You won’t believe what Alvin Bragg said about illegal aliens beating up cops

Photo by Lindsay Clark, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr,

Democrat-run cities are crime-infested hellscapes.

George Soros-backed prosecutors like Alvin Bragg are bearing the brunt of the blame.

And you won’t believe what Alvin Bragg said about illegal aliens beating up cops.

Alvin Bragg allowed five illegal alien thugs to waltz out of court with no bail after cops arrested them for viciously beating a New York City police officer.

One of the illegal aliens strutted past the cameras and flipped both middle fingers to the press and to the American people.

Americans demanded answers as to why Bragg would allow illegal aliens to stomp a police officer into the ground and be turned loose back on the streets where they received free bus tickets and fled to California.

Bragg tried to defend himself with high-minded rhetoric about the sanctity of the American judicial system and how it’s set up to protect the rights of the accused.

“In a court of law,” Bragg declared, before adding that “our profound obligation is to make sure we have the right people charged with the right crimes. I don’t think New Yorkers want to charge the wrong person.” 

“There is a presumption of pre-trial non-incarceration for every case except those with charges of homicide or the death of a victim,” Bragg continued.  

Bragg then claimed that “while the video is shocking and disturbing, in order to secure convictions in a court of law it is essential that we conclusively identify each defendant and specify each person’s participation in the incident.”

This video footage looked pretty conclusive to most Americans.

Given how he twisted the law to come up with fake crimes to charge him with, Bragg certainly doesn’t believe these principles extend to Donald Trump.

That case is set to go to trial on March 25.

And instead of jailing illegal aliens who present a danger to the community, Bragg is trying to jail Donald Trump on sham charges to help Joe Biden win re-election.

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