You won’t believe what George Soros was caught doing during the Kavanaugh hearings

George Soros has been bankrolling the radical left for decades.

It’s no secret he will do everything he can to disrupt Trump’s plans.

But what he was caught doing during the Kavanaugh hearings is despicable.

Radical left-wing groups funded by George Soros are handing out cash to protesters.

Soros is rewarding left-wing protesters who end up in jail for their antics during Judge Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation hearings.

The Daily Caller reports:

“Left-wing groups funded by George Soros and other major Democratic donors hand out cash to protesters arrested for disrupting Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings, the activists revealed Monday night.

A coalition of activist organizations including Women’s March, the Center for Popular Democracy (CPD) and Housing Works have scheduled the near-constant disruptions at the Kavanaugh hearings as part of an organized effort to derail the confirmation process in a series of meetings since he was first nominated.

The cash from the donor-funded groups goes toward the protesters’ post-and-forfeit payments— a small cash sum paid to resolve low-level misdemeanor crimes and avoid jail time.

The Daily Caller News Foundation received a tip with the dial-in code for Monday’s conference call and was present on the call in its entirety. One reporter, who asked questions, revealed his name during the introductions portion of the meeting.

Protesters only need a government-issued ID and “your cash for the post-and-forfeit,” CPD national field organizer Darius Gordon said on the call.

George Soros is bailing these protesters out of jail so they can go back on the streets to continue pitching a fit.

They can’t stand that President Trump’s nominee, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, will likely be confirmed.

George Soros will keep doing everything he can to ensure anti-Trump protesters are well compensated as long as they do his bidding.

We will keep you updated on this story moving forward.


  1. 1) George Soros is said to have those electronic voting machines in some 16 of our United States, where there is no paper trail left behind. I believe that anyone who must them so to cast a vote should be able to obtaining a paper receipt of some kind for the record.

    2) Is it true that one of George Soros’ sons (Robert Soros) is married to CA Rep. Adam Schiff’s sister (Melissa Schiff Soros)? Surely, this would explain the procedures going on with Impeachment Inquiries, the committee headed by him (Adam Schiff D-CA)

  2. George Soros is so wealthy that he is above the law !!! He could virtually be put on trial and offer everyone there $1M and (that would be like 1 dollar to anyone else) tell them to say he has done nothing wrong and he would go home and file a law suite ageist the U.S. Gov and win. WHAT DO YOU DO ??? NO BRAG JUST FACTS !! SAD SAD SAD

  3. Since Soros is a naturalized citizen, isn’t there a way to strip him of his citizenship and send him packing? This should include his progeny, also. He’s always been a two faced, back stabbing individual; afterall, he turned in Jews, people of his own faith, to the Nazis and even commented it was the best time in his life. What type of vile human being would feel that way. Our country doesn’t need this type of person and his agenda to undermine our Constitution.

  4. Soros is a traitor and so is anyone who took his money to disrupt the legal proceedings. AGAIN, Prosecute & Imprison the criminals!Let’s see Soros bail them all out!

  5. AGAIN! Prosecute and imprison! ASAP!

  6. Soros should be deported back to Hungary. They would love to get their hands on him. He would be so busy fighting to survive, he wouldn’t have time to mess with the USA. If he ever attempts to come back confiscate his money and lock him up forever.
    The violence pushing liberals in Congress should all be tried and convicted. I have never seen such blatant hatred for America and the American people.

  7. You can go to Craigslist and find jobs listed for these phony non-profits that are funded by Soros, and pay protesters. What a scam. There need to be criminal charges against Soros for perpetuating this fraud. And, this shows you how scary some folks are that they can be easily manipulated into doing the bidding for someone as evil as Soros for a little money thrown their way.

  8. The left’s overall objective is to void our constitution thus our freedom’s as a nation. Liberals want control for life and are wiling to do anything, including overrunning our nation with illegals that will accomplish their objective. I cannot think of anything more horrible than losing my freedom an pledging my allegiance to George Soros. But that my friends is quite possible as we know from history.

  9. Soros is also bankrolling the Antifa gang of thugs that are tearing into our cities to disrupt traffic, break into businesses, steal merchandise, set the buildings on fire, tear down statues, throw liquid substances into the faces of by-standers and our Law Enforcement Officers who are only allowed to “protect” the Antifa gang members. At least that is the case in Virginia. Since one of the leaders of Antifa is the son of Senator Tim Kaine (Hillary’s VP running mate for 2016), I guess that is reasonable for the police officers to have a stand down order when it comes to the Antifa criminals. Guess the apple does not fall far from the tree.

  10. Is the Pope Catholic? Of course, George Soros had everything to do with paying the protesters to protest against anything and anyone who is pro-Trump.

  11. Kind of reminds me of some of the Jews who worked with the Pharoah in Egypt to keep the nation of Israel in line and working in horrible conditions to build the pyramids while they didn’t have to. They sold out their fellow Jewish people. This is Soros, Feinstein and MANY high ranking Jews in America. It’s about power, not about American citizens… including their own.

  12. It was a suggestion to use Soros’ money to build the wall. Not Trump’s. It would the be the ultimate slap in the face of Soros’ open borders foundation. Which by the way, is getting kicked out of Hungary.

  13. No, what it shows is that as people get older they get smarter. Those under 45 are of the “Gimme” generation who expect everything to be handed to them on a silver platter. Now why don’t you two trolls go back under your bridge? And take Diane with you.

  14. And what has happened to the attackers that attacked Trump supporters? Typical of your side that starts something and then runs and cries when the tables get turned on you. You lost in 2016, you’ll lose again in 2018. But your sides attacks will only get worse. But when they do, you will end up on the losing end. Dem politicians are the worst kind of hypocrites. You scream about Kavanaugh but yet a proven domestic violence person in Keith Ellison you could care less about.

  15. Why don’t you get the story correct? He offered to pay the bail of any that were arrested for protecting others from the Soros paid mobs. Big difference in defense vs attack. Start at the beginning and don’t go by what Snopes and the Dems have said. The Protester had already been causing troubles.

  16. I Have A Better Idea Why Not Put Him In Front Of A Wall And Shoot Him.Then The Problem Will be Solved Forever.

  17. Komrad Soros earned his first millions in his native Hungary during the war by telling the occupying Nazi troups the hiding placed of the persecuted Jews. For payment the Nazis permitted the young criminal (himself a Jew) to steal the gold coins and diamonds of the victims.

  18. Like I said above George Schwartz may have rabies ,and everyone who had contact,with him and money are all going mad with hydrophobia and need to be put to death before it gets worse then it has already.

  19. I for one see he has been to young to do anything on him at that time of his evil doings to the Jewish people,But now that he is and old foggy and lost his marbles with all his wealth and he may have rabies and is infecting everyone with hydrophobia that gets in contact with him,and i for one believe that is what is taking place with those types of people in the white house that we the people been hearing of ,that has even affected those people who give we the people their news,

  20. Hell why put the protesters in jail,round up the mad dog George Schwartz with his family with all his money and assets,and send them to Israel,I for one believe the Jewish people would love to give them a good welcome,as they have been waiting long to meet him.

  21. Of course I believe Soros did this & more. He is obviously the son of Satan, Satan is the master deceiver & do is Soros.
    He should be banned from our Country, deported to the Countrybwhere he helped the SS lead his fellow Jews to the train cars that sent them to the death camps. Forfeit his fortune so he has to live like the survivors he betrayed. Also, without his billions, he won’t be able to pay his followers like he did those disrupting the Kavanaugh hearings.


  23. you sure have the parties mixed up it is the democrats who have shown us they do anything without fear of being arrested, Hillary bought the DNC and pushed Bernie out, james comey let hillary off the hook for no reason except she says is she goes down she takes half of washing to with her, the collusion story is made up and pushed by democrats, and the latest attack on the supreme candidate was a lie and they know it but they just want to delay. wake up and smell the coffee

  24. The lawyer of Christine Blasey Ford is a person that has worked for SOROS & in his office……Being that he is paying for the lawyer, I suppose he wants to see if she is doing a good job on this Kavanaugh witch hunt……they want to drag it out till after November because they think they are going to win, then they would not confirm Kavanaugh as a judge……………

  25. What is Soros doing at the hearing anyhow? He doesn’t hold a polital office! He should be run out of the country as long as he hates it so much!

  26. Soros sound like a lot of the Trumpers – – Mike W, Old Turds with one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel already. Once most of you die off, and the young don’t like your outdated ideas, then what then? You will be dead and forgotten or senile like Corrupt Donnie.

  27. He offered to pay their legal bills and one of his brain dead did assault someone at a rally – – and last I heard, Trump has not lived up to his promise. Trump is notorious for not paying his people. In fact, that has gotten him in trouble and one reason lawyers of high repute do not wish to work with him. They don’t care about his many crimes, they care that he will stiff them for their fees.

  28. He is by letting Mueller collect all the evidence and putting the rest of the Trumpettes in court, and hopefully he ringleader of Corruption, Trump, in an orange jumpsuit that matches his skin tone.

  29. Never mind Russia or Chia trying to influence AMERICA’S ELECTONS. We have another Foreigner to worry about. That is George Soros. He is as bad, if not worse, then either one of them. He is forbidden from entering Hungary, his country of birth, because of his political influence.

  30. As for Trump using his money, WHY is it that everyone has suggestions for “what” people with money should do with their money, especially the people that DIDN’T earn it???? LOL!

  31. Nothing different than when Trump offered to pay legal fees to hillbillies at his rallies to assault protesters. Your hipocracy is impressive.

  32. THAT is what I have been saying yesterday — the GOP has changed from Grand Old Party to Gripey Old Pathetics . . . just like a bunch of human “Walters” — the dummy that is part of the Jeff Dunham routine. Just a bunch of quick-tempered, cranky complainers that want to find fault with everyone but themselves!

  33. Most of the time I put up real information, if it what you don’t believe in your little fabricated world, you just call me names. This poll comes from a conservative source, being commissioned by the RNC. Thought you might at least accept this one, but I am sure I will get nothing but trash talk from some of you:
    A leaked survey conducted for the Republican National Committee (RNC) was completed by Public Opinion Strategies polling firm on Sept. 2, 2018.

    It found that a majority of President Trump’s supporters don’t believe that Democrats have a chance to win back the House during November’s midterm elections.
    The RNC study also finds “a wide gender gap and generation gap,” finding Democrats favored by women of all ages and also by men ages 18 to 44.
    Only men older than 45 preferred the Republican candidate, by a 15-point margin.

  34. So do it, Gator! You and I rarely agree, but if Soros had done what you said, I would be completely supportive of putting all corrupt people in jail — and would you also agree that if Trump is found corrupt, you would support the same for him?!?

  35. Good God, Gary, that is one of the sickest posts I have ever seen posted anywhere. It is no wonder that the popularity of the Trumpons is tanking. Since you people don’t tend to believe national polls, this one came from a study commissioned by the RNC: A leaked survey conducted for the Republican National Committee (RNC) was completed by Public Opinion Strategies polling firm on Sept. 2, 2018.

    It found that a majority of President Trump’s supporters don’t believe that Democrats have a chance to win back the House during November’s midterm elections.
    The RNC study also finds “a wide gender gap and generation gap,” finding Democrats favored by women of all ages and also by men ages 18 to 44.
    Only men older than 45 preferred the Republican candidate, by a 15-point margin.

  36. That sure looks like you are threatening the family of the man. This is the first time I have ever seen his picture, but you conspiracy wingnuts probably think we have a shrine with his picture in our homes. It is abundantly clear you guys have been filled with conspiracy theories from propaganda from the right, but how is Soros support for Democrats that much different that what is being done by the Koch brothers? Each side has its billionaires – -just like Oprah is a billionaire that supports Democrats.

    I used to see some of the conspiracy stuff about the Catholic church being the church of the anti-christ, years ago, but never thought any reasonable person believe that pablum. The Catholic Church has enough problems as is then to add bogus, conspiracy garbage to it.

  37. Dan
    Hey buddy, Slick50 here. Seems like my posts aren’t being posted. I’m not a conspiracy type person but it seems I’m being blocked. Let’s see what happens with S


  39. I want to know why he isn’t in prison. Trump could use his money to build the wall. I want to see Soro’s, the Clinton’s and Obmama’s in handcuffs and going to prison. I want the swamp drained now.

  40. Yes, and Kavanaugh’s mother was in on foreclosure activities against his accusers parents. How can anyone even remotely take her allegations seriously?

  41. If you have never heard of a little cult called SUBUD – look it up. For starters – the Hawaiian official who certified Barry – whoever the hell he really is – Hawaiian birth certificate – Loretta Fuddy was a member of this little cult. Stanley Ann Dunham – Barry’s momma – was also a member of this little cult. The cult originated in Indonesia and has it’s U.S. headquarters in Chicago. Oprah Winfrey teaches SUBUD – and George Soros has been funding it for decades.

  42. It’s a wonder Soros’ kids have not had him committed as incompetent – he supposedly had $18 billion and took $16 billion of that to pump up the fight to remove President Trump. That is their inheritance he is pissing away – I mean 2 billion is still more than they will ever spend – but at the rate he is blowing through it that could be gone next. This Old turd has one foot in the grave an d the other on a banana peel already – maybe his plan is to leave them with NOTHING.

  43. Good question!! Arrest, confiscate all his assets as well as those of his sons (family) and call the Russians! They have an International warrant out for his arrest! Problem solved!!

  44. How come every time some crap comes up about some repub. sorows name comes up and is in the back ground. Crossing-there palms with money. Couldn’t sesions deport this spoiler. He has caused so much havick it Is disgraceful Trump is right cessions is part of the swamp.

  45. Soros is a former NAZI informer and is possibly a criminal in his home country in Eastern Europe, why the hell do we allow the piece of garbage to have US citizenship. strip him of it and let him live on one of his Yachts or in a tree house cave or a snake infested island he does not deserve by any standards to be called an American, He is not he is a one world proponent which has not been successful from the tin=me of Alexander.

  46. George Soros has dreams of grandeur! He wants to rule the world — that is why he is pushing for a Global economy. He wants everyone to be everywhere so he can control all the money of the world. Fools like the elitists in Hollywood and society in general throughout Europe and America are playing into his hands. Democrats and liberal companies need to open their eyes. The elitists of the world do not care about you little people. Do not accept what George Soros wants — fight for your freedom and free will!

  47. I would believe any thing that had thief, murder,dirty,EVIL if it didn’t have Soros name on it. HE IS RIPE TO BE HUNG ,HIS TIME IS Real NEAR. his death will be epic.

  48. Sorros is a very dangerous man! He is behind all of this!!
    Giving large sums of money to the media, demoncrats, protestors and putting Obama in office to bring down this great country of ours! He’s been kicked out of Hungry his home country and worked with his father when he was 7. He is the devil incarnate causing turmoil, fear, political upheaval, and has found acceptance in the demoncrats. Dear God pleas save us from him and his evil ones.

  49. Nancy, you are so right in so many ways! Please vote for the right people who love this country and President Trump!

  50. He should be charged with treason for going against the President and America in this way.
    His bank accounts should be stripped and the money donated to women shelters and orphanages.
    His ANTIFA people who come out with their faces covered should be arrested and sent to GITMO for 1 year. Anyone who damages a police car or storefront window should be made to pay for the damages. Anyone who assaults another person should be charged with the crime, and be made to do the time.

  51. I think that is called Financing A Criminal Enterprise to Enable Subversion.
    Sounds like he could be possibly handed a deportation order for attempts to subvert the government. I can just hope.

  52. Sorry-Azz Soros is going to make things a lot worse as election time nears. Watch for it, riots, Fraud, Protests, and threats at the polls.

  53. too bad he wasn’t sent to the gas chamber by Hitler with his parents, which he (Soros) arranged. A real ScumBag!

  54. Cathylovesyou says exactly what Soros has done to hurt America. Read her blog. Everything there is absolutely the truth! Then write, email, fax, etc to President Trump why is Soros still allowed to live in the U.S.? Time to kick that ugly maggot out of our Country and he can take his dirty, blood soaked money with him!

  55. Soros is a cautious man. His money is his power. That’s it.

    He is not invincible. He is not untouchable. No, Hillary is not untouchable either.

    We have to use the law to punish the corrupters. The law is the only way to deal with them.

    John Kerry, for example. He thinks he is untouchable too. He must be prosecuted for violating the Logan Act.

    The question is … what are we waiting for? It should be done swiftly.

  56. George Soros should be arrested for his actions. If we did the same things we would be arrested. He needs to be stopped. Either deport him or arrest him.

  57. There was a SUSPECTED Nazi guard deported from New York last month. George Soros is a self-proclaimed Nazi collaborator via an interview with Mike Wallace years ago, so why the hell has he not been deported to Hungary and his money frozen to give back to the people (family survivors of the people he turned over to the Nazi’s and took there property that he and his family bilked from the Jews), and if he has one, revoke his citizenship.

  58. Soro needs to be banded from the U.S. The man does nothing but give lots of money to the Liberals to make them fulfill his Agenda for the U.S turn into a Communist State. He will stop at nothing.
    Other Countries have taken his Visa Away, he got thrown out of their Countries & others have warrants out for his arrest. So why R the Democrats still sucking up to him.
    Soro says if Democrats win, he will have a desk in the Oval Office.

  59. Don’t you wonder why Soros is still living in the U.S.? Because so many countries have ARREST warrants out for him, yet he resides in New York City, free and clear. What’s up with that?

    Soros should be removed from our country permanently! Why this isn’t happening I do not know. Maybe we ALL need to send President Trump a letter asking why that skunk is still in our country after he funds anti-American groups like BLM and Antifa plus many more. It’s time Soros feels the sharp pain of our HUGE U.S. boot as it kicks his ugly butt out of America, don’t you think?

  60. california , psychologist, democrat just about sums it all up , she wants an investigation then day 1 lie detector test and testimony under oath If caught lying dont allow the hillory I dont remember line , just immediately to prison . I have lost all faith in this government .

  61. Why is this creature Soros allowed to live in the US. Isn’t he a Nazi spy that turned in his family and friends for money. Heck we have been deporting people like him back to Germany for years, the latest last month at the age of 95. Get this treasonous bastard out of our country.

  62. Seems to me that Soros should be behind bars himself. He doesn’t seem too bright. Traitors should be dealt with harshly for wasting the taxpayers money.

  63. George Soros The man who broke the Bank of England, the country that took him in 1939 from his home in Hungry. A jew at 9 was snitching out his family and neighbor’s to the Nazis. He has been behind many of the Communist threats to hurt America, backing Antifa, Black lives matter,Occupy Wall Steet, Maybe the Black Panthers and many other left wing organizations. Obama is his Protege but they had a little tif over Obama acting like a Capitalist in some places. Yes he also has been hiring thugs for Demonstrations at place in Missour, Baltimore St. Louis, and Berkeley. He is very rich and very low class, Soros makes normal peoples skin crawl. Other than that what else can one say

  64. Sounds like a case of meddling with our congressional processes. Soros should be investigated by the FBI. Charges filed and indited.

  65. Follow the money,guaranteed you find huge sums of money being deposited into dr fords bank accounts.sounds to me that she couldn’t distinguish her ass from her elbow.

  66. Your statement is absolutely untrue. She is a radically left activist with an axe to grind. Her charges are a lie and she has no witness. She does not remember when or where it occurred. But I am sure you know that.

  67. SO True, Robert! Trump needs to confirm Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court NOW and then Soros and the rest of the degenerate Demos can go on to yet another angle. Perhaps we all should give our Government ID and get our share and do just the opposite?!

  68. George Soros is doing more harm to this country along with his disciples Killary Clinton, Elizabeth Wahoo Warren, Maniac Maxine Waters,Nancy Wrinkles Pelosi and a few other degenerates

  69. This stuff needs to be posted to many sites…not just this one. His dirty
    hands were in protests in NORTH DAKOTA IN THE PIPE LINE CIRCUS….HILLARY
    CAN’T be far behind and no doubt already planning their next strategy.

  70. George Soros needs to keep his hands out of this confirmation process for Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. George Soros has been doing everything that he can to disrupt everything that President Trump and his administration have been doing for the American citizens. George Soros is just as corrupt and crooked as all of the Democrats that have against President Trump from day, and Soros is just corrupt and crooked as former Obama, and Hillary Clinton.

    I believe and trust President Trump with every nominee for any and all court positions that come available. Trusting President Trump is a whole lot better, than trusting Obama, because, Obama wasn’t who we thought we could trust and believe.

    We need to get rid of George Soros, some how and some way, FOR GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!


  72. I believe that Soros and his sons are evil minions being controlled by the devil. Laugh if you want, but the day is going to come when this is shown to be true. I am praying for this country and for President Trump and his cabinet to fight against this Soros person, tooth and nail. Soros wants One World Order, and he must be stopped HERE, before he can cause that to happen or our country as we know it is done. President Trump needs all of the support that we can give him. VOTE RED this November. Be careful to choose the right candidates that will get into office and HELP him, not hinder him like the Demoncraps and the Rinos are doing each and every day.

  73. It is time to flush this turd Soros out of OUR country – NOT his. He was born in Hungary and the Russian’s want – Let them have him. He has screwed up every country he ever lived in with his meddling. Kick him and his entire family the hell out – that includes his nephew’s wife – Chelsea Hubbell Clinton Mezvinsky

  74. George Soros is a traitor to this country. He needs to be arrested for inciting people to riot, disrupt the legal proceedings of a Senate hearing dealing with confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh, and suborning the Constitution of the United States.

    Of all the people in this country who want to do us harm, he is the absolute worst and may God have mercy on his soul, because no one else will!!!

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