You won’t believe what Bill Clinton just said about Brett Kavanaugh

Bill Clinton is still bitter about Donald Trump winning the 2016 election.

The former President is lashing out in every direction.

And you won’t believe what Bill Clinton said about Brett Kavanaugh.

Clinton carries a grudge against Kavanaugh because Kavanaugh worked on Ken Starr’s team that investigated him in the 1990s and ultimately discovered enough evidence of Clinton’s crimes for Congress to impeach him.

The former President ranted in Las Vegas that Kavanaugh got what he deserved when three women made hoax allegations of sexual assault because Kavanaugh pushed Starr to widen his investigation of Clinton to include Vince Foster’s suicide.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh got what he deserved when he was accused in his confirmation hearing of sexual assault — because of his role in investigating the Clintons in the 1990s, former President Bill Clinton suggested.

“He didn’t have any problem making us put up with three years of Vince Foster nonsense that was a total charade,” Clinton, 72, said Sunday during a joint appearance with his wife Hillary at the Park Theater in Las Vegas during the last stop in the 10-event “An Evening With the Clintons” speaking tour.

A childhood friend of Bill Clinton, Foster, 48, became a deputy White House counsel in Clinton’s White House in 1993 after being a partner at the Rose Law Firm in Little Rock, Ark., where Hillary Clinton was a colleague. In July 1993 his body was found in Fort Marcy Park in Northern Virginia with a single gunshot wound to the mouth.

After three years, an investigation by independent counsel Robert Fiske concluded in June 1994 that Foster had committed suicide. That was the same conclusion reached by several other investigations, but Kavanaugh critics have accused the future justice of dabbling in the conspiracy theories that swirled after Foster’s death.

But Clinton is lying.

Kavanaugh wanted Starr to investigate the Foster suicide to put to rest any conspiracy theories about him being murdered.

Kavanaugh did Clinton a favor by lifting one of the clouds that hovered over his Presidency.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. So Bill Clinton thinks Brett Kavanaugh got what he deserved by three women claiming unverified sexual assault when he actually assaulted and or raped several women but has never be held accountable. So where does Bill Clinton get off thinking he has a right to judge whether Kavanaugh was guilty of sexual assault when there are so many women with witnesses and evidence of sexual assault and rape. Just because he is a Clinton hi believes he’s above the law. AG Bill Barr please do your job investigate the Clinton Campaign, the Clinton Foundation and please whether Bill Clinton has committed sexual assault on any of the women who claim he did.

  2. So Bill say, Foster a “childhood Friend?”
    Rite, but didn’t have a problem ‘ knocking him Out!
    W/ gunshot to Mouth by ‘hitman. Awful.
    Just Awful.

  3. I could not agree with you more I truly believe that they are the most criminal element in US history the fact that he got on National Television on our tax dollars at Primetime which probably cost millions of dollars and millions and millions of dollars and then sat there on national television and lied straight to our face saying I did not have sexual relations with that woman discussed to me as soon as those words came out of his mouth I knew he was automatically guilty and what they did to Monica Lewinsky was a disgrace thank God she held onto the Blazer that had his semen on it cuz without that she would have been ruined her whole life would have been ruined she probably would have been thrown in jail the minute she came up with that piece of evidence and Allied Bill Clinton was spreading he should have been thrown in jail immediately and strong from a yarn arm by his neck the very next day 4 abuse of political power and lying on the American dollar directly to the people he serves we don’t serve him he serves us he shouldn’t even get his presidential pay which he gets to the tune of $350,000 a year for the rest of his life he should have that removed he shouldn’t get a freaking penny

  4. Bill and Hillary Clinton along with the Clinton crime foundation should all be in Gitmo!
    How many murders are they responsible for? There should have been an investigation into Vince Fosters death ! Apparently he committed suicide while he had “no” blood pressure(?)
    There was no blood splatter in the car they found him in! Kind of strange I’d say !! Or how about Benghazi, or uranium one? Fraud and murder on steroids! It’s great no one wants to listen to them speak – apparently they can’t give the tickets away!
    Thank the Lord she is not and never will be President!!
    Trump 2020. Our only hope!! ????????????????????????????????????????

  5. Great comment Rickey! We need to make sure President Trump is re-elected so we can witness the draining of the swamp. Lock up these treasonous actors and let our great USA be greater than ever.

  6. Saul’s God??????????? There is ONE GOD and He forbids murder. It was not God who commanded Saul to kill, but it is God who saved him.

  7. Wayne, that is FALSE. You have no clue about the extreme corruption of the Clintons if you can say that. And please tell what Pres. Trump or Justice Kavanaugh have done that is as bad as the Clintons. You CAN’T.

  8. Joe it is very obvious that you have no clue what truth is. You just blindly believe the lies of your lib leaders without question. Nothing you said is true. Take your sick hate somewhere else.

  9. Sexual predator Bill Clinton calling Kavanaugh out…THAT”S RICH! Shut up Bill and start interviewing for maids as your Hillary will be too busy moving into a Federal Penitentiary to watch over your depravity. YOU ARE SCUM and your deadly wife is even worse. Try keeping your pecker in your pants when the new maid arrives..better yet…let Hillary pick her out…I am sure she will be an old hag…you know, just like you are used to. We need to LOCK BOTH OF YOU UP!!!! You for obstruction and your deadly wife for treason and conspiracy…need to throw sedition in there as well. We know she is making speech after speech hoping to control the narrative…but I got news for you…ALL of America wants her in sing sing!!!

  10. And what did it cost Slick Willie? He wasn’t able to smoke cigars anymore? Find anyone in Arkansas that was not on welfare and you’ll find someone that disliked the Clinton organized crime family. Only liberals would vote for someone as nasty as the Clintons. Slick Willie and Lynch should be going to prison but we live in America where we lie that we are better than third world countries. The difference between El Chapo and Bill Clinton is that Bill wears a suit and a tie and has a vast amount of left wing media pushing propaganda to make someone like him or John McCain be sold to the public as American hero’s. Why did Bill make sure that he had Secret Service Protection for the rest of his life? Because criminals have other criminals that want to take you out.

  11. I do know this.. If Wicked Hillary does not go to jail in this life its a guarantee she will go to the eternal jail burning in hell.

  12. Good Ole’ Jokey Bill is NOT smiling about Brett Kavanaugh. He and Wicked Hillary are out in revenge either to get him more in a scandal like they did to President Trump or … Maybe an assassination attempt on his life or bring harm to Kavanaugh’s family as the Communist Democratic Tribunal did last fall.

  13. If you believe Trump, Fox, Limbaugh, Hannity, etc you’re even worse than brainwashed, brain dead is more like it Nora.

  14. You have a closed mind . I am not a Republican or Democrat. I want who is best for America. Not Bush or obama and please. No crooked Hillary trump is so far the best we ever had.

  15. I am glad she did not become our president
    No one running as of today can beat trump out of office. Not sleepy Joe. Or Cortez nor Grazy burnie Sanders. We need a bissenis person in office . Men or women

  16. You are not Joe the Plumber but Joe the Liberal Schmo! In case you haven’t heard, the US/Russian relationship is the worst it’s been since the Wall came down over there. You must feel really stupid!

  17. Bill Clinton has no room to speak! He got what he deserved? He never deserved to be called any of those names because he never did what all the Dem.’s claimed he did. He did nothing! The Dem.’s ruined Kavanaugh reputation just because they didn’t want a conservative added to the bench and the Dem.’s wanted revenge because we wouldn’t look at Obama’s pick during a presidential election! I personally think Bill and Hillary belong in jail for everything they bought their way out of! and Hillary for her her pay for play for Uranium One and her lies about her email scandals and lies to the people!

  18. I totally agree Janice !! Lock them up at Gitmo to fend for themselves..oh and FREEZE ALL THEIR ASSETS !!!!

  19. This coming from the most immoral, unethical, pompous, lying and scandalous Presidents to ever hold office in this Country. His election was a fluke and his Presidency was a charade. So he criticizes Brent Kavanaugh for being an upright, moral and ethical individual executing his job as charged!

  20. Yeah
    what ever happened to liar christine ford. I’d like to know how much the dirty dems paid her to lie and try to ruin another man’s life

  21. Ole bill planned on his wife to win. He was planning to have a fun time in the wh running around looking for what he could get from the young interns… sorry bill, have to settle with your enormous wife

  22. That clinches it….Kavanaugh is a good guy. Clinton like all other current Dem party elected officials is a habitual liar, so BK must be a stand up dude.

  23. I am sure Hollywood would like to make a movie of this event, and maybe of all similar “events” related to the Clintons.

  24. Yes, NYT is fake news.. so is CNN and MSNBC.. And what does this have to do with Bill Clinton’s stupid statement about Justice Kavanaugh? Is your last name Nadler?

  25. Yes, NYT is fake news.. so is CNN and MSNBC.. And what does this have to do with Bill Clinton’s stupid statement about Justice Kavanaugh? Is your last name Nadler?

  26. Everytime Bill Clinton opens his mouth he sticks his foot in it…he’s better off to not ever get in front of a mic…

  27. Isn’t this about Bill Clinton & not President Trump? So not sure what this has to do with the original article?

  28. 19,000 children die each day, and you want to bring more children into our world to suffer immeasurably a living hell in poverty, sickness, and starvation? are you going to give these children a good life, free of poverty, sickness, and starvation? the world is over populated, and these are the end times, and it will not be good for people with children, Saul’s God told Saul to kill every man, woman, and child, what do you think about Saul’s God?

  29. Trump should be arresting for even more sexual assaults. You taught about being a traitor, he wouldn’t be kissing Putin’s and Kim’s butts. You know if you have a working brain and a small amount of honesty Trump and his campaign were conspiring with the Russians, more that 100 contacts prove it, and all involved lied about it. Don’t you question that. There was collusion, conspiracy was too difficult for Mueller to prove. 400 prosecutors signed a letter yesterday that Trump should be prosecuted for obstruction, guess you don’t read newspapers because you think the NY Times is fake news but Limbaugh and Fox News speak the truth.

  30. Clint is no longer relevant and people don’t care egghead or his wife says just look at the prices of their speeches. Nothing but a joke now

  31. Bill, you are a slimeball from the get-go! Everyone knows it, and only the deluded lefties are able to hold their noses and not condemn you to an eternity in you-know-where!

  32. Pot meet Kettle! If that isn’t the pot calling (incorrectly) the kettle black I don’t know what is.

  33. At last count the Clintons were connected to 69 strange deaths. Vince Foster was a good example.

  34. Chelsea looks too much like him for Bill not to be her father. Hillary appears to have always wanted a political career, rather than children, so her fooling around in their early days and getting pregnant by someone else seems unlikely, especially in Arkansas politics.

    I can’t stand either Bill or Hillary, but I think questions about Chelsea’s paternity constitute a red herring.

  35. Clinton is a sorry ass jerk. He is a womanizer and he knows it. He should have been put in jail for raping those women. He can not stand that his slut wife lost. She is a TARITOR and should be shot.

  36. There are no words to describe the Clintons as they have committed so many crimes against the USA and American people and still can criticize Kavanaugh that in the first place was a total lie. Please go away to an island and be washed of your sins

  37. Hey Little Billy, get the Orange Jumpsuit ready, criminal evidence was just found relative to the Clinton Foundation. Bubba’s waiting for you to do to him what Monica did to you. Happy Trails.
    That being said, who’s Chelsea’s real Daddy?

  38. Hey Bill, every woman that came forward to testify, negatively, against Brett was paid off by your cohorts. Don’t try to sway people to believe otherwise.

  39. What is this about a single gunshot to the head. I heard it was two gunshot wounds of different calibers. and where was the gun.

  40. Almost right,I dont really like either one, but Bill dont hold a candle to Trump and Kavanauh in being sorry or corrupt

  41. The last I heard she had gotten almost a million dollars. Probably more than a million by now. How’s that for playing a role. some of the Hollywood crowd would love to get that much for playing a role.

  42. Vince Foster (Suicide?), Seth Rich (Armed Robbery & Murder?); yeah right! Funny how people who cross Bill and Hillary end up dead!

    Bill Clinton has no business commenting on other peoples morals, criminality or any business, including government business! The “Clinton Crime Syndicate” needs to shut their lying, corrupt, Criminal mouths and run, but can they hide?



  45. Vince Foster did not shoot himself in Fort Marcy Park after walking across 200 feet of grass WITHOUT GETTING ANY GRASS ON HIS SHOES OR PANTS. Vince’s body was found in the Park and his car in the parking lot with no keys and Vince didn’t have the key on him when che ked into the morgue UNTIL Hillary’s bodyguards had paid a visit to the autopsy room.

    Whether, Vince killed himself, most likely at The White House, is good question. The FBI had been to Vince and Hillary’s former law office looking for documents related to White Water scandal and had been told Foster had them at The White House. Vince got a warning call from Rose Law Firm stating Feds were coming to see him.

    Vince’s body was discovered by Park Police AN HOUR AFTER a radio station reported Foster’s death. That was the joke of Washington.
    I lived there then.

  46. kavanaugh’s accuser was paid by liberal democrats and this useless piece of donkey dong couldn’t find one person to back her lies.

  47. Anothony Bourdain committed suicide after criticizing the clintons. And Bourdain had a 11 year old daughter!

  48. You and your fake ass wife both should be in prison. Who the hell are you to point fingers at anyone. You raped a women and had how many extramarital affairs while serving the American people. Everyone around you and your wife mysteriously commits suicide, how convenient is that. You are not a A+ citizen to judge anyone.

  49. good lord won’t the clinton’s ever just go away or commit suicide them selves. bill should find that sorry daughter of his a job since she is living off the crooked clinton foundation and never worked a day in her life. maybe her husband too since he don’t work either.

  50. OMG! Bill Clinton pointing fingers! The guiltiest SOB ever to walk through thru the White House doors. And the Clintons will never leave – they hang around until they can find somebody else to abuse, lie to and cheat out of. Their gall has absolutely no bounds. Shameless.

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