You won’t believe what one judge said about the chances of impeaching Trump

Democrats believed the Mueller report would provide a roadmap to impeaching Donald Trump.

They were counting on the special counsel delivering a smoking gun they could use to remove the President from office.

And now that the report is out, you won’t believe what this high profile judge said about the chances of impeaching Trump.

For months, Fox News legal analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano warned viewers that President Trump was in grave legal danger for obstruction of justice.

But in the wake of the Mueller report being made public, Napolitano declared Trump was in the clear.

Breitbart reports:

Napolitano said the “serious legal jeopardy” for Trump is “gone” and warned that pursuing obstruction of justice could “explode in their faces.”

“[W]hat the Democrats want to do, this may very well explode in their faces politically, Stuart, is second-guess Bill Barr and Bob Mueller,” Napolitano told Fox Business Network’s Stuart Varney. “Now, Barr told us that there were 10 instances of alleged obstruction of justice. Whatever the bottom line is, they decided there’s not enough to prove the case. The Democrats are going to take those 10 instances and parade some lawyers out there, ex-prosecutors who’ll say there is enough to prove the case. Which is why I said this just turns the page. The serious legal jeopardy for the president is gone. The political jeopardy, he knows how to deal with.”

He added, “To the Democrats and the Trump haters, it’s fuel for them to continue digging more deeply into this. I think they’re making a mistake doing it, but I predict they’re going to do it because that’s what they think their base wants.”

Impeachment defenders still have fodder in the Mueller report that they can use to press their case.

But the simple fact of the matter is Robert Mueller did not make any determination of whether or not President Trump obstructed justice.

He left that matter up to the Attorney General.

And his word on that matter – as Napolitano points out – is final.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. How is it the obviously unsuccessful attempt to “obstruct” justice is a crime but the proven obstruction of justice committed by Hillary is okey?? If Trump had been a Democrate they would all be happy campers.
    It’s not Trump they hate its who he represents and that includes us middle class Americans who voted him into office.

  2. Mr. David, your views as well as your opinions seem to be very pessimistic about the future of our country or nation of the United States of N.America. You & I could agree the liberalism among most of demon-rats or cracks is a mental disordered.Like “Oh if you like or agree with me on every issue or topic towards politics of our Fed, State, Local levels”.But,I believe in Freedom, selfgoverned,one’s responsibility, free market,& agree with pres Trump to some extend.

  3. I think the Dems. should continue to pursue impeachment. ON THIER OWN TIME AND $$$ The Taxpayers have had enough Already

    • Right!! After 2 years of wasting my tax $$ for absolutely NOTHING the democraps should be held accountable and pay the Americans back ALL the money so Trump can designate it to the Border Wall!!

    • Even if the Demoncrap House is foolish enough to pass impeachment, nothing will happen as it is dead on arrival with the Republican Senate! Like when Republican House passed impeachment on Slick Willy Clinton it was dead on arrival in the then Demoncrap Senate which cost the Republicans I the next election. So go for it. By all means, let the House feel good and pass impeachment and it will guarantee a Republican Super Majority in both House and Senate for President Trump to have WORK WITH HIM! So, by all means, continue down that road that you are destined to fail even if impeachment passes but just fail harder!

  4. There are not enough votes in the Senate to remove Trump from office. There may be enough votes in the House to submit an impeachment of Trump.

    I say to the Dems: “Go ahead and take an impeachment vote.”

    Quit threatening and just do it. It will go nowhere and the Dems know it. In the meantime, this action will absolutely assure Trump of a second term.

    If the Republicans put in a strong candidate after Trump’s second term, you might see another conservative win.

    Impeachment worked against the Republicans when they impeached Bill Clinton.

    Note to Dems: “Put up or shut up.”

    Sanjosemike ( no longer in CALIFORNIA)

      • Navypo you are so right. I am a old mastery gunny sgt USMC retired with 30 years service and I have found most lawyers think they are smarter are dumb ass that think they can lie twest thee truth bcause the title lawyer gives them the right. It does not they put pants on one leg at a time like everyone . SEMPER FI

        • Gunny’s an American hero, he says what he believes. Being 80+ I have heard a lot of what goes on in WashDC and regret to say, “Politicians give Lawyers a bad name”.. If our politicians were doing their job the Clinton’s & their cronies would be in the calaboos years ago.

        • Since its Demoncraps we are talking about its more likely sheep raisins Lee! Which in a round about way, all are pure bullsh*t!

    • TO anyone with intelligence please educate me ?
      Tell me How THE F can there b OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE BASED UPON ONE BIG F”ING LIE ON A CRIME THAT NEVER HAPPENED ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
      LEt's Party u POS's U r All Going DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW

      • So simple. It is whatever that the democrats and their supporting press can make you believe, and question, and repeat. The 47% will believe and support whatever the democrats and their supporting press wants them to believe. The democrat supporting voters are the dead, the ignorant, the illegals, the racists, the non working, the non tax paying, the non property owners, the welfare supported, the criminals, the criminal protecting, the brainwashed, the cult followers, the muslims. Hope that helps.

        • Conservatives have strict voting laws.
          Liberal Democrats can vote if they are:
          Over 9 to under 90 …
          Immoral, dumb, or lazy …
          Illegal, criminal, or crazy …
          Uneducated, ignorant, or hazy …
          And not dead over 30 years.

    • The bo and hilary conspiracy to cover up their own crimes are obviously the 2 instigators that created the witch hunt theft of tax $$’s to investigate their own type of collusion with Russia & islam enemies against the U.S.A. Both are #1 criminals to be indicted & prosecuted for High Treason ! Hang ’em high !

      • Ward is correct! Hillary and her cronies should be tried for High Treason!!! And take Obama with her!! If not High Treason send them to Pakistan, Iran or better yet the military front line for a justified court martial

  5. Let the communist democrats bring it on, that is all they can do talk about impeachment. There may be a serious blow to the demo commies.

  6. What demographics does the Baby Killing Party prey on? Once you’ve been bought with HHS money or special legislation to justify immorality laws and policies, Nancy and Chuck and Liz aren’t going to lose any votes or gain any. Once you’ve sold your soul to the devil, can you return? Reprobate mind!

  7. I always disagreed with Judge Nap’s earlier posture that Trump was in jeopardy. And while I welcome his brighter post-Mueller report analysis, I think he also miscalculated again. The judge characterizes Democrats as believing that their base wants them to keep fighting Trump. Nonsense. Recent polls show that voters of ALL political stripes now want Dems and Republicans to stop fighting and start doing what they’re supposed to be doing– LEGISLATING. Frankly, Washington Democrats are too obsessed with Trump to care what their base “wants.”

  8. “Judge” Nappy, is still flapping his lips. His legal knowledge is little to none. Listen to Mark Levin. He’s the real legal expert. Not those idiots at the Fox&Fools show. Quit watching Fox news a long time ago. They lean left and are nothing more than MSNBC in training.

    • Shella you are full of shiiit for brains. Fox news is the only news ln the usa the outhers are commies that hate the great nation. SEMPER FI USMC

      • SEMPER FI MASTER GUNNERY SGT, I’M WITH YOU!!!! BTW, where did you serve, I was a Corpsman with 2/2 at Camp Lejeune

      • Yes Sheila Fox News is the only channel with moral truth-telling journalists the rest of the channels are all fake news and want to be journalists who are evil and what they do

  9. I hope the Democrats are prosecuted for collusion with Ukraine and Hillary’s destruction of her server as obstruction of justice and all the rest.

    • Warren I’d have to see it to believe it. That bitch is Teflon coated as far as getting her for anything. We have a double standard justice system.

  10. I have a question about CONSPIRACY and TREASON.!! And it DOES NOT pertain to OUR PRESIDENT. With all the hatred that has been going on since our President was elected BY THE PEOPLE, Could not, the Non-Action and NO SUPPORT from the so called “House of DemoRAts” not be called TREASON and CONSPIRACY to over throw OUR government???
    They were elected “to serve and protect” and all we have seen is corruption from within.!!

    • You got it. This haas been a failed coup by the treason commie demogogs and they should be I getmo.


  11. The only way the democrats could ever beat Trump is to get him out of the way. They think impeachment will do it. They are so wrong. If anything happens to Trump they will pay in a huge way. We stand behind our president and if the dems don’t like it they can move to Venezuela.

    • I say round up the Democrats that are creating the chaos in our country and relocate them to another country like North Korea, China, etc. Let’s see if/
      what they can do or say there? Probably have to
      Include some RINO’s to really drain the swamp.
      I am sure that Trump has a plan to MAGA.

      • How can all these reps in congress make. All these threats to our reps &not be arrested @ jailed &removed from Congress They just did that to a man in Florida. That’s adouble standard

  12. Dimowits will keep parading any excuse to keep the “news media” stirred up and throw a shotgun pattern of accusations all through 2020 just to hope ANYTHING will stick. It doesn’t matter how far fetched or assinined or totally lacking in fact they may be. The ONLY candidate they have is Old Joe, and they KNOW they do not have a platform for America just give aways to buy votes from all their special interests. Lies, attacks, rumors and false accusations are their only means of campaigning. Let them keep going. Hopefully they will fall on their own sword they have created.

  13. It doesn’t matter what they attempt to do to Trump. They are the ones that committed crimes and they’re the ones that should be impeached as a result.

  14. All of this bunch of lies should be prosecuted as well and charged ! Everyone should be responsible for their own crime in this case ! …and then amend the laws so this never happens to this nation AGAIN…..

  15. Who’s going to pay for this continued witch Hunt? Haven’t we spent enough? Start investigating the Dem’s that can’t accept the President of these United States. Best president of our time!!!!

  16. judge nap has NEVER been a supporter of PRESIDENT TRUMP.

    Always on the negative side, so nothing he says now has value.

  17. Get over it all U Liberals , but , as we all know you can’t help yourselves , Cry Babies and Sniveling Brats , that’s all you are and ever will be , CLASS IS OVER FOR THIS SESSION CHILDREN , you BRATS are costly , Jesus Christ , Grow up why don’t you all !!!

  18. Our cultural values are eroding — David Teiwes
    It doesn’t matter which side of the political aisle you’re on, you must admit cultural chaos and confusion are rapidly eroding our solid cultural norms.

    This is being fueled by political correctness. Our foundational absolute values are being emasculated into a system of values to be whatever one wants values to be. The mentality is becoming, “It might be right for you, but not for me.” A society with such norms is willfully in the the process of self-destruction.

    When absolute values are incrementally manipulated toward a compromised standard of agreement, a society begins to crumble into irrelevancy. When that happens, it can be categorized into a disease called “liberalism.” When that starts to mutate, it becomes the guaranteed eventual demise of any respectable society.

    Our culture’s momentum is reaching the point of irreversible salvation for self-preservation. All great cultures and nations eventually find their grave in the dust bin of history and future irrelevancy.

    I’m so sorry America is rapidly heading in that direction.

    • David
      Sadly you are correct. We have been so busy legislating laws that protect those on the far fringes of society that we have disabled our ability of the balance of normal society to function. When we enact law to specifically protect persons that are sexually aberrant or those that do not conform to societal norms to the point that our founding fathers are being considered white elitists, Chrisianity is an evil, courtesy and statesmanship are weaknesses, and rewriting of the Constitution because we have so far removed ourselves from reason, that it should be interpreted as to what a few think it should be. We are in trouble. And until people take action instead of grumbling and stamping their feet it is going to get much worse.

    • Mr. David, your views as well as your opinions seem to be very pessimistic about the future of our country or nation of the United States of N.America. You & I could agree the liberalism among most of demon-rats or cracks is a mental disordered.Like “Oh if you like or agree with me on every issue or topic towards politics of our Fed, State, Local levels”.But,I believe in Freedom, selfgoverned,one’s responsibility, free market,& agree with pres Trump to some extend.

  19. Now that CNN refuses to take the poison it fed its viewers for 2-years, according to the Laura Ingram Angle,that it continues to talk “more Russian collusion lies”, then wouldn’t it be practical to follow the dozens of websites urging that bullets be used-as-projectiles to slay their imbeciles?

  20. Innocent!!!!! Rub it in their faces. Are you commcrats going to apologize for your slander and lies about our great president? How about Diane. She should be a lady and go first. A lady? Opps,I forgot I’m talking about Diane. How about Betty. Same difference.

  21. The reason is because they do not want to be prosecuted for their stupidity. But the crap is going to hit the fan very shortly. This nation is going to see how sinister these SOB’s were. And I say pour it on them. And after they are convicted, send their asses to GITMO! No chance for parole. Then amend the laws so this never happens to this nation AGAIN!!!

  22. How does this make any sense when we think about Clinton doing whatever in the Oval office and Hillary sticking by him and then thinking she deserves to be in the oval office, what just because she stuck by an idiot, which makes her even more of an idiot in my opinion, and then idiots thinking we need a woman president and thinking the American People would vote for a woman who stuck by her husband who was doing what all in the oval office….and then Obama, who knows what he did in the oval office…I do not even want to think about that and so it goes….

    • I don’t classify Clintons as human. Just ask Vince oh He’s no longer here, suicide no way. He was in White House when last seen. One can’t leave without being seen leaving, but he was not on camera leaving ever. Two different size bullet holes means 2 different guns used, 1 was Hillary’s. Vince was to deliver papers that to judge same day of his demise that would have put Hillary in jail. Papers after years of missing found in Clinton’s home.

  23. The demon-rats are not interested in the truth about the collusion, obstruction whatever conspiracy they had in mind. All they want is to get Trump by All MEANS.

  24. All the Democrats care about is their hatred towards President Trump nothing else matters. This witch hunt is a disgrace for our nation. I say investigate the Democrats. That is where the real criminals are hiding!

  25. Let ’em, I want to see something blow up in their faces and run Nadler, Ocasio-Cortez, Omar, Pelosi Talib, Swalwell and a couple of other lunes out, out, and out.

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