You won’t believe Robert Mueller’s connection to this child pornographer

Robert Mueller pulled out all the stops in his effort to bring down Donald Trump.

But the lows he stooped to will sicken you.

And you won’t believe Robert Mueller’s connection to this child pornographer.

During the Mueller investigation, the special counsel made businessman George Nader a star witness.

Nader provided testimony on a meeting in Seychelles between Erik Prince – who is the Blackwater founder and brother-in-law of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos – and a Russian official during the Trump transition.

No one was charged with anything having to do with the meeting but Mueller’s goon leaked details of the encounter to create the false impression that the Trump team was in league with the Russians.

But it turns out there was one alleged criminal at the meeting.

And that was Mueller’s star witness, George Nader.

Last year federal prosecutors in Virginia charged Nader with transporting child pornography – this is the second case of child pornography that Nader faced.

The Washington Post reports:

A key witness in former special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s investigation of Russian election interference has been charged with transporting child pornography last year, according to court documents.

George Nader, who has a previous conviction on such charges, was charged in federal court in Virginia and is expected to make an initial court appearance in New York.

Nader played an unusual role as a kind of liaison between Trump supporters, Middle East leaders and Russians interested in making contact with the incoming administration in early 2017.

Officials said Nader, 60, was charged by criminal complaint over material he was traveling with when he arrived at Washington Dulles International Airport on Jan. 17, 2018, from Dubai. At the time, he was carrying a cellphone containing visual depictions of minors engaged in sexually explicit conduct, officials said. The charges were unsealed after his arrest Monday morning at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York.

Mueller working with the likes of Nader shows there was no bottom of the barrel low enough for Mueller to scrape in his quest to destroy the President.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. It was Obama that was using the intelligence agencies to spy on Trump campaign as well as everyone else. It was the patriot Admiral Roberts that brought that information to Trump . After that Trump removed his campaign from Trump Towers. Obama also spied on Supreme Court justices. That no doubt Justice Roberts changed his vote on Obamacare. He was being blackmailed. There will be people indicted when the several reports come out. Not the least of which will be Clapper and the Muslim Brennan

  2. No woman ever claimed Trump grabbed any part of her. That was nothing but trash talking. Trump said what he could do if he wanted. Did not say he wanted to do to do it. What Trump said is no doubt true. There are plenty of low life women that would be more than willing to do what he claimed. Afterall he is a billionaire. Trump was around hundreds of beauties in Miss Universe contest. Not a one claimed he acted inappropriately. You lefties are a bunch of liars.

  3. sargent major williams: Since Putin put Trump into office I fail to understand why Russian donors sent 145 million $ to hillary’s Canadian charity. Would you mind explaining that? Since you seem to have all of the Russian insight. Why didn’t Putin see to it that Trump got that money?

  4. You must be out of you mind and what a awful thing to say about anyone. You need to remember what goes around comes around. SHAME ON YOU. In the first place what have they done to you personally?

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  6. AGREED !!!!! Nothing being done about the Clintons, Mueller, OBOZO, Comey, Touchy Feely Pedophile Biden..

  7. At ease Sgt.Major, big mouth!
    You’re spouting the BS!
    You & you’re liberal friends are whining losers, who did everything you could to get did of this non- playing , non- politico, President.
    You just want to protect the crooked cowards,thieves, traitors,murderers, & bottom feeders, defending their criminality; top to bottom , in the previous Obozo Administration!
    Let’s see; Benghazi, & the crooked arms dealing with Middle Eastern terrorists, Solyndra, the $ 400+ million phoney solar company deal, the $800+ defective ACH software companies, $1.7 billion to terrorist Iran, while we had sldiers on the ground, $400+ million to terrorists in Palestinian Hamas, Uranium One deals for play for pay up to 30% of our enrichable uranium to Russia, while Slick Wille Clinton collected, $ 500k stipend for a 20 min speech to oligarchs; like Killary’s $ 600k 30 min speech to crooked Wall streeters! Pelosi & Feinsteins separeate multi – million $$ non- compete Fed. contracts for their husbands, sons, daughters, & other family members, along with The same in grants, not to mention insider info stock trading!
    Yeah, Sgt.Major, if you are or were a Sgt.Major, Stand down, & keep you imbecilic trap shut!!! You’re a disgrace!
    LTC V.Zabbo U.S Army Inf.airborne, SOG, Ranger, rotary aviator!!!

  8. Face facts you liberal loon. If Mueller and his team of rabid Hillary supporters couldn’t find anything, there was nothing to find. If they had found something you can bet Mueller would have shouted it from the rooftops.

  9. So what’s going to be done about it. he won’t be arrested. This means nothing. They are above the law. When arrests are made against Hillary and all her crime family then I will get interested. Until then it’s all a dog and pony show.

  10. Mary, Mary, Mary… what have you been smoking? Do you actually still believe that Podesta, child porn conspiracy? Do you remember your partner in all this going in and killing people based on that nonsense, and later apologizing because there was no frickin’ such thing? Keep drinking that kool-aid, like those at Jonestown, and it’ll eventually get ya. What a kook.

  11. Nader, arrest is public information, and for all the none
    believers, naders arrest is documented.
    As far as the democratic party goes….I say
    they need to be abolished, fired, jail, leave the country,
    take away citizenships, hard labor…..
    I want the anti-American democrats OUT OF OFFICE

  12. And let’s not forget John Podesta, Killary’s election campaign chairman. He’s the head honcho of child porn and trafficking all over the world. Never see or hear anything about him because he’s been laying low ever since Trump was elected. He’s running scared as he should!

  13. Why should we have to wait until criminals are defeated or resign from Congress until they can be charged. A very simple procedure with allowing an American citizen to discuss with the AG the filing of charges against a member of congress. There would have to be enough evidence for that person to be indicted in state or federal court. Think about it.

  14. And why are the left wing rags not clearing the air?? Is it possible that the “right wing rag” was correct. As for free speech with blatant provable lies, the left wing rags are thankful for it.c

  15. No point 4 me to bringing up the facts about the Dilldoecraps because I get blocked every time. Obviously this site has no chonies to hear the hard truth

  16. This article could not be more of a lie, George Nader was heavily involved with Trump’s campaign and cronies. This is a despicable article by a right wing rag that shouldn’t have free speech with blatant provable lies. If you don’t believe me google George Nader.

  17. Unfortunately you are so correct.Why isn’t anything being done about it??? Are we just to stand by and watch these atrocities happen without any of them facing any consequences?

  18. This is the type trash that is running the democratic party that needs to be gotten rid of and it needs to start with term limits and not where you can spend there limit in the house and then do it again in the senate but a total time limit in elected office state and Fed.

  19. Clintons were in fact connected to pedophilia rings. They called it “PIZZAGATE”. It was an island they would go to, along with many politicians and people of wealth. I would not be surprised if Muellar was involved with this

  20. Why in hell hasn’t that POS Nadler been prosecuted?! Instead that POS is accusing our POTUS of bogus crimes while that SOB is guilty of sex crimes against children! That bastard and all the others will never escape judgement! We need the rule of law to prosecuted this foul animals!

  21. Mueller was head of FBI while Hillary was in with #44. Was PO’d over not keeping it with Trump and his alliance was still with Hillary, so as saying goes, birds of a feather flock together, so do gang members.

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  23. Use your favorite search engine and type in Clinton Pedophilia. You will be amazed at how much information comes up – how many pedophiles and pro-pedophilia groups are connected to the Clintons – personally and financially.

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