You won’t believe what scandal Obama just got caught up in

Donald Trump stated Obama put his team under surveillance.

The media claimed there was no evidence to back up the charge.


  1. Well, the first “black” POTUS, was a dud, a doofus, a criminal, hood-rat, raised by anarchists, to continue sticking it to the man! That was his only success, as he has stuck it to many men! Obama, Ayers, Dohrn, Holder, Geitner, Jarrett, Rice, and the 70-Members of Congress, belonging to the Democrat Socialists of America, are all traitors! They need to be inside Gitmo until they’re hanging! If the authorities can’t do their jobs, “We The People” shall.

  2. Obama is, was, and always will be a fraud, he has committed treason, and should be put to death! For that matter, every single elected democrat has committed treason by backing a foreign born fraud through the inaugural process, they blocked, lied, and dodged, the Benghazi investigation because Hillary “vertigo” Clinton, and “Bath-House”-Barry-Soetero, aka Barry “With -The-Big-Afro” aka Barrack Hussein Obama, were caught red-handed supplying ISSIS the JV squad with military weapons, and told the terrorists not to leave any witnesses!

  3. Obama’s whole life is a continuous scandal – no wonder he spent so much money having his records sealed – then spent $36,000,000 of taxpayer money having his administrations records hidden and kept away from the public eye. Does anyone even really know who Barack Hussein Obama Jr. really is? It’s more and more doubtful. His own brother Malik in an interview called him a very deceptive person. He used the Obama name to get himself elected and then has done nothing for his “family”. Since he left the White House has anyone seen the kids? Barry and Michelle went to California where they stayed at a mansion with some of Barry’s gay friends. MIchelle left in a huff – jumped into a limo that took her to Richard Branson’s private jet. The jet then took her to Branson’s private island getaway in the Caribbean. Obama left California heading west and made an unannounced surprise stop in Hawaii to talk with the judge (an sold college buddy) who later signed off on ignoring President Trump’s immigration ban. Is he as through with his White House family as he was with his so called “birth” family? The guy is a snake in the grass and should not be trusted by anyone. If you have not heard of the cult called Subud and Obama’s connection to the cult and quite possibly his real biological father you should see this video.

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