You won’t believe how one Republican Senator just betrayed Donald Trump

Even as Donald Trump enjoys nearly 90 percent support from Republican voters, the President still faces traitors within his midst in Washington, D.C.

One RINO just showed their true colors.

And you won’t believe how this Republican Senator just betrayed Donald Trump.

Republican Senators Chuck Grassley and Ron Johnson are attempting to investigate corruption allegations against former Vice President Joe Biden for his actions in blackmailing the Ukrainian government into firing a prosecutor that had been investigating a company paying his son one million dollars a year.

Trump supporters are sick and tired of investigations digging through the personal lives of Donald Trump and his associates while ignoring credible allegations of wrongdoing against Democrats.

But not every Republican is onboard with a fair and equal administration of justice in America.

Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Republican Richard Burr of North Carolina demanded Johnson and Grassley stand down.

Burr played the typical Washington, D.C. swamp card of claiming Grassley and Johnson were actually aiding Russia by investigating Biden’s corruption.

POLITICO reports, “In a Dec. 5 meeting, Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr (R-N.C.) told the leaders of the Senate Homeland Security and Finance committees — Ron Johnson of Wisconsin and Chuck Grassley of Iowa, respectively — that their probe targeting Biden could aid Russian efforts to sow chaos and distrust in the U.S. political system, according to two congressional sources familiar with the meeting.”

Democrats tried to impeach Trump over charges of quid pro quo over Ukrainian military aid that they largely fabricated out of thin air.

Joe Biden is on record in public declaring that he strong armed the Ukrainian government into firing the prosecutor who had been investigating the corrupt energy company Burisma or else Biden would personally withhold one billion dollars in aid.

Burr’s outrageous attempt to cover up any possible by wrongdoing by Biden is an example of the Washington, D.C. swamp taking care of its own.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. President Trump will do the right thing because He is God! God is GREAT! He is a GREAT BUSINESSMAN too! He will eliminate Demorats, women and negroes ! MAGA – MAKE AMERICA WHITE AGAIN! TRUMP 2020!

  2. What a sorry POS. He better be glad he is not going to run for re-election.
    There are many who would no longer support him, myself being one of them. I
    can’t stomach these disgusting Rinos. They are frauds and as corrupt at the rest of the Washington swamp sewer rats. Good riddance. Hopefully we can find someone to replace him who is honest and has the guts to stand up for the conservatives.

  3. Stupid Burr states exact opposite of reality. It is Demorats that aid Russia by pushing Russia collusion bull for years intentionally dividing America. I am sure Putin gets a big laugh @ hoaxes Democrats continue to push. It is about time quid pro quo Joe is investigated

  4. Pastpr Richard: Have you read the Bible? Are you judging? I think you are judging me as demented, sick, immoral, bigotted, selfish, fear ridden, paranoid, suspicious, easily convinced, and sad belief? Me thinks you need to go back into church and pray about that. Trump MAY be a bully but I think the Democrat’s Biden is the one who lies. And I am very happy he’s being investigated! 😉

  5. We again are confronted with a warped minded RINO who doesn’t want to accept the fact the corruption of the democrats runs deep, and it is time to root it out, we have a traitor in our midst, he needs to be cut off, his chairmanship removed, and no more cooperation on anything he wants passed! It is time to take a stand. It is time we disown our enemies from within. (To the democrats responding about Trump. Note the body count of people who have outed the wrong person. And especially whistleblowers… democrats probably killed another one last week.)

  6. Julio, just how is the investigation of admitted bribery/extortion, in Biden’s own words, going to aid the Russians in sowing chaos in our elections? If anything, it will invoke those in charge to do everything to keep the Russians from interfering. Just as Billary claimed the Russians influenced the 2016 election to help elect President Trump; logic dictates that the Russians would have preferred a spineless dove in Billary than a man with a backbone. P.S. to julio. Stop regurgitating the slack-jaw left’s continued crapola that President Trump broke any laws. Read the Constitution sometime. Nothing the left alleged came anywhere close to treason and/or high crimes and misdemeanors. The dems lived in fantasy land if they had any delusion they would get 67 votes in the Senate to remove President Trump. It was a farce from the beginning and a total waste of time and money, i.e; taxpayer’s money. They are just jealous that President Trump obtained results while their demi-god obama told the American public that 1 1/2 % GDP was the best we can expect in the future. Also, the democrat travesty that are trying to become president in 2020 is the biggest bunch of screwups ever to deign that office. The latest richness is Biden’s claim that Trump is in collusion with the Russians to help bernie sanders (BS is right) get nominated. I must have missed our second civil war in which 175 million Americans have died since 2007 by handguns according to alzheimer ridden biden.

  7. My word… what’s the new shiny thing you’re all chasing today? Really, it astounds me how you can chase these non-issues and totally ignore reality and actually choose to remain ignorant of what’s happening in the real world… smh

  8. I have not been impressed with Senator Burr as he seemed to fall into the background during the last 3 years. I do not see a lot of senators fighting for the working people who have watched their jobs disappear to China and elsewhere.

  9. Senator burr should be investigated hes had his hand in the cookie jar also hang this bastard too

  10. Senator Richard Burr needs to be elected out of office because, when he is telling Senator Johnson and Senator Grassley to stand down, he sounds like he has something to hide as well.

    It’s only fair for Senator Jonson and Senator Grassley to investigate the corruption in Ukraine that has former Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden involved in. I have seen the recording on the new’s where former Biden has been bragging about getting the prosecutor fired in Ukraine that was investigating the corrupt gas company Burisma. It’s only fair to investigate the Biden’s just like the Democrat’s have been investigating President Donald J Trump and his whole family.

    As for Senator Richard Burr, he need’s to be elected out of office and any other swamp creatures that are still in office need’s to be removed. For all Senator’s that don’t want to get the truth about the Biden’s and the Obama’s and their whole administration during Obama’s time in office, then all I have to say is, ” There is a double standard process and ruling for all of the corrupt and crooked Democrat’s” and it need’s to stop now!! PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I can’t wait until the 2020 Presidential Election this November 3, 2020, because, I will be voting for re-election of President Donald J Trump and Vice President Mike Pence and their whole administration for another 4 year’s, because, they have done more for every American citizen and they have done a whole lot more than former Obama ever did.

    We need to get some candidate’s elected into office that will work President Trump and his whole administration for the future.

    Maybe, just maybe, Senator Richard Burr might need to be investigated as well and any other corrupt or crooked Republican’s that are asking or telling Senator Johnson and Senator Grassley that they need to stand-down from investigating the Biden’s. It sounds like evidently, Senator Richard Burr might be involved with some corruption himself. Senator Johnson and Senator Grassley might just want to investigate Senator Burr also. JUST SAYING!!!!!!!!!

    We need all of the swamp creatures to be removed from office just A.S.A.P., right after the 2020 Presidential Election is over now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Pastor Richard is as brainwashed as the rest of the democrats. He likely believes anything that is propagated as news from
    fake news CNN. If he is a real pastor with a real church with a real congregation, his parishioners should run from the building like it was on fire. It would be interesting to hear how he preaches The Bible and link those beliefs with his own venom…???

  12. Sorry to say that this RINO is Senator in my state, North Carolina. He should be removed from his chairmanship for his attempt of cover-up of the Deep State criminals. Grassley is chairman of Homeland Security and is well within his rights to investigate. Burr is an establishment member and does not support the policies of the GOP and/or President. It is apparent more and more that there should be a method to recall senators by the states.

  13. Here we go again; Aren’t you suppose to be at church Pastor??? Helping people instead of preaching hatred and calling people names…LOL… Have a nice day in your twisted ways!!!

  14. Here we go again; one word on social media about someone intelligent enough to understand what a lying slime bag we have for a president and immediately these morons jump to his defence. Like the sheep that have followed every dictator that ever came to power throughout world history, Trump’s cheerleaders never fail to live up to believing every lie and self serving utterance from Trump’s twisted mouth and Twitter acount. Will they ever wake up? Of course not; their diminished intelligence will have none of it. They are on Trump’s unholy team and, as has every follower of every dictator in history, they will fight to the death to defend the hero they have been bamboozled into worshipping in the hope that their demented, sick, immoral, bigotted, selfish, fear ridden, paranoid, suspicious, easily convinced, and sad belief that it is “he” that should be in charge and that anyone that does not believe as they do needs to be eliminated or, at very least, be made to think as they do by any means available. History has shown us exactly how this will end and clearly this will be very bad news for Premier Trump and his Zombie/sheep followers.Past

  15. Richard Burr cousin of Aaron Burr, the man who killed Alexander Hamilton and stood trial for Treason in an item to take control of the American military. Burr works both sides of the party’s just like Mitt Romney, bottom line just another traitor.

  16. Senator Burr. The American people want, and deserve, to know the truth. Get out of the way of their finding out.

  17. julio wetback from Tijuana and illegal alien criminal , selling drugs ; go back to your origin and stay there .

  18. I wish, as a North Carolina voter, that Burr was running again just so I can vote against him. I guarantee if you look into Burr’s finances you may find some connection to this whole money laundering scheme that the Bidens and obamas were involved in.

  19. Gee does Burr have something to hide here? Corruption wherever it may be hiding needs to be exposed. Using an election to hide wrong doing or justify not investigating sends the wrong signal to law abiding Americans about the our government and it’s ability to be honest and just. Senator Burr is completely wrong on this one. Why? We expect more from our representatives in government.

  20. Hey, guys, this site needs to let commenters upvote or downvote comments, AND respond to them as well, if this is to make any sense. Get busy, programmers!

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  22. Sorry julio but Trump is still the President to the United States so you can go swin or wade back across the river and eat beans and chili peppers.

  23. There’s not a person walking the earth that’s a bigger commie asshole than Matt. Go corn hole your mama.

  24. Too many democrats are so consumed with their own anger and hatred of Trump and anybody that doesn’t agree with them that they actually wish harm to befall on them. They have lost any ability to engage in rational thought.
    I never voted for Obama or thought he was good for America but I didn’t hate the man, and I didn’t want bad things to happen to him, other than losing an election.
    When you hate someone so much that you are consumed by it you only hurt yourself.
    I wish democrats could understand that.

  25. There ISN’T a person walking the planet earth whom even comes close to being as CORRUPT as Don the Con Trump……

  26. be that as it may, Trumpykins, through word and deed, has earned impeachment thousands of times over. be that as it may, Trumpykins, through word and deed, has earned impeachment thousands of times over. be that as it may, Trumpykins, through word and deed, has earned impeachment thousands of times over.

  27. I said it LOOONG AGO! Mr President, there are STILL moles hidden within your administration. CLEAN HOUSE SIR!!

  28. Coups have consequences! Invoke Insurrection Act to arrest every Anti-American, democrat, RINO’s sending them to Military Tribunals followed by same day Firing Squads!

  29. Well, let’s hope a new Republican can win NC this year and/or take over the Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee. There are so many crooks in Congress & most of them are at the top & have already amassed a lot of money!

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