You won’t believe what Barack Obama did to weaken the U.S. military

It’s no secret Barack Obama isn’t a big fan of the armed forces.

Obama and other liberals smear the military as part of the government’s racist, sexist, and homophobic policies.

But you won’t believe what Barack Obama did to weaken the U.S. military.

James Hasson is a former captain in the army and frequent contributor to conservative media outlets.

His new book “Stand Down: How Social Justice Warriors are Sabotaging America’s Military” paints a damning picture of how liberals like Obama purposefully weakened America’s national security in the name of “diversity and inclusion.”

One example Hasson points out is the Obama administration lowering the standards for Army Rangers – this is the elite unite that is the equivalent of the Navy SEALS for the Army – to allow women to graduate the training program.

This put lives at risk as female soldiers that were not qualified to perform the duties of an Army Ranger graduated the program.

Hasson recounts how one female Ranger candidate was graded on her performance as platoon sergeant for a nighttime raid drill.

One of the platoon sergeant’s job is to account for every member of the platoon and make sure no soldier’s are left behind.

But the group could not complete the drill because the female Ranger candidate failed at her duty and lost a member of the platoon.

And yet, she received a passing grade for the mission.

Hasson writes:

But she lost a member of the platoon. In fact, the missing soldier was so thoroughly separated from the rest of his platoon that the RIs had to shut down the entire mission, telling the platoon to go to sleep where they were while the RIs searched for the missing candidate. The platoon never had the chance even to attempt its assigned mission. But the candidate who had served as platoon sergeant, despite a failure in her performance that ended the mission, received a passing grade.

The point of the United States army is to defend our country against our enemies.

Liberals using the military as a playground for their social justice causes only weakens American and are asking for trouble.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.