You won’t believe how Mitch McConnell is about to betray Donald Trump

The Democrats are not the only obstacle Donald Trump faces in trying to enact his “Make America Great Again” agenda.

RINO Republicans look to sabotage him at every turn.

And you won’t believe how Mitch McConnell is about to betray Donald Trump.

Mitch McConnell and other establishment Republicans work at the behest of the pro-amnesty donor class.

And they are pitching a fit over Donald Trump removing Bush-loyalist Kirstjen Nielsen as the Secretary of Homeland Security and wanting to appoint a conservative, like former Virginia Governor Ken Cuccinelli, or former Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach.

Politico reports:

As Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell asked Republicans this week to head off problematic nominees before President Donald Trump officially picked them, the Kentucky Republican singled out Ken Cuccinelli.

Floated for the job of Homeland Security secretary, the former Virginia Attorney General runs the anti-establishment Senate Conservatives Fund. McConnell remarked Tuesday that the group had cost the GOP seats in 2010 and 2012 by guiding the party away from more electable candidates, according to attendees at the closed-door Republican policy lunch.

Now with McConnell up for reelection and eager to protect his narrow majority, it’s Senate Republicans who are trying to take control.

In addition to confronting Trump on his purge at the Department of Homeland Security and his threat to deploy auto tariffs and keep existing levies, GOP senators hope they can persuade the president to avoid nominating Cuccinelli or Kris Kobach, another immigration hard-liner, to lead DHS. They also want Trump to drop plans to nominate Herman Cain to the Federal Reserve and are considering whether to challenge Stephen Moore’s nomination to the Fed.

Both Cuccinelli and Kobach share Trump’s desire to crackdown on illegal immigration.

McConnell and the other RINO Republicans in the Senate want to tank those nominations to keep the flow of cheap labor running to their pay masters in the donor class.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Hey Betty Boop:
    When President Trump gets reelected we can watch you go insane and be hauled off in a straight jacket by the men in their white coats to your nearest funny farm and you will no longer have us listen to your anti-Trump s**t. As far as I’m concerned, good riddance.

  2. Mcconnell should have gone last time — he told the KY people lies and they believed him. Governor Blivens should have been voted in. McConnell is more interested in Himself and his father-in-law’s business than of taking care of USA affairs. His father-in-law shipping company is more important to McConnell than producing thigs in USA

    • The maconnell dem ass rino leaning stench should have been GONE with mccain & flake that deceived AZ voters to be republicans but supported bo’s treason … !

  3. Haha & uh-0h. Time to ‘buck up’ Mitch.
    Fly ‘your USA Flag’ ??? What IFF, ‘wife’s
    taxes are ‘reviewed’. hmmm.
    >TIME NOW for ‘ComeUppance’ Mitch, /0R
    ‘GET 0UT’.

  4. McConnell better get his act together. He is a washed up con trying to stab the president, in the back again. He has done this before and that is why the congress is not under, Republican control. He continues to placate the liberal leftest and that’s not a good thing. This is what Nancy Pelosi has been counting on. They all need to be in Gitmo, doing hard time for their crimes, against our country. He is as bad as Al Green, just like a snake in the grass.

  5. If Mitch is up for re-election he can’t be seriously thinking of ways to derail the President’s agenda! He’ll go down in flames 🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥. It time for Mitch toget on board or parish.

    • It is way past time for McConnell to be removed from office. Too many times he has back stabbed President Trump. Over the past eight years when obama was running around with his phone & pen McConnell was just setting on the sideline never making a peep about billions to Iran, gun running in Mexico with Holder, feeding the ISIS militant group and muslim brotherhood. Time for Mitch to hit the bread line !

    • No he won’t go down in flames! Matt Bevin (now the Gov. of KY) was a great challenger and lost. Bitch McRINO is a pathetic POS weak-chinned wimp but he knows the stupid hicks in KY vote on getting the pork he always delivers and the stick with him. At least these morons elected Bevin Gov. as an “I’m sorry” gesture. Remember, we’re talking about a state that makes some of the best bourbon in the nation, but still has dry counties. They are absolute corn pone yahoos!

  6. What’s so hard about obeying the law? Our president, whomever it is, has sworn to uphold the Constitution and follow the law. It’s Mitch’s job to legislate, that means make/change the law. If the Senate or House don’t like the current laws, they should change them. BUT until that happens, our president is required to carry them out and for now that means stop illegal immigration. Get over it Mitch, you wuss.

  7. I guess a strong sense of self preservation takes precedent over the survival of the nation. We are living in an age where PATRIOTS and persons of conscience are no longer elected to represent us and pork barrel pot lickers are preferred by the electorate.

  8. All Rino’s traitos-f should be reelected ! We can’t to give them any chance to be voted ! Kick them out from Republicans, they are not belong to ! Judas got 30 silver’s coins and did suicide ! Clean up the Republican’s party before it too late !

  9. I’m just starting to realize that RINO Ryan and Mitch McConnell are both ASSHOLES – they have never been for Trump…. we need people(leaders) that will back Trump…….

  10. How do we get the word out to Republicans that reside in RINO Districts that their votes are crucial to the success of the President. How many Republican Voters who love The President unwittingly send snakes and backstabbers to Congress time again. With all the Drama going down I haven’t heard a peep out of my guy. So he’s gotta go.

  11. The only term limits that should exist is a lack of votes at the polls.Only natural citizens should be allowed to hold an office in the U S congress.

    • James Reid, I agree with you. When we control the House again in 2020 (and we MUST), the law should be changed or the Constitution amended, which ever applies. There is no way we can ever be sure that an immigrant, who way of life, ideology, or religion is so “foreign” to the American way of life, will have a true allegiance to our Constitution. We are already experiencing a bold example of this with Islamic members in Congress. Every day there is another problem with them.
      You are correct that “term limits” for Congress members can and should be controlled with the ballot box. If the “idiots” don’t live up to their campaign promises and work with the President to process the agenda then, VOTE THE SUCKERS OUT! Somewhere along the way people have gotten into the pattern of voting for an incumbent without a second thought when some should be weeded out in the primaries, if they are not doing the job as promised and required! People must get engaged and learn about candidates and what they “really” stand for.
      I am confident the entire world laughs at us because of the stupid things we accept in America. It does not make the world respect or like us, look at all the military assistance we give and all the foreign aid and yet we are the most hated Country in the world! So much to do, so little time……………………….VOTE STRAIGHT REPUBLICAN TICKET IN 2020, SAVE AMERICA! #WalkAway to the Republican party, we want and need you!

  12. McConnell is a traitor to the AMERICA people…This clown need sto stand behind OUR President and the American people..get some balls and act like a GOOD American, not like the lib traitors…..con=me on mitch get a backbone!!!!

  13. Ken Cuccinelli would be excellent or Chris Kobach. Go for it Mr. President! May a thousand Fleas infest the armpits of your opponents in the GOP.
    Actually, Cuccinelli was a die hard never trumper before the election…funny how the tables have turned.

  14. McConnell is showing his true color now and is being just like Pelosi and the Democrats. I say McConnell cannot be trusted to support Trump anymore.

    • McConnell can’t be objective his wife is a foreign woman and he’s to old to serve been in congress too long..can’t believe he was reelected maybe rigged voting and dead voters. He doesn’t help kentucky at all…something not right about him he also acts like a democrat under cover…

    • Only ones you can trust are the ones with nothing to lose. That is why RINOs hate Trump. Too bad Crenshaw is in the House and not from Kentucky. Have I got it wrong or are the citizens of Kentucky pro wall or NOT? Maybe Mitch the Turtle needs to come out of his shell and do what’s right for the nation and not himself. Think he would get a lot more votes and respect if he did.

  15. OH I believe it. Mitch McConnell is a closet RINO, as is Lindsey Graham. It is just a matter of time before they backstab the President. Our whole government is corrupt. Not sides. Have you seen the Republicans lift their hands to help at all? We should bring back hanging of public officials.

  16. ‘Twithcie Mitchie’ is a son of a b****y. He must be replaced ASAP before he fouls up any more legislation. His replacement, even if a dead dog, would be an upgrade.

  17. McConnell Mitch has used up any value he once had as the GOP Senate leader. He has to much “deep state” in his blood now. The Senate should replace him!

  18. You never know which side McConnell will be on , Not consistent pro-America , can’t be trusted , & WHY did his family’s ship get caught with shipment of cocaine ? Hmmm?

    • What’s wrong with getting someone as
      DHS Secretary that wants to control the
      Illegal immigration crisis on the border?
      Sounds like draining the swamp is a good
      thing for both left wing Democrats and the
      RHINO’s. We have to do something to
      control these illegal crossings and you
      cannot rely on the Democrats to help.
      They only have a one track mind and that
      is inopposition to our POTUS and legal
      Americans. I really hate the fact that we
      are paying their salaries to do nothing.

  19. These old Rinos dont get it,Blue Collar Workers who used to Vote for the Demonrats,have abandoned them and now Vote For Conservatives!,but We dont want these freaks in power who want nothing more than to have more illegals to have their cheap labor and to keep American wages down!,While the Demon-Rats want them for future votes!,because they have lost middle America and the working class!,We Hard Working Americans need to Vote The Demon-Rats out of office,and at the same time primary these worthless Republicans like McConnell that will not back President Trump!

    • I agree and hopefully in 2020 those that do not
      support what’s good for Americans will not be in
      positions in congress both Senate and House.
      We need elected officials that really want to make
      America great and the same goes for legal citizens.

      • Why do you think they are called the dumbed down blind mass of Snowflakes! They are easily manipulated by the tool for democrats the bought out biased medias propaganda LIES! They cannot think for themselves due to being too stupid by the lowering of standards to pacify all that hurts all liberalism in the educational system

        • Yes….that is what they did when they put in “No Child Left Behind “. The worst thing they could do for the good of Education. Now today’s low level kids all make A’s and B’s now because Educators are not allowed to fail any student…..that is a fact because I know….I just retired from that profession.

      • No…the biggest obstacle is the Demobrats consistent obstruction to what is good and right. If it is evil that is wanted – they’ll go for that alright!! But nothing good or moral for this nation.. One reason not to vote blue….TRUMMP 2020!! He (and a few good Republicans) are the only ones looking out for the good of the nation…everyone else has ulterior motives – like lining their pockets with hand-outs!

      • You are right on. We need 4 more years of Trump, and no Rino’s. Ryan should have resigned when he said he wasn’t running again. He really screwed Trump by not funding the wall. I would never vote for him, even if ran for dog cathcher. POS!

    • ~ Betty you must be blind in one eye and can’t see out of the other,and dummer than batshit , because the only idiotic insanity is the Demoncraps, Rhinos, and Communist Liberals that is imposing on the “Miracles and Amazing Progress in Making America Great Again.” Presideent Trump is The Best President America has ever had and You say the CRAP like you did …..YOU MUST BE A BLIND COMMUNIST.~

    • No…the biggest obstacle is the Demobrats consistent obstruction to what is good and right. If it is evil that is wanted – they’ll go for that alright!! But nothing good or moral for this nation.. One reason not to vote blue….TRUMMP 2020!! He (and a few good Republicans) are the only ones looking out for the good of the nation…everyone else has ulterior motives – like lining their pockets with hand-outs!

    • Hey Stupid Bitty, pass the pipe because I want some of that $hit you’re smoking. That is either some good $hit or both your brain cells just rolled out of your A$$.

    • She’s baaack. Betty I truly hope your next brain scan shows you still have one. Or at least one not full of holes. One of two things; either you are a paid troll, or you are completely delusional. Please do not waste anyone else’s time nor waste further space. I will no longer even glance at your sad attempts to show everyone how intelligent you think you are, or respond to stupidity. Truly you have a fool in your mouth that has stolen your tounge.

      • He was a disgrace to America the great, He slamed all the Christian too. He was the worst of the worst presidents ever. He should be in jail wit hillabeat and all of their lawbreakers

  20. agree 200% term limits need to be a law pelosi shummer mcconnell have been there tooooo long along for several more that need to go if you cant help & support the president then get your butts out of d.c.

    • Jerry Sailors, I completely agree.. and have for years. And now to learn that McConnell never changed his spots as what was reported. I gave him the benefit of my doubt for a minute. He gave the impression he as he decided to attach himself to our President side that he agreed with the President. I wondered why? Well it appears he is still a rino after all. I had my doubts and it appears I was right.

    • Go to your convention of state’s website and sign the petition. Using our state legislatures we can amend the Constitution bypassing Congress. We can place term limits. We can limit their spending and much more. Please go to the website and sign the petition.

  21. What I really think about Mitch McConnell is that he is really on the side of Nancy Pelosi and is a Democrat in Republican clothing.

      • That’s because you Americans have blind patriotism to the corrupt current 2 party system and laziness and have a mindset that any other party vote is wasted thanks to the bought out biased medias propaganda LIES! People need to get out of the false mindsets that any other party vote is wasted besides the current corrupt 2 party system and that any government is too big to fight or fail! Everyone must Unite to Stop the anti-Americanism of both parties especially the democrats and their tool the medias and Stop any and all Fraudulent means of elections, stop being lazy!

      • The only thing CRAZY donald & D for DUMB trump will do in a second term is exactly what that White House WORTHLESS WORM has done in a first term, Flush the USA right down History’s Sewer System!

      • Betty: So what you are saying is Hillary was your candidate and you lost and just cannot get over it!
        I would hate to think of where we would be if Hillary was our POTUS! Probably in a war, increased crime, no jobs, drug and sex trafficking and plenty of illegal immigrants. Or maybe the reason we have all of these illegal immigrants is because the Deep State is behind it to overrun our country and take control?

      • Hey Betty if u knew anything about our political system, u wud know that that the pres can only serve 2, that’s two terms.

  22. It had been more than 30 years that the rino Republicans sat on the illegal alien issue. They did nothing to stem down this flow. Perhaps we need to follow the money that bargained for the aliens.

    What’s wrong with the American workers? Try the American teenagers as they need to build their resume for the future.

  23. Of all the things that we should be voting on it definitely should be “TERM LIMITS” for those old codgers who have been in there so long that they have entrenched themselves and think that they are the “PRESIDENT” and that what they say should be the way it should be, and if the President doesn’t agree then they all have a meeting behind his back and override him and do exactly what they want. I don’t know, but I don’t think that our Constitution was written in such a way that would allow this to happen. But something has gone amuck and we are being taken down a path that is full of thorns and brambles and something needs to change, and I mean fast.

  24. We definitely need term limits for the house & senate. They cheat so much at the polls that they can stay in there until they die. Anyone remember Strom Thurmon?? That old geezer slept & slobbered the last 5 or 6 years. He was valueless yet they kept him there. Waste.

  25. President Trump is entitled to all his nominees. If any Republican Senator opposed these nominees they need to be oppose in their next primary. They are not entitled to dictate to our great President Trump. I support all his nominees.

    • Same here!!! I believe if the dems & rinos object to someone that means they are afraid of that person. They KNOW he/she will support PRESIDENT TRUMP’S efforts to stop the flow of illegals. So whoever they object to THAT’S THE PERSON TO HIRE!!!

  26. Get the Rinos out, and the conservative common sense will prevail, without the insanity of sucking money and or giving it away.

  27. Some kind of amnesty, maybe, but NEVER EVER citizenship for any illegal. EVERY naturalized citizen who went thru the process should pitch a bitch and never vote Democratic.

  28. Old Snooze chewing Mitch and his wife, are sucking as much money from their gov positions as they can. It only takes the 2nd Term to convert good people to permanent
    suckers on a government teat and to hell with the taxpayers that voted for them. Only Term Limits, including SCOTUS Judges will correct this.

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