You won’t believe what Mitt Romney said about impeaching Donald Trump

The Democrats’ calls for impeachment are getting louder by the day.

They are ramping up the pressure on RINO Republicans to join them in removing Donald Trump from office.

And you won’t believe what Mitt Romney said about impeaching Donald Trump.

Democrats received an unexpected boost over the weekend when Never Trump Republican Congressman Justin Amash announced that he read the Mueller Report and believes Donald Trump committed impeachable offenses.

Amash’s betrayal allowed the Fake News Media and Democrats to now claim that one single disloyal Republican coming out against the President meant impeachment was now a “bipartisan affair.”

CNN’s Jake Tapper asked Romney about Amash’s call to impeach Trump.

The Never Trump RINO Romney at first called Amash’s stand “courageous.”

But Romney quickly pivoted to say he disagreed with Amash and that the Mueller Report did not contain any evidence of impeachable offenses.

Breitbart reports:

Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) said Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI) was “courageous” for concluding President Donald Trump committed “impeachable conduct.”

Romney said, “I think every individual has to make their own judgment. I think it helps to actually have read the entire document. It’s a long document. It took me two full days to get through it. The second volume is more difficult to get through than the first. Hopefully, more people read it. I think a lot of people want to reserve judgment until this is played out. My own view is that Justin Amash has reached a different conclusion than I have. I respect him. I think it’s a courageous statement. But I believe to make a case for obstruction of justice, you just don’t have the elements that are evidenced in this document. And I also believe that an impeachment call is something that not just relates to the law but considers practicality and politics. I think those considering impeachment, you have to look at the jury, which is the Senate. The Senate is certainly not there either.”

Even Mitt Romney – who ran for the Senate in order to sabotage Trump – doesn’t think Trump should be impeached.

That shows how much of an island Amash is on.

Amash has already attracted interest from one state representative to mount a primary challenge.

That effort could gain steam as more Republican voters become infuriated over Amash signaling he stands with Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats in trying to overturn the results of the 2016 election.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Please tell me why the Republican Party allows Democrats to run as a party member. Why do they back candidates that disagree with party views.

  2. You are too stupid to get out of your own way. Where were you when Romney was so stupid he allowed himself to be recorded talking about how stupid the average American is? Obviously he was talking about your dumbass.

  3. Why is it that every time a Republican gets voted into office, The dumbocrats want to impeach. Sounds like the whole bunch needs to be voted out of office. They are not serving the peoples choice.

  4. Sharon, I wish you were 100% correct but Romney does have influence over many issues that will effect you and therefore he can negate what your representative is trying to accomplish for you and his other constituents. However, if your representative is a democrat and you voted for him/her then Romney is your teammate.

  5. McCain didn’t win the election because most Americans don’t care for McCain. Romney didn’t win the election because he ran a weak campaign… Obama won both elections by voter fraud… No one can win when the ballot box is stacked against them.

  6. I agree there should be term limits in Congress, however, I don’t know how that will happen as Congress would have to vote for term limits and they are not going to kill the CASH COW and kickbacks from lobbyists they receive…. I believe one day people will rebel and demand term limits in Congress….

  7. No Jesus isn’t running for President, however, he puts certain people in places of authority….. GOD is still in control….

  8. Orin Hatch was a Republican Senator who reitred and Mitt Romney became to nominee for the Republican party and won the election. I have to wonder what the good folks of Utah are thinking about turncoat Romney and his back stabbing tactics against President Trump? I hope a good conservative republican will challenge him for the seat in the primaries.

  9. Romney is old news !! No one really cares what he thinks or does. He is a out of touch with Americans. He actually believes that his previous position makes him smart.
    Stupid is as stupid does and he seems to do it a lot.

  10. I agree with you John Galt.I think anyone who can’t support our great POTUS who has helped our economy,is trying to build the wall, like he promised the American the reason our economy is doing good.I don’t know of any other American who would put up with the crap he puts up with on nearly a daily basis, & does it for $1.00 per day.He is the wisest,greatest POTUS we have had in 60 or 70 yrs.

  11. At one time I respected Mit Romney, I supported him,I voted for him, I thought he was a true American. Man,was I ever surprised.I knew he was not a big supporter of Mr Trump, but he is a NEVER TRUMPER. He’s a nobody now as far as I’m concerned.He is a RINO.I will NEVER give him my vote fror anything ever again.

  12. I totally agree,all Democrats are corrupt,that is why they are fighting like hell,to keep their wrong doings a secret.

  13. Right! Especially when one remembers how Romney made his money in the past. He was a corporate raider. His organization looked for businesses that were in trouble, moved in, laid everyone off, sold all the equipment and property, and made a profit. Romney isn’t even good enough to be called a RINO. TRAITOROUS S.O.B. would be a better way to describe him.

  14. Romney is a “nice” guy. However we need a strong president and senators, not “nice” pussies who would rather cave in than fight.

  15. Romney’s new title in the Senate is “Head Traitor”…………….. His brains aren’t the only thing he takes out and plays with periodically.

  16. In a Senate notorious for its sometimes erratic often seditious members, Mitt Romney stands out as a valid replacement for the often anti-American John McCain. Romney is a poor representative for the people in America.

  17. Justin-Amash needs to go back under the rock he slithered out from under and I don’t believe he read any report but going on hear say. I hope this idiot reads these comments and he will see how much of a real pain in the butt he really is.

  18. I am sorry we voted for Romney. That won”t happen again ever. He and John Kasich are trash. They are a disgrace to the country.

  19. Romney is the only Republican worthy of your vote. All the others are pussies and not patriotic for not standing up to dictator Lucifer Trump.

  20. I am sorry the say that I voted for that phony windbag. He and John Kasich are both embarrassments to the Republican party as was the SOB John McCain. Romney acted “nice” to get elected in a conservative state and has gone rogue. there should be a mechanism to throw jerks like him out of the party. We need more Senators like Lindsey Graham. I can only hope that the people of Utah are paying attention and have long (5 years) memories..


  22. Never voted when Mitt Romney ran for President. Their was no one worth voting for. I was with the million that didn’t vote that time. I wasn’t going to vote for evil. Romney is no good.

  23. I’m really tired if all the nonsense. Something seriously needs to be done to stop this Anti-Trump campaign that our elected officials seem to be on. They haven’t worked for the people for far too long.

  24. Mitt Romney has proven over and over that he is just a mess and this country should stop listening to anything he has to say now and in the future
    I believe that he thinks he will run against PT In the election and win this time but I have news for that idiot go the heck away and don’t bother to come back
    Your nothing but a big pain in the butt and we are grateful that we didn’t get him as our president Thank the good lord that we now have a president who stands up for the American people and does what he can to stop all this immigration bull crap

  25. At least we know mccain had a brain tumor & already ???? about not getting to run the country. Last big revenge saw it when he lied about supporting health care. How could they let him go back to ruling w/o knowing he had brain damage. Bad judgement is a usual with brain problems. Think he had a mini stroke &forgot the rules or his responsibilies? Who slept thru these peoples elections. Check the weather were all the real voters snowed in. Where were the illegals that day. How much did they pay to get there. The comedy channel has a new blockbuster if the just film congress a few days. Maybe we could send WHO’S got talent. God bless ????????

  26. I don’t particularly like Mitt Romney, but I truly despise theEvil.Actions of Michigan Representatives Justin Amash what he has done is akin to Treason or atleast stabbing America in the back by joining the DemoCommunist fiends he has put himself far from Redemption, he can still redeem hi mb self but it won’t be easy. There are a group of R. I. N. O’s. In the House who crossed the line to vote against women on the Bull manure Transgender Transgender refuse! That is just pure Evil, and unscientific in the extreme.

  27. Isn’t it interesting that Romney never called out Obama during the election, but has no trouble insulting another Republican. I believe he threw the election to Obama. He virtually disappeared the last month of the campaign. Wonder if he was paid off by Soros.

  28. How soon will Mitt Romney officially become a Democrat and stop asking Americans to believe that he is for law and order. Pelosi and Schumer do not hide their hatred of Trump and the Constitution, but Rhino Romney, a true traitor, talks out of both sides of his troubled mouth thinking he makes sense.

  29. Sooo…
    How can anyone read the entire Mueller report and keep on coming up with a totally different conclusion? Their reading skills and comprehension are way sub normal, they did not read it and are trying to bluff their way through in which case they get an “F” on their book report. The most likely excuse is they think with the Demorat side ofnthe brain which is incapable of reading the truth in black and white and coming to an honest conclusion. That is what happens when you are blinded by self righteous hate.

  30. HELGA
    Mormon church squashed all opposition to his nomination for Senate race. Made sure he was only half way valid candidate. What Mittens does is just parroting what the cult tells him. Welcome to the real world of Utah politics.

  31. Question; Is Amash another of the upper midwest Muslims? If so then put him on a slow leaking boat with Steve, Omar and Tlaib.

  32. Noomi is right. Romney agreed that there was no collusion but what authority does Romney have anyway? He is damaged goods and his word lacks validity. Trump came along at the right time. Our country needed fixing by a top business person and Trump was, “Just what the doctor ordered.” He is a proud American patriot . Trump is doing what has to be done in a masterful manner and the far left can’t believe they lost.

  33. Romney is no better than mccain, amash and all the other RINO scumbags in DC. Where is the RNC on this. The RNC needs to start kicking out the RINO’s. Romney has never been a Republican. He’s a lying, lowlife. I say all the politicians who are fighting so hard to impeach President Trump are corrupt and should be investigated. Its obvious they are scared and trying to cover up their corruption.

  34. Lest we forget–Justin Amash is a congressional rep from Michigan and he has always–I mean ALWAYS– HATED Mr. Trump. Don’t know where he gets his sour lemons at breakfast time, but he has been consuming a bunch of them every day since Mr. Trump beat out Billary in 2016!! I would think that Amash is just trying to get his name in the limelight, and what better way to do it than to criticize OUR President. By the way how did mitt get elected in Utah?? Who did he defeat in the Repubican primary??

  35. What’s there to say about a traitor??? He sucks pure and simple… Glad I never voted for the trash!!!!

  36. Romney did not say that there is no collusion with Russia. He did indicate that it was OK for Justin Amash to say that Mr. Trump should be impeached. He did not try to dissuade Justin from saying what he did, and he did not criticize Justin for his verbal throw up. Mitt is jealous that Mr. Trump could do what he could not. He was so wimpy when running against Obama but is now trying to reverse his image by attacking Mr. Trump. All the RINOs were responsible for getting Obama elected–even McCain, whose staff garroted Gov. Palin. Well that is in the past–the future will be dependent upon what damage the RINOs can do against Mr. Trump. Hopefully the PEOPLE will prevail and the SHEEPLE will quietly go back into their caves.


  38. Mueller just kicked the can to the DOJ because he had nothing to report and he knew the Dems would come down on him and blame him for the truth coming out Not waht they wanted to hear

  39. We voted for him because that was all we had. I did not like him then and I sure do not like him now.

  40. Some idiots willingly, stupidly, foolishly, and selfishly commmit political suicide thinking it makes them seem tolerant, or in a vain attempt to get media attention. These brainless B!TCHES need to be removed from office as they are TOO EFFING STUPID to make decisions that affect the rest of us who are NOT politicians.

  41. you people of Utah ought to be ashamed for voting this idiot as your senator of Utah !! Romney is another rhino that is not or had ever support Trump !!…BIG MISTAKE ! !!

  42. Apparently Romney can actually read so he sees that there was no collusion with the Russians. Too bad that most Democraps cannot.

  43. We voted for him when he ran for President but now he lost all our respect and can’t be taken seriously! What a waste of skin he has turned out to be. Utah, what were you thinking?

  44. Mitt Romney is incredibly jealous of Donald Trump and never misses a beat when he an diss him for something! All Romney does is exhibit his own stupidity and make us all fall to our knees in gratitude that he was never the POTUS!

  45. EXACTLY. He makes a lot of dumb moves for a ‘smart’ guy. Will never get my vote again.

    Throwing stones at one of your own tells everybody you’re batting for the wrong team.

  46. The only thing that surprises me about Mittens is that he hasn’t announced he is running in the Democrat primaries. He’s a carpetbagger who has his panties in a twist because he could not get elected.

  47. Mitt Romney is a moron, imbecile, Presidential LOSER to non other then Obama. That should tell you that he is also stupid and ignorant!

  48. Thank God he did not become President. He was wishy-washy when he was running. He could not compete with President Trump and his best day.

  49. I guess the Devilcraps and a few rinos think that the Mueller report was somehow edited to keep out wrongdoings that supposedly Trump did. This will never work as it takes two thirds vote of the house and senate plus a vote from Mike Pence to bring up grounds for impeachment and those votes are simply not there. This is a total waste of time and a big waste of taxpayer money

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