You won’t believe what Black Lives Matter is about to do to the Washington Monument

Donald Trump warned Americans that Black Lives Matter would not stop at tearing down statues from the Civil War.

The President was right and now all hell is breaking loose.

And that’s because you won’t believe what Black Lives Matter is about to do to the Washington Monument.

In July, Washington D.C.’s Democrat Mayor Muriel Bowser announced a commission to study “problematic” monuments in the nation’s capital.

The committee – named DC FACES – just submitted their report.

And it was even worse than anyone could imagine.

The report recommended taking down the Washington Monument and other landmarks dedicated to Benjamin Franklin – who opposed slavery – Thomas Jefferson and other American heroes.

In the report, the panel recommended:

Using the Mayor’s position on the National Capital Memorial Advisory Commission, [to] recommend the Federal government remove, relocate, or contextualize the following assets:
1. Christopher Columbus – Columbus Fountain (federal)
2. Benjamin Franklin – Benjamin Franklin Statue (federal)
3. Andrew Jackson – Andrew Jackson Statue (federal)
4. Thomas Jefferson – Jefferson Memorial (federal)
5. George Mason – George Mason Memorial (federal)
6. Francis Griffith Newlands – Newlands Memorial Fountain (federal)
7. Albert Pike – Albert Pike Statue (federal)
8. George Washington – Washington Monument, George Washington Statue (federal)

This is exactly what Donald Trump warned about when roving mobs of Black Lives Matter rioters began tearing down statues of Confederate generals and demanding the military rename bases named after Confederate officers.

President Trump correctly noted that the real goal was to erase all of American history and that included the nation’s Founding Fathers.

Black Lives Matter and other radical left-wing revolutionaries want a new country built on socialism.

And the easiest way to transform a country and control its future is to erase its past.

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