You won’t believe what Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez demanded this Republican do

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez took her social media attacks to a disgusting new level.

But the freshman Congresswoman took it too far.

That’s because you won’t believe what Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez demanded this Republican do.

Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham took Donald Trump, Jr.’s side in a fight over the Intelligence Committee subpoenaing him for more testimony in their investigation into the Russian collusion hoax.

Trump, Jr. already testified for nearly 30 hours before Congress and Robert Mueller cleared him of any criminal wrongdoing.

That wasn’t enough for Democrats on the committee, so they bullied Chairman Richard Burr into demanding Trump, Jr. sit for further interrogation.

Graham simply advised Trump, Jr. not to show up.

That enraged Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who flew off the handle on Twitter and demanded Graham resign.

The Daily Caller reports:

Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez joined calls Tuesday for Republican South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham to resign over advice he gave to Donald Trump Jr.

“The Senate Intel Committee (which is GOP-controlled!) issued a legally binding subpoena, & Sen. @LindseyGrahamSC advised that individual to ignore it,” Ocasio-Cortez tweeted. “If Lindsey Graham wants to work for Trump so badly, he can resign his seat and move his office down a few blocks to do so.”

Graham said Monday that if Trump Jr. complied with the subpoena from the Senate Intelligence Committee, he should plead the Fifth. “You just show up and plead the Fifth and it’s over with,” Graham said, noting that his attorney would “have to be an idiot” to allow Congress another bite at him. “This whole thing is nuts. To me, it’s over.

Democrats just cannot give up on the Russian collusion hoax.

The plan to question Trump, Jr. is a pathetic attempt to continue to perpetrate an already debunked fraud on the American people.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. What people are waking up to is this . . . the democrats in DC have lost control of the ability to think rationally! They are blinded with rage and anger! All they can see through their hate of Donald Trump is HE MUST BE OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE ! ! !

  2. Cortez is living proof of the education system has turned to dog crap and is a model example of affirmative action gone to hell. Would any of us ever think there would be such vulgar language, viscous attacks and slander of persons of a different point of view? Really, I never would have thought such blatant lies, arrogance, childishness, stupidity and ignorance would ever be tolerated let alone her support of racism, bigotry and anti semitism. Since all but a few of the House condemn her, we are only left with the conclusion that they align themselves with her. I am sure I can speak for all of us that the Democratic party will totally burn itself out, never to rise again.

    • All you parents preparing to send your kids to college – just stow it. Save yourself the grief, the expense, throwing good money at bad college institutions who are nothing but “Marxist Workshops.” Consider sending your kids to a trade school or some school with applied sciences. They are far more cheaper, and you will get a great return on your kid’s investment.

  3. What COMPELS Miss AOC to continually stick her nose into affairs that DO NOT concern her ??? She should work on her time management to find greater relevance for her “tireless efforts”! I suggest she (a) work on her bartending resume, to add all the latest techniques (just in case the unthinkable happens, and she is relieved of her seat) OR (b) make a few more videos like her hit Boston U Rooftop performance, except this time wear a little less clothing. Just trying to help, FOLKS !!

  4. STOP hanging on every word uttered by the three new congresswomen. You keep giving them unlimited press, unlimited air time. I am sick of seeing their faces on every page on my computer. Ignore them.

    • I agree, though I think it important that We the People know who these idiots are. Spread the word far and wide – they are true idiots who MUST be kicked off the “Hill”.


  5. Republicans should be glad AOC & two anti American ragheads were elected to Congress . Now people can see how democrates feel about our country .

    • Dims are almost advocating the overthrow of our Republic, but have come up short to avoid being called “treasonous.”

  6. AOC is just what every horny Goat is looking for. She has to be the dumbest fool to ever walk into congress and show how stupid she really is.

  7. AOC should jump into her piss powered green deal airplane with those two Islamic Pig congresswomen on a one wsy flight to hell.

  8. Gosh lil ms Donkey Gurl is my personal hero. I want more young women to grow up to be just like her! NOT!!!

  9. My family were all Democrats until the Jimmy Carter era. We are still UNION STRONG, but we ALL got a gutful of gay rights, EPA, abortion, anti 2A, anti male, anti white, open borders, and when the douche bags get the union vote, they turn their backs on them. None of my relatives have voted for that party for at least 13 years and neither have their children. For years they have not cared about ethics and they sure do not care about morality. They do not represent our American values. That is why you have trash like Cortez.and filth like Omar and Tlaib in their party. Like attracts Like.

    • I grew up a blue collar democrat and was one myself, but I did not leave the democrat party, it left me. When the delegates at one of their conventions booed God and then layer threw Him off their platform, I can not ever vote for the likes of them, and the latest bunch is a prime example of why.

  10. The whole object of doing this is to ask him some of the same questions they asked him before and if he doesn’t answer word for word the same as he did the first time, they will accuse him of lying to Congress. Graham is right. Take the 5th or bring a transcript of the last time he was questioned 30 hour about a 15 minute meeting and when they ask him a question, find it on the transcript and read it to them the same way he answered it the first time. If he don’t read it word for word exactly the same as he did the first time, they will accuse him of lying to congress. It’s a made up trap, and they will go nuts if he reads the same answer as before.

    • Breaker 19
      Same unjust B.S. they pulled on General Flynn and others. You’re right. It would make a statement and stick it right in their eye if he brought a copy of his previous testimony and drag it out for DAYS, finding the question and responce and read it back to them one word every five minutes. That way they could not claim he was refusing to cooperate, or obstruct or perjure himself. NO ONE CAN TELL YOU HOW FAST YOU HAVE TO READ NOR HOW LONG IT MAY TAKE YOU TO RESPOND TO A QUESTION, NOR HOW FAST YOU MUST SPEAK!!! It would definitely make a point and if everyone they summoned to testify again to keep rehashing the same old tired Collusion garbage did likewise.

  11. Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the one to RESIGN and go back to New York where she is so well liked. If the Democrats can’t get over the fact that their Party lied to start the Muller investigation and WAST Millions of dollars and sent people like Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the Muslim bunch to Congress than they should shut down.

    • No she is not a D-AB. She is apparently smart. She got Netflix to pay her $10M for her story!
      Her problem is that she is stupid and Ill-informed. Let’s just watched and see how people will vote next time in her District.

  12. Since when does Cortez have the right to demand anything. As far as I can see, she is pretty much out of her league and needs to be reprimanded for her aggressiveness. Why was she ever given the right to call herself a member of congress. Time for her to go.

  13. Why does anybody listen to Cortez. As long as she is given the limelight she won’t go away. Take that away and totally ignore her.She would become a non person. Right now she thinks she is important.

  14. This dingbat Cortez is a one and done term representative any way,and she just might not finish out her term in office with her stupid remarks and ideas!! We should raise the age limit in how old a representative has to be to even run for office, and even make sure that they are educated and that are 100% Constitutional candidates that uphold are Constitution as written!!!

    • Tom Curry – Age doesn’t always fix stupid. If she were the min. age of 35 such as for presidency, she would still be stupid. The Dems are on their way out. They no longer represent what they used to. We need the AOC’s, the Omars and the Tlaibs to continue being the face of the Dem. Party. They are already starting to eat their own as they try to climb to the top of nothingness.

  15. Arrest her as an enemy of the United States and put her in jail
    Quit tolerating these anti-American Traitors.

    • The moron is such an idiot. If she had testified 30 hours and then was scheduled to do the same thing again…oh forgive me, she could not testify for 30 hours to begin with since she has a vapid mind.

      • Allen Morgan – “What do you mean 30 hours, I like thought you meant 30 minutes! 30 hours is like a long time! It’s like (30 hours minus 24 hours), it’s like longer than a whole day!”

  16. AOC you are the one who should resign , you are an idiot and you have those dems under your thumb , they are idiots along with you. You are in no position to demand anything . You cannot even speak correctly. Your info on subjects is All wrong , you have done no research , your speaking is made up as you go along . Your an air head.

  17. Someone needs to pull a Seth Rich on that dumb little bitch, A robbery gone wrong shot in the back 2 times and killary can claim it was a suicide and everyone would be happy, maybe even aoc would be happy because someone put her out of her miserable little life.

  18. Did this dingbat ever hear the name Lois Lerner scandal at the IRS.. I doubt it. For her info this woman blocked many conservative non profit organizations during the Obama years and took the 5th. Does she have the nerve to critize her. I think not!

  19. I think it’s time the Senate launch an investigation into Jerry Nadler’s sex trafficking. It has been shown that probable cause is not necessary. “It is a serious charge and needs to be fully investigated.”

  20. I have to blame the people of the Bronx who voted this bimbo into office. Maybe at the next election that she is standing, the people can help themselves by voting this idiot out.

    • It depends on if they actually pay attention to what she says. She is a Muslim and will probably pull the racist card as all dems/libs do and appeal to their stupidity. Maybe there are a lot of Muslims in her district. I sure am tired og hearing about her on a daily basis.

    • She certainly has a big mouth not to mention nasty. She needs to keep her trap shut. Go back to bartending where you belong.

      • Heather – The bar patrons probably paid for her to run just to get her out of their bar. Even fall-down drunks are more intelligent!

  21. AOC=Another Oppressive Communist. This useless POS will be out of congress by 2020 when the idiots that voted for her will not again, even if they have half of a brain. She’s a lunatic!

  22. After 30 hours of questioning under oath, Trump Jr. already did his bit. No collusion. At this point, AOC seems to value her elected position mainly as a platform from which to harass innocent people who’s political positions differ from hers.

  23. Here she goes again! It seems to be daily that she shows her ignorance. You resign AOC…Just Resign Now! You are not a leader, you’re the comedy relief!

    • AOC Donkey is making her self Stupid when she open her big ass mouth. Nancy Poo Poo is going in saint her mind is belong in old folk home,please removed from People House
      She doesn’t belong in Government office.God help us.

  24. Who does that immature idiot think she is? She is merely a very junior member of Congress who can’t keep her mouth shut about anything which she knows nothing about. Just ignore her and maybe she won’t run for a second term!

    • Or better yet, Pauline, maybe she will become the youngest member to ever be primaried out of Congress…that is if her constituents are paying attention to this young crazy and her lunacy.

      • Clueless! These 3 trouble making newbies in Congress are so stupid. Someone needs to tell them that Pelosi and her cartel don’t have their best interests at heart. They are being used to fuel the hate filled rhetoric, and are blind to the fact that no one supports, respects any of the three! Can’t wait to get them out of our government, and they can take the seniors with them. Good riddance! Should not get pay check cuz none are governing!

  25. Yes…Soros , the anti Christ, he plays dirty, made a pact with devil himself, sold all those in the concentration camps for Hitler, more so the Jewish populace and the Gays, Lesbians, Transgendered, disabled, the old and useless, people of color, gypsies, anything of Hitler’s ideology on race:has to be white, fitting package body-wise, blue eyed and blonde under Hitler’s ideal measurement charts …isn’t that part of the KKK ideology included that was started by the Democrat/ Republican turncoats did in 1920’s? Today he is one of the chess masters of the elite…Trump doesn’t even get that near to top…but he is well rounded and understands the history all around plus more than the average politician …he just wants us to know that but again some people would not want to accept truth because their head is in the sand too deep to get it out. It is their comfort zone…only if they really lived the days of Hitler, WWI/WWII and the real depression along with true hardship of even having a job at all or a bed to sleep in in the own country fearing you will be thrown in a camp without any sufficient reason…just because you look it…Americans have yet to hit that reality of survival here…the day it comes …it’ll be a bang..the loudest will be first to go….and it won’ t happen from our prez…only the UN and the New World Order along with the Elites…we are only pawns on this stage called “earth”

  26. AOC can keep her grubby paws off my State Senator. Those people in New York may take her crap but the SC people won’t. You keep saying it is a duplicate. It it has not been posted yet.

    • I have observed many times I made a comment and it was still there after I sent it — not posted. So I would send it again and get the duplicate message notice — later, both show up. It is just very slow posting.

  27. This is just another futile attempt to oust president Trump from office as those Devilcraps are devastated by their loss in 2016 and will never ever let this collusion myth go. The only thing we can do is keep exposing them every step of the way and let those ignorant fools keep on making total assholes of themselves.

  28. AOC can keep her grubby paws off my State Senator. Those people in New York may take her crap but the SC people won’t.

  29. Who are you working for, Soros? Be honest and you quit. Wait, that might not be necessary if you ignoring your district and/or keep making silly comments.

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