You won’t believe what happened after Ilhan Omar called for defunding the police

Ilhan Omar is one of the biggest supporters of defunding the police.

Polls show a clear majority of Americans oppose this dangerous policy.

And you won’t believe what happened after Ilhan Omar called for defunding the police.

Ilhan Omar spent the last week urging the Minneapolis City Council to dismantle their police department in the wake of George Floyd’s death.

In an interview on fake news CNN, Omar cheered the City Council for unanimously voting to dismantle the city’s police department.

“So, Minneapolis unanimously just voted on a resolution that will engage the community on a one-year process of what happens as we go through the process of dismantling the department and starting anew,” Omar began.

Omar claimed this was necessary because the police chief is a racist.

“A new way forward can’t be put in place if we have a department that is having a crisis of credibility, if we have a department that’s led by a chief who’s suited for racism, if we have a department that hasn’t solved homicide. Half of the homicides in Minneapolis Police Department go unsolved,” Omar added.

The socialist Congresswoman also falsely claimed the police department was racist to its core and that the only way to get residents to trust law enforcement was to do away with police and replace them with community public safety forces.

“There have been cases where they have destroyed rape kits. And so you can’t really reform a department that is rotten to the root. What you can do is rebuild. And so this is our opportunity, you know, as a city, to come together, have the conversation of what public safety looks like, who enforces the most dangerous crimes that take place in our community,” Omar continued.

But the reality is defunding the police has already thrown Minneapolis into crisis.

As Omar and the City Council announced their support for defunding the police, an astounding 18.7 percent of all real estate listings in Minneapolis went up for sale in just the last week.

Residents that have the means are fleeing Minneapolis in terror over the reality that leftists want to do away with the police and they will be left at the mercy of roving mobs.

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  1. Why are non citizens allowed to be politicians? Why should non citizens be allowed to vote? A legal European immigrant years ago was two weeks from being sworn in to become a U.S. citizen, and not knowing he was not yet eligible to vote, he did vote in an election and was deported.

  2. Using Omar’s own reasoning, neither can you reform a party that’s rotten to the core. Defunding and dismantling the Democrat party would solve a lot of problems.

  3. The Police do not need to be refunded, but they ( we) have much needed reforms due to budgets being continually mismanaged by politicians. I am a retired law enforcement officer with almost 40 years in the job total in both a State then a Federal agency. The very 1st thing always cut is training, including De-escalation, dealing with the mentally ill, and crisis intervention. Payrolls are cut next meaning you get only lower quality applicants. (You get what you pay for.) We need training, re-training and continuous training for today’s high crime, violent confrontation and complex response requirements. Dealing with long term homeless 1 minute, a mentally impaired juvenile the next while the radio blades that there is a violent domestic disturbance, a run-away juvenile, stolen car found, shoplifter fighting a shop owner and suspicious person call all waiting for you to get there. Each one is unique and requires a different approach, but we ask our officers to do that with no help, no expertise and no real trading. And we wonder why mistakes get made. Help fix the pilice-yes!of course, but refund, that’s insane and justcreates new problems without addressing the old.

  4. If I was Trump at his next rally I would bring up the fact homes for sale went up over 18 per cent one week after they voted to disband the police force. Can you imagine how much money these homeowners will lose in trying to sell their home in that kind of market. So all you homeowners out there think about that when you are looking to vote for the future.

  5. Several of you question how Omar got elected. Minneapolis has the highest population of Somalians in the U.S., 50,000+ of them were resettled there by Obama. That’s a lot of votes she got from her fellow “countrymen”. That’s how she got in office.
    Julio, you need to go back from where you came. How effective are the police in Mexico ?

  6. We all know Omar wouldnt have trouble on the street corner. She married her brother. Incest?? Or is that the samolian way? She has a track record of cheating on men in her life and now under investigation for fraud? BLM and antifa saw a willing pig in her.

  7. Omar the Towel Head C.U.N.T. ,
    ” Can’t Understand Normal Thinking ” , she’s a special kinda stupid !

  8. Minneapolis council has voted to change the city’s name to “Mogadishu West”. They will be sharing the identical law enforcement style, public safety, same security for its citizens, same government services and standards(health, water, sewerage, electric, etc), same housing, same education, and the same standard of living

  9. Let all real Americans pray for Ilhan ohmar to be returned to congress in a body bag !! Oops I meant Somalia ! Not really ! She is the daughter of a pig ! Sent to America to foment racist propaganda and try to end America !! But gun owning Americans have the answer to her and all like her (Democrats) !!! Wake up America get them out one way or another!!
    I bet you can guess my preference !!!

  10. It’s not race war we should be worried about. It’s GANG WARFARE like during Prohibition but this time the issue is apparently drugs. They want to conduct their corruption without interference.

  11. I’m sure PD has better things to do than tolerate a lot of misplaced abuse. Maybe we should start privately funded militias only we’re not the ones that need them.

  12. I say let her do everything antifa is telling her to do…. Or what they are really hoping she does….. So let her do it all… Butt she has to live in a community of color and victims of police profiling and whatever she’s trying to stop….. Live there till she says uncle or steps down from her position and volunteer her life to that town as a black activist….. Many she right….. Put your money were your mouth is…..

  13. When the people of Minnesota awaken to the realities of what democrats have done to them, with no police to protect the foolish people like Omar and the councils that voted to defund and dismantle, will be the targets of wrath. Karma is a really harsh teacher.

  14. Here is an idea. Let’s defund the useless Democrats in congress and the senate. Hold them accountable for the absolute destructive crap they come up with in order to appear woke.

  15. Somalia Cockroach where the leaders are the ones with the most men, weapons and high jacking skills, sound familiar…Guess who’s being hi-jacked…

  16. I would care less if I read in the paper that Ilhan Omar caught the coronavirus with a terminal result. Or got run over by a drunk driver. Same for Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein, AOC, Pressley, Rashida Tlaib, and a few more in Congress….

  17. Problem, the only ones advocating anything, are the most radical…. Step up all Americans and get involved. Our country was designed around people getting involved in what was to be the rules of our lives. It is time once again to do so, or lose the life you’ve built, to people like you are seeing today, lauded on the fake news propaganda matrix. WTFU, and begin to tell and show these against our great country….. NO! we will not chose this. If WE,THE PEOPLE, do not get involved, then we deserve the loss of this amazing country. Whether it’s passing on information, to educate others to facts, getting out to events and standing your ground, all the way up to running for offices, against people you know to be bad for the part of this country you live in. People in these places, stand up and fight…. PERIOD!

  18. Good luck Minneapolis if you believe that social workers can provide the protection that police provide. In Washington the social workers have work loads that they could never service let a loan take on domestic problems, mental heath issues, rapes, drug and human trafficking, murders, and all criminal activity. Many social workers are women so that makes the problem worse. Omar is a poor congresswoman who has many problems and one wonders how or why she gets elected? But Jefferson said “people get the government that they deserve” so for the folks that didn’t vote for her and the elderly, the poor, and the children that she will be represent for you have my sincere prayers.

  19. Omar is a felon and must be removed from our government. She married he brother to get into the United States. It is unlawful to marry a sibling in US law.

    Additionally, she is a muslim and muslims wish to do away with the usa.

  20. Instead of police; she is wanting to have Muslim Koran enforcers patrolling all of the streets there. Let’s just hope they are not into cutting off hands and heads, or beatings of those they determine have broken Muslim laws.

  21. sorry people she must be pretty smart she somehow got elected by liberal white idiots no muslim should ever be in charge of anything in our country they hate our of life

  22. Okay – let’s start by defunding police details for politicians; outlaw private security for the rich and famous. See how they like it. Hey politicians, rich and famous come down out of your ivory tower and live like the rest of us.

  23. Is it adultery to marry your brother and create a scam for citizenship? I dunno, but i wish someone would give this waste of air something she knows how to use… a bomb vest… and set it off. How she ever got into American politics is a joke, shes a joke, minneapolis leadership is a joke and is nothing more than an episode of the teletubbies. This is the reason the declaration of independence discusses citizens forming militias to combat trash leaders. Black Guns Matter!

  24. Dont call Ilhan anti-cop she doesn’t understand our culture and she is only familiar with WarLord justice (which she was probably part of). Her experiences are the result of murder, rape, oppression, and everything that a lawless culture/country has to offer it’s people. I blame the ignorant voters that put her there. I’ve always known who she is by her terminology. What she doesn’t tell you is that if she was back in that cesspool where she came from she would have been stoned to death for her infidelities long time ago. Very simple to resolve this problem, vote her out of office and prosecute her for her crimes in a court of law which she is not familiar with, remember violence is all she’s ever known. Maybe then she will realize that she lives in a civilized country and maybe will have some sort of appreciation for the USA who opened it’s door to her or I may be wrong – she may be paying back restitution to radical Islam and trying to impose sharia law?

  25. Omar is a muslim adulterous. The punishment in Somalia for this crime is beheading. That is Shariah law, she wants it here, so let her be judged by it and behead her. Fitting punishment for a traitor. No one would even miss her!!

  26. Minnesota needs to wake up and elect people who will protect you and doesn’t hate this country. The president of the Minneapolis city council really didn’t make any sense. I bet both have people who protect them and the hell with the rest.

  27. Ilhan Omar is a liar. We are the human race. How can racism exist? Racism is like a snake, swallowing its own tail.

  28. Good luck on selling homes in Minneapolis. Who in their right mind would buy a home in a war zone? Or in Minnesota?

  29. I call for that POS omars head on a spike! These scumbags get me pissed, why do we have muslims in Congress!? They would like nothing better then to see America fall!

  30. Omar had better take a look at her murdering alleged religion before putting
    Minneapolos citizens in harms way. Her real purpose is to get rid of police and replace them with Muslim enforcers of Sharia Law and the mayor and governor are too stupid to see it. God help those helpless residents and business owners.

  31. Biden is a racist too. Back in 1975 he was behind a bill to block desegregation.
    So maybe we should defund the entire democrat party.

  32. Omar is the biggest racist that there is in Congress. She’s a loser. If or when someone breaks into her home she can just chalk it up to “some people did some things”.

  33. Omar is unfit for OFFICE. She is a
    racist with terrorist ties. She is
    being investigated for student loan
    fraud..campaign funding fraud..bigotry..
    welfare fraud and immigration fraud.

  34. If this idiot says that it is necessary to end the police, because the boss is racist, then, according to her own statements, it is necessary to end the Congress, because Congresswoman Omar is a black racist. But, if in the first case innocent people will suffer because of the lack of police, in the second case, Congress will not even notice the absence of this idiot.

  35. If you wanted to take down America you could not find a better ally than the modern democrat party.

  36. Lake Street Minneapolis is just unbelievable,so sad it was great,now never be the same!
    Don’t look peaceful riots now!

  37. “…replace them with community public safety forces.” Is there something in the drinking water, or are the ‘CPSF’ another acronym for police?

  38. “community public safety forces” smells to much like shariah muslim enforcement policy. Ensure that whites be wearing berkas or will cause riots

  39. Omar gives AOC and Tlaib a real challenge for the title of “worst Congressperson in US History!! What a despicable, evil human being!! One can only hope sanity will prevail and they will beat her in November!

  40. I for one don’t want to see anybody from Minneapolis moving to the SOUTH! You are the PROBLEM IN YOUR STATE! One you VOTED FOR THESE DEMOCRAT FOR THE LAST HUNDRED YEARS! So don’t move out of Minnesota UNless you are planning to move to another BLUE STATE! OR ANOTHER DEMOCRAT CONTROL CITY! YOU WILL DO THE SAME THING THERE! Can’t change because you have been BRAIN WASHED! All the problem in AMERICA is BECAUSE OF THE DEMOCRAT PARTY! You can look bay through history and see it all playing out! REPUBLICAN PARTY are more CONSERVATIVE PEOPLE because we believe anybody can REACH THEIR GOAL IN LIFE! But DEMOCRAT are the party that BELIEVE IT CAN GET YOU A BETTER OPPORTUNITY IN LIFE WITH GOVERNMENT CONTROL! Now drive around your city and NEIGHBORHOOD since Minnesota and Minneapolis has always VOTED FOR DEMOCRAT! What do you see? Another DETROIT? Rundown? Poor looking? Why? You know the answer! IT BECAUSE OF YOU! Think about what TRUMP asked THE DEMOCRAT RACIST FROM BALTIMORE NAME CUMMINGS! TRUMP ASKED HIM WHERE WAS THE FEDERAL FUNDS MONEY GOING TO? CUMMINGS A DEMOCRAT STARTED CALLING TRUMP A RACIST! BUT IT WAS HIM WHO WAS STEALING MONEY FOR THE BLACK COMMUNITY!

  41. Omar need to go back to SOMALIA! Biggest terrorist country in the world! I have said it when she first got elect! She was a SLEEPING CELL FOR MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD! Her job is to destory AMERICA mind! And since she brown skins and you can understand why MOSTLY BLACK MEN convert to MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD! But don’t know a dam thing about ISLAM RULE! Julio what do you mean from SCRATCH? Nobody had stop a black man or woman from becoming a police officer! If you think BLM can do a better job than anybody else then prove it! Why HASN’T BLM GONE INTO CHICAGO AND STOP THE KILLING THAT INVOLVED BLACK ON BLACK? IS IT BECAUSE THEY REALLY ARE RACIST? For once I want to see these BLACK professional athletic make a DONATION TO THE BLACK COMMUNITY BUT NOT TO BLM! AS FAR AS I KNOW NONE HAS DONATION TO THE BLACK COMMUNITY!

  42. Defund the U.N. and start from scratch.
    Defund universities that ban free speech, and start from scratch.
    Defund Planned Parenthood.
    Defund PBS.
    I can find lots of ways to save money.

  43. Ok Julio the foolio. Start from scratch? What would you suggest? You’re good at one line BS, but give us real solutions. No wait That would require smarts. Sorry. I forgot whom I was messaging. Go back to sleep you useless bastard.

  44. Defund all the police nationwide and put BLM in charge of law & order.
    If someone breaks into your house call 1-800-BLM-HAHA and wait for the operator.

  45. i agree with mike . go to omar house, loot and burn and watch how fast she changes her mind having police. of course she might have a private security force protecting her house . dems talk out of both sides of their mouths

  46. “community public safety forces” let me guess, what the hell is that. Change the name of law enforcement officers to something different? Now what would that be, Illhan. Who’s going to be in charge? Only Democrats or CCP? Obama is controlling from behind the scene to fundamentally change America. I pray that the Constitution for the united States is not abolished by communists.

  47. satan is taking an ever greater hold on this country and the left are willing pawns in his evil scheme of destruction

  48. She is insane, as are all leftists. Their goal is total takeover and they are well on their way to doing just that. But God wins, they lose

  49. Vote Republican and Trump
    Trump is a Man! Not all of the media and the democrats have been able to lie enough to bring Trump America’s President down ‘
    He has given Patriotic Americans, America back by standing up to the treasonous democrats that have sold America out to China and the Middle East. No other has stood up for all of true America like Trump has!

  50. julio, I hope they do that where you live. There will be total chaos and nowhere to turn if something should happen. The police where I live are awesome. They do their job and we have never had a problem with them. There is no way we want to defund them. But just go ahead and be the fool that you are

  51. When you elect a foreign terrorist who has admitted to have taken terrorist training , Omar is nothing more than isis from within. The notion a Middle East Muslim Terrorist got elected should and must be investigated!
    She is nothing more than a spy put here by democrats who are all criminals and murderers ! By their own actions they should all be indicted for treason found guilty and sentenced to the death penalty. All democrats that support these murderous riots are complicit and guilty of murder themselves! 4 police officers have been killed over a drug riddled black man attacking police officers and then dying of a heart attack after passing counterfeit money a federal crime. What do blacks do , well they commit four menders and injure 100’s of other police officers capture cities , burn innocent people’s property and in doing so prove beyond any doubt they are not equal or ever capable of being equal to the rest of the human race! They lie, cheat and steal! They live off of tax payers because their to lazy to hold down jobs and their men father multiple illegitimate kids and abandon them for black mothers and grandmothers leaving the other races to support themselves and their children.
    No one is entitled to anything and those that prove their not equal by their Heynis crime son society as the black race has stereotyped itself deserve all the wrath they have created upon their now proven by their hands alone just how worthless of humans they are

  52. This is what happens when you elect officials that aren’t on the same page of making changes within our systems and in the unity of our beliefs. Everything is a crisis and cannot be resolved without chaos.
    If there is racism within the ranks or “suited potentials” it does not mean that there is and there are steps to take to eliminate that but there is a process for everything and it is called proof someone being suited without evidence doesn’t make it so.

  53. Well the looters should head straight for her house – I mean – what the hell is she going to do about it?

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