You won’t believe what Barack Obama said about Donald Trump

Barack Obama hates Donald Trump.

Trump campaigned on erasing Obama’s anti-American agenda, so it’s not surprising Obama holds hard feelings.

But you won’t believe what line Obama crossed when he attacked Trump.

Obama appeared at the Obama Foundation Summit in Chicago.

Author David Eggers asked Obama how Americans could rally for “social change.”

That’s when Obama launched into a rant that many observers believe was an attack on Trump.

Obama cited America’s failure to act on so-called “climate change” and ranted that racism, anger and hate as well “mommy issues” kept Americans from enacting anti-American and job-killing regulations in response to the climate change hoax.

Grabien reports:

“The reason we don’t” invest in climate change policies, Obama said, “is because we are still confused, blind, shrouded with hate, anger, racism — mommy issues. I mean I, you know, we, we are we are fraught with stuff and, and, and so if that’s the case then the single most important thing that we have to invest in is not all, and, and — look I’m a huge supporter of science and technological research and social science and, you know, evidence-based learning and all that good stuff; people call me Spock for a reason. I believe in reason and logic and all these Enlightenment values but the thing that really we have to invest in is people we got to get people to figure out how they work together in a you know how do we get people to work together in a cooperative thoughtful constructive way.”

It’s unclear what the former president was referring to when he said “mommy issues.”

“I was having a conversation with a friend, who was depressed about the current course of our country — it’s a conversation that happens a lot,” Obama said later. “I had to remind him that this is what happens. Societies are these incredibly complex, organic things that sometimes moves forward and sometimes takes a step back.”

“This is a heavy burden,” he said. “But what a joyous burden to have this grand adventure where you can literally remake the world right now because it badly needs remaking. If you could blindly choose when you wanted to be born, you’d choose now … Or — maybe two years ago.”

Obama attacked Trump ferociously during the midterm election season.

But accusing Trump of having mommy issues shows just how far off the deep end Obama fell.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Personally, I, I, I think barry obamullato is, is, ah, ah, you know, like on um, um some kind of, of really strong drug. You know, like the, the kind that um, um ,you know, really messes up your really small or um, ah, ah in my case um well you know , probably more like the, the size of a you know, a um a very small pea sized brain. Hey barry, do us all a favor and DROP AHHH, DEAD!!!

  2. Trump has kept the nation from making an economy-killing tax on carbon dioxide emissions pushed by Obama and other Democrats. We are seeing rioting in France now over this type of tax which accomplishes nothing by making the poor poorer.

  3. What trump has is Mental Illness Insanity issues. Cause he went totallly off the Deep End even becoming president. Which thankfully, America is now finally coming to realize about that Lying Lunatic,That Oval Office Sick Minded Sewer Shit.

    • No, you were looking in the mirror! President Trump is the correction for the idiots that voted for Obama twice! The trouble is democrat voters are so uninformed that they continue to believe the puppets they elect actually give a crap about them. Truly sad, but, you still have name calling and the tired old race card when people actually speak about America and excellence.

      • Wahotsdad, so right you are. Brain dead betty must have been looking in a mirror for she really seems to know what “sick minded sewer shit” looks like.

  4. Obumbum and spouse are old news, they have no more to offer than what they tried to push down our throats. He is foul and makes me throw up.

    • Real articulate in that rant, wasn’t he? THIS from the man who tried to tell the World that Climate Change/Global Warming CAUSED Earthquakes!

  5. barry sure looked “stoned” to me! he’s so full of himself it’s a wonder he can stand up! he & his so called “wife” should pack up & leave this country they hate & never show their faces in America again! I still can’t believe people voted for him! America needs HELP & only one that can save America is our Lord & Savior JESUS CHRIST! we all need to get down to some serious, heartfelt calling out to Almighty God to save our great nation! “We need you JESUS! Help us Lord JESUS! Open our eyes & ears JESUS & reveal the TRUE barry to us!”

    • Let us face it-Barry ran the country without experience in any of the qualifications of leadership. He completely deserted our military not only in Benghazi, but in every possible way. He certainly was the least qualified of all. If not for Soros, the money would have dried up. President Trump with his years in business, makes Barry look like an amateur playing kids games and pouting over the results. MAGA RVN 68-69

    • Dianna, pray but also remember God helps those that help themselves. You can’t sit back and expect God to do it all. We should pray for the wisdom on what we need to do to overcome a difficult situation. God has already revealed the true Barry and he is not good.

    • Yes indeed jesusi hope will intervien in this world,as trump has caused lots of tumoil around this planet,and this is our only planet,SO TRUMPS MUST BE SILENCED AND SENT TO SIBERIA,where his buddy putin can contain his rantings….🙏🙏🙏👍👍👍👍😛

      • President Trump has only been stirring the shit pot that Obama left. Obama is to blame for all the division in the world and the Democratic party is to blame for all the evil hatred and riots.

        • Hey, Dick, regarding your statement about trump stirring the shit pot. Well, who better to stir any Shit Pot that White House Walking, Talking, Pile Of Shit Crap!

          • Betty, you really need to see someone about this issue of false reality you live in. It really not health to live in your uninformed unintelligent world of believing the leftist medias lies. You are being manipulated by puppet masters just like the fake politicians you grovel to. Not healthy at all!

          • You must be referring to Obama because he’s the only shit stain that president Trump has tried to cleanse from the white house. Thank God for sending us the greatest president of all time. The one and only president Donald J Trump. In under 2 years with strong opposition and insane criticism president Trump has accomplished more for America and the world than his predicessor the worst discrace of the entire human race and of the office of the presidency bathhouse Barry and his tranny wife.

    • Obama Bin Lying needs to be TARRED and FEATHERED and run out of America on a Rail. He is a Traitor to and of America and everything that comes out of his mouth is Trash or another LIE. Obama Bin Lying needs to get lost and keep his BIG LYING STEALING MOUTH SHUT…The POS, is trying to steal Trumps accomplishments, saying it was him that started all of Trumps accomplishments, WHAT A CROCK of you know what? MORE Obama Bin Lying LIES…

  6. Numerous times some people have asked why the left dislikes Trump so much. I have a few clues to offer if you really want to know.
    #1. Trump continually lies and distorts the truth. He LIED that the CIA had not concluded if the Prince of Saudi Arabia had Khasoggi killed when they did. Trump clearly has a conflict of interest here with all the Saudi deals on his property that he has made, as he is conflicted about this Trump Moscow dealings. Trump refuses to stand up for an American jounalist.
    #2. Trump attacks and lies. Trump claimed in a recent tweet that the 9th circuit court “has been overturned at a record number. I have heard 80 percent.” During a recent House Judiciary committee hearing, ranking Democrat John Conyers Jr. (Mich.) said “less than one-tenth of 1 percent” of the 9th circuit court’s decisions are overturned by the Supreme Court. The 9th circuit is not even the district with the highest rate of being overridden by the Supreme Court, besides it was not not even the 9th circuit that made the decision, but U.S. District Judge Jon Tigar.

    • OMG! You are one ignorant person. Trump lies? Really? Really? Obamie and Clinturus NEVER lied about anything. Right, Dr JD? Amazingly, and ironically, my initialls are DR JD as well. Holy cow, please do not compare me to this a- wipe!

    • Not sure which toilet paper writings you get your news from, but the 9th Circuit court is by far the most overturned Circuit Court in America.

    • Now people , show some sympathy for poor Dr.J.D. It’s not his fault he was born with mental issues which left him with the inability to learn. He is like a sheep that needs to be led, he doesn’t have the ability to lead. Consider his source for the fairytale he believes in his misguided #2 section of his post, a democrat first and one from Michigan at that! He’s one of those “poor little sheep who lost his way” So sad.

  7. odummer hahaha who cares what this piece of shit has to say he was nothing more than shit when he was president and now after seeing what an as_hole he still is you,d think he,d shut his pie hole up, to odummer fuc_ you odummers your nothing more than shit under americas feet.

  8. The reason we are ” still confused, blind, shrouded with hate, anger, racism — mommy issues. ” Is because of an endless amount bleeps like you Obama don’t know any other way as to not make people feel confused and blind with your BS. You fuel fire of hate anger and racism and mommy issues ( what ever that means ) . So sir you are the biggest two faced lying con artist that ever has been . So instead of trying to divide the people , which you are notorious for, So why don’t you get your head out of bleep and and get life , just because everyone doesn’t believe in you and sainthood . Give it up you has been .

  9. Looks like he just smoked a joint. Heard that makes you stupid. Oops he was already stupid. Maybe the joint made him look smart. Nope he never was smart. Maybe it will make him shut the hell up. Nope just made him keep talking stupid shit. Not sure how to make him shut up. Maybe some of jail mates can help with that.

  10. “is because we are still confused, blind, shrouded with hate, anger, racism — mommy issues. -Barack

    Little did we know that Barack would some day confess. Surprised his Mommy issues are not over yet. In spite of Michelle putting her foot down (see Barack went low so she had to go high but had to stomp her foot down) to stop the Mommy Issues.
    However, such issues are bred from how one is raised and how much of an ego they have. Perhaps Doctors at Johns Hopkins with the $1.8 billion donated by Bloomberg might find a solution for Barack’s psychological problems.
    Kamala Harris might want to observe him carefully as she models her future after him – with the only common theme being a mixed breed brain (?)

    • Kamala Harris is a fine example of a Race Baiter, seems all the Half White Politicians Identify themselves as Black? What’s with that? More Black Votes! She jumped on board with Lying Feinstein with that fake letter from Dr. Blasey Ford who could not keep her own lies straight against Judge Kavanaugh, none of her witnesses remembered the event, the party, nor the date or what house that she said she was grouped 40 years ago?? Yet, they said she testified at her own expense made not any money….That was a Big Feinstein Lie. Seems George Soros funneled money through “Go Fund Me” accounts 2 of them for over 1 Million Dollars. 1. Lie! Free Attorney no fees. 2. Lie, she was not being paid! One Million Plus 3. Lie More Money a Book Deal 4. Lie! Feinstein prepped Dr, Ford two months before dropping this letter at the last minute. Look on U-Tube and see what Nancy Pelosi calls a Democrat “wrap-up Smear” operates using the Media to back them up. Barack Obama’s Deep State worked like a fine tuned Voter Fraud campaign
      one can see how Florida Operated, with Boxes of Provisional Votes showing up out of thin air, with all the vote ballots being Democrat. Same thing happened in California with Provisional ballots giving them the after the fact wins. Happened in Arizona yet the Republican let Eric Holder work his magic!!!! Why is that President Trump? All the Democrats that lost screamed bloody Murder for they knew the fix was in for them? Yet, its Funny Republicans Rescind but the Democrats cry foul, knowing Eric Failed them!!

    • He can’t answer that question because he doesn’t know who she is. The only people who listen to that lying snake are the fake news and a whole bunch of stupid democrats.


  11. Barry is still stuck on that ‘Hope and Change’ thingy. Read those books he supposedly wrote. We’re dealing with a highly conflicted, narcissistic individual. His recent rants have been an attempt to get a POTUS Trump response that the MSM can present with a negative spin. Even that sad sack, Moochie, is trying to draw Melania into this concocked fray. Looking forward to the impending ‘Dueling POTUS Tour’s’. Be prepared foroutrageous utterances to be the norm as this quartet of 21st century grifters wends their way across the landscape. The main problem for the MSM will be providing enough facetime for all of the wacko Dems. Imagine what happens when the likes of Auntie Max, Pencil Neck Schitt and Nadler, The Wadler get relegated to late, late night and early Sun AM status.


      AMERICA, DONE GOT HIS NUMBER…..& THAT IS “UP”!……….:o}}}}}

  12. Kinda puts a new spin on an old saying “silver tonged devil”. Obama has the gift of charisma, however he lacks integrity, and common sense. Many have fell victim to his smooth talk, failing to investigate for truth and honesty. Other just blindly follow because He sounds right. Sad.

  13. The more this narcissistic asshole yacks, the more he hurts Dems and rallies us. Just look at the damage he did to his party in 8 years, some of which was given back by the spineless pathetic GOP House and Howdy Doody Ryan. The same was the case this past election, all the candidates he endorsed lost while Trump’s won. Berry couldn’t fill a small room when he spoke, while Trump had immense crowds.
    Let Oscuma keep talking, 2020 will be here before you know it!

  14. Obama was the WORST president this country has ever had. Therefore, anything he says and does should not be taken as knowing what he is talking about.
    The Obama man is nothing more that loud mouth moron who set thee black race back 50 years. It will be that long , at least , before we see another black president.

  15. I’m not defending Barack “Bathhouse Barry” here, but seriously, is it just me or does he look totally stoned in the photo? A lot of Bathhouse’s “issues” might well have been caused by years of being the “choom king” and other hard drugs. Just an observation is all; just sayin’.


    • BHO’S “DADDY Issues” far outshine any “Mommy Issues” of P.T’s. Obama’s real father only saw him a couple times when growing up and when he did see barrack, he constantly told him how much he HATED AMERICA — and here we are, picking up the pieces of Obama’s clueless legislation!

      Who has “Mommy Issues” AND “DADDY Issues” — Barack Hussein Obama! Look in the mirror bho!!

  16. When will this POS shut up. Hard enough to suffer thru 8 years of his BS, but to continue is enough. Get the hell out of my country before you end up in chains along with the rest of your administration. They all should be lead away in chains and all put in the same cell. Gonna be cramped but who cares. Maybe someone in the cell will shut him up for us.


  17. Mommy issue? Mr. Obama, how about your Nanny issues? That was and is your attitude, that people are unable to the live their lives without Uncle Sam’s noble assistance in everything, right down to the proper color when someone takes a dump.

  18. Well, there are a lot of Sane people who hate CRAZY donald & D for DUMB trump which might counterbalance the Insanity of that Deranged Oval Office Lunatic!

  19. the gay , perverted kenyan freak still doesn’t get it , no one cares what he has to say , he lied to us, wasted our time and 10 trillion dollars , he should be in gitmo for his crimes against america, show me 1 american he actually did something for , he did more for illegals and terrorists then he did for americans , he started all this insane crap and now the left are like a bunch of loonatics that were left out of the insane asylum , and every time they make news about him the sicker i get of seeing their useless faces

  20. Hey obummer, you were the WORST POTUS to EVER STAIN the Whitehouse, do us ALL a favor and take a LONG walk on a SHORT pier, and take michael with you assh*le!!

  21. Glad to see all comments are negative towards Obama! I sat in anger for 8 long years with this asshole….now he needs to shut up and go away. President Trump and Vise President Pence are doing 100% for our country! No bullshit….No fake news!

  22. Could this be the ‘mommy issue’ that Trump wants to take care of our country like a mother takes care of her children? He wants only good for us.

  23. Obama is the worst president in history. I was so glad that President Trump started to change things right up front and while doing so he gave us the change that had been missing for 8 years. As American we were without a President for 8 years and Obama did a lot of damage but we have the Greatest American now in the WH. As far as the world is concerned President Trump is setting the record straight with all foreign nations and I think they respect him even though the nations are afraid of change since look at what Obama did to them. He was a lazy and do nothing president. His wife was the worst representation of a first lady and his family just did everything to live off and vacation at the expense of the taxpayers. When you remember about what they are doing with NETFLIX you may want to discontinue the service. All the money they are spending was ill gotten gains off taxpayers

  24. Obama needs to shut his mouth,and move away quietly. He is going to suffer big time.
    You mess with President Trump and it is going to come back and bite you.
    You don’t mess with God’s anointed son.
    So go away Obama .

    • obama is a low life piece of shit, he should take that ugly wife of his back to the jungle from once he came and swing in the trees where he belongs.

      • heyn Buck couldn’t agree more that filthy alime wanted
        America to go under and trump is right again he is an an ameican white population hater this lsime has mommie issues his mouther a white woman and got ever black slime in her bedroom one instanace created this filthy slime barack wonder what black slime is his father if she can tell sadly the poor soul is gone

    • Perhaps FORMER politicians should have to pledge not to discuss, talk trash about and ‘LET GO’ when they’re out of office. And any former president should have to forfeit 25% of his annual retirement salary ($400,000), and if continually bashing the current administration he should spend a few days (90) in jail.

      • What did he say??!! I won’t read again but I saw nothing but someone saying nothing in circles!! What a blow to the jr. he graduated from!

  25. Obama sucked as president he is a traitor and a racist and a crook and is irrelevant to the American people lock this Traitor up now.

    • This black PIECE OF GARBAGE and his Mooooching wife are the worst thing to ever happen to our White House. They STOLE every penny they could and should be HUNG FOR TREASON

  26. The only way to deal with Obama’s ego is to simply ignore him. He makes even less sense now than when he was president. If course, as long as he has the MSM as his lapdog, they will continue to print his drivel. Like the comic said, Obama should just wear his “I’m Stupid” sign and sane Americans will just ignore him.

  27. Barrack is the one with “Mommy Problem” Barrack’s mother was very popular with the Sailors and Soldiers in Hawaii. Perhaps she died of AIDS and not cancer as reported

  28. Obama is a Kenyan by birth. Ask his relatives. You see, the liberals will do anything to get the presidency, even it takes a non-citizen to grab it. They are lawbreakers that often run to the activist judges to stop the conservative agenda. They are the kind that dare to threaten any conservative, both the elected representatives and citizens wearing the red hat.

    Hillary said that they would become civil once they get their power back. We must do our homework better not to elect any more rino deceiver.

    It’s okay to be American since they (Hollywood, HOA, etc) worke hard to remove the US flag (from the movies and front yards). They are afraid to make the foreign migrants feeling unwelcome?


  29. First of all it has been proven that the math used by the Global Warming IDIOTS was all messed up. Next Obozo has EGO issues namely his EGO is nearly as swelled as big as his LIES in office. He did more damage to race relations in the 8 years he INFESTED the White House than the KKK which his party founded has in all it’s years of existence. Obozo as I call that EGOTISTICAL MORONIC CLOWN wasted Billions by giving it to his pals who within hours of the checks he gave them cleared went bankrupt. How can a company that is in good shape before getting millions in FACT Hundreds of Millions suddenly go bankrupt????? So Obozo should o the entire world a favor and SHUT UP and GO AWAY. Trump should if Obozo doesn’t go away charge him for the TREASON Obozo committed when he freed 5 TERRORISTS for Bergdahl another TRAITOR. See we are at a Constitutionally declared War with TERRORISTS and since NO peace treaty has been signed nor has the War been declared over Obozo’s action is TREASON.

  30. We can not control the sun spot activity, sun spot activity is what warms the oceans, the oceans control weather patterns, CO2 has NOTHING to do with climate changes.

  31. I read that first paragraph a few times and still do not have any idea of what he was trying to say. If anyone can make some explanation of it please do so.

  32. Mommy issues? Coming from a half black that had a mother that was basiclly a two-bit whore that was raised by communist grand parents! Sounds as though he was looking in the mirror! But, the country is full of indoctrinated Lemmings that went through the government mandated brainwashing of public schools, that I’m sure sit and drool at his every reference to himself! The country is in dire straits with the idiocy of the left! God help America open it’s eyes!!

    • What would you expect from a denier who still refuses to believe that he totally messed up the USA. He refuses to believe the economy is better and the military has someone who has their back. Thank goodness we only have to see and hear his and the leftists comments. RVN 68-69

  33. Obama should keep his big mouth shut. He has done enough harm to our country. WHO CARES WHAT HE SAYS !! He is a trouble maker. I wander if we could do a random drug test on him. I bet we could find out a lot. Hmmmmmmm???

    • D T lets not give mulatto’s a bad name because this cocksucker is nothing but a marxist musslim that should be arrested and locked in prison forever, he has shown his colors and thay are truely dark colors and that includes his skin also

      • He doesn’t look mulatto. We don’t know who his mother or father was. There was evidence that he was the child of Frank Davis and a hooker.

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