You won’t believe what monuments Black Lives Matter is going to tear down next

Black Lives Matter activists spent the last several weeks flexing their political muscle.

They’ve torn down statues honoring some of the most iconic figures in American history.

And you believe what monuments Black Lives Matter is going to tear down next.

Shaun King is one of the most prominent Black Lives Matter activists in the country.

King achieved this status despite King’s family claiming he is really a white man.

But King insists he is biracial and continues to help direct the newly powerful movement.

Now King is urging Black Lives Matter activists to target church monuments and stained glass windows that feature a depiction of Jesus as a white man for removal.

“Yes, I think the statues of the white European they claim is Jesus should also come down,” King wrote on social media. “They are a form of white supremacy. Always have been. In the Bible, when the family of Jesus wanted to hide, and blend in, guess where they went? EGYPT! Not Denmark. Tear them down.”

King claimed these religious monuments were a symbol of racism and white supremacy.

“Yes. All murals and stained glass windows of white Jesus, and his European mother, and their white friends should also come down. They are a gross form white supremacy. Created as tools of oppression. Racist propaganda. They should all come down,” King added.

Not only are these Tweets ignorant and bigoted, but they are dangerous.

Over the past weeks, Americans watched as roving mobs vandalized statues George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.

Some Americans worry deranged lunatics may take those tweets as sign that they should smash stained glass windows at churches and desecrate other religious monuments.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. A statement from a Tucker Carlson opinion dated June 16 on Fox news.

    “Black Lives Matter is now more popular than the president of the United States — and not slightly more popular than the president, much more popular.”

    Dicky, bringing out the guns would be a losing ordeal for you and Trumpty DUMBty.

  2. John,

    Please provide sources to back your statement. If your statements are not based in fact, you are just another Trumpty DUMBty POS dumbazz.

  3. According to stats protestors are 17 % blacks and 46 % white from the Communist Party, former Democrats

  4. Hogan,

    Not suprised thar Celtic genes were found ib Egyotiobs. Whether you believe in Darwin’s hypothesis of the Bible, all humans are made up of the same genes.

  5. Hogan, blocking post that speak truth about Trumpty DUMBty and his minions is nothing new for this place. Speak truth and be persistent.

  6. l2a2

    Does it matter what his race is? Only if you are a racist POS like Trumpty DUMBty and his cult followers.

  7. God Will declare Judgement Day for the hateful people that insist on destruction, especially when it comes to churches and statues of Jesus.

  8. This “Black” activist, if you research him, you will discover he is WHITE trying look, be and act “black” to get his Black street credentials. Both his Birth Mother and Father are white and will tell you he is also, no matter what he has done to himself to look like a black. Check it out yourselves…

  9. BLM and antics are terrorists and criminals who should be held accountable for their actions and the latest developments are going to be about how they want to take over this country and then they will also have the opportunity to make you and me do anything they want because we have been doing nothing to stop the bleeding trauma that they are currently causing real black people are not going out and getting ready to take on the role the being politically correct and they don’t want the country history to be lost or changed to support the minority groups buckshot taking down monuments and trying to rewrite history is the latest bunch of crap that they are going to make you and me beilve that it will help us get to work out our differences between us sure we made mistakes and they will be more likely to make more but that’s just how we learn to live and work together

  10. One more time, abbreviated. DNA tests on Egyptian Mummies, including that of King Tut’s father, concluded that they are related to be Celtic people of Great Britain, and Ireland.


  12. Touch the monuments, die!!!! Is that racist enough for you trump jr wannabe? Piss on the damned monkeys. I would personally lead the charge to tear down status of MLK and Malcolm X, along with any other coon status.

  13. Absolutely tear these racist monuments down. They don’t represent our America. We are making America Great Again!

  14. I’ve heard that the BLM is another organisation trying to take our president down. Thake them down first!!

  15. Dan, i am from north Texas not far from where David Allen Coe used to park his tour bus when he wasn’t on the road.

  16. Da troll a wigger is a white person that wants to be black. You said before that you’re white, not that anyone cares. Re your comment to James about numbers. The hood rats had better count the cost. A lot of honkies are meaner than they are. If me or mine is threatened, I’m one mean SOB Don’t believe me? Go ahead. Make my day. Not an original statement, but it applies. There’s a huuuuge doesn’t difference in the people in my area than the pussies in the commie states and cities.

  17. James, you do understand that you are wanting to fight a battle you can never win. You might have success, but as time goes forward the vast numbers against you will overtake you.

    It’s going to happen James. Would you want your family treated like minorities have been treated. It could happen within this century. You best bet is to learn to co-exist with your fellow Americans.

  18. DA Troll stomp broke Eskimos in the Arctic Circle and had delusional side effects from the pipe. Now he’s a underpass troll author who shows he has an brain the size of a underpass wine-o…

  19. Elton, your suggestion will only escalate the situation and you are in the minority on this issue.

    Things are probably NOT going to be to your liking in the future. You have the choice, you can continue to escalate the tension to bring about a fight you have no chance of winning or you can work to ease the tensions as we learn to co-exist with each other.

  20. Jesus said I am He. Not I is He. But the black bastards have lost their minds. Lock and load people. It’s going to get worse.

  21. Rich b.

    Seriously you need to start that organization, there may need to be help for Caucasians when they are no longer in the majority.

    A copy and paste from The US Census Bureau publication “Demographic Turning Points for the United States:Population Projections for 2020 to 2060.”

    remain the single largest race or ethnic group throughout the next 40 years. Beginning in 2045, they are no longer projected to make up the majority of the U.S. population. If the assumptions underlying these projections hold, then the U.S. population is projected to experience several demographic milestones by 2060, as the population grows slowly, ages considerably, and becomes more racially and ethnically pluralistic.

    If you are treated as a minority as you have treated minorities, your organization will be needed.

  22. Why is it that Shaun King and other leaders of the BLM have not been arrested for terrorism?

  23. it wasnt enough that Jesus was crucified now they want to defile him and everything he stood for. These people neeed to be rounded up & removed from this country so they can have their own utopia. I wonder what that would look like.

  24. Ass hole Shaun king. The Bible proves Jesus is not black. If he was black he would have said, I Iz da lord. Jesus skin is olive, not white and he said I am the Lord. If I see any of you ass holes near any churches to include A.M.E. and other black churches i will defend those churches, statues and property. Also we must rename schools, streets, and anything with a black name. I love the naacp. National association for the advancement of Caucasian people.

  25. Please provide me information on where I can find this hydro strain of cannabis. I would like to give it a try. Also, if you know where to get seeds let me know. I am always looking for new genetics for my breeding research.

    If you are referring to growing cannabis hydroponically, I have a number of years experience doing that.

  26. They are a nothing group. Just trying to raise a riot. Maybe it’s time to tear down Martin Luther King’s statue.

  27. Go back to smoking some hydro you goofy _astard!!! Is that all you have to do in life is come up with some stupid _hit. Dump A-Hole Troll

  28. Ron, you state that all lives mater. I am going to give a hypothetical situation and ask you a couple of questions.

    You, being an American of white European descent are the commander of a space. Your mission is to take two scientist to the space station and return two that have are currently there to earth. In the space craft with you you have a person of Iranian descent and a person of African descent. You are to return a person of Native American descent and another person of heritage the same as yours.

    As your craft approaches the space station the oxygen generator on the space station fails will not sustain life for more than a few days. Your craft is designed for three and can sustain four persons but the oxygen levels would be so low that all four if they survived would have sever brain damage due to oxygen deprivation. You are ordered to dock with the space station and make a decision based on each person’s ethnic background only.

    If you choose to defy orders and turn your craft around and return to earth. The two persons in the station would perish and your would spend the rest of your life in Federal prison.

    You could choose one person to stay behind and bring the others back. If you and your passengers survived, more than likely your bodies would be in a vegetative state, the one left behind would sufficate.

    If you choose to leave two behind. You and two return to earth safely and the to chosen to stay behind will die.

    Your orders are to make a decision based only on ethnic background. Who would you choose and why?

  29. If BLM and democrats succeed in defunding the police that means I can take matters into my own hands without legal consequences. My 2nd amendment right.
    I will use my guns to kill any rioters that try to break into my property, and I will put garbage stickers on the bodies and drag them out to the curb.

  30. BLM is just a wing of the Democratic party. they really don’t care for black lives as they have shown in these riots.

  31. You know the whole movement must be laughing hilariously at the white population at how easily lawlessness is accepted and easily we bow down to their lawlessness and actually apologize to them. Jesus is from a region of darker skin individuals but many individuals from that region have lighter skin as well. This is another taunt.

  32. why was it ok for william ellison (black man) to own 63 slaves in south carolina yet it is racism for a white man? all history should be taught good and bad we should learn from our mistakes we erase history it will repeat itself

  33. They need to tear down ODUMBA’S MONUMENT!!! Wish I knew where all these MAMBY-PAMBY WIMPY creatures lived. I would go into their houses and get rid of ALL their memories and history, like all their family pictures!! Along with this desecration, needs to be EXECUTION!!!

  34. To say I am beyond fed up with this nonsense would be putting it mildly. For heavens sake grow up and get a life all of you. When and if you reach your senior years, most of you will look back on this and wonder what on earth you were doing. Oh, wait a minute, you wont be able to look back on it because there will be no record of it, just like you are hoping to achieve with wiping out earlier American history. What will you name our country. Oh, I know, STUPID.


  36. This blm crap needs to stop. If not it could lead to a civil war.
    I hope not. I have black friends as well as others. They do not
    like the crap that is posted either.
    They should do to shaun King what they are doing to the statues –
    Put a rope around his head and pull it down.

  37. It’s time to put the rioters in their place! We built America and we are not going to let these groups tear America apart, even if we need to use live ammo!

  38. Many parishioners have weapons. They should all stand up for their beliefs and protect their sacred shrines.

  39. According to this idiot and other BLM’ers ANY depiction of ANY white man in history including JESUS is a symbol of racism. Their theme song should be the Rolling Stones song “Paint It Black”. Even then they will NEVER be satisfied.


  41. How can any “intelligent” human expect to be informed by a social media comment? Bad enough to be guided by any hearsay, but to accept “knowledge” from an unknown is a foolish concept. Easy enough to check the data with grand parents, parents, and/or trusted adults, who may have some knowledge gained thru experience. PLEASE check data before “blindly” believing it.

  42. KKK to BLM. Dems have no morality when it comes to seizing racism when it might benefit them. November 3rd vote straight republican and stop the nonsense before the country is permanently ruined.

  43. America does not deserve this. Over two centuries it has shaped itself into the most tolerant and inclusive society of its kind in the world. Orlando Patterson, a renowned African American liberal and Harvard sociologist whose award-winning works specialize in the study of slavery and race, has said of America, that “is the least racist white-majority society in the world; has a better record of legal protections of minorities than any other society, white or black; offers more opportunities to greater numbers of black persons than any other society, including those of Africa.”

  44. Where’s Hancock when you need him? I would so love to see this morons head jammed up his own ass.

  45. The problems that we are facing to today started thousands of years ago. Brush back all the muck and uncover thg he truth. Islam and Christians have fought this war from the beginning. Christians stand strong, God has a plan. He will win. He always does.

  46. Pls before all our statues are desecrated, let’s find a museum so that cooler minds will prevail. I would hope any statue that was spay painted will be restored by the sweat equity of the fool that did it. Better yet let them pay for the restoration with their Own money. Taking money out of these barbarians pockets along with a jail sentence is an appropriate punishment .measure.

  47. Hey Shaun King, Nobody would stop you from erecting and installing your own statues and stained glass windows representing your Jesus, just leave the existing ones alone.

  48. Hard for me to believe BLM after seeing how many Black Females down at plan parenthood killing their Black babies. and Black folks shooting each other like they having a good time playing a Nintendo game.

  49. We are all life matters. It’s time to put a stop to all this stupidity nonsense. These people dont even know the whole truth about history. You say blacks were all slave. Beg the difference. So were other races even whites were slaves back then too. Ready the history books to get the truth. Guess you didnt learn anything in History in school.

  50. BLM is nothing but another group controlled by the DEMS. BLM has received over $$$$1 1/2 billion $$$$$$$$$. Poof where is it…. Certainly not to help the “minorities”. And why should the Dems/Maxests….. They need uneducated. Unskilled. Non Thinkers…..Just need to have these thugs. Looters. Criminals.


  52. Looks like Martial Law will soon be justified. Liberals think they are helping their cause, are soon to find out the error of their thinking.

  53. This is beyond stupid! Enough is enough already. If we’re going to allow some monuments and depictions to be torn down, let’s remove all of them such as Martin Luther King, Hussein Obama etc. Yes that’s right, stop being a racist Shaun King and BLM because to erase one people’s history and allow others to remain is exactly that! Time to stop allowing this BS America!

  54. A better idea would be for all you ASS HOLES to go live some where else that way maybe you won’t get dead,AMERICA WILL NEVER BE WHAT YOU WANT.Don’t be surprised the next time one of you climb up a statue to pull it down you may get knocked off with a rubber bullet, or maybe a real one.DUMB ASSES.

  55. During the 1st century AD, the Danes were still practicing animal and human sacrifices. Some very-well preserved bodies have floated up from bogs in Denmark.
    To King’s comments about Jesus not going to Denmark. It is doubtful that many people, outside of the Roman empire traders, knew that a country called Denmark even existed. Even if a common person knew it existed, the travel there would be prohibited by the Roman empire for anyone who did not swear allegiance to Rome. In other words, it wouldn’t happen. People at the time of Jesus were very regional people. Jesus preached his 33 years very close to where he was born. King is devoid of education and sense. He’s a buffoon.

  56. these hate groups need to be outlawed never understood the black lives matter thing myself because if they truly believed that they would quit killing each other my motto is All Lives Matter especially those not even born

  57. So when do WE AMERICANS form militias to stop this war against our country?
    As a MARINE I swore an oath to defend out country against ALL ENEMIES FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC! With out Law and Order we are destined to become a wasteland of famine and death. If our Government will not stand up to protect our country then WE must!

  58. BLM is a Marxist organization as stated by one of the founders back in a 2015 video.
    Patrisse Cullors said, and I quote, “We’re trained Marxists.” You can watch the video by doing a Google search.
    So you see, BLM has nothing to do with black lives at all, and all their supporters and donors are morons.
    By supporting BLM, the democrat politicians have demonstrated they support communism.
    That is the truth.

  59. BLM is a terrorist group just as ANTIFA is! Only thing that going fix them is the military troops! They better hope it them! Because there is lot of people both black and white people who can’t stand them! These young people didn’t even learn a dam thing in school! But sure did by that stupid music you call rap!

  60. If Shuan king can prove Jesus was BLACK let him prove it! Or he need to shut up! NOBODY living today know what color Jesus Christ was! EXCEPT HE WAS A JEWS!

  61. These domestic terrorists of communist BLM/Antifa should be jailed for deades , no time off for good behavior. Thet are responsible for deaths of Americans.

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