You won’t believe what Joe Biden just announced about 2020

Former Vice President Joe Biden is doing every interview he can to keep his name in the national discussion.

But as the coronavirus outbreak spreads that has become more difficult.

And you won’t believe what Joe Biden just announced about 2020.

President Trump and his medical experts believe the administration will have seen the coronavirus outbreak peak and inflict the most damage on America in the next two weeks.

By June 1, the President has stated the economy will be on the road to recovery.

But the coronavirus appears to be a seasonal strain that may pop back up again in the fall.

In an interview on MSNBC, Joe Biden discussed the prospect of the coronavirus rearing its ugly head again this fall during the election season and how it should not interfere with the election.

“[T]here would be no rationale for eliminating or delaying the election. It may be virtual,” Biden told fake news “reporter” Brian Williams.

Williams then asked Biden, “God forbid we’re still dealing with this in November. God forbid we’re dealing with some kind of a regional or climate rebound of this in November. Do you think it’s incumbent upon the secretaries of state in all 5o states to ensure this is the one election with secure, remote voting possibility?”

Biden jumped at the chance for mail-in or Internet voting bellowing, “Yes. I think they should be doing that now. I think they should be doing that now, planning on it.”

Democrats would love the idea of universal mail-in or online voting.

It would allow them to end-run around voter ID laws designed to preserve the integrity of the vote.

Unchecked and unregulated online or mail-in voting is a recipe for massive fraud and ballot box stuffing.

And that is why Democrats favor it so strongly.

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