You won’t believe what this top CNN official is saying about the founding fathers

Left-wing “social justice warriors” have toppled Confederate monuments in recent days.

But their goal of removing and destroying these monuments across the southern United States is just the beginning.


  1. “when slavery existed, if a black person was found off of a plantation, they were usually murdered on the spot.” I found this satatement in the comments today. This is typical of the propaganda that Americans have fallen for. In fact this is what the majority obviously want to hear. The statement is directly attributal to other false statements that have been fed to us through the years. I remenber a TV series titled “Touched by and Angel”. The black actress stated that there were places in this country (the south)where “it was considered sporting to hunt black people like animals and kill them”. James Earle Jones is a commendable actor. One of his lines in a TV presentation stated “in the South where Slavery would exist forever”. Neither actor
    hesitated to present these statements although as educated people they knew they were false. These statements were years ago and such subtle injections have no doubt helped this country degenerate into these depths. I have part of my great grandfather’s records in my family history. He was a township Magistrate in South Carolina until he was in his Eighties. From his records I believe that his slave,referred to as “George” was probably his favorite. George was in my great grandfather’s court several times. Once for selling moonshine liquor at church, Once for selling Gingerbread Cookies at church, once for rioting at church, once for stealing a pig, once for stealing an overcoat. Most of the charges were dismaissed for lack of evidence. The greaterst infraction resulted in an examplery sentence of “five lashes, lightly laid”. Most of todays Americans, regardless of color, have no idea that Slaves went to court and that the court attempted to be fair relative to the circumstances. Where did the supplies or money come from to make liquor, or cookies? Why were they at Church? Whay waste time on court procedures? Stronger infractions were tried before a Jury in a court room. How many Americans have ever been taught that??? Regardless that the Jury was probably all white, they made a positive effort to be fair. That is not heresay, propaganda, or lie. That is by direct copies of court records.

  2. I think you are exactly correct on this issue. If all our history is gone then “nothing” happened anywhere did it. The One World Order has been trying to exist since before my parents and it does appear to be getting closer. Except, Americans and other Countries are waking up and refusing to go along. The U.S. needs to stick together.

  3. What the young blacks don’t seem to understand is that when slavery existed, if a black person was found off of a plantation, they were usually murdered on the spot. I am against slavery and know that it was wrong when they did this but people both black and white had no control over it. The only control plantation owners had was how they treated the black people on their plantation. This issue was being resolved two years after the Civil War started which the Civil War was not started over slavery.

  4. Paul’s comments are dead on target. It is actual History and one only need to
    review a sningle book to see for themselves. Try to find a copy of “Slave Ships
    and Slaving” by George Francis Dow. It may be on line but if so I’m sure the
    some liberal has rewritten it.

  5. That is how communism makes it and so does Satanism. Lie and scream the lie constantly until it becomes truth in the minds of the young. And then, they will be willing to die for you. Hitler? all the young who perished from Germany. That winter war against Russia? Many did not even get the chance to pull the trigger, found frozen in position.

  6. Here is how I look at it. Behold there is the biggest Great White Shark swimming around your boat. A white man falls on the water, will he be bitten? Now, replace the white man with a black man, will he be eaten?

  7. Well if money is involved you know Clinton would be first in line. The question remains, where is that man located? Why is he still alive?

  8. I do agree with your notion Rex. I feel the same way because Africa today is no picnic area by any stretch of the imagination. The Dutch have done what they can, but the military of other bands keep those countries within the continent in peril.

  9. Actually my fourth great grandfather came here more or less as a slave as did a lot of others. He was indentured for ten years to pay for his coming over. Not exactly like the Black Slaves, but for ten years he was bound. Blacks who’s ancestors were forced here as slaves, bad as that was, at least can be thankful in some degree for they could be still living in Africa with all it’s instability!

  10. Better still, Soros’ citizenship was given by some system other than what is common! He is a wanted Felon in three counties before he came here. The only way he could have gotten citizenship is for a President to grant it. Don’t know which one it was, but I suspect Clinton.

  11. Linda, A racist is a person whom believes that one race is better or more chosen than another. Period. Whites whom believe that Blacks or any other race is beneath there’s are racist, even if they don’t protest and raise cain about it.

  12. America is still the greatest nation on the face of God’s green earth. CNN has gone so far off the tracks that nothing they say makes any sense so why should we care. If people watch that crap on TV, they deserve whatever comes their way. Wise up America!

    They are nothing but a TERRORIST support group !!!
    They are SOO anti American, they need to be banished !!!

  14. “the United States and President Lincoln lead our country through a Civil War to rid the scourge of slavery from our country and other civilized countries to reconsider the practice.” With this statemetn you have fallen fir the propaganda is part of the original attempts to make a martyr out of Lincoln. Lincoln is directly repsonsible for what is now revised ot be more that 700,000 American Deaths. The slavery issue only became part of the conflict when Lincoln made his Emancipation” attemp two years after the war bagan. It is a collateral issue at best but with a very sinister intent. When anyone takes the time to actually study Lincoln his intent becomes clear yet it is conveniently never addressed. Lincoln was well aware of the Nat Turner Massacre of over 50 innocent men, women, and children in Virginia. Lincoln considered enough Slaves to be savages that would rise against the whites and he would win the war from within. He was wrong. That doesn’t stop Hollywood from making Turner into a demi-god who simply responded to what his spirits commanded of him. Lincoln was a manic depresant given to attacks of depression with suicidal tendencies. He was also an egomaniac who could not allow the union to separate under his watch. He was willing to kill every southern born person if necessary in order to protect his ego. The South chose a president who thought very contrary to Lincoln. Jefferson Davis advocated the education of the slaves
    and their full matriculation into citizenship. The Confederate Constitution
    that Davis was sworn to uphold, outlawed the continuance of slave trade. People who select slavery as the reason for the war are willing to ignore historical fact over the political reasons that started the mess. My Grandfather enlisted in the Confederate Army before he was seventeen years old. He never owned a slave. From the beginning the cause of the war was
    Federal Oppression that the South considered to be unconstitutional. If Lee had not surrendered every able bodied male in the south would have been killed at Lincolns Insistence. His Generals were under his orders to use a
    scortched earth, slaughter, rape, pillage, approach. When Lee Surrenderd a major program of Propaganda went into effect in order to Justify the Slaughter. It has worked exactly as planned. If a lie is promoted often enough and long enough those who know better will die and the lie becomes
    accepted by ignorance. There are still sources to find the truth. In my personal library I have a number of references. At 80 plus years of age I learned a long time ago that in order to get the truth of any era in history one has to get as close to that era as possible. Once the revisionists, apologists, and special interest writers get through there is little truth left. Every Southern decendant of the Confederacy should have most of these references especially South Carolinians: America’s Caeser”-Durand, “The South was Right”-Kennedy, “The Christian Life and Character of the Institution of the United States”-Morris, “Trial By Fire”-Smith, “The Tragic Era”-Bowers, “The Story of Reconstruction”-Henry, “The Republic of Republics”-Page, “The Development of America”-Wirth, “Slave Ships & Slaveing”-Dow, “Dixie After the WAr”-Avery, “The invisible Empire”-Horn, “The Truth of the War Conspiracy of 1861”-Johnstone, “Hampton and His Redshirts”-Williams, “The Prostrate State” “-Pike, “Slavery and Secession”-Munford, “The Confederate States”-Curry, “Secession”-Handy, “The Life and Death fo Jefferson Davis”-Bancroft, Ousting the Carpetbagger from South Carolina”-Thompson.
    South Carolina was held in a State of Martial Law by the Federals Government for twelve years. Elections were a sham. many of The newly freed slaves who chose to leave their homes were enlisted in the “union league” and acted on the bidding of their new Federal Masters. The puppet Governor
    Chamberlain had to be forced out of office when Wade Hampton was finally elected through an honest election.

  15. Perhaps, but it will be tight and bloody in any event. As Churchill warned:
    “If you will not fight for the right when you can easily win without bloodshed, if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly, you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a small chance of survival. There may even be a worse case: you may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.”

    Because of our own “tolerance” and neglect, we are now at either the penultimate or final condition that he described. What remains is Patrick Henrys eternal question which each must answer for him or her self and then act accordingly. As for me, I’ll stand with Pat! Semper Fi!!

  16. These protests and uprisings are not about the founding fathers, slavery, or the Civil. This just a subject that can cause people to get angry, rise up against each other, and try to turn this nation upside down or another civil war. The deep state wants nothing else but to take America down so we will be part of the New World Order. In the New World Order, there will be no borders, there will be total chaos, which will bring in marshall law and and the military. Many (hundred of thousands) will be killed, others will be in camps, etc. Only the extreme wealthy will live in luxury under a world leader. Many of the fit will be the slaves to the wealthy. The youngest and brightest will be doing the work need for the wealthy of the world to survive. Look up Exe. Order 2050 – you will understand more of what the “leaders of the NWO” plan for the world. I’m sure the majority of the citizens do not want to live under these conditions. Our country can be saved and I believe it is worth saving – for the sake of our children

  17. Should the end of the American republic and the concepts of individual (as opposed to group) rights and freedom be going down,we need to be sure that we go down with a loud BANG rather that a whimper or, as Spielberg predicted, “to thunderous applause” and that many of our enemies go down with it. Semper Fi!!

  18. The term “Slaves”, as used here, refers to black slaves. The same black slaves that were brought here from Africa after being sold to slave traders by other blacks. The traders then brought them to the new country and sold them.
    It is important to note that they were sold after being taken prisoner by rival tribes who otherwise would have simply killed them. They saw a way to make a profit. Perhaps we should say that the victorious tribes were some of the first capitalists.
    It may be time to reflect upon what their lives would be like if they had not been sold to slave traders.
    I’ll bet the people felt as though they were getting a pretty good deal – first they would not be killed, then, they were sold and transported to a place where their basic needs were taken care of by the new “Owner”. They were afforded a place to live, and food to eat, in exchange for their labor.
    Some here think they would have been better off in Africa, which is untrue. Believe it or not, it was a good deal for the captives.
    I am not implying that their trip across the ocean was like a modern cruise – they suffered mistreatment by the crews of the ships, and they were poorly fed. But they were not killed.
    Since there were no native blacks here at the time, I would tend to think their descendants would be very proud of where they are now in relation to where they were then.
    A great many of them are still slaves, in a different sense – they are slaves on Uncle Sam’s plantation, now. The only difference is that they no longer need to work in order to eat.

  19. Well said but unfortunately falls on deaf ears of liberals, liars snowflakes,socialist,and of course dumocrats

  20. Important debate?? MY AUNT FANNIE – -it’s called DESTRUCTION OF PUBLIC PROPERTY, punishable by arrest, fines AND incarceration – -so DOJ, GET GOING!!

  21. The worst slave owners were other blacks in Africa. They would rape the women and sale the male into slavery. Kill the children to stop a blood line. And that is still going on so who has a dark past.

  22. Lock and load. Don’t be willing to trade American History or the Constitutional republic for the “democracy” of totalitarians which provides no rights for “minorities”

  23. Linda, you mustn’t forget that the way of thinking was different back than and you, with your closed mind, are seeing those time as if they were today. Every country, back than, had slaves of some sort. Europe had actual slaves (captive from conflicts, as well as “indentured servants”. they even had slaves that were sold to them by families that could not afford to keep them. Please read your history. The African slaves were sold by the tribal leaders to the Muslim traders, that were actually Barbary Coast Pirates, who sold them throughout the world. I’m not condoning slavery but, it is a part of history and, you and your left wing movement, like the Nazis, as well as the Russian and Chinese Communists done previously, are wanting to destroy history so you can rewrite it to suit your little snowflake ideology and make your self feel better. Than you revert to violence, when you can’t immediately get you way, and throw a violent tantrum, like was done when TRUMP became Americas PRESIDENT. Don’t forget that all this is MY history too and I think it’s good for our present, and future, generation see it so they don’t make the same mistakes. May God bless you and I pray that he helps get you selfish head out or your………..

  24. We Conservatives are not bothered by the Democrat Jefferson being called a racist as that comports with History. We don’t do revisionist history very well. So, what we are bothered by is the hypocracy of the left, as they are the party of racism: (LBJ: ‘if we pass this bill, (civil Rights act) we’ll have those N’s (voting for us) for 200 years),and more examples such as Woodrow Wilson segregating the military, Democrats created and manned the KKK, Margret Sanger’s goal of wiping out the black race, and Sen. Robert KKK. Byrd, Grand Dragon of the KKK and Hillary’s “Mentor’. Just to give a few examples.
    The first crime is above. The second crime is that the Democrat Party won’t own and apologize for it’s past history. The third crime is that DNC propaganda since WWII has been to call the Republicans the party of racism. If compared to an individual, the Democrat party should seek the help of a good Psychiatrist to help with it’s State of denial, temper tantrums, Schizophrenia and violent outbursts.

  25. I am eighty pluse years old. I am a born Southerner and direct decendent of the Confederacy. I am a constitutionalist and consider myself to be neither Democrat or Republican. My Grandfather was wounded twice in Lee’s army. He was hospitalized once for four weeks and once for four months. He returned to active duty each time and was emprisoned in Elmira New York when Lee surrendered. He is considered a coward and someone to be ashamed of by every
    element of our racist special interest groups and the majority of all Major Media sources. He is like all southern heroes, condemned and cursed by those who choose to be ignorant. He enlisted in the confederacy when he was not quiet seventeen years old. He never owned a slave. He supported a President who openly advocated the end to the slave trade and intended to initiate a process of educating existing slaves to be accepted as full free citizens of the Confederacy.

    I believe the true definition for racism as it exists in all people by natural trait is “Different”. By nature when a person acts and believes differently the natural reaction is “what makes them that way”. The first obvious conclusion is that they are a “Different Race” (color). I also believe that color is a coincidence of conception and no one had anything to do with it but they have everything to do with it.
    The current and cumulative controversy is the result of ignorance. I am
    amazed as to how intelligent ignorant people think they are. When that ignorance is by choice there is no excuse. Even in todays contemporary society there are sources for determining the truth. Those sources are rapidly disappearing by deliberate design. In order to reach the truth of any era in history one must get as close to that era as possible.
    There is a connection to President Trump in all this mess but it is not from anything anyone has discussed.
    Lincoln was the first Republican President. He was also a manic deppressant ego maniac who was prone to attacks of depression with suicidal tendencis. His ego would not allow him to be the President under whom the nation separated. He was willing to kill every member of the Confederacy in order to preserve his ego. He is directly responsible for over 550,000 direct deaths of American Citizens. Upon his death the republicans and all of Washington divised a systematic program of Propaganda to justify the scorched earth, rape, pillage, and destruction committed by Northeren armies against the south at Lincoln’s orders. The Confederacy had to be vilified at all cost. The monstrous Lincoln memorial is attached to the Washington memorial in oder to link Lincoln to the father of our country. Lincoln was branded as the “great Emancipator” yet his intention for his emancipation is avoided in history. Lincoln relied on his memory of the Nat Turner Massacre. Turner was the privileged slave who formed a band of accomplices to slaughter over fifty men, women, and children in their homes while they slept. (Hollywood has now made Turner into a demi-hero who was ordained by his gods to kill white people.)
    Lincoln thought his emancipaion of the Southern Slaves only would encourage them to rise up and kill their white families and he would win the war from within. Those slaves were far more intelligent than he anticpated. His attempt failed and the war rage on for two more years.
    The continuing efforts to vilify the South is why the Charlottesville mess is with us. Contributing to that is the only major mistake that I hold our President responsible for. When he appointed Nikki Haley as an Ambassador he
    stampted his approval on her complete record. Haley was the immigrant born Governor of My State. I voted for her. She proved to be a closet liberal whose rank hatred for anyone Southern Born was obvious when she and her henchmen awarded Dylan Roof with more noteriety than he ever dreamed of. She blamed his barbaric murders of innocent people on the Confederate Flag. By her subsequent actions she placed her approval of all the hatred that
    has festered from which Charlottesville is an example. Now, by political inheritance, Kevin Bryant has moved into the Lieutenant Governor’s office. He
    stood with Haley and supported her hatred. He now wants to be Governor of South Carolina. Thus the ignorant hatred and spite continues to feed on itself and ultimately will only be resolved by more bloodshed.
    That bloodshed can be attributed to Ms. Haley, her gang, and especially media sources like the Huffingon Post, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, FOX, and every
    newspaper that is owned by a media corporation or conglomerate.
    History is our score card. It is our record of existence, accompleishments,
    and mistakes. Today’s “Racism” is deliberately generated and controlled for an ulterior purpose that escapes my logic. I do know that continued empowerment of special interest radical groups over and above the intent of our Constitution is a prime contributing factor. The Constitution of this country with our Bill of Rights is inclusive. Any ammendments designed to grant special previlege to anyone is unconstitutional.
    This country was founded as a Republic of free states joined by pledge to each other. Through Lincoln that Republic was destroyed. We are a nation of States that are bound by military force and subject to Federal rule. We exist
    as a collective dictatorship. The concept of a party system is of itself a
    method of “Divide and Conquer” by which the masses are controlled. In school I was taught weekly that I was born a Democrat and that our State would always be “Democrat”. But I grew up.

  26. What is lost here is that slavery was a world wide accepted practice at the time of the founding of our country and it still is practiced in many places worldwide. It was based on the belief that one race was superior to other races BUT it went beyond just race. Many held in bondage in early America were poor WHITE Europeans of differing nationalities and continued in to the late 1800’s with the onslaught of European immigration. The Chinese were actually brought in to the country as indentured slaves to help the continental railroad. Slavery in America went far beyond just the black race.

  27. You made many good points in your post that I appreciated, however,
    At the time of the Civil War there was no United States, so they were not traitors to the United States. President Lincoln proclaimed us to be the United States after the war was over.

  28. A critical spirit is demonic and this country has become more involved with slander and trying to bring others down . This is not a godly characteristic, therefore the more critical we become the more we allow Satan to separate us from God and do the evil work that Satan desires to do. The division that we are now seeing in our country has come from attempts to divide Israel for years. As our leadership has tried this for over the last several Presidents. God has put Trump in the position to try to prevent this nation from becoming more involved with Satan’s work to divide a nation and cause it to fall. The more critical we become the Less love and forgiveness will be a part of the life of the country. Progressive no matter on what side of the political isle will continue to serve the corruption and evil that has become a part of their life style.

  29. The irony of all of this is that 13% of our current population, along with leftist anti-American progressives are in the process of leading our country right back to another Civil War. Slavery has been around since the beginning of time and STILL exists in many places around the world. There was nothing unusual about holding slaves as a world wide practice at the time of our founders and YES it was based on the belief that one race was superior to another but that was not reserved for just the black race. What is being overlooked is that the United States and President Lincoln lead our country through a Civil War to rid the scourge of slavery from our country and other civilized countries to reconsider the practice. Republicans controlled the Congress from 1858 thru 1932 with the support of black voters. During that time the Republicans in Congress established the 13th Amendment abolishing slavery;the 14th Amendment granted citizenship to the freed slaves; abolished lynching laws and the black code;and also passed the Civil Rights Acts of 1875,1957,1960 and were the majority vote in the 1964 Civil Rights Act. It took nearly 100 years to drag Democrats and Dixiecrats to help pass equal rights laws. Since that time the Democrats have tried to rewrite their dark, ugly, racist past and turn that on the Republicans who in fact were responsible for eliminating slavery and prejudice. Democrat FDR won the black vote by offering the “New Deal” and LBJ bought their allegiance by making blacks believe that they were responsible for the transformative 1964 Civil Rights Act when their were actually the minority supporting party. A great deal of progress had been made in race relations from 1965 until 2008, not totally resolved but much improved. Barack Obama’s injection of identity politics has divided our country in every way imaginable and destroyed the progress made. Identity politics is now tearing our country apart.

  30. Do we want yo lose our Country as it stands now? No one wants slavery who is sane that is. I’m sick of CNN and all the others who are causing turmoil in our
    Country. These news outlets are lying to the people. They are trying to control us and some of us don’t see that. THE NEWS MEDIA, THEY ARE BIG MONEY! And If We Are Not Careful…. We Will Be What We Fear….SLAVES!!!
    What is is and no one can change the past.
    But we can unite and be grateful we live in AMERICA, a FREE COUNTRY. Do we want to lose freedom of speech or right to bear arms? I don’t!
    People are doing everything to sneak into AMERICA! Why because we have all these freedoms and NO DICTATORS. I COULD SAY MORE… stop and think the price you pay to keep surmounting HATE. ???
    What are a few statues??? Who does it hurt? They cannot do anything … not living..they’re just Statues.
    I think it shows me how far we have come as a people. I love America.
    We are spoiled in America! A Russian lady I met said Socialism is Horrible! No one smiles when you are walking down the street in Russia.
    And what about those poor people living in NORTH KOREA?!!!
    DO YOU WANT TO LIVE THERE??????? I know that I DONT!!
    I love all of you please stay FREE AND HEALTHY. THINK!!!!!!!!!

  31. I am not a racists either. But this is what the Spanish did to the astec, Hitler and fascists did this to the world. Why are we here now doing this in our own country. Who starring the pot. Didn’t we learn from history this is the first thing they do is destroy all of history None of the current black Americans were slaves. But a number of them for whatever reason cannot break away from their.background. Who is feeding this lastesst hate message. I was one of nine children of a farm laborer but I went on to get my college degree and raise myself out of it.

  32. This is the past – let the past alone. We cannot change what happened then. We are not responsible and there is no way we can be held responsible for something that happened before we were even born. As for CNN – are they still in business?

  33. I wanted to take the poll. But it’s too vague. John Adams was a founding father who was against slavery. Samuel Adams was a founding father who was against slavery. Benjamin Franklin was a founding father who was against slavery. John Jay was a founding father who was against slavery.

    These man and others did what they could to keep slavery out of the constitution and out of the country. But they had a choice. They either had to accept the slavery in the south or there would’ve been no country.

  34. Agree that people need to live in the present and not keep thinking they can change the past, why it is called history. Seems those that want to continue this evil should be called the devils lil helpers. When will be all just become united to bring even a better future for “all”.

  35. If you think the author of this article is correct and map the path drawn out, the demise of the Constitution and America is the end goal.

  36. My 30-30 is oiled up and ready for use. Come to Alabama and see how many statues you can tear down before lead poisoning sets in.

  37. Way to go CNC it’s about time you step up and start running this Country the way it should be ran. Always said you are our strongest political party.

  38. And what else should we expect from America hating scum at the Communist News Network??? MAGA, OR ELSE!!!

  39. Looks to me all they are trying to do ,is make the Blacks look superior !!?? Maybe it’s just me ? Was in VA,when the school thing hit there,in 1958 . Libs ,then were showing black schools as white and a poor ,shut down school as black !!Talked to an older person,who went to school with Blacks and the had none of this crap !!Every one got along. Why now ?/ Some one always trying to stir thepot !!

  40. CNN is a failed media source with buffoons for reporters and managed by liberal loons! You cannot believe anything they endorse! We are not going to history for a bunch of liberal race bigots that somehow think they were slaves instead of their ancestors. That is ignorant and not in the best interest of anyone!

  41. First of all, you must stop applying 21st century ideas and concepts to people of the 18th century. Secondly, if you had slaves, you couldn’t, by law, just release a slave depending on the particular state. There were regulations in the states as to the inheriting of slaves etc. But, lets also remember that slave owners in the 1800s were all Democrats. Democrats voted against the 13 and 14th Amendments. And Democrats started the Civil War then and Democrats are trying to start a Civil War now.

  42. With all this removing statues from government properties, they might as well remove all of them, including Martin Luther King.

  43. With all this removing statues from government properties, they might as well remove all of them, including Martin Luther King.

  44. If you live near a statue, cemetary or monument, please keep an eye on it. Liberals are so violent they are even digging up graves of forefathers. We all know they won’t be punished for it. Train your kids to keep a watchful eye for suspicious behavior around monuments. We must protect our heritage.

  45. I am flabbergasted that the people who do not understand that HISTORY IS THE PAST LEARN FROM THE HAPPENINGS AND NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKES, When will these haters blow George nWashingto and Thomas Jefferson’s carved features from MOUNT RUSHMORE AS they were(GASP) SLAVE OWNERS

  46. The Communist News Network…AKA CNN is worthless trash. All they have to offer is ‘commie propoganda’….nothing constructive for our America….our wellbeing, our people, our freedoms. Years ago I tuned in to their station. SO done with that and never watch a single minute of their babbling noise.

  47. Linda:

    Yes the times were certainly different back then. Most all of the Confederate Generals were once West Point students. Most of these officers followed their beloved states out of the Union NOT for the support of Slavery but for the mistaken ideals of self determination (for their respective states). Most of the southern States were agriculture based and Cotton and tobacco were their “cash” crops.

    It would be more of an interesting discussion as to WHY the Northern Industrialists didn’t jump in to help their Southern Agriculturalist to modernize and move away from Slavery. We will never know why, but since both sides couldn’t communicate very well with each other, the results of which we now know.

    A part of the answer comes from the economics of the time. Most of the United States was base in agriculture for their growing economy. This isn’t the first time that slavery was used and unfortunately it may not be the last. North Korea is using most of their peasant population to support the elites and their military. Many countries have used Slave labor and I would agree with you that it is horribly wrong but you nor I or anyone else can MARCH into a sovereign country and start dictating how they should live and what they should do. These Southern Officers that followed their individual states thought the same thing, they didn’t like the North dictating to the South how to live. Communications apparently broke down pretty quickly after that and the Civil War was the result. Freedom of Speech is a right for ALL U. S. Citizens. Freedom to Ignore the other side is also an implied right but once one side ignores the other communications suffers and NO one is able to compromise or live in peace.

  48. The alt left and their media allies have successfully BULLIED everyone into such a state that they now can CLAIM the perception of “Moral High-ground”. If we want to change this perception and it will not be easy since the alt left allies, the media, will continue to pander their false information (actually even a poor excuse for propaganda) continuously throughout each and every day.

    We need to cut off the Soros backed funding by exposing this and applying the existing laws already on the books to HALT those efforts and prevent future “meddling” in our government. It is interesting to NOTE that the DEMs are all up in arms over the perceived “meddling” in the election but willingly take money and support from former Nazi and current communist supporters and allies. Soros should lose his US citizenship by failing to disclose his checkered past support of the Nazis during WWII. This support is well documented, and it is well documented that Soros through his “Open Borders” one world government goal, (and the destruction of all nation state identities).

  49. Sorry, I am using DragonSpeech so I get many mistakes in spelling. I thought I could change the mistakes in my comment, but could not. jefferson should be Jefferson, traders should be traitors, he wrote should be heroic and Charleston should be Charlottesville.

  50. By definition, anyone who owns another human being from a different race is a racist. Racism simply means a person believes that their race is superior to others. Obviously someone who owned slaves could be assumed racist. I don’t understand why you on the right are bothered by some one on the left calling Thomas Jefferson a racist. The times were very different than, but reading I his writings shows clearly that he believed the white man was superior to African slaves and to women for that matter. That does not make him an unfit founder. His philosophical writings serve as the basis for our democracy, but that does not mean that everything he believed and did were on the same level of morality and inspiration. Clearly, the facts of Thomas Jefferson’s life reflect the complexity of his personality. Although he had a long-term relationship with Sally Hemmings he did not free his slaves and only freed his own children after his death. We cannot expect perfection of any human. I don’t know if the person from CNN is black or white, but you certainly can’t expect an African-American not to emphasize the fact that he owned slaves. An interesting observation from the Charleston situation is that the president does not seem to understand that Washington and Jefferson held slaves 100 years before the Civil War. The statues that are in question at this time are Civil War generals, certainly not founders and nowhere near the level of Washington and Jefferson. These statues celebrate the lives and acts of traders to the United States. Everyone of them revoked their citizenship in the United States and took up arms to kill Union soldiers. How could they be considered anything else but traders. Even if you agree with them there is no case that they were not traders to the United States. They may have been honorable even he wrote citizens of the Confederacy, but not of the United States. Even they never wore their uniforms again and were not even buried in their uniforms. I just wish that we could stay honest in our interpretation of history and not argue over things that are a matter of historical record. Oh, by the way as a white person I can tell you I do not feel superior to African-Americans or Hispanic Americans. If you do, then you are suffering from an inferiority complex.

  51. At first I was against this, but ITS TIME FOR TERM LIMITS. Flush all of the swamp into the sewer where they belong!

  52. I think you meant “rogue”, not “rouge”, but, at second thought, maybe you are right. These far-left fruitcakes, have more than a tinge of the communist RED in them, eh?

  53. Let’s go all in! Bulldoze every building in Washington, D.C. because every monument or office building in it honors some dead white guy, right? Return Washington to the swamp it was before the DEEP STATE SWAMPISTS turned it into the swamp that it is!

  54. These people are all part of the swamp, they are currently called Progressives, while their belief is anoint EXPERTS to make all decisions regardless of what you think or your rights under the Constitution. They have gained there empowerment by the use of education, exploiting the minds of our young. Just look at the war against free speech, and the riots at Universities as a small sample of impregnating the Millennials that are going rouge. Sad

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