You won’t believe what Fox News just reported about Donald Trump

Donald Trump is not going to like this.

The President has been fighting a war on multiple fronts heading into his 2020 re-election campaign.

And you won’t believe what Fox News just reported about Donald Trump.

The media is poll obsessed.

The November 2020 election is more than a year away and the press is trying to cement a narrative that Donald Trump can’t win.

One way the media implants that story into the minds of the American people is by reporting on utterly meaningless hypothetical head-to-head matchup polls between Donald Trump and various top Democrat challengers.

Even Fox News is getting into the act.

And their latest poll found Donald Trump trailing Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Kamala Harris in hypothetical matchups.

The Hill reports:

A Fox News poll released Thursday showed President Trump losing head-to-head matchups against four of the top Democratic presidential primary contenders.

The poll found Trump with 39 percent support among registered voters in head-to-head matchups against Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), and Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.). The poll found Sanders beating Trump with 48 percent, Warren winning over Trump with 45 percent and Harris winning with 46 percent support.

Former Vice President Joe Biden, meanwhile, beat Trump in the theoretical matchup with 50 percent support among those surveyed, compared to Trump’s 38 percent.

Polls only matter around October 2020.

These polls are just vanity exercises that let the media try and convince Trump supporters not to turn out in 2020 because the election is already lost.

A real media outlet would cover the issues, the fundamentals of the economy, and dive into what voters are actually looking for from the 2020 candidates.

Instead, media organizations use poll data to advance their ideological agenda.

And even Fox News has been caught up in this herd mentality.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. James, what an ignorant liberal fool. I realize your IQ is well below twenty-five. Only an ignorant fool who belongs in an insane facility is still spewing this stupidity. Would guess you have mental problems and must be locked away.

  2. I hate to say it, but, the ignorant and young believe all of it. If we dont win and keep DJT in office, everyone loses.

  3. Ah, umm, Mr. Tyree, that “low life”does not have a 10-ft pole, not even 10-inches! Rumor has it, it’s just a splinter… that just fit his tiny hands

  4. Get out to vote to see the DEMS don’t win. There has been to many deaths lately and just bet they are related to the DEMS. If you are afraid to go to the polls there is another way just ask you polling place for a ballot in the mail and them you will stay safe and it will be your votes that count. Just mail it back and please stay safe. I have been doing this for years and I feel very good that my votes counts. I live in Texas but I know other states that are doing this. Just stay safe and there is no better place than home to do that. My thoughts and prayers are with you and yours, God Bless us all.

  5. FOX’s new owner is a radical twit with no sense. Pity the former owners couldn’t have found a more decent person(‘s) to have sold this to. You mean Paul Ryan is on the board of directors??? If this is true FOX is ruined. Have something good and fools tear it up.

  6. Do you consider CNN and MSNBC to be paragons of truth, then?
    Though with the direction Fox is headed, sadly, you just might be half right. There is little truth to be found on cable ‘news’ these days.

  7. fox & their looney owner,s have alway,s been-wrong-poll,s are alway,s wrong-don,t ever believe anything on fox new,s or fox business new,s-??

  8. I LOVE the reply PupEPerson just did, a better description could not have been had about these crazy Democrats and what they are representing for 2020. We all know the Media is going double nuts because there now is not even the slightest chance for the Dems to win 2020 election with all this crap they represent including the 3 Muslims plus AOC the Dems all adore and even backs!!! Wow! No wonder since the backing by the Democrats of these 3 crazy Muslim Reps. and OAC, TRUMP says if you vote Democrat you are definitely voting for these 3 Muslims & OAC, because these 3 Muslims and OAC now IS the Democrat Party! I have on Twitter lately not really replied to these 3 Muslims kind of directly but instead written: We now need to replace these 3 Muslims urgently in 2020 and instead get some normal nice American Reps in Congress who we finally can trust and work with. This is a must. But all this will go on and on and in Twitter, so we must all make sure to show and urgently working on having them replaced as this will be the best for Americans in the long run. These 3 Muslims do not belong in Congress. This crap of the future all these Dems are showing including open borders, illegals to vote, free healthcare, free everything, etc. will only make America go bankrupt in such a very short time, and then where will we all be? Also, we must try to win the House back again if all possible. Important, we must all back and show our affection for President Trump and the lovely First Lady, Melania in this difficult time it is for those two.

  9. All they have to do is to look at the stadiums filled with Trump fans against the puny crowds the others attract

  10. The polls that show our President losing to any of the Democrat challengers, let alone any one or all of the four mentioned are ludicrous on their face. None of those DemWits has a farts chance of beating Donald Trump. I don’t know who they are polling, but only children, addicts, people lying about their intentions or the mentally impaired would answer that way. The people, even in the bluest districts of the bluest States, aren’t stupid enough to buy the crap the DemWits are peddling. Bernie’s multi-$$Trillion plan to stop all drilling, all fracking, all importing or exporting of fossil fuels, for instance, is beyond ridiculous. Watch, as the other 3 try now to be even more insane, if that’s possible. The Golden Goose isn’t gonna be killed that easily, and no thinking person is gonna buy into a suicide pact which is what that plan would be. We had enough of the craziness under BHO/Biden, and aren’t going back for seconds of those failed policies and the resulting malaise and hopelessness. We now have an inspirational leader of action instead of one who fiddles as Rome burns.

  11. Well, in 2016, ALL of their polls predicted Mr Trump would lose. But, God had other plans, so Mr Trump became Mr President

  12. No, he won’t back down. He’s NOT afraid of the losers in Congress, & has challenged quite a few of them.

  13. Even worse was NYC’s mayor! I read that only 15 people showed up. Lol! I’m not watching Fox anymore, so have no idea what’s going on there. But, when the former manager left, I was afraid they’d go rogue.

  14. Flood the Darling Murdock Brothers with emails and tell them they are taking the Station in the direction of CNN!

  15. Latest poll. 28 percent of blacks and 49 percent of Hispanics approve of President Trump. Duck your heads commiecrats. Your voters whom you took for granted all these years are turning.

  16. The recent poll showing Donald Trump losing to the top 4 Democratic contenders for President is a statistical lie. Notice that Fox News did not state who conducted the poll, nor how the poll was conducted. If, for example, the pollster was conducting the poll in heavy democratic region where liberal/radicals outnumber other designations, then the statistical conclusion would appear true ( a false positive) but in fact, completely biased due to the pollsters failure to make necessary statistical corrections. Shame on Fox and the Poll used to Lie about our President. You must be drinking “funny water” or your executive functioning skills within your respective brains must be damaged to whatever dope you’re on; or, you didn’t do a poll at all but merely printed a damaging piece of literary feces! Yep, your poll stinks to high heaven and God smells it, too. Wait and see what happens to your polls in the near future. God doesn’t like LIARS! Why can’t you just be honest and report where and how you conducted your polls along with the mandatory statistical corrections? Who’s paying you to defraud the public?

  17. Me neither , but if there calling the state of California n the New England area , why Hell , it’s a given in those two areas who the poll is going to favor , the Simpleton Nazis n Commie liberals that’s who

  18. I don’t have cable, but do have AT&T Uverse. I’d get the AT&T cable, but whenever I try they send me to Direct T.V.

  19. The dumarat’s want have a chance. We the people, the patriots will be coming for you trasonous traitor’s. If we have to do so it would be best for you worthless turd’s to RUN LIKE HELL because we are not gonna be playing.

  20. I like Trey Gowdy , if his fellow house members would have stood up and gave him some help , he could of done a lot of good for our country , but hell no the damn Rino’s let the American people down and Trey all by himself to fight the liberal crooks , with there back stabbing Traitorous ways , yes Trey Gowdy is a good choice for VP

  21. FOLKS–here is the REAL poll:
    Trump’s latest New Hampshire rally–12,000 full pack crowd.
    Recent Democrat Candidates public rally in IOWA–roughly 200 people attended.
    Verdict:Trump by a LANDSLIDE in 2020.

  22. Your comments Belinda are highly “well said “ !!!!
    Combination of Biden , Warren, Sanders polls ,
    can’t even match President Trump !!!!????
    So let’s support President Trump, come 2020 , Landslide
    for RED ! MAGA ????????????

  23. No way these polls could be anywhere close to accurate. If somehow it turns out that they are, then we’re all doomed, & deservedly so!

  24. Redman was the captain of the short bus most probably , I feel sorry for the ones who HAD to RIDE THE SHORT BUS with the IDOIT STICK

  25. No truer words were ever spoken. Just look at Democrat-controlled cities, that is all the proof you need to know how much the democrats care about the people.

  26. What the hell are you talking about?? It’s a FOX NEWS POLL – commissioned, paid for, and broadcast by FOX NEWS.

  27. Carol,

    I have met Harris Faulkner, while attending a black tie function for The American Heart Association. She is so kind and gracious! 🙂

  28. Dan Crenshaw is a young, married war veteran who lost his eye while in service of our country. He is from my great state of Texas and he’s a fighter and he won’t back down. 🙂

  29. The minute they added Paul Ryan to their Board of Directors I knew everything at Fox would be tainted and a lot of lies here we have it! This report is BS in it’s truest form. Paul Ryan is a liar and traitor. He was an informant while in office that’s why he accomplished NOTHING! Don’t believe a word of it they are simply trying to get in our heads and it is an obvious game again and FALSE!! Biden couldn’t physicaly handle the Presidency he can’t stop and rest or gather his thoughts! He’s a has been and Kamala Harris is a total joke! I can’t imagine having to look at Elizabeth Warren everyday!!! Good grief folks keep your senses about you!!!!

  30. Blah blah blah blah. Fox, you’ve lost your credibility with me. Aside from Hannity, and a few others I now get my real news from OAN. Bye bye.

  31. Wow, I am shaking in my boots, losing my hair and teeth and peeing in my pants. FOX says the Poll says, wha? Are you joking, no you are not and that is the freaking problem! Fox has lost its credibility and no where in my Universe is there a head to head loss between those candidates and President Trump. What a freaking travesty that they present such nonsense and further more believe it! AND, you weak kneed fence sitters and undecideds look at what the “Left” is spouting/presenting and by doing so is making it very obvious what your choice should be, that is if you beleive you have any common sense, any smarts and can see through and sort out the facts from deliberate fiction (I am being polite)!

  32. Polls are only as good as who they poll and just look at 2016 They had President Trump losing then too.

  33. Demoncrats like you have been drinking the Kool Aid for generations. Same old Kool Aid and expecting a new flavor. Same old lying, intolerant, racist, corrupt Demoncrat party, same people fooled into believing they actually care about people over power. Wake up and join the tide, many Dems are waking up to the evil Dems.

  34. The same way Trump won in 2016 is the same way he will win in 2020: America’s patriots will pray fervently and will participate–volunteer, poll watching, campaigning, and voting.

  35. Like you would recognize the truth if you saw it? Try watching something other than conspiracy theory CNN, and you just might see some.

  36. Tony, you and Dan know nothing about polling and the whole issue about the “margin of error.” Besides, if you want to see how ALL the polls combined show, go to Of much more concern to Trump is how the polling of 7 states he won in 2016 show he is down in the three normally Democratic states by double digits leads, and that Trump is also down in 4 of the other states he won.

  37. We can’t have anybody talking against Trump and the Trumpons, even if it is the honest truth! I mean we drank too much of the venom-flavored Kool Aid!

  38. OAN
    Try them out! No LIBERALS! Liz Wheeler and Graham are great. That NETWORK is pro Trump


  40. Fox will end up just like the other propaganda networks. The sons, who are liberals, took over and are slowly changing the line-up. We should all be feeling a little like the frog that doesn’t notice the water getting warmer until it’s too late and ends up boiled. They know that a drastic change would kill their viewership and their ratings so they ease into it by pretending to take the high road by having different viewpoints heard in opposition to the conservatives. But make no mistake about it, they are changing their programming and their hosts.
    I would love to see a new network in opposition to all of the others that don’t fall for the “fair and balanced” approach that FOX takes. Report the truth and stick to your principles and take no prisoners. That’s the kind of network I want to watch.

  41. I thought we were rid of Juan? What happened? Why is he on the show! There are lots of us who will not watch any longer if he is in the cast! Why can’t you get someone like Harris as a star? Now she is really a star! Please tell me sheppard Smith has left I hope! The rest are OK but you need a star!

  42. Neither of Harris’ parents were citizens at time of K’s birth in ’64. Her Indian mother took her to Canada while K was a child. Her Jamiacan father stayed in USA and is now a prof at a Calif Univ (not sure which)

  43. those polls are made up to make people NOT go out & vote… Don’t listen to anything a democrat has to say………………VOTE in 2020 for Trump…………

  44. Even if they were polling randomly, the number of people polled is not enough to rule out random results, thereby invalidating the poll results.
    In other words the poll does not provide a reliable result.

  45. FOX News has been segueing into the slime stream media camp since old Rupert’s brain addled progeny took over. It is on its way to really becoming FAUX News with Sheepdip Smith, Donna Here’s The Questions Brazille, Juan Here’s A Photo Of Me At… Wiliams and Chrissy Walleyes.

  46. When looking at the actual number of people that are polled the realization that the poll is meaningless is crystal clear. 1 or 2k people polled are not statistically significant (Statistically significant means a result is unlikely due to chance) against a country of 350m, so the poll is proven to be bogus.

  47. The reason the democrats are doing so well in the polls is because they do the polls when the Trump supporters are at work.

  48. I read all the polls prior to the 2016 election and despite being told Trump didn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell I voted for him anyway. I don’t believe polls, the pollsters manipulate the respondents with carefully crafted questions to sway the results.

  49. THE PRESENT liberal Mob, POSING AS CANDIDATES, better mind the say, he is still presidentane wields a big stick!!! but maybe they dont carw if they are wasting their doners money

  50. Jackie, thank you & your husband for your service. My husband is retired corpsman [30 yrs] We feel the same way you do. I am sick to death of these democrats never held responsible for their actions. ex: Bengazi [sp] etc etc, God bless America & God bless President Trump Trump 2020.

  51. Fact IS that Kamala Harris won’t ever BE President under current law. She like Chester Arthur,Obama,McCain,Rubio,Cruz and Jindal before her Harris (and Gabbard) are NOT eligible to BE President or VP, for that matter. NONE of the people herein mentioned are or were “Natural Born Citizens” under Article II. See my book “Imposters in the Oval Office” iUniverse Publishing (c)2017.

  52. Fact IS that Kamala Harris won’t ever BE President under current law. She like Chester Arthur,Obama,McCain,Rubio,Cruz and Jindal before her Harris (and Gabbard) are NOT eligible to BE President or VP, for that matter. NONE of the people herein mentioned are or were “Natural Born Citizens” under Article II. See my book “Imposters in the Oval Office” iUniverse Publishing (c)2017.

  53. Polls mean absolutely nothing. PERIOD!!!!! They are all just propaganda, trying to influence an outcome.

  54. Here Here. They have not contacted me either. I have the Demoncrats going crazy when they call me. I will get a call and they ask me what political party I am. I say none of your business. Then they say Oh your a Republican and I say “Did I say that”. Well who are you voting for in 2020. I tell them that It’s not any of their business and then I tell them that I will vote for who I feel is best for the country. “Well who do you think that is?” None of your d*** business. I then tell them they will know when the election is over. My husband and I are both Disabled Veterans so you know who I will vote for

  55. could never vote for anyone who thinks its ok to kill our little ones. nor could i vote for any one who thinks a relationship between adam and steve and thelma and louise is a proper relationship. Guess that leaves Donald Trump.

  56. Fox News is not owned by Disney.
    Disney only bought Fox entertainment.
    Fox News and Fox Business are still their own animal.

  57. Thank you, I have been saying the same exact thing and no one seems to listen.
    They need to read Vattel’s Law of Nations
    I have not studied Rubio but he is better suited where he is.

  58. You make the statement that polls only mean something in October 2020, how wrong you are.
    If that was what you really believe then we should have had a President Hillary.
    There is only ONE poll that counts and that is taken in NOVEMBER 2020.
    So I am not going to worry until then, but a guarantee you that I will vote and none of the Dimm have a chance of me voting for them.

  59. Keep in mind that Fox news is not saying that President
    Trump is trailing in the cited polls. All Fox news is reporting is that “Polls” have indicated that result. Fox knows that the polls are tilted against everything Trump. Neither We The People, nor Fox, puts any stock in those “Polls”.

  60. Me too! What you have to look at are the rallies for Trump. All of the Dems cannot even fill an auditorium, compared to the stadiums filled and more outside waiting (thousands) for our President. That speaks volumes! Now…for them to all get to the election booths! Most I know are so excited to vote for him again!

  61. The brothers are both married to hard core liberals who are pushing the network left. I still watch Tucker and Sean, but have become a fan of OAN and newsmax T.V. Who is showing Bill OReilly, no spin….!!!

  62. If he shakes it more than twice he’s playing with it. So don’t get caught shaking hands with shorty.

  63. Peter, your comment is very well said and very accurate.
    Seems the Swamp Ooze is starting to encompass Fox News.
    If Fox becomes MSNBC, et al, the US Citizen will be in serious trouble
    trying to find Truth in Broadcasting!

  64. When I’m convinced that they polled every eligible voter in America, I’ll believe the polls. Nobody has called me yet.

  65. With all of the sheer and utter stupidity the DNC has shown as of late they need to hang it up for the upcoming election. Trump supporters now outnumber the voters for the entire DNC by a margin of over 3 to 1. Most democrats have seen the sheer stupidity of AOC and the 4 horse heads of the apocalypse and others in the democratic party and have seen the light of truth, they have changed and decided to join Trump, just look at his rally’s more people support trump than normally show up to vote period!

  66. Totally agree! Fox keeps this up and their ratings will be in the toilet with CNN and I am ready to flush them down!

  67. Just a simple case of (pro-Dem) ‘news’…spewing propaganda,
    of pushing their fake polls, which are totally opposite
    …from what we can see with our own eyes.

  68. It was all registered Democrat voters! Funny how they leave that out or lie about the real numbers of whose who for propaganda purposes… I saw a very reliable poll that showed 39% of Democrats would vote for Trump over Biden! Add in 97% of Republicans will vote Trump=landslide!

  69. People, please read Article 2, Section 1 of the Constitution. Then, research what Natural Born Citizen means. My research says it is a person born to 2 US citizen parents, on US soil. US military bases and US Embassies qualify as US soil, the way McCain qualified. Neither of Kamala Harris parents were US citizens when she was born. She is not a NBC, she is not eligible to serve as POTUS or VP. Neither is Nikki Haley, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and millions more who may hold US citizenship, but are not NBC. We already had this violated by BHO Jr., with the help of Nancy Pelosi, the DNC, the media, the RNC, etc.

  70. Who still watches any MSM propaganda news?
    No one that I know! People are tuning out Fox since they hired all the liberal propaganda nitwits…

  71. Fox said there are five countries in Mexico. You get vitamin D from the sun- so don’t wear sunscreen. Ruth Bader Gisburg died- no one else reported that. Like Trump,English confuses them. “Ocashio” “Bootyedge” Bunch of bobble headed morons bouncing around.

  72. killary no bee werd. Trump always mentions his polls! Great! I’m great! QANON? WWG1WGA? what are you talking about?

  73. Good grief, Blue, Rafael, James S., Terry, James H., Jim; why do you keep giving this fool a podium? He is only here for one thing and its not for America!

  74. I am a registered voter and no one has asked me so yeah this is fake because they said amongst registered voters. Complete horse hockey

  75. It is the managememt who have provided this change: the Murdoch brothers! Since they have taken over the helm, we are screwed!

  76. Fox has added a number of liberal broadcasters to their stable, not that they haven’t had a number who present a liberal point of view. Regulars on the network who sometimes use liberal talking points are Marie Harf, Juan Williams, Shepard Smith, Chris Wallace, Geraldo Rivera, and Brett Baier. Add to that list Donna Brazile and Jessica Tarlov. On the conservative side, they have Dan Bongino, Jason Chaffetz, and Katie Pavlich.

  77. I don’t believe any polls by any news media. If the guy goes into a bathroom and shakes hands with his private member, there is the poll of two and he reports it as 2 to 1 against Trump. Whoppee! That’s his story and he’s sticking to it.

  78. Redmann–you’re just a putz plain and simple.. you’re the ignorant type that farts in the bathtub and bites at the bubbles .. you are obviously uneducated with crap you say.. I bet you rode the short bus to school and licked the windows

  79. LOL … You All Realize the Dems are counting on the fact they strongly believe everyday Americans are real STUPID? Yep. They sure do. And that is exactly why they even Attempt to flounce these “FAKE POLLS” that say this one or that one is a winner? WHEN ME AND YOU KNOW FULL WELL … THEY ARE NOT WINNERS AT ALL. … Honestly? I get a real good BELLY LAUGH out of their “FAKE POLLS” …Bring it on! LOL LOL LOL

  80. Here’s a few channels I recommend to avoid twisted truth. ” The Epoch Times” , “Anthony Brian Logan” , ” Dr. Steve Turley ” Black Conservative Patriot ” These channels are growing viewership steadily. If you know more please pass them around . Truth isn’t far away if you know where to look. Conservatives should come together to share truth and stay informed. With mainstream news being anti-Trump ,and fabricated Conservatives need a source of news to trust . I think if a major news network like Fox would publicize social media who are dependable , it would be a start to the dismantling of lying media.

  81. You are an idiot, Dan Tyree. Marla Maples is most definitely an American andI’m quite sure she would be rather upset to know she isn’t.

  82. These are the same liars who said Hillary Clinton was ahead by miles. They only poll the terrorists of the Democrat Party like Talieb the Palestinian.

  83. Jeffry: I am with you and most Americans should know by now most of the media is fake news, their ratings and “The Benjamins” (quote Omar). Trump will win by a landslide if this country and it’s americans want lower taxes and the freedoms/rights as stated in the Constitution.

  84. I was furious when I saw the FOX poll. We used to have at least Fox that we as co nservatives could watch and now they have turned liberal just like CNN and the other media rats. Who is in charge of FOX now to suddenly turn crazy liberal??? Juan Williams, Donna Barzile and crazy Jessica Tarlov shouldn’t even be on FOX. Why don’t we have a true conservative station besides OAN One America News which is not available on Comcast and dish but only on AT+T cable??

  85. All the polls said that Donald Trump would lose in 2016 too. So did all the talking heads. Your phony polls will not keep me from voting for Donald Trump in 2020. Yeah Donald.

  86. Fox has been infiltrated by a few weekend liberals that are hurting the Fox brand and the president. Management better make themselves aware of that and fix it or they will just be another band of leftie loonies.

  87. Tis story is old news, and the poll that they are speaking about has been debunked. However, Fox is now owned by Disney, so don’t be surprised to hear a few more stories like this one

  88. I have heard that Fox has turned tail and run. There isn’t much truth in what comes from their mouths anymore, either. God is in control and if the U.S. doesn’t turn to him to renew this country with faith, they’ll get just what they are too lazy to route out and they sure won’t like it!!!!

  89. If you like see Antifa look like little 4-year-old kids playing in a sandbox, all Democrats have to do impeach Trump and replace him with Democrat gun-grabbing piece of no good sh_t and i got feeling all he11 going break lose in America

  90. Personally I go by the size of the crowds at the rallies myself. It looks like FOX must be trawling for the left wing crowd who will no doubt flock to FOX to see what else they are up to. Since President Trump is supposedly behind, the democrats don’t have to bother to go to the polls.

  91. It seems even Fox News is becoming partisan. Too bad! Americans know what’s up regarding the media. We have simply learned to believe the opposite of what they print. MR.TRUMP is going to win by landslide because THE PEOPLE WILL TURNOUT IN DROVES!!

  92. Art, I hope you gave her the boot really hard when it happened. She probably voted for obama and hitlary. Well good riddance to bad rubbish.

  93. Please jump off the Golden Gate Bridge, gruber! Just being preemptive cause when Trump wins again you will do it anyway…LMAO!!! ????

  94. Of course, when the polls are grubers polling grubers you get ridiculous results like that. It’s just more Leftist propaganda. Just like the Helly in a landslide polls! Please don’t make me laugh any harder than I already am…????

  95. Bill, go back to your ‘safe space’ and hide. You are far too much of a timid little beta male to handle the reality here.

  96. Just IMAGINE If omar was a White,conservative,Republican….The Media would burn her at the stake!!But NO,Neverrr Ceases to Amaze me how No MATTER WHAT the left(Especially people of color) do, It’s Always Turned Around to make THEM the Victim,And Trump the Bad guy,I SWEAR,It Reminds me Of this Lying,Cheating,Thieving girlfriend i had,No Matter How hard i Tried,No Matter how Good i was and how Bad she was(And she Was BAD),She was Always Able to Turn it around on me and Make ME out to be the bad guy,And Suddenly Im on the Defensive and SHE’S the Victim!!?? It’s Like-Wait a minute,YOU’RE the one that Hasen’t come home until the next morning all week,And I’M the Bad guy!!????? HaHa Alot of you reading this right now KNOW what im talking about,Sounds like a silly comparison,But Isn’t that EXACTLY What the left is Alway’s Able to do??? Think about it;) Semper Fi

  97. Seems like “violence” may be in order to rid you leftists running around disparaging the USA! Trump 2020!!

  98. Will, is your answer to settle everything in your world “violence” Seems like that is your MO her ALL the time. Maybe you grew up just like Trump, a “school yard” BULLY!!!!! Grow up!!!!!!

  99. Now James whose side are you on here , Dan isn’t a jackass worm , he’s a True American , Fox News is the Jackasses in this situation , not Dan , I mean you back me in one situation and not Dan , I’ll stand with Dan , he’s right and your wrong

  100. We can tell there full of BS , all there smarass remarks , side stepping the truth at hand here , they the liberals , don’t want and can’t handle the Truth , especially if it doesn’t fit there agenda

  101. Yes Dan your exactly right , as we see here each n everyday , the Liberals show us , the American people , that they have No Honor , No Code , No Country and No God , I for one have had it with the Liberals BS , talking does no good with knuckle heads with no Common Sense , a damn Stump has more common sense , I Stand for Freedom and the many who have Gave All , so that we can stand here today as free individuals , with the right to kick the Liberals butts , from here strait to Hell’s Gate , if thats what it takes , to keep my family , my fellow Americans and Our Great Country A Free Nation , When That Lady Standing Tall Out In The Harbor ” Mother Freedom ” , Rings Her Bell , for The Call To Duty Is Here Once Again , I’ll be At The Ready , as I’m Sure All True Americans Will Be There , Standing Beside Her , To Defend Her at All Cost , God Bless America and Our President Donald Trump !!

  102. One on one? The masked brownshirts like retard Mike are too cowardly for that. They only ‘fight’ with women, children and elderly people, and even then only in a mob.

  103. Better yet, how about a poll on which Communist retard that apparently has nothing but childish ridicule over the most petty of things is the biggest loser?

  104. Thank you Fox. I had no idea there were five countries in Mexico. Vitamin D comes from the sun? First to report that Ruth Bader Ginsburg was dead. Why didn’t they report that she came back to life.

  105. Y ooo nah speul gud? YaH nada smurt? How about a poll on what your favorite color of Trump’s crappy toupee is?

  106. Here is an interesting question about “King Don the Con….He is SO everything American, they why has most of his wives been non American?????? Maybe any American lady wouldn’t want to touch this “low life” with a 10 ft. pole!!!!!!!

  107. Simply BS Fake news , screw all you media Idoits , maybe we should Hang your butts at the Gallows , along with Obummer , Killary , Chucky and the rest of the Traitorous Back Stabbing SIMPLETONS , that’s a great idea

  108. Omar should have been expelled from Congress months ago. Her repeated anti Semitic remarks and her constant attacks on the POTUS are unacceptable and Nancy Pelosi as well as every single democrat should have called her out and she should have been reprimanded immediately. Her behavior is NOT OK… and no American citizen should be subjected to her total lack of respect not just for the POTUS, but for all of America…. Funny Omar, I could be wrong, but weren’t you rescued from Somalia, where you feared for your life? You don’t deserve to be a representative in our great country…

  109. Come on FOX…..don’t get tied up with the POLLS this early in the game….You are better than that…..Your network is the only one that TELLS THE TRUTH concerning what is going on in the political arena….Ignore REDMAN because you know he won’t change so don’t waste your time having a BATTLE OF WORDS….

  110. FOX should lose a lot of credibility for polls like this. Many people know better and will consider this some of this as fake news. This shows where the FOX owners stand and nothing more.

    Trump has filled buildings and still thousands out on the street that can’t event get into his rallies while every one of the Democrats can’t even fill an outhouse!!!!

  111. Fake polls lol Stop Already, we all know these numbers are manipulated. All I can say is TRUMP 2020 ALL DAY;-)

  112. POLLS , as we Experienced in AUGUST 2016, when they declard CANKLES the Overwhelming WINNAH….Do not mean a fARTHING….It al depends in
    1) Wha was Polled… Cupcakes, Twinks, or Registered Voters
    2) What Questions were asked Not based on actuality of FACTS

  113. Fox news wants the dem debates back so they are turning liberal for that to happen.. Sad state of affairs I’d say

  114. I stopedt watching fox news today garbage polls Im out I watch true news ONN American news network fact news no fake news. Fake News CNN. ABC.CBS.NBC MSNBC AND NOW i GUESS FOX NEWS TO.

  115. 98% of the white-folks, and trump-ah-hump america with racism, gun worshiping, inbreeding, lying, killing for the thrill, and denial of it all. just watch how they post on here. hahahhahahahahahahah

  116. 98% of the white-folks, and trump-ah-hump america with racism, gun worshiping, inbreeding, lying, killing for the thrill, and denial of it all. just watch how they post on here. hahahhahahahahahahah

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