You won’t believe Democrats’ newest attack against Kavanaugh

Democrats hoped Christine Blasey Ford’s allegations would sink Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

But her story fell apart after the alleged witnesses denied it ever happened.

Now they are going all-in with an even more outrageous attack against Kavanaugh.

Christine Blasey Ford and her #MeToo attorneys are slow-rolling the Senate Judiciary Committee.

This gave Democrats the time to concoct a new story to smear Kavanaugh’s character.

Debbie Ramirez, a former college classmate of Judge Kavanaugh’s, is accusing him of sexual assault.

Democrats are trying to establish a pattern of sexual misconduct.

But the new allegations have more holes than Swiss cheese.

The New Yorker reports:

After six days of carefully assessing her memories and consulting with her attorney, Ramirez said that she felt confident enough of her recollections to say that she remembers Kavanaugh had exposed himself at a drunken dormitory party, thrust his penis in her face, and caused her to touch it without her consent as she pushed him away. Ramirez is now calling for the F.B.I. to investigate Kavanaugh’s role in the incident. “I would think an F.B.I. investigation would be warranted,” she said.

The New Yorker has not confirmed with other eyewitnesses that Kavanaugh was present at the party. The magazine contacted several dozen classmates of Ramirez and Kavanaugh regarding the incident. Many did not respond to interview requests; others declined to comment, or said they did not attend or remember the party.

These accusations are riddled with problems.

First, she met with attorneys over six days to jog her memory.

Second, so far there have been no witnesses that have been able to corroborate her story, just like Ford’s story.

Once again, there is no real tangible evidence to corroborate these allegations.

Even The New York Times refused to publish Ramirez’s allegations after not finding anyone to substantiate her claims.

The Democrats know there is no evidence for these allegations.

So they are staggering them out to stall a vote in an attempt to convict Kavanaugh in the court of public opinion.

One Democrat operative even argued Kavanaugh is insensitive for denying the claims made against him.

Democrats care more about scoring political points in an attempt to sink Kavanaugh’s confirmation than in the truth.

They’re simply weaponizing the #MeToo movement for their own political agenda.

Do you think Republicans should delay, or go ahead and vote on Kavanaugh’s confirmation?

Let us know in the comments.



  1. I am a independent voter,well at least I was.I’ll never vote for a democrat again. I cannot believe they would stoop this low trying to get there way. To wait till the last minute to tell this story of fiction makes it questionable The sad part is there are some people that belive the story to stupid to check the facts for them selve.Just blindly believing everything there told.Not pppp

    • I want Ramirez to have a police sketch artist draw a picture of Kavanaughs penis. She said it actually touched her face, so she should have no problem getting 100% accuracy. I mean, was there a distinguishing mole, or possibly a genital wart from all the sex action he seemed to have. Is he circumcised, or just like a Polish sausage? Does it curve to one direction or the other? Is the main vein a throbber, or too far under the skin to see? Come on Ramirez. Let’s get it going. I wanna see some artwork. I’m sure those like our fearless ex leader, the brown clown himself, Obunghole, wants a signed picture also.

  2. Once again: The Democrats are looking for dirt on US. And if they cannot find dirt on us, then they will Fabricate some, and come up with (more) FALSE accusations.
    I think that there is much REAL dirt on the Democrats, and if we would look for dirt on the Democrats, we would find plenty, and not have to fabricate any of it. Once again, we need ARMED detectives, lawyers, and reporters WHO SPEAK THE TRUTH AND DOCUMENT THE TRUTH AND LEAVE AN AUDIT TRAIL, to investigate the Democrats, and indict them.
    As long as we FAIL to take the offensive, the Democrats will CONTINUE TO GET WORSE AND WORSE, AND CONTINUE TO GET AWAY WITH IT. PERIOD.

  3. zee
    September 25, 2018 at 2:43 am

    To Diane, Kav (in the past)HAS Already been ‘vetted’ 0ver 5x including fbi.
    It Is NOT the jobbee at this point for FBI to ‘investigate’ a mere
    ‘allegation’ W/0ut Evidence or Corroboration.
    >An aside: Police depts investigate this stuff 0NLY IF a REPORT
    by LAW, IS Looong Gone. This is ‘political play’ instigated by Feinstein
    (& taking ‘heat off’ HER & chinese chauffeur spy guy) & i told you about
    Roe v Wade issue. Ford is connected to RU486 (abortion) drug co’s.
    she is paranoid to testify. i think she Should be tested for drugs (psycho or whatever) she is not rite. & that’s about it.

    • You’ve got it! It is 9/27/18 and as one story is uncorroborated, another story of sex crime, also uncorroborated, so they find more stories. I also think the FBI should investigate to look at charging them for making false claims.

      Stop the DemocRats circus and get the vote to confirm done.

      • Carla. Dr. Ford Should be ‘tested’ for ‘certain drugs’ ( ahem).
        >Grassley Is 0ld & doesn’t ‘get it’ ie The More Time Delay =
        More Infiltration( & mind control), for BS, utterly splattered info
        ( to the American ppl) thru KrAAp news & geez, Where Else do pplGo ???
        for news ???. &&&&
        @ ‘porn attorney’ Avenatti, buying time, for ‘pitiful sacked women’
        for $$$.
        > These ppl Are ‘Evile’. Ex: the Dems ‘Eat their 0wn’ (including
        the ‘dissenters’ Here.)When ‘push comes to shove’, the ‘
        dissenters Will be ‘ratted0ut from whom they support.) Anyway,
        80 yr old Feinstein >>>’Ratted her 0wn (supporter) 0UT. << Sooo, Bottom Line: = USA Patriots ‘Stick TOGETHER/& Defend___
        the Left. & Dissenters ‘RAT EACH 0THER 0UT.’

        • They need a mandatory retirement age for these
          Fools. 75 would be good. The vast majority
          Of people slow down mentality after 75 years old.
          Golly retire that’s goes for all politicians.

      • Slander and Libel charges can be filed but until a sworn statement is made no criminal charges can be filed. Since there are 30 million communists in the country and we can assume that 50% are female that leaves another 15 million people who can come forward and accuse Judge Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct.
        The communist don’t care whether he is guilty or not. In fact they know that he didn’t do any of this. It is all a smear campaign to keep him from being confirmed. They want to conquer the country. To do that they need to get rid of the 2nd Amendment. With Judge Kavanaugh on the bench they won’t be able to do that. They have used these same smear techniques against others.
        America: Love it or Leave it!
        GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

  4. The libtard slime are so crass, disgusting, corrupt and politically bankrupt – -NONE OF THEM deserve to remain in office; in fact, they don’t even deserve to be allowed to continue to live in the USA!

  5. The dems are going to continue their baseless attacks on anything anyway SO GET HIM CONFIRMED IMMEDIATELY. They’re pissed because they have missed the opportunity to stack the court in their favor with liberal idiots on scotus. REPUBLICAND…GET HIM CONFIRMED OR SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES.

  6. Here’s how it goes: Big Pharma, ObamaCare and AMA and their $investors don’t want “Life at Conception” to be passed and ratified by the SCOTUS when challenged by the Left. Thus, they don’t want a solid constitutional conservative SCOTUS (that’s why they murdered Scalia — to get Obama’s Lefty nominee Merrick Garland on the Court). NOW, DJT has nominated BK. What can the Left DO??? Scandal — That’s IT! But it’s not going to work. DJT has confidence in BK, and will KICK the ASS of any RINO who votes against him. Blase’ Ford won’t show on Thursday, and Grassley MAY call for a vote. It’s ALL coming down on the Deep State’s head. I’ve got my popcorn and beer ready for the show!

    • What happened to our justice system. These woman who are making claims should be prosecuted for covering up a crime. If I was sexually assaulted bet your ass it would not take me 35-40 years to make claim to it. I want to know why Ford went to a senator instead of the police and the senator had this information for over 2 months. This tells me this is a set up because the dems can’t get what they want.

      • Confused You are not confused at all. You hit the nail on the head. Dems will do anything to stall the confirmation of Kavanaugh. And in their usual manner, if you can’t play the race card then let’s [lay the sex card. And they will go to any lengthat all. How many plots that they and the media played have fallen apart so far. Too many to count, This one will meet the same end. Grassley, stop listening to crooked lawyers, set a deadline for the voteand get on with it. None of these claims are ligitimate but stall tactics. The Democrats are not going to vote for him no matter what, the Republicans,( better think long and hard if they are leaning toward voting against him.Finally sometning is going right in this country rather than toeard our demise as a nation so get onboard or get out.

        • Good job Carl. You are exactly right. I hope the Democrats who have spoken in support of this obvious attempted setup are defeated and removed from office the next time they come up for reelection.

  7. We must keep in mind our reason to complain is neither Dem or Rep. We want fairness. This judge has been examined for years. If he was a sot in his college days, so what? He has moved forward like the rest of the intelligent community and knows what he is doing to enhance the society of FREE America. I have voted Dem and Rep in the past and that is my statement of free rights. Do not be pulled into this “he said/she said” news frenzy. Keep your eye on the ball…America freedom to express your opinion without violence and it is OK to support demonstrations as long as you realize that the FREEDOM to protest is all of our rights, without fear of violence. All the presidents in office have accomplished one thing….to keep America free. That is the major issue here.

    • Once in a while one has to get the old .45 out of the foot locker. Kavanaugh wasn’t a “sot”. He IS a great judge. His WIFE clearly believes in him, and if ANYONE can “tell”, it’s a WIFE. And BHO NEVER wanted to keep America FREE! DJT IS going to finish draining the swamp, and the swamp-things are INSANE with fear of losing their GOOD THING. This is just one little bump in the road. MSM and Fuknews NEED this circus because they have no reason to live without it. Keep your powder dry.

  8. Enough is enough. Kavanaugh should be confirmed immediately. If any woman feels that she has a case to be made, take him to a court of law and prove his guilt on their own dime. The taxpayers should not have to fund this political charade.

    • The Democratic Party is completely differant than it was just 25-30 yrs.ago! Everyday it advertises how unethical, immoral, and UNAMERICAN it has become!! Years ago I was a registered Democrat. I wish there was a way to legally DISBAND this political disgrace of a political entity!

  9. Why is that they want bring up the pass sexual affairs that the have had. 30=40 years ago. No they don’t want that to come out then people will look at them different, they will see them for what they are. A bunche of hypocrites.

  10. when all is said and done…more is said than done !!!! The Dems are making a mockery of our justice system….Time is up !!! VOTE NOW !!! confirm NOW !!!! This is a very sad commentary that is playing out on the world stage…and tough times are approaching….every one…. prepare your family for what’s to come. I fear the world my grand children will live in when they become adults….if there is still an American Republic standing

  11. The blatant delaying tactics should not be allowed. Confirm him now. The best Nominee for the high court in Half a century. Republicans should force the issue with a vote this week. Stop kissing the asses of the never Trumpher’s and get it over with.

  12. You are all so right! I just hope our Republican senators get their head out of their a$$ and realize what’s really going on. They need to get serious and get moving on this as well as other issues our President needs them for.


      it weren’t for President Obama we might not have done the intelligence community assessment that we did that set up a whole sequence of events which are still unfolding today including Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation. President Obama is responsible for that. It was he who tasked us to do that intelligence community assessment in the first place. CLAPPER’S OWN CONFESSION

      • 0H WE Will,(vote red) brenda n texas.
        My ‘dem’ friends from the jfk yrs, See
        the Real Deal at this point. They have
        #WalkedAway & have voted ‘R’ since 2016.

  14. The Democrats continue to show their asses to the world – They blatantly show will LIE – CHEAT AND STEAL to get what they want. How the hell do they think that they can participate in world diplomacy like that? The world is watching and the Democrats have proven themselves to be nothing but double standard hypocrites. Their hatred has blinded them to reality. But realistic people have been watching all along. There is a “blue wave” coming – but it is not what the Democrats have anticipated – it is in the form of an “Exodus”- as former Democrats – sick and embarrassed by their parties behavior are leaving that party.
    Sen. (ile) Diane Feinstein has inadvertently opened up a can of worms that could end Bill Clinton in prison and cost Keith Ellison the election. They don’t even think thru what they are doing anymore – they run with herd mentality in any Anti-Trump direction they can create. The lame stream media has enabled the Democrats lies and hopefully they will suffer the consequences too. Americans and the WORLD are much smarter than the left wing loon Democrats ever imagined

    • the only think that this should hurt are the democrats in the midterms vote them out if we dont some one you might know and love will be next it might be your brother your father your son or your grandpa every election year they get by with this crap and I for one am sick of it . vote red all across our nation and when they loose and they will we will remind them why.

  15. Diane is getting derailed. I can imagine blood coming out of her eyre( or wherever,) as she posts her sick posts. How could such an ignorant person really exist? The commiecrat party is loaded with sex perverts including faggots. One day someone squated and what came out was the dem party

    • The head of the Judicial Committee should call Schumer and ask him if he has any other complaints. If so, name them now. lf not, proceed with the nomination. This is the most sickening show of contempt I have ever witnessed. Heads should roll, and people should be arrested for slander at the very least.

      • Absolutely! In My 63 years of life I have never witnessed a more unethical shit show as the Democrats are putting on now. It is truly just pathetic. Anyone who votes Democratat needs a check up from the neck up. It is truly sad. Excuse my word earlier, but like a lot of people I am feed up with their sad plays on our great country.

  16. The DumboRATS are doing more harm to the “ME TOO” MOVEMENT then anyone else has. They are making up these stories for political purpose, thereby making the women that have a legitimate claim to file such a case look like fools. This shows that the DumboRATS do not care about anything or anybody, but their own political agenda.

  17. One of the questions that should be asked of Ms. Ford is “Are you being paid for doing this?” If so, is George Soros footing the bill and how much is being paid? It might take a lie detector test for both women.

    • Would not surprise me if SOROS was behind all this cocka rocka. The Dumbocrats and Libatards are playing right into his game….open borders, freebies for all and soon a country that looks like Venezula and what Brazil is headed for. From riches to rags.

  18. Insensitive for not taking the blame for something he did not do, just how is that insensitive only a complete fool allow themselves to be blamed for something they are not guilty of.

  19. Judge Kavanaugh should be confirmed immediately. We the American people cannot and should not allow the commie Left to control a Senatorial confirmation with their lying , smearing and character assassinations that they use to control their agenda. Their agenda is not the agenda of the American people. It is the agenda of the Democratic Communist Party and they will say or do anything to obstruct the Trump Administration. Remember this, a vote for a Democrat is a vote for Communism. GO TRUMP ! GO PENCE ! GO KAVANAUGH ! Sincerely, Martin Korab

  20. Being raised a Decocrate, God Loving and strong Believer in Right from Wrong all my life; and having voted Decocrate all my adult life has always been a forefront I have lived by. So – NOW for the first time in my adult life – I can not look away and pretend what is truly going on with Judge Kavanaugh’s sad situation. There is Right, and there is Wrong. What is happening with Judge Kavanaugh is undisputedly and sadly WRONG. This whole dirty play by my so-call trusted decocratic party which I honored all my life has shown it’s true head of pure evil. I have forcefully been turned on my heel to the Right’s Views of Judge Kavanaugh’s characater assassination by my own party. They are shaming and deeply hurting my honor. Since President Trump’s victory – I have only seen hate, resistance, media lies which has broght my heart and soul down to a frightening low. I can’t take this anymore and am decided to vote Republican in this November’s Vote – and more so – from here on. What a sad and shameful state of affair that we can’t see all the good our President has done in two short years. I rest my case.

    • Dear Irene Nadeau- I totally, am in agreement, both with your decision about the Judge, BUT, about, being ‘Forced’, to change my, decision, to Register, as a Republican! I was ‘raised’, in an environment, of being, a TOTALLY, Faithful, Democrat! My Parents, grew up, under FDR’s Presidency & VOWED, HE, was as ‘Close to GOD;, as a living human could be! I became a Republican, under Reagan, because He ‘Truly, espoused, the same ‘ideas of ‘Loving This Country’! Reagan, was most ‘Probably’,the Closest, to Our Founders, than ANY President, since Lincoln. I am ASHAMED, of the Dem. Party now-a party I was ‘Raised, to ‘Admire’! But, THIS ‘Party”, has NO Connection, to their predecessors! All, they know is HATRED, because their Candidate, did not win! I am SAD, for our Country-it is Sickening!

      • Yes Vicky Huss – it is quite sickening that I have been made to feel digusted by my lifelong beliefs and commitments to a NOW party which has shown to have a endless and bottomless low. Thank you for opening my eyes. I rest my case.

    • BLESS You so glad you have seen what is happening to our country.The Demos only think of their money. They do not care about the truth.His wife and children r receiving death threats the U.S Marshals have been called in.I use to have respect for senator Finstine but no more she brought all this upon this family.

  21. Republicans don’t have a political playbook that sinks to the level of the DNC, the Clintons and George Soros. Most Republicans try to play “fair” and lack the vicious streak in their DNA that is part and parcel of the Dem playbook. This is all about power and control. Dems lost in 2016 and they are determined to regain their lost leverage using every dirty trick in their playbook. Trump won because middle America finally saw the damage they had been causing and determined that it was time to “drain the swamp”. Ever since the Trump win, the Dems have been undermining Trump’s administration, his agenda, and his appointments (and firings). These women that are accusing Kavanaugh of sexual peccadilloes aren’t believable because they have zero corroboration from “witnesses” they themselves have named. It is well past time to vote in Kavanaugh.

    • Which is exactly why Republicans need to start being every bit as “Deplorable” as we can be, hey!, we may as well be worthy of the honor Killary thrust upon us.

    • Democrats, walk away from your party until you have honest leaders who have integrity and have this Country in their best interest. Vote Republican Until then. Checks and balances depend on two good parties.

  22. It’s time to move forward and confirm Mr. Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.
    We need to get Congress working on more to solve our imagration laws to make anyone who wants to enter our country get the proper permit to enter. We should know where they are and when they are leaving. All people that enter our country need to obey our laws and regulations and not bringing there laws and expect us to accept there laws.

  23. They should vote NOW and let their voters know the DEMS are not running our party. Its taken to long and that is what the DEMS count on. Please vote and make sure you have the votes.

  24. VOTE NOW! They will keep finding more and more women who are willing to lie for a price. (I would find it very hard to believe they’re not being well paid for this sham.) None of these accusations are credible – they are there to hold things up until November to see if they can stop it cold by taking over the majority. Confirm him NOW!

    • Take the vote now. If he doesn’t get the votes, immediately nominate that super conservative woman ( the one with 7 kids) and lets see how fast Roe v. Wade gets turned back to the states for abortion laws.

  25. Republicans on the Hill: DEVELOP a SPINE! These women will never vote for you, so quit letting them lead you around. You can see that this is manipulation. Why let them ruin a good man’s life while you sit with your hands folded? Get up and fight for your supreme court nominee.

  26. The GOP acting as it has been for weeks is the reason I will not donate to their cause. They know what they are doing, and I for one won’ give them a dime because any money I give to one member go in a pot for all Rep. members that are running for election and I don’t like them not supporting Trump! I will vote for Trump !

    • Trump cannot do a thing without a republican congress to vote with him. You may not like all the Republican candidates, but you should contribute to the ones who support Trump. Look what one vote by John McCain did and he ran his campaign on doing away with Obamacare (lying hippocrit). We need to get RINOs out of congress.

      • Hey Dee. John McCain was not only a lying hipocrite, he was a Traitor to his country, and to the men he was in North Vietnam Prison with. You should google this lowlife piece of manure.

  27. Get it over and tell the dimwits to get over there loss and vote him into the supreme court because everyone knows what they are trying to do, cause trouble like usually.

    • Any Senator who is an attorney should be debarred to advocate guilt without proof, and not subscribe to innocence until proven guilty. It appears someone is being offered millions of dollars to make a false complaint and millions more to defend oneself against a suit of defamation of character.

  28. There is no low to which the Demorats will not sink. Does anyone really believe the Demorats, who made up false evidence to justify a special counsel to investigate, impeach and remove this President the moment they regain control of Congress, would be above creating false accusations to derail a Supreme Court nominee who would actually rule according to the Constitution? If you believe that, I have some prime beach front property for sale. On the shores of the Sea of Tranquility! Time and time again these sleaze ball Demorats come up with smear campaigns against anyone they can not defeat legitimately! Been doing it for decades. That is who and what they are! That is the Demorat’s stock in trade!

  29. By all means the republicans must fight back against those sleezy democrats and defend Mr.Kavanaugh. He will win, just put it to a vote!

    • I think the Republicans should invite the girlfriend of Keith Ellison (the muslim who beats his girlfriends according to the Quoran) and have her testify against Keith Ellison since the DNC isn’t concerned with her accusations. This would save the taxpayers money because the forum is already set up.

  30. This needs to done and over with. Republicans ..get your backs up and get this man appointed.
    The Dems will only continue stirring the pot to see which turd floats to the top so they can get 5he. Accusing Brett, before they can even get three stories right or pseudo right.
    Confirm Brett so important business can be attended to.

    • Republican senators need to grow a spine. This whole thing is being perpetrated because Republicans put up with it and they shouldn’t. Dem appointed Judges sail through with none of this nonsense.

      • Unfortunately the GOP is the pussy party. I’m a registered Republican but no pussy, I’m a deplorable instead and proud of it.

  31. The Demoncrat Party is a left wing hate group populated with anti-Christian bigots. They are unfit to serve. They should be brought up on charges!

  32. Consulting with her atty to jog her memory??? Translation: “…waiting to see how much the media will bid up my fictional story before I release it.”

    This farce IS WORKING, I hate to say. The spineless GOP haven’t yet – nor may never – figure out they are being played as fools. It was ALL by design and the GOP is reading the Dem script perfectly. An academy Award performance.

    Sadly, Brett Kavanaugh, a fine jurist, is left hanging in the wind while this plays out until there’s no time left for the Senate to take the vote before the campaign recess. The GOP will never learn they have to fight with weapons as savage or more so than their enemy uses. Meanwhile, they get outsmarted at every turn while the nation slowly dies.

    • We need to let Brett Kavanaugh know that we believe in him and that we will never vote for a Democrat again. Trying to ruin the lives of people just so they can occupy a seat on the bench is crossing the line. We need to step up and fight back. They need to turn women lawyers loose to cross examine these accusers and the accusers need to be investigated. In the meantime, we need to protest these accusations. Please step and and let your voices be heard!!!

    • I agree that the Republicans are failing to do their job. The Democrats are insensitive bullies who don’t care who they hurt. These two women are certainly liars, trying to stop Trump. They have no character or morals. Vote the Judge in and ignore these sorry excuse for humans.

      • No, don’t ignore them. Put them under oath, cross examine them, and remind them that ANYTHING said that is determined to be untrue will be greeted by felony charges. Their perjury and false testimony will also confront the full weight and force of the federal government. Then we shall see just how deep the pockets of George Soros and the DNC are, or how much they are willing to spend on their foolish tarts.

    • Take the vote asap. If he doesn’t get the votes, immediately put up that super conservative woman (the one with 7 kids) and lets see how Roe v. Wade gets turned back to the states for abortion laws.

  33. Legality doesn’t matter in a politicized news media. VOTE ON PROOF, EVIDENCE, WITNESSES, AND LEGAL RULES. ACCUSATION IS NOT PROOF.

    • See the old white male freaks are out in force today. If. Kavanaugh is innocent, WHY wouldn’t he want a full FBI investigation to clear is name and reputation? The GOP is trying to ram this confirmation through because they are so worried about losing power in a November; they don’t seem to be worried about putting another alleged rapist on the Supreme Court. There’s really no rush, other than them losing power, since they held this seat up for 14 months. NOW is an emergency? People, especially women, are watching and it won’t be forgotten if they continue to ram this confirmation through. Like the president, Kavanaugh is UNFIT for a life time position on the Supreme Court.

        • Dan – can’t defend Kavanaugh, can you? So you just attack me. Typical for you. Do you seriously believe Democrats went out to find women that would put themselves out there to be embarrassed and belittled? That these women had nothing better to do so they thought they would make life for themselves and their families hell? You just gotta love these ignorant Trump supporters. You are just so stupid that I pity you.

          • Me. Ford was probably a cock tease in school. I do defend the judge. If some lying bitch trashed my life I know what I’d do. I’m just not posting it. It could be a law suite, or something worse. She probably was too stoned to know who copped a feel. She just needs to have her facts straight before opening her big mouth. I believe the judge. I know how sleazy the commiecrat party is. Bill Clinton raped women.

          • Do I believe Democrats would do that, hell yes, that’s why it came out this week and not when it happened or when the letter was received.

          • Ok Diane, it’s easy to read into your anger and hate. I have to wonder how you and others of similarity actually sleep at night.

          • Yes, the communists went out and found someone that they could buy. Ford is lying through her teeth. This never happened and that explains why no one else remembers the party. It is hard to remember something that didn’t happen. This is a battle between good and evil and you are on the side of evil. Anyone who is involved in spreading these lies should face libel and slander charges.
            America: Love it or Leave it!
            GOD Bless and GOD Help us, rich!

          • First of all, you called Kavanaugh an alleged rapist. He is not. Rape was never the issue. Timing is everything though and I find it difficult to believe that these women would step forward now…only a short time before Kavanaugh secured his chair on the Supreme Court. Innocent until proven guilty, remember? As for the two women involved? If the Demorrhoids offered the right amount to blatantly lie, I’m sure they surely would. Ford’s three main witnesses have already lost credence. All of a sudden, another woman decides to step forward after all these years? Guaranteed, if Kavanaugh wasn’t chosen, you’d never hear about this utter nonsense.

          • To Dan. Re ‘cock tease” = Perhaps, No Doubt.
            Feels good. Both sides. Drugs or not.
            > No ‘Fight’ was Ever reported.
            kinda Sad,
            to get ‘down n’ dirty? . heh.

          • ps. Dan (had to take break,as in cooking dinner)
            Anyway, this KrAAp, IS about ‘Tearing Down’
            the ‘Jurisprudence Justice System’ That USA was
            Built Upon. > Not Good. For MEN 0r WOMEN.
            > These ppl ARE ‘Evile’. Somehow, ‘WE’ MUST
            be ‘rid’ of ‘them’.

      • Really Missy. I bet your paycheck is looking better because of a President actually keeping his promises. You must be a Dumb Demoncrat like all the other’s.

      • What’s the matter Diane….SIX (6) FBI investigations are not enough? Because that is what he has gone through to this point in time! And “Old White Male”…..just how Racist and Bigoted can you be? Attacking age descrimination, Color, AND Gender! I am personally offended by your insensitivity. If I were (which I never would) to say ” Young Black Bitch” what would you think of me?
        But that is NOT the way I was taught, so obviosly this speaks VOLUMES of your upbringing!
        And you speak of “Alleged rapist”…you must be watching the Fake News, because the reports I have heard, specify Ms. Ford NEVER said that she was RAPED….only “groppled”, and the last time I checked that is NOT consideted rape, in ANY shape or form. You had better switch to Fox News, and get your facts straight!

      • Well, Diane, that really dosen’t matter since all of this is simply a delay tactic by the Dems to postpone Judge Kavanaugh’s appointment until after the midterm elections. NONE of these accusations are true, and investigating them is outside the FBI’s purview. These accusations are also well past the Statute of Limitations,so once again, no FBI investigation. These women have been bought and paid for by George Soros and the DNC. Quite simply put, they have been paid to lie. Period. Anyone with half a brain can figure this strategy out.

        Phil in TX

        • Anyone with a half of brain would NOT rely on Faux AlmostNews for the truth. It’s Trump propaganda network and you people are just to ignorant and gullible to buy it; afterall you buy the crap that Trump spews everyday. Sad. You ignorant freaks can’t even a conversation without invoking the Clintons or Soros. This, I repeat for you idiots, that this is about Kavanaugh’s character and whether he should receive a lifetime appointment. He’s already lied 4 times during his confirmation and now 2 women have come forward to accuse him of sexual assault. A man with his character should NOT be on the Supreme Court……period.

      • You have to be a fool to believe what the dem are saying, they will lie about anything that can get there way, and our reb,s just stand by and do nothing

      • Diane has the democrats got in touch with you yet to see if you will lie for them is that the reason you are mad they may offer you $$$$$ if you would lie for them!!

      • The FBI by their own statements refuse to investigate local issues. IT IS NOT THEIR JOB. Their job is to investigate federal crimes.. Because of statutes have run out years ago their is now nothing for local authorities in Montgomery Co. Md. or in Connecticut to investigate. She said he said , no evidence , no incident.

      • Di, Kav (in the past)HAS Already been ‘vetted’ 0ver 5x including fbi.
        It Is NOT the jobbee at this point for FBI to ‘investigate’ a mere
        ‘allegation’ W/0ut Evidence or Corroboration.
        >An aside: Police depts investigate this stuff 0NLY IF a REPORT
        IS FILED. Ford DID NOT FILE at ‘that’ time. STATUTE of LIMITATIONS
        by LAW, IS Looong Gone. This is ‘political play’ instigated by Feinstein
        (& taking ‘heat off’ HER & chinese chauffeur spy guy) & i told you about
        Roe v Wade issue. Ford is connected to RU486 (abortion) drug co’s.
        she is paranoid to testify. i think she Should be tested for drugs (psycho or whatever) she is not rite. & that’s about it.

  34. The republicans must stand together and confirm Kavanagh. what these democrats a saying and doing it’s all made up Lies the American people are not stupid they can see what’s going on. It’s Republic don’t don’t do it I’m done I’ll never vote Republican again on never vote again. Why should we all they gotta do is make a little noise and of Republican bend and bend over push it bullshit…

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