four comments visible as I type this one, and I have to agree completely with all four. Michael Hughes put his finger on the problem – the Democratic party has gone rogue. My family were staunch Democrats until along about the Johnson era. At that point, we fell away, one by one. As my husband said, “I didn’t leave the Democratic party, it left me.” I think that about sums it up. That a vile woman like Hillary could be their chosen representative just stuns me. Liar, crooked dealer, questionable “body count”, and appears at times to just be bat-crap crazy? Amazing. Trump got my vote. Granted, he’s an unknown quantity, but Hillary was known! Boy, was she known. Sorry, Hillary. Your ride is over. As the Bible says, “Be sure, your sins will find you out.”

  5. Everyday we read another excuse why Hillary lost. It’s like the difference between telling the truth and telling a lie – if you tell the truth the story never changes. One thing you probably won’t see in the main stream media is the story about the liberal big mouth and another Hillary supporter being caught up in her own hypocrisy. If this had been someone on Fox the liberals would be screaming for her to be fired.

  6. I am not opposed to the idea of a woman President, but I thank God that it will NOT be Hillary! Somehow, the collusion of many bad actors and their back-door deals were NOT enough (this time) to promote an unscrupulous person into the most powerful position in this country. Unfortunately, the Democratic Party has gone ROGUE and become a far-left entity far more dangerous than any other power in the world today. They will not give up their desire for ABSOLUTE power.

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