Workers are raising hell after this electric vehicle blunder by Joe Biden

Joe Biden promised to bring an electric vehicle revolution to the country.

Now it’s running out of juice. 

And workers are raising hell after this electric vehicle blunder by Joe Biden.

Workers can’t find electric vehicle jobs after training

Former President Barack Obama brought the term “green jobs” into the political lexicon.

He vowed that green energy would create five million good-paying jobs by 2018.

But green jobs ended up being another scam by the extreme environmental movement. 

A generous estimate found that at best a few hundred thousand were created after Obama pumped hundreds of billions of dollars into them.

Now President Joe Biden is running around touting the economic boom that his electric vehicle agenda will create for the country.

He promises that electric vehicles will lead to an American manufacturing renaissance and create countless jobs supporting the industry.

The electric vehicle job promise is looking like it’s Biden’s version of green jobs.

$7.5 billion was doled, in the 2021 bipartisan infrastructure bill to build public charging stations for electric vehicles to achieve the President’s goal of building 500,00 charging stations nationally by 2030.

Only seven public charging stations have been built with the billions of dollars in the nearly three years since the money was allocated.

That’s leaving workers who trained for careers related to charging stations struggling to find a job.

Workers are wondering where the electrical vehicle jobs are at 

“Investments in the EV sector in Georgia were accompanied by sweeping promises of thousands of jobs. At the beginning of this year, Goodwill of North Georgia launched its program to train people to move from low-wage positions to green jobs of the future, most of which are not here yet,” WABE reported.

Goodwill of North Georgia began training workers to install electric vehicle charging stations.

Quontavious Miles was one of the workers chosen to participate in the training program.

He was excited for his future when the program began in January.

“The last job was just what you say it was a job have something to do to get paid. This feels like the beginning of a brand new career field,” Miles said.

Goodwill of North Georgia Vice President of Career Services Jenny Taylor said her goal was to have 80% of the graduates of the first training program placed at a job by May. 

“I will begin to be concerned if we don’t have them employed by May 23, which is that 90-day benchmark,” Taylor said at the time.

She said that things didn’t work out like they expected. 

“There is no guarantee of employment after the last day of class,” Taylor said.

On May 21, seven of the 45 of the training program’s graduates had found a job.

Miles is still searching for a job in the field.

“Just the way things panned out, you know, it kind of made you feel like, ‘Was it all worth it?’ you know what I mean,” Miles said.

Taylor said that excitement over electric vehicles led to unrealistic expectations. 

“They thought they were going to get a job on day one of their graduation because we were so excited for them that they misunderstood,” Taylor said. “And so I feel a little bad because we had all that excitement in front of them, and we didn’t tell them what that meant and why we were so excited.”

Electric vehicles have become another massive big government boondoggle.

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