You won’t believe what just happened to one video of Donald Trump

The Left views Donald Trump as the most dangerous man in America.

And they will go to any lengths to prevent a Donald Trump comeback in 2024.

And you won’t believe what just happened to one video of Donald Trump.

Donald Trump spoke at the Heritage Foundation’s April 5 event entitled, “Fighting for America’s Future.”

During the speech, President Trump spoke about the challenges facing America under Joe Biden’s failed Presidency.

“America is facing dark times and tremendous plight due to the radical shift away from America First,” Trump told the gathering. “However, America’s greatness is not lost if we act with purpose. We can and must turn this around to Save America.”

The Heritage Foundation then uploaded the video of Trump’s speech to their YouTube channel.

YouTube promptly censored the video, claiming it violated their terms of service.

Heritage Foundation President Kevin Roberts slammed YouTube’s ideological censorship of conservatives by calling Big Tech “an enemy of the people.”

Roberts also urged Congress to pass laws that would reign in Big Tech’s censorship.

“Unbelievable: @YouTube just informed @Heritage that it has taken down the video of former President Trump’s speech at our event in Florida last month,” Heritage Foundation President Kevin Roberts wrote on social media. “Big Tech is an enemy of the people, and needs to be held accountable with policies that hit them where it hurts.”

Roberts thanked President Trump for speaking at Heritage’s “Fighting for America’s Future” event and lamented the fact that Big Tech muzzled the former President’s voice.

“President Trump always put the American people first while serving in the White House and continues to be an advocate for commonsense solutions to this day,” Roberts added. “We’re grateful that he will join us in Florida to discuss the significant issues facing our country and pinpoint the failures of the Biden-Harris regime. We need bold leaders who speak candidly, and President Trump is unafraid to do so—even as Big Tech and the media attempt to silence him.”

Donald Trump appears likely to run for President in 2024.

And Joe Biden looks very beatable.

As Trump pointed out in his speech, Biden has failed on every level.

The withdrawal from Afghanistan was a disaster, inflation is out of control, crime is raging in Democrat-run cities, there is an invasion at the southern border, and now the Biden administration is threatening to bring back mask mandates next year if there is another seasonal COVID surge.

The one advantage Biden has in an election with Trump is the ability of Big Tech to censor him and prevent him from spreading his message to tens of millions of Americans.

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