You won’t believe what the police wanted to cover up about the Florida shooting

A deranged gunman murdering 17 innocents in Parkland, Florida was an unspeakable tragedy.

Americans searched for answers as to how this could have happened.

But the local Sheriff was hiding one awful secret.

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel became a hero to gun grabbers across American when he berated NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch at a CNN town hall – which was really an anti-gun pep rally – and bellowed that the students needed to demand more gun control.

But that night he was hiding something.

The following day it was revealed that Deputy Sheriff Scott Peterson –who was the school safety resource officer – took up a defensive position outside the building while the gunman murdered innocents.

He did not confront the madman.

The story got worse.

CNN reports three other deputies also were crouched behind their car with their guns drawn and had not entered the building:

“When Coral Springs police officers arrived at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, on February 14 in the midst of the school shooting crisis, many officers were surprised to find not only that Broward County Sheriff’s Deputy Scot Peterson, the armed school resource officer, had not entered the building, but that three other Broward County Sheriff’s deputies were also outside the school and had not entered, Coral Springs sources tell CNN. The deputies had their pistols drawn and were behind their vehicles, the sources said, and not one of them had gone into the school.”

There was no failure of gun laws.

And no new gun control would have prevented the massacre.

The killer was responsible, but incompetent law enforcement could have stopped him.

The failure of law enforcement to do their jobs and protect the people is a stark reminder that concealed carry is Americans last and best chance to defend themselves.

Gun free school zones show that if the cops fail to arrive on time or if they freeze, unarmed citizens are at a killer’s mercy.



  1. The problem here is no one has been fired or discharged for a series of outright failures with respect to protecting students! No one this teacher’s comments make any sense. Why are these clueless people allowed to teach in the school system?! Here is another person who sees everything based on race;I.e., a racist.

  2. Hold it, Hold on, Hold on, why are people forgetting a school is a gun free zone? They were only obeying the law–no guns inside the school. They would have too leave their guns in their cars. After all, guns are the reason for this problem not the shooter. When the killer had used all his ammo and killed dozens more kids this crises would be over. Now the gun haters can go to war against the law abiding Americans and make America a gun free zone. Oh, I forgot it is the NRA that is also responsible for all the school shooting. I suppose the NRA is responsible for WW1, WW2, Vietnam, PEARL Harbor, Korea. And don’t forget the French Revolution. I will never believe there is one Sheriff’s Deputy in all the U S that would not have gone in that school unless they were ordered not to go in. Folks, the ONE WORLD ORDER CROWD is desperate. What will they try next? You had better stay on your guard. John

    • Yeah, those guys were caught right smack between a rock and a very hard place; the county, or at least the SO and school district had a long standing agreement to give juvenile criminals a pass to create the illusion that arrests of minors for crimes were down, especially minority minors; and to make both the school and SO look good on paper, which had spiraled to include even violent felonies by that point in time. They followed Miami-Dade county to the south of them on that, which was based on the Holder/Lynch DoJ model for not prosecuting minorities for their crimes, and under which regime it was started.

        • Yes, he does, but to date, there’s been not a syllable about it or its connection here. OAN has run all his conferences live as they happened, including the one today, and I’ve seen them; almost choked on my coffee when he made the crack about taking guns first and them due process….

          • Needs to Rescind like Rite ‘frickin’ N0W ie Funds. What IS N0T Going on is BS. Come on ‘prez’ ___
            >off topic. re ‘excerpt quasi schedule re FF< = Looking like Central Mi University partaking in one Today ( one day before spring break) story line complete crap, still under lockdown. Just Absolutely past Disgusting & Beyond the Pale. Prob. not in your 'news'. More it stays on the 'downlow, the better. Re 3 hrs from me. i live in/Near V. Potentially 'hot' Area (Dearborn) – only a matter of 'time'. &&& 'want 0UT'- but takes 'the green' to do so.

          • I did hear about that. I follow news on OAN and a variety of on line sites and it did come up. NOT a lot, mind you but it did get mentioned. My brother lives in Monroe; and a friend lives in Dearborn, so I hear about that too.

          • I have NO PLANS to go up there; it’s humid and cold and the OTHER side of the Mississippi; I haven’t looked back since I crossed that thing in ’79. I’m all “high desert rat” now. I’d probably drown in the air out there. Nothing personal: I’d love to meet you. Denny comes out here; our other sis is in Denver area. 2 to 1.

          • &&& what ARE we going to do re S. Africa??? ie
            >White Farmers Land confiscated w/out compensation.
            Leave 0r Die (machete’. ) Petitions circulating now.

          • Apparently some are immigrating and being admitted here; but otherwise, I don’t know of anything we’re doing about the situation there. It’s been ongoing and worsening, not just in South Africa but all over what used to be Colonial Africa; and not much has been said about it at all.

      • 3x. RR won’t let me thru w/Info Truth.WE Need those ‘farmers’ Here. does D*CA grow Food? N0!!! let’s see if this goes thru.

        • It got through; and no DACAs do NOT “grow food”; they just consume it; and contribute NOTHING but agitation to our nation.

          • Now, there is a buncha baaad ‘stuff’ going on at MI State U.
            MI is one of States being targeted & infiltrating ‘the youth’/ & had an inkling re this re 5 yrs ago.
            Am grad UofM 74. & Was N0T Indoctrinated.

          • MI is a leftist stronghold, so I’m not surprised there’s bad stuff going on in the universities there. Truth is there’s bad enough stuff going on in the universities in AZ, especially ASU and U of A; in Phoenix and Tucson respectively.

  3. Another Scott Peterson Murder Spree…??? Stark reminder of the Other Scott Peterson..???
    This sums it all up…
    “”There was no failure of gun laws.
    And no new gun control would have prevented the massacre.
    The killer was responsible, but incompetent law enforcement could have stopped him.””…How True this Statement above, Is…

  4. A lot of misunderstanding in the write-ups here; the sheriff is in the school not to protect students and teachers but to accumulate his pension rights.

      • That was in Sutherland Springs, Texas. The civilian who lived across the street from the church got his personal AR-15 and went after the shooter. He killed him. The civilian was a former NRA instructor on gun safety. You don’t hear much in the main stream media because that was good man with a gun stopping a bad man with a gun so it doesn’t fit their narrative.

    • Scot Peterson and the other 3 cowards who did not enter the school, should be fired,
      no running to the union and retiring just to get a pension you do not deserve,
      you should have a yellow stripe painted down your back side and drummed out of law
      enforcement. 1st Peterson said he thought he heard fire crackers” then he said he
      thought he heard gunshots ‘outside “the school, this damn coward was so worried
      he wouldn’t make it to retirement, he let 17 kids needlessly die. Put signs in his yard, coward lives here. K. Rogers has a song out about the coward of Broward county!

      • No,this goes RIGHT in the laps of Sheriff Israel, the Broward County supervisors and the school board chairman who concocted the deal to ignore juvenile criminals in their county so the arrest numbers would be down on their minority criminals!

        • &&& To Whomever Signed onto The ‘Promise Act’.
          ahem, Mr. Runcie Supintendent ‘shipped’ from CHeecago
          per former pres ‘o’ .

          • Hopefully the citizens of the county will do so; with their votes. I doubt most really knew their county had done this; if they did, sadly their children paid the price for their complacency and leftist views. If NOT they should be demanding Israel’s impeachment pronto and to fire Runcie and go after the county supervisors as well.

      • In this case it was a political decision by the county and the school board that created the situation in which this shooting occurred unchecked! Had they not created the agreement that stopped the SO from arresting juveniles for criminal behaviors, to make the SO and schools look good on paper regarding arrests of minority criminals, which spiraled out to include violent felonies, the deputies wouldn’t have had standing orders to give a pass to to the juvenile criminal and that shooting would’ve been stopped long before it was. That was PURELY POLITICAL in nature, not legal or even rational!

    • A fundamental misunderstanding is evident here; the sheriff’s deputy is not in the school to defend the pupils but to accumulate his pension rights.

      • Technically, no, he’s there to prevent or minimize problems in the school, at least in most schools across the nation; this policy was enacted in the 2 southern counties of FL during the Obama regime.

  5. The Sheriff and the cowardly (or were they following the Sheriff’s orders?) officers should all be arrested for aiding and abetting the murder of these 17 students. Some or all of them did not have to die if the Browed police had done their duty to defend the defenseless. I understand that the Sheriff is a die hard liberal and I have to wonder how complicate the Democratic Party and the Soros/Obama shadow government are in these shootings like Las Vegas, Florida and the many others in 2017????

    • Las Vegas become the biggest cover up on a very, very long time on this country.
      The DOJ and the FBI need to be cleaned up very, very deeply… like most of the bureaucracy of Washington DC.

    • I would wager if any one of the parents, that lost a child in this shooting, had been there during the shooting and they had access to an AR-15, they would have accepted it and risk their life to take this guy out if they had the opportunity.

  6. I begin to think that this police department in COLUSSION with the Democrats were all for sacrificing some children in the hope that it would be enough to make the populace emotionally distraught enough to finally erase the Second Amendment as a first step in disarming them entirely and starting their conversion of republic in a communist hell hole. (with them in control, of course)

  7. Makes you wonder why we haven’t heard anything about the Vegas shooting. Was the shooter paid by the Soros cartel?
    Hmmm! He left his girl friend a lot of money didn’t he?
    Just saying after this FBI and Sheriffs dept. the gun grabbers really want to take our guns like Hitler. The sheriff owes Danna Loech an apology as do all the attacks on Conservatives. Oh and by the way, Nixon wants an apology after what the Clintons have done!

  8. This is why we have the Second Amendment and the Founders said it was a God Given Right which shall not be infringed upon. The bottom line is you cannot count on government to save you, years back the Supreme Court ruled the police are not there to protect the individual but to put down public disturbance {But considering what happen at Berkley when Milo went to speak there, you can’t count on them even for that.} . That means the defense of your loved ones and yourself is up to you. It is time to get rid of all the Gun Control except that which governs Violent Felons and the Violent Mentally Ill. Restore our right to carry nationwide without asking the government anywhere mother may I. The Hanky Stomping Snowflake Libertards want to stomp on a stack of hankies and thrown a world class tantrum over it fine. You don’t have to own a gun, you can count on Schmucky Schumer, Crazy Eyes Pelosi and Psycho Waters to defend you, maybe they’ll show up for you when a MS-13 home invasion crew armed with machetes kick in your front door. As for me at my house I will meet them standing on my hind legs with an AR-15 in my hands.

  9. I Sure ‘hope’ C0S Kelly IS N0T BL0CKING this type of info to P0TUS. & Kelly ‘filters & decides’. Don jr. retweets suggest at least ‘some awareness’. How much ‘awareness’???.Don’t know & Will N0T Speculate.

    • I’d be more worried about what Javanka is feeding him about it. Those 2 are flaming leftists, and steer him away from the path on occasion.

        • Not fond of C0S Kelly, but feel he is doing Rite by downgrading Kushner Security Levels . ( off topic -don’t care.)
          BTW: Is ‘javanka’ on Payroll???

          • Neither is paid, but both are flaming libs and have drawn Trump away from some of his political promises to conservatives, particularly Christian conservatives, more than once. Best thing Kelly has done as COS is restrict Ivanka’s access to Trump.

          • Couldn’t remember, Not on payroll. eee gads & Security Clearance.???. Any Level IS N0T Acceptable. & you know < djt not going to give up javanka. I have a Big Problem w/both in WestWing. Those 2 should mimic Eric. G0 Home, Take of Fam. & BABY, Stay in Background_ & as 'Butchy' would say STFU.

          • They could maybe be “cleared for rumor”, but I sure wouldn’t clear them any higher than that.

  10. Goes to show you …. the police are being used to ticketing sovereign citizens for J-walking, walking against the light, and for not paying for parking, not belting up, using cell phones while driving , and parking while blocking driveways , plus arresting prostates. Cities , states and the Federal Government cannot afford to pay for their retirement, medical and other benefits. I say …. fire them all, and let the NRA train the citizens to protect themselves. The NRA is already involved in training the police force to protect themselves by getting behind a car, and staying out the way of shooters. Cops have families also, which is their first concern. Proved over and over again !!

      • No, what they need to do is oust the County’s deal with the schools to ignore the criminal behaviors of juveniles in that county to make the SO and schools look good on paper for not arresting minority criminals of school age; and allowing to escalate to include even violent felonies, also impeach the sheriff who supports that deal and the school board chairman who does as well. Then they can actually DO their jobs and stop crime in their districts.

  11. We have enough corrupt, inbred, Mu-Slime terrorists we sure don’t need a corrupt Police Force. Fire the guilty & withdraw all benefits.

  12. Well if I was a parent of a student I would sue this great law office .
    what this has been going on for years as the worst corrupt office in AMERICA.
    WHETHER THE sheriff ordered a stand down order that you need guts to stop something like this from happening. SO jail time for all and never allowed to own a firearm ever again. OF course this is the DEMOCRATIC RULE LIKE HITLER KILL ALL AMERICANS KIDS ADULTS ESPECIALLY WHITE’S

  13. You can pin 4 stars on 1 jackass and 4 badges on four cowards and what do we have? The answer, 5 police officers,that worked at Broward county police dept, and for years drawning salary, fooling the tax payers into believing they were protected.This has got to be one of the best examples as to why everyone should carry a concealed weapon, there has got to be a lot more police dept that are full of these type cowards, and somebody will have to do their job for them whithout being played that high salary.

  14. This is the same county in Florida that had all the ‘hanging chads’ to try to get Gore in as President instead of G W Bush, and it is also a place where many illegals live, but worse yet, they are all against any American Values as far as respecting the U.S. Constitution. Also, I doubt the murderer was a U.S. citizen anyway and probably a ‘chain migration’ DACA person. But I also think that if the police did go in, they wouldn’t be allowed because it is posted as a ‘gun-free zone’ so they would have been under scrutiny anyway if they did get rid of the murderer before he got to do his murderous plot. If that was the case, the MSM wouldn’t have had a story to tell to promote the anti-American gun grabbers. I bet it was also another scheme lead by Clinton and Obama to promote their Nazism 4th Reich goal, as they have many murdered people, excuse me, ‘missing’ people that no one knows what happened to them. They are now attacking and killing innocent lives, also a conspiracy to get their involvement in the Russia probe off of headlines and away from their involvement, so they have force a tragedy to replace it. And look who was the first to say more gun control laws needed, Obama. Why is this not considered a Hate Crime too? Majority of those unfortunately killed were not black. So can’t be a hate crime, as non-whites weren’t the target….just the NRA and gun rights. I feel bad for the families too, but the murderer was supported by those who want more gun control laws… Another reason why law enforcement was probably told to stand-down, just like Benghazi….as mid-term elections are coming up fast.

  15. Lets see about this. Congress passed thousands of gun control laws, all totally ineffective. Florida passed hundreds of gun control laws, all totally ineffective. FBI totally failed after being repeatedly notified about Cruz and his intentions. Local law enforcement failed after being repeatedly notified about him. Local welfare agencies failed after being repeatedly notified about him. The school system took no action, other than to remove him from from attending the school for fear of offending the PC culture in education. It appears Cruz had entered the school on numerous earlier occasions to stash ammunition so he could carry out his plans. Then the Sheriff’s deputies (4) were too cowardly to do their job and confront and kill Cruz. And the libs expected us to cower down and just call 911 when something happens!!! That just doesn’t seem to be very effective, now, does it?? A GOOD GUY with a gun can stop a BAD GUY with a gun. It happens all the time, we just don’t hear about it since it doesn’t fit the MSM mantra.

    • I think we need to back off on the deupties a bit; not fully, but somewhat. Seems first Miami-Dade, just south of Broward, adopted Holder’s selective law enforcement policies; and then Broward did, years ago; and have continued their selective law enforcement, giving juvenile and adolescent criminals a pass on crimes up to and including violent felonies for over 5 years now. SO it’s highly likely the deputies feared, and likely would have been, firing for trying to intervene. Their position would almost certainly have been very difficult in that situation.

      • The entire chain of command which adopted this policy should be held civilly and criminally responsible for this crime.
        If YOU were one of those deputies, could YOU have ignored those gunshots and screams for fear of losing your JOB?
        I hope not.

        • Well, in most circumstances I wouldn’t have, no; and I say that having been an EMS first responder; but I would have exercised extreme caution, because I can’t help anyone if I’m dead. We don’t know these guys’ family situations; do they have kids too; who are depending on them? I don’t know. Would they have been criminally charged for disobeying orders? Probably, which would have hurt their families and careers for life too. As I said, a DIFFICULT situation for them; and it goes back to the leadership in that county!

        • I ‘think I May have __ gone IN – Instinctually. <<< Wouldn't have Time to think re the rest. Would 'Take the Heat' (per
          potus quote.)

  16. Those 4 males(They are not nor have they ever been men) should be charged with 17 counts of Cold Blooded MURDER. The one who was on site should also be charged with GRAND LARCENY if the school paid for him to be there. The sheriff’s office should also be charged for the same. All 4 should be barred from any and everything to do with Law for life.

    • Jesse, I agree with you but Sheriff Isreal also has responsibility for failing to insure that his deputies were properly trained. And there is still the FBI’s failure to investigate the tips that they received, had they properly investigated the tips these untrained officers would not have been placed in this situation.

      • Paul, the sheriff is defiantly , the sole responsible , for having these so called law officers on his watch.
        He should resign now in order to have all facts come out for the truth.

        • I don’t believe it’s a matter of “training” so much as an adopted Holder policy of “selective law enforcement” that’s been being practiced in S FL for years now; they had “too many” kids being convicted of crimes so began “looking the other way” and giving juvenile criminals a pass even up to and including violent felonies!

          • the School Superintendent also signed on to Holders “selective law enforcemnet”. Their percentage in reported crime etc. dropped dramatically & looked good politically.

          • I know; they colluded with the county sheriffs and maybe some of the local police departments; apparently Clearwater didn’t sign on with it, however, as their officers did act appropriately on arrival on the scene.

          • Unbelievable but truth. They have criminal quotas, all additional complaints are ignored for that reporting period. Stolen goods recovered are hidden to cover up over quota. Unbelievable.

    • More on this has come out, just this morning; seems Miami-Dade, and then Broward followed suit, took up the Holder model of law enforcment; they began some years ago, looking the other way and giving passes on criminal behavior, especially among the high schoolers, including violent felonies; this may be part of that practice. Additionally, Sheriff Israel is an avowed anti-gun leftist and may have issued orders such that the officers were constrained from responding, as the Clearwater PD officers were not, and consequently did act appropriately.

      • How ‘could’ a Sheriff etc be an avowed anti-gun Leftist & be in that Profession ??? wow_
        Who would step up to the plate & prosecute at Least Negligence.

        • County sheriffs are ELECTED in their counties; so the question should be WHY on God’s green Earth would citizens elect such a person to that office????

          • Right, but still, WHY would one choose that Profession w/that particularr mindset, unless they had the ‘nasty’ in mind ???

          • Why does ANY leftist run for ANY office? He has no plans to support or uphold the Constitution to which he takes that oath. Power and money.

          • I know, Sandra – Why< Any Leftist Would run for 'Any' office.
            Just throwin' 'it' 0ut there for 'those' that have not 'thought' that deeply. 0h G_D.

          • Power and control is why they run; it’s the voters that concern me. What are they thinking voting for their own demise?

          • Damned if I know.
            Where I was raised, we knew the sheriff was crooked, but he kept the prostitution, gambling and drugs to one area, and protected the rest of us.
            As long as the shady element stayed to themselves(and we could occasionally dip our toes in the nasty water)everyone was happy.
            THIS crap wouldn’t have happened. It would have been reform school time.
            If it HAD happened the parents would have made it a lifelong cause to follow this sorry POS around to make sure he lived on charity(if he could find it).
            I’m sure some Synagogue would have sheltered him.

  17. Re the sheriffs criticism of the NRA, if statements in the above article are correct, his deputies hid OUTSIDE the school building, the following question is appropriate, re his criticism of anyone or anything. How come his house was such a mess?

    • COUNTY POLICY: see also Holder/Lynch DoJ policies to NOT prosecute all criminals based on the crime but based on the melanin level to lower the percentage of “POCs” in prisons. Both Miami-Dade and then Broward counties adopted policies of allowing juvenile criminals to get away with crimes of increasing violence over the past several years.

  18. They were there to allow him to do it, from all I have been piecing together this was a terrorist attack and it is like Vegas, the Church shooting and Train derailment, no answers and lots of questions. The county is Muslim infested. The people have been attempting to get the Sheriff to fire one of his men who is Hamas supporter, the guy was taught to shoot by a Muslim Major, I have posted all this, we know our FBI and CIA all with Hillary and the One World Order, they want our guns and they keep killing us and now our children until they get them.

    • There’s also a county policy based on Holder/Lynch selective law enforcement to allow juveniles a pass on crimes, including violent felonies, which almost certainly played into their lack of action.

    • Thank you Yadja. Such ‘twisted words’ in parts. PPL there have N0 Clue re E.Holders “selective policy”etc. At this point, i can’t stand to look at Israel’s face. I can ‘almost’ read his mind.

  19. Sounds to me that the more I read, the more comments I see here on RR, & the more I personally investigate…
    The more this seems to be Flag Football!

    • Ha HA – this site IS ‘derelict’ Under the ‘guise’ of ___ you know what. 0bvious??? > methinx so. humpf_
      ps. & thnx for posting RR, such a ‘gem’.

  20. No that is sick. Three deputy Sheriffs frozen in their tracks waiting for what? every student and teacher to be killed? That might have stopped the shooter from shooting any longer. have gun will hide.Well not becoming a target is smart but when people are in danger and being killed it is time for action not hiding. Wonder what would have been the outcome during WWII if our soldiers had hid instead of confront our enemies. Carry Concealed is the only answer in these cases. I in favor of Swiss laws in these times.

    • I agree, it’s time to face reality. The Swiss mandate all citizens have and are trained in the use of firearms, and are you liberal idiots (sorry but it’s true, you are idiots ) ready for this fact; they have the lowest crime rate in the world. This defies all liberal thinking, but it’s a reality. If you have a brain, you might see a correlation here between the ability to defend yourself and being defenseless. The framers of our constitution understood that. It’s 2nd Ammendment rights.


    • Why nobody is asking what kind of protocol this sheriff have in place for this kind of situations?
      Why not?…. We like to know before condemning the officers first responders , don’t you think?

      • The policy that may account for this just came out this morning; Broward followed Miami-Dade in adopting the selective law enforcement policies that Holder/Lynch instituted and kept at DoJ; giving juvenile criminals, especially “POCs” a pass on even violent felonies “to balance out the prison populations”.


        • The policy in place in Broward county has EVERYTHING to do with how those deputies acted. The fact is that the SO had a deal with the schools to NOT arrest kids committing crimes, which spiraled to include even violent felonies, such as that shooting. The deputies were between a rock and a hard place; they’re “damned if they do and damned if they don’t” act in that situation. However, MORE to the point, this was almost certainly a false flag event. The supposed shooter was among the students evacuated, at least 1 of whom has come forward and stated she was TALKING to him, being evacuated, while the shooting was ongoing, and that she knew who he was. Another fact is that at least 2 of the “survivors” interviewed were crisis actors, 1 of whom has been photographed at 3 prior mass shootings in recent years. A third fact is that the left was ALL OVER this with their gun control narrative almost before the news had broken, as if they KNEW it was coming. Forget the fact that 17 young American citizens had JUST been murdered; don’t let that get in the way of an agenda.

          • cnn/nbc etc ALL displayed ‘blue screen’
            TECH (Totally FALSE) of Cruz ‘walking down a street’ etc.
            Also Hogg gives int’view at 9:32 am <<< Same day(screen shots captured) & 'Stated'] but 'event'
            is 2min past Uber drop off 2:19 & beginning 2:21 Documented. SEE Teacher Testimonial. N0 Way- cruz.

  22. Quote from Wayne LaPierre,” The only thing capable of stopping a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun”. I’ll add to that quote with my own idea and that’s should read “a good guy or a good women”! The Washington Free Beacon’s Man of the Year, Mr. Stephen Willeford, a heroic armed citizen and their Man of the Year. He ran towards the gunfire at Sutherland Springs First Baptist Church with a rifle and stopped the killing.

    • Yeah. My wife has no qualms about dangerous animals(proven)of the no-legged or four-legged kind.
      Don’t think she’d have much of a problem with two-legged animals.


  24. Since the Sheriff and his Deputies are very apparently LIBTURD COWARDS and DIDN’T do anything to STOP this MASSACRE, EXCEPT for DEMANDING MORE gun CONTROL, they need to get FIRED but also need to get INDICTED for NEGLIGENCE or DERELICTION of DUTY….!!! WHAT were they all TRAINED for if they REFUSE to do their JOBS to SERVE and PROTECT….??? WHY did they even become Police Officers if they DON’T want to HELP/PROTECT others from HARM, like in THIS case our KIDS…..??????????????????????

      • 1 has resigned and 2 are suspended; but they may very well have had standing orders to stand down; Broward adopted the Holder/Lynch policies of selective law enforcement some years ago, including violent felonies.

      • 1 resigned and 2 have been suspended, but they may be patsies like Cruz; there’s a LOT more going on here than the media has been saying. Cruz was known by, seen and spoken to by a student who’d just been evacuated, while the shooting was ongoing; and there’s been a county policy in place for several years to give juvenile criminals a pass for even violent felonies; so those guys may well have had something akin to a standing order to NOT intervene! If that’s true, Israel, the sheriff is more responsible than they are.

        • Yes. & Total ‘hot’ subject matter. Who is going to prosecute the ‘appropriate’ Chain of Command. mkultra Cruz was already
          pegged for the ‘patsy confession’ .
          Bottom line: Stacking Events, one after another, seems so 0bvious displaying the 5th Column/ the enemy within.

          • This is a very concerted effort to “convince” enough of the population to allow the 2nd A to be ignored and written around, so the left can label gun holders as criminals and move into their 1 world gov’t status.

          • Janet Reno became the Clinton’s AG. Law enforcement corruption by democrats is nothing new in Fla.
            Check out her record on Satanic Ritual Slayings and the party affiliations of those accused.
            Also the psychiatric procedures of her expert witnesses in those cases. The videos are disgusting.

          • You 0N – Need cont’d more + More PPL!!! ‘WE’ Will get there_
            re ‘the TELL’. in All Styles. Whatever it Takes.

          • No, they aren’t, but will likely be thrown under the bus as well to protect the sheriff and school officials who made the lousy deal to look good on paper.

          • Sandra – perhaps the suspended/resigned will not be thrown Under the bus , Now that the “Promise Policy” Has Been Exposed. AG Sessions ??? Let’s Go. You Must. ( No Doubt he has been ‘threatened’). V.V. Serious ‘stufff’.

          • No, they aren’t, although the EMS first responders are coming out and saying they were prevented from entering the building by those as well, even when they wanted to go in and render aid.

          • Hey Zee…
            I just seen a post you made re: RR & PP?
            Aren’t they both run through WordPress right? So far, I’ve been on PP & (so far;;;(winks))
            I’ve been able to post every time;;;
            We’ll see…huh?

          • Great, NavyDoc. No clue re WordPress, does it matter??? No.
            Post 0n & ‘Tell IT’. ‘We’ Are All ‘we’ Have at this point.

          • ps. RR needs to get 0n Board W/ 1st Amend.
            You lookin’ RR ??? i think so. Perhaps RR not a’dog’,
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  25. According to a source, this sheriff ran to the gun grabbers. Was that because he knew what a f-k up he was. Unfortunately, not every sheriff supports the citizen gun rights.

    The FBI are equally guilty. Disgusting.

  26. I suppose that the far left loons will blame Dana Loesch for the failure of the law enforcement officers. REALLY? IF they want to claim that NO ONE except LEOs should be allowed to carry guns and those LEOs do NOTHING to stop crimes then why don’t we just turn over the country to the murderers and be done with it?

    • Yesterday Sat. RR let me post a Whole buncha stuff<< on the Trump headline w/out altering/dropping etc. The v. last one, was going to be even More/ they kicked me out…
      Maybe they takes turns on who to mess w/.
      Also it dawned on me, they have a 'file' on e'one & remarks. I don't like that. I may bow out of any further comments – hmm, we'll see. Scenario : 'knock knock' – "ID please".

      • Same here. Don’t know where to go. Tried other websites, don’t agree, can’t post. Right wing, can’t post against Zionist or Catholic policies. Libertarian, have problems with national defense.
        Libertarian is more fair in that they dump more comments on any side of any issue.
        Need full-blown cut-throat discussion site where only repetitive crap from the same contributors is thrown out.

          • Hey Zee…went to look for that site you quoted & it’s not what you’ve provided.? Can you maybe double check & hit me back, heck I may have not have hit the right button¿?¿ Who knows!
            Anyone else out there follow up with Zee’s post as to the likeness of another site?

            Anywho, I try to step in and post at times & it’s happened a few times where my posts don’t show up & it is Danged frustrating…
            Anyways, thanks y’all!

          • Thanks Sandra Lee Smith! Appreciate your help;^/
            Like ur name btw…My Momma’s name: SandraDee…Rest her soul! She’s been gone a couple of years now. Just thought it was cool & had to share!

            Thanks to you also Zee;^/
            Now, back to our program that’s already in progress…
            Yours in FREEDOM…

          • Oh schnitt – can’t find it now. Comes to my mailbox like RR.
            & i just deleted 2 tabs i saved.
            When it comes back, i’ll post. I saw Sandra on it – Hey Sandra, what’s name of other site you recently posted???

          • I think Gateway Pundit and American Thinker were 2 of them; I didn’t pay particular attention to who was running it as much as the lists themselves; but those are both sound conservative sites. It was kind of all over the place over the weekend.

          • Sandra, neither of the 2. This one didn’t require a sign/password. 2 you mention is a sign in w/disc.

            Be patient, NavyDoc, when it comes back to mailbox, will post. So Save this tab. Maybe once a wk it comes. We’ll git’er done.

          • BING0 !!! .net .net N0T .com eeegads lol.
            & i just found it going thru spam. geez- burn up my eyeballs (just for you). Think RR & PP same source. The #1 story is
            Should Sheriff Israel resign . cliff has made some good comments in the past.

        • patriotpulse.NET haha. > has trolls & the like, just like here. Hey – G0 Beat the crap out’em ok? They may not ‘delete/alter’ so much. I don’t know. Haven’t been on it that much. But may switch to a bit(e) more there.

          >Hey 3030 – Go For ‘it’ ‘chew/grind’ them up,(ignorant jerks)
          & a Welcome to BUTCHY.

  27. If there was concealed carry permited in the school where the police wouldn’t go, this could of been stopped. Its time to wake up

  28. So now we can modify the saying, “When seconds count, the police are only minutes away” to “When seconds count, don’t expect any response from the police. And by the way, we don’t want you to have the means to defend your own life either.”

  29. The sheriff & the 4 officers that were hiding outside all need to be put on a polygraph& let the chips fall where they may. The only problem, who can you trust to give a true polygraph these days?

    • Polygraph results aren’t admissible in court because they can be “beat”. They’re only a tool for investigators to use in assembling a case. There are 2 other officers, I saw earlier today, on suspension over this, but the story didn’t detail why.

  30. This only makes me wonder all the more if Peterson was a coward; or had he been ordered by his anti-gun boss to stand down at the scene. WHY is he in “seclusion” now and not talking to anyone? Something “smells rotten in Denmark” here

    • I read that the police and school were in cahoots to not arrest any criminal kids from the school. That is because it would give a bad impression of the school. This should be investigated.

      • Quote from Wayne LaPierre,” The only thing capable of stopping a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun”. I’ll add to that quote with my own idea and that’s should read “a good guy or a good women”! The Washington Free Beacon’s Man of the Year, Mr. Stephen Willeford, a heroic armed citizen and their Man of the Year. He ran towards the gunfire at Sutherland Springs First Baptist Church with a rifle and stopped the killing.

      • Yes, it came out this morning that Broward County had adopted the selective law enforcement policies that Miami-Dade also adopted, a few years ago, as instituted by Holder/Lynch in the DoJ and were giving juveniles a pass even on violent felonies, “because the arrest records don’t look good on schools’ records”!

      • Some of the answers are starting to come out; this morning a story exposed the Broward county policy of allowing juvenile criminals a pass on crimes up to and including violent felonies, as started by Holder and then Lynch at DoJ, picked up by Miami-Dade and then Broward counties in S FL. Those deputies probably had something akin to standing orders to not interfere.

    • Perhaps Petersen in ‘seclusion’ Feels So Remorseful, that he could not Do Anything, & Wanted to, for whatever Reason. the Whole thang ‘smacks’ Red Herring.

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