You won’t believe the latest attacks on Melania Trump

Anti-Trumpers will stop at no length to attack the First Family.

The White House released the first official portrait of First Lady Melania Trump.

The First Lady’s platform is focused on the problem of cyber-bullying among America’s youth.

But the response on social media and the blogosphere quickly descended into vicious personal attacks on the First Lady.

Perez Hilton and Cosmopolitan each ran articles criticizing the photo for being heavily airbrushed.

NYMag wrote a mocking list for how you could make your next profile picture look like the First Lady’s portrait:

1. Go to a Sears Portrait Studio.
2. Pick out the most laser-adjacent background you can get, without it being the actual laser background.
3. Slip on the biggest ring from the Melania™ Timepieces & Jewelry collection, available on QVC.
4. Turn on a wind machine.
5. On second thought, turn off the wind machine.
6. Smear some Vaseline on the camera lens.
7. Cross your arms and smize — smize as hard as you can, to forget that you’re going to have to do this for the next four to eight years.

What do you think of the First Lady’s portrait? Let us know in the comments.

Here were some interesting factoids included in the White House press release:

Did you know Melania Trump is only the second First Lady born outside the United States?

The first was Louisa Adams, wife of John Quincy Adams, our sixth president.

Born in Slovenia on April 26, 1970, she married Donald Trump in January 2005 and gave birth to Barron Trump in March 2006. That same year, she became an American citizen.

The First Lady has a passion for the arts and a passion for helping others through charity work.


  1. Yes, and I am so tired of the left attacking our great President’s family. It is time they shoot their bull somewhere else. You just keep it up you dummies and when the next election comes up, we will show you leftees what true Democracy is when we all stand up for our great President Trump and his family. I have had enough and enough is enough and I will do everything in my power to kick your butt comes 2020. I cannot stand the leftees ugly ways and their disgusting comments against our President and our !st Lady who is so gracious and so kind, yet they want to kick them under the bus all the time. Wait and see what your ugly comments will do to you leftees when come 2020. We will beat the socks off of all of you as we have had enough.

  2. That is it. It’s their all jealous of mrs Trump because she is beautiful. Most beautiful First Lady. Caring, Loving, I can go on and on. Michelle can no way fit in Mrs Trump shoes. Even the school kids hated the lunches that Michelle made the school cafeterias serve thinking that would be her lagacy lol because those poor children was throwing their lunches away and skipping lunch! That’s so messed up! The Obama’s were the worst President and First Lady in Ameriican history! Now it’s all catching up with them by time. They left no legacy. What they did leave is how crooked, liars etc etc etc that they really was. From day one I didn’t like Obama’s I could tell by his eyes and face he was not the President for America or no were else his eyes are so dark there is no light only darkness and his mate too! I feel sorry for their daughters.

  3. Melania is an elegant First Lady. She is grecious and cares about her position as our First Lady. We can be proud of her and her values.

  4. We finally have a President that cares about the people, all people, no matter their color. He has a beautiful wife and family that care about America. The Democrats could take a lesson from the Trumps.

  5. She looks beautiful in the picture. She is a very classy lady. God bless President Trump, Melania and the rest of the family. Our country is on its way up with this new administration.

  6. A most beautiful and intelligent First Lady. Keep doing your thing and don’t listen to the shameful democratic adolescents quebbling constantly critizing our President and do not have the intelectual ability to support our America.Reference: recent University of CA protests. How shameful and childish………..

  7. People are just jealous of the Trump family. I would bet money we won,t be seeing a picture of Mrs. Trump with her panty line showing, trying to look much younger than she is, like we did with Mrs. Obama.


  9. It is a beautiful picture of the First Lady, who is beautiful inside and out by standing for her religious convictions.

  10. A beautiful woman that is a true “class act”. The democrats continue to act like spoiled little third graders in their ridiculous attempts to demean both the President and the First Lady. There are no adults on the left.

  11. Right now it is looking like the next pictures of the Obama’s could be their mug shots as it should be. They robbed American dry in many ways.

  12. Miss Blake, Thank you for the good words of our First lady. She is a Lady, Not a Egg head like some people are, She doesn’t make a lot of statement or run around all over the County costing our County lots of money. And so does our President, All the Money He got fro Working In the White House He gave back to our Country. Please tell me how many did that, Did the Great Obama do that? No He took Money and spend a lot of it also and so Did his wife. “No” Our First Lady is a Real Lady and its killing the left also. She a good Mother to there Son, HAs a Good Head on her Shoulder, And Keeps her Mouth Closed is more that Both Obama did. God Bless our Trump Family and thank them all for a great job they are doing for our Country. Mrs Trump, Just Keep doing what your doing, The Hell with the rest.

  13. Our new First Lady is her own person and she IS a business woman. If you want to see her in a gown check out her gowns worn at other events. Melania is a beautiful woman and the portrait is of her – not her clothing, as a fashion event. Why is it that no matter what she does someone has to pick and find “fault”? As First Lady of the United States she has been working hard in meeting with many people with her agenda to back women and reading to children in hospitals, etc. She is a mother who takes care of her child instead of having the government pay for a “nanny” as the Obamas did. Why not focus on those positive events? Everyone already knows she has brought class back to the White House and our country as a whole. Why not focus on the fact that she speaks five languages fluently and how that is a benefit for the country?

  14. I hope you’re only showing part of the official portrait as all the other first lady portraits have been full length portraits (from head to toe). I’m disappointed that she didn’t wear an evening gown like the others. I always loved looking at their beautiful gowns. This portrait makes her look too much like a business woman than a graceful first lady. And I know she has the ability to look very graceful when she chooses.

  15. Beautiful Lady. Congratulations Mr. President on having a beautiful wife.
    Thank you for presenting to the Nation this beautiful First Lady. Bod Bless you both, your family and the Nation.

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