You won’t believe what Nancy Pelosi just promised to do

Democrats are losing their minds over President Trump’s Supreme Court nomination.

The Resistance base of the party is thirsting for total war against Trump’s pick.

And you won’t believe what Nancy Pelosi just promised to do.

In an email to supporters Pelosi promised to “avenge” President Obama.

Pelosi wrote:

“Because I need you to understand how critical Trump’s Supreme Court announcement tonight is.

I just learned that SECONDS after Trump’s announcement… Republicans will launch an unprecedented $1.4 MILLION ad blitz to support his nominee.

I’m worried this will eviscerate our chance to make Republicans pay for the Supreme Court seat they STOLE from President Obama.

But I’m determined to avenge President Obama if it’s the last thing I do.”

Pelsoi was referring to the fact that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell observed the Biden rule and refused to hold a vote on Obama’s nomination of Merrick Garland to succeed Antonin Scalia.

Democrats consider that seat “stolen” even though all the Republicans did was follow the precedent laid out by then Delaware Senator Joe Biden in 1992.

Then Senator Biden said Supreme Court nominations should not proceed in Presidential election years.

Obama had just months remaining in his term when Scalia unexpectedly passed away so McConnell observed the traditions set forth by Biden and held the seat vacant.

When Trump won the election, it allowed him to fill Scalia’s seat with Justice Neil Gorsuch.

Now the President can shift the court to the right for years.



  1. She can try but she will fail just she fails at everything she does. Poor Nancy she is her own worst henchman in everything she does.

    • It is LONG past due time for several people to retire,,,,Schiff, Pelosi, Schumer, Mueller, WATERS, NADLER< BRENNAN CLAPPER, and A few others that will soon be named in the Comey Investigation. Justice sometimes takes a while, but KARMA is SWEET!!! I hope they are ALL SHAKING IN THEIR SLEEP!!!!jim

  2. it would be a godsend to move to canada after seeing the living conditions in michigan cities, thankfully i live less than a mile from the michigan state line!!

  3. “Obama had just months remaining in his term when Scalia unexpectedly passed away.” WRONG! Obama had Scalia killed as an insurance policy to protect his legacy just in case Trump won!

  4. Deep State traitors are everywhere!The evil liberal demoncrat Commie Nazi’s party at work here!Don’t forget the RINOs(Ryan, McShame , McConnell, Rubio , Romney, Sessions, Grahams etc) they’re just as bad! Drain the rat infested Swamp, Pres Trump!

    • When California send a majority of our “representatives” who are mentally deranged and spend far too much of our $$ on their booze what can you expect? There are a few exceptions to my comment but they are not Dumbocrats!!!!

    • Michael,
      If your talking about McShame being the American hero, piss on you and your idea of hin. He was a traitor and spilled his guts about everything he knew. Ask them men that took the beatings and even lost their lives over his traitor mouth. He should have married Hanoi Jane, they would have made a great couple.
      If you want to think President Trump is a loser then that is your right as an American. You are an American right?
      Sounds to me you lost your free phone, taken off food stamps, offered a job but heck no I’m not working, Obummer never made me work, I got everything for free. Again I say, piss on you, NOTHING is free, it was prepaid for you ignorant fools with the blood of great heros. The people you must not know. Crawl back under your rock and let grown people talk.

    • You are ill informed or refused to know the facts or a gullible person or a blind follower . Get hatred out of your system, you will feel better. Look for the truth and facts, don’t be consumed by hateful people.

    • Is that why President Trump is in the White house and the pantsuit PIG isn’t, because he’s a loser? That makes perfectly sense if you were dropped on the head repeatedly as a child, smoked extraordinarily strong strains of marijuana for your entire teenage life, or underwent a voluntary frontal lobotomy.

      Anybody naive enough to vote for a liberal should’ve been aborted And normally I wouldn’t even want Barack Insane Ohomo aborted as a baby……Flushed in a condom yes…..aborted ….NO!

      You’re just mad because President Trump is going to appoint 2 more conservative judges to the SCOTUS and overturn your same sex marriage!

      You should look into moving to Canada!

      • Isn’t smoking pot the same as performing a frontal lobotomy on yourself?
        America: Love it or Leave it!
        GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

  5. At least we now have a real judge that is much smarter than Obama, the
    so-called constitutional law scholar. Obama repeated violating the legislative process. He also violated the Constitution.

    In my book, Obama is a criminal. A Kenyan.

    • Actually, fraudbama is neither a Kenyan, NOR an American; at age two, he was “adopted” by his Indonesian step-father. That automatically made him a “citizen of Indonesia” AND still, a British subject. Of all the records we have been able to search, there is no record, anywhere, of his “supposed” American citizenship EVER being reinstated; therefore, he IS a “citizen of Indonesia”, to this very day.

  6. Nancy P is a hater and communist just like her sister Mad Max. They can’t stand that they can’t control people because the POTUS has created jobs and people are working again and they can’t dictate to them. Also, can anyone remember Obummer saying we want people to pay a little more on their taxes. Well I remember, so all Trump did was give us back what the commies were stealing from us to support illegals and other no good scumbags that wouldn’t hit a lick at a snake. So go ahead Nancy, obstruct all you want. But the last time I checked, the house had no say in the conformation of a SC Justice. So your freeking opinion really doesn’t matter to all of us patriots who support the POTUS and his nominee. Keep making America great again Pres. Trump, you definitely have support from this deplorable cult member!!! I’m still a proud vet that’s getting old but I would still give my life to protect this nation from enemies,both foreign and domestic, so my children and grandchildren could have a chance to grow up in a free society! God bless our great nation and give the senate enough wisdom to confirm our next justice!

    • Steve,
      . . . . I want to thank you for your service. I am also getting old but I consider my oath to be enforce until I am called home. Your dissertation is well thought out and to the point. I like the fact that you left your caps lock off, didn’t feel the need for foul language, didn’t threaten anyone, and didn’t call others names.
      America: Love it or Leave it!
      GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

    • Steve Thank you and all our past, present, and future military personnel. You are what keeps America strong. My American heritage goes back to before the USA was ever born. I am a descendant of the Cherokees who owned this land (but did not have a ‘paper deed’ saying so).
      Our diverse heritage is what makes us the greatest nation in the world. I welcome legals coming into our country. So be legal or stay home and make your country what you want it to be.

    • Thank for your service, my Brother. I too am getting long in tooth, 72 in Oct, but would gladly step up and defend this God Fearing Nation once again. Served 27+ years. MAGA!

  7. It all comes down to dollars and cents, President Trump is serving as our President for one dollar, Obama had a few dollars when he was elected, then he followed in the footsteps of the Clintons and became a Multi Million dollar man.

  8. You ever hear of any leader that ask their people to Hate & get in the Face of others you disagree with? only democrat leaders ask that of their people… Damn Shame & Poor leadership.

  9. The Democrats are very short sighted! They make rules that are good for them at the time and then get mad when they are used against them! Total idiots! And the BS that they should not hold the vote for Kavanaugh because it is too close to the election is crazy, this is a mid-term NOT a Presidential. So, Democrats can go pound sand – we are holding a vote, and in all probability Kavanaugh will be confirmed!

    • Why? Because he lied? Tell me, when did President Trump lie? Who did he directly lie to? What was the specific lie? No one seems able to say. They can only repeat what the media said. Heaven knows how honest and true the media is. They always fair and unbiased. Yes, I’m being sarcastic.

    • micheal (or do you prefer pansie micheel) are you having a crying breakdown because you are losing your freebees and have to go to work. Then you have to find a way to hid your drug use. Or are you an illegal fixing to get kicked out. You have to be one of these since these are the groups of people that the democraps lead around by the nose so they can stay in power with there made up votes. Well, the deplorables are feed up with the freeloading nutcase’s and we voted for change and the majority expects change and this veteran still stands behind our constitution and my oath to protect this country against terrorist forign and domestic, which includes deending against left wing nuts and democraps!!! HooRa


    • Amen !!! The Dem Party – all the ultra – libs and all the DC Elitists should be ‘run ‘ out of town – or the Country !!!Too bad they can’t see how stupid they are …………..

  10. the Democratic Party is a crumbling party. They are losing voters every day. It is only a matter of time. If they fight President’s nomination for the supreme court that will be the last nail in in their coffin We will bury them. Since they do not believe in prayer we don’t have to worry about praying for them. The devil will take over.

  11. The democrats conveniently forget that THEY are the ones who created the conditions that now allow President Trump to nominate a conservative justice for the Supreme Court, and probably have that nominee confirmed by the Senate without any votes from the democrats. They introduced the “nuclear option” that makes this possible. They should have been more careful about what they wished for. Now they will “reap what they have sown.”

  12. First of all I do not believe Justice Scalia just passed away — I believe his death was more nefarious! Second the rule was initiated by the then Vice President – of course he never expected it to be used against Democrats. Nothing was stolen from Obama, he was on his way out and should not appoint someone who could have a profound effect on the country for years to come. Right is right!

    • Democrats also believe that any tax decrease is money STOLEN from the government (them) and therefore unavailable to them for their numerous pocket stuffing schemes!

      • You are so right…he protects the muslims only, everyone else had better run. So glad that half breed is out of office…now if we can only get him to go back to Kenya I’ll be a happy camper…

      • A good example of Obama caring for himself is the style of living that he and that wife of his have adopted since leaving the White House. Not to mention the political empire that he’s created since leaving office. He and she didn’t have a pot to piss in before he entered politics in Illinois, and now look at them!

        • He only did it to become rich – he couldn’t do it without Politics and the Presidency. His wife is just as bad if not worst….. I bet that a lot of his money goes back to his Muslim Country……

          • You are correct. I worked with a woman who’s nephew worked for Obama during his 1st bid for President,she went on & on about how wonderful Obama was. Then when he ran again, she claimed she never voted for him the 1st time and would not vote for him again

      • Gizzy, Michael is one of those sore losers that can’t get over the fact that his Masta’s chosen puppet, ‘Benghazi’ Hillary lost. Now the idiot has to crawl out of his Mommy’s basement, lose some weight and go to work.

    • PRESIDENT TRUMP IS DOING EXACTLY WHAT HE WAS ELECTED TO DO. PRESIDENT TRUMP is an AMERICAN PRESIDENT, unlike the Kenyan usurper who was anti-American proMuslim Communist that ever darkened our country. Our PRESIDENT TRUMP has done more in his short time than the last few regimes ever thought of doing for America.

      • I finally found a TRUE American with sense of what a real President does….. Trump is doing a GREAT job, as he promised, cleaning out the SWAMP….

    • Uh, I don’t think so. Obama funded the terrorist organization, the Muslim brotherhood, among other nefarious organizations. Every deal he made benefited our enemies and against Americans. Check a few dot gov sites for statistics.

    • You are out of your mind..were exactly did he care?? Obummercare which is a huge fail?? Oh no must be him giving Iran billions..maybe Benghazi pu r catch and release criminals?? Hmm or using FBI, DOJ and IRS to go after political opponents?? Thats just scratching the surface and theres not much caring in any of it blind mouse

      • Bret Golke, just to add something sold guns to the Mexican drug cartels and bash Christmas and Christianity tryed to shutdown fox news and go after Sean Hannity bad mouth police officers then visit the Muslim who got hurt after detonating a pressure cooker bomb, set Muslim prisoners free, side with a traitor and pay ransom for his return.

  13. As with many times since President Trump was elected Nancy goes CRAZY like her best friend Maxine. She will regret her words as will Chuck and then RNC will make them all have to find something else to cause trouble about. There voters need to tell them to get back to work on finding something they will agree with. I can’t believe everyone who voted for Dems would waste their votes and taxpayer money letting Nancy and Chuck continue to only be obstructionist, what a waste of time. Nancy needs to go home to San Francisco and clean up her city. Her town is the worst town in the nation for homelessness and all things that come along with it. She is to blame. God please rid this country of all the ugly and trash the Dems have brought forth.

  14. It is the responsibility of the Supreme Court to interpret the Constitution as it is written and to adduce the law. It does not have the authority to change the Constitution or to create laws or pass legislation. The courts do not have the authority to usurp the legislative authority of Congress or the executive powers granted to the President by the Constitution. It may declare a law passed by Congress or an act by the President to be unconstitutional if there are indeed facts to support such a declaration and not just opinion.

  15. Michael you talk about a conservative judge that is going infringe on peoples rights?do you mean the same way thes liberal bozos attack conservatives and trump supporters and stifle their free speech?you friggin idiot

  16. It does not appear the democrats care about the Constitution or the rule of law. They don’t care about the nation or the American people. They just want revenge and their pound of flesh.

    • All the dementocraps care about is POWER…ABSOLUTE POWER! They feel it slipping away and it is driving them crazier than an outhouse rat!

  17. Obama is and was an Islamic Terrorist and a traitor to America and its people and should be arrested and charged with High Treason.

  18. There was no President of the United States named Obama. What we did have is a fake that was called that by the Democrat lawmakers which is and was a Islamic Muslim you know the one’s cutting the heads off of Christians

  19. She will “avenge” Obama? Scalia died in February 2016, which left Obama with 9 months before the Presidential election. The Democrats have always been “do as I say but not as I do.” It was past time for the Republicans to turn the tables on the Democrats, taking advantage of what the Democrats had done in the past. A Presidential election year, especially when the incumbent can’t run, is extremely busy for all politicians. That is why the President is referred to as a “lame duck” in their last year of office. Rather than whining about not getting Garland confirmed, it would have behooved Obama and his toadies to at least attempt to stop the Russians from attempting to interfere with our election. But then again, they needed someone to take the fall for the interference in the 2016 election by the DOJ/FBI. Maybe Trump winning is the American people’s revenge for what the Obama organization and the divisive Democratic Party put us through for 8 years.

  20. But I’m (NO NO NANETT) determined to avenge President Obama if it’s the last thing I do.” All I can say is GOODBYE NO NO NANETT, YOU WILL NOT BE MISSED.

  21. Re “Obama had just months remaining in his term when Scalia unexpectedly passed away”. Unexpectedly? With the help of a binary maybe?

    • Justice Scalia was murdered. They did not follow any of the protocols for death outside a doctors care. They did not preform an autopsy, they did not do any investigation. They fell all over themselves to bury him. There is nothing that will convince me it was not murder.

  22. Nancy Pelosi is doing what is needed to get votes for herself and the Democratic Party. The Democrats have lost a lot since they have been shown to be for THEMSELVES GETTING ELECTED and not the interests of the United State4s of America. They need votes and they get votes from people who buy the info in the lies, lies, lies the Democrats tell.

  23. Go Trump. Finally someone who loves and cares about this country. Not a MUTT like O-A-Hole was. Let the LIBS yell. Every time they open their mouths , they lose another 5,000 votes. The Republicans don’t need to campaign. These morons are doing it for us. Keep opening your mouth Pelosi, I love it.

  24. I hate the comment, “now the president can shift the court for the next 8 years”. How about just saying that now we can get back to the business about interpreting what the Constitution already contains, not to go right or left philosophically. The laws are already laid out for America. Just follow what they say, not what we think they should say.

  25. This woman, took an oath to support the Constitution of The United States of America. What the hell is she doing? Obeying the Koran? The Arabs have been hating everyone for 4000 years. Is she trying to provoke this nation into hatred? She has to be on some type of drug to talk this way. Maybe she needs a drug test. She does need to be replaced.

    • Louis,
      . . . . Islam has only existed since the 7th century. Yes, this woman needs to be arrested on charges of High Treason and Sedition during Wartime. These are Capitol offenses. Another 30 million communists aka democrats also need to be arrested and charged with the same offenses.
      America: Love it or Leave it!
      GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

    • NO NO NO,she must not be replaced because Nazi Democrats like this are turning more democrat voters into Republican voters !! this ding bat needs instructions to operate a revolving door !!

    • They (the democrats) are losing the African Amer. voters because they are starting to see that the democrats were just using them for votes and doing nothing for them once in office for all these years. They need another group(muslums,fags/queers/lgbt etc.etc..)to make there false promises to for THE VOTES. Thats all they care about they do not care for WE THE PEOPLE or USA, they want this Country to be a SHIT-HOLE NATION so they can run it as they see fit because according to them “WE ARE UNFIT TO RUN OUR OWN LIVES”

  26. that is the last thing we need on the highest court in america, a conservative mo-fo that would infringe on the rights of all americans!!

  27. Nancy needs to go home,she and likes of the cry babies they are. Kid tantrums.when they don’t get there ways is disgusting to know they are part of the problems. I would rank them pull up your pants and quit acting as the devils advocate.
    President Trump has cleared a lot of the SWAMP you need to be next to go along with next round. Heaven is not part of your future.

  28. Keep it up Pelosi, Schumer and the rest of the bunch of IDIOTIC DEMOCRATS, your showing your complete HATE for this COUNTRY of OURS…. Before much longer, that THORN TREE will be holding you where you ALL belong…..Keep it up…. I’VE SAID BEFORE AND I’LL SAY IT AGAIN, DEMOCRATS ARE NO GOOD, PERIOD !

  29. They will be voted out in 2018. This country will start to heal after everyone goes to vote all the dems, libs, and rinos out. They have taken this country for a ride and now its come full circle and we the people will vote back our great country. God bless America and God bless its people.

  30. Each time these domestic terrorist democrats speak, they show just how much they hate this great nation.

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