You won’t believe what one Never Trump RINO just said about illegal immigration

There is no issue that separates Donald Trump from the RINO Republicans more than immigration.

Never Trump Republicans worked to sabotage Trump from day one because they support amnesty and open borders.

And now you won’t believe what one Never Trump RINO just said about illegal immigration.

Mitt Romney is the godfather of the Never Trump Movement.

The former failed presidential candidate never passes up an opportunity to lob a cheap shot at President Trump.

But when he appeared on Meet the Press recently, Romney shocked viewers when he said immigration was a winning issue for the President.

Breitbart reports:

The new Utah Senator said Sunday:

In my opinion, the Democrats are making a huge error by making border security an issue and saying it’s a partisan issue. Look, this is an American issue. We can’t have millions upon millions of people flooding into our country without a border that’s secure, without ICE making sure the people that are here illegally are sent back. This is, this is a winning issue I think for Republicans. But more importantly, it’s a winning issue for Americans to say, “We have to have the sovereignty of our nation.” I think the president has tapped into something which the people feel very deeply.

But Romney also suggested that he thinks the Democrats may cooperate with Trump’s proposed reform of asylum and migration laws.

I think what has to happen is an effort for Republicans and Democrats to come together, generally with presidential leadership. That’s what’s going to be essential to get us all — … [Trump] has the capacity to bring together the top Democrats, top Republicans and to sit down and say, “Okay, what can we do legislatively to make sure that we’re not creating this extraordinary asylum magnet that’s bringing people into the country?”

This flies in the face of the Washington, D.C. “conventional wisdom.”

Think tanks and establishment politicians – funded by the pro-amnesty donor class – push the lie that protecting American sovereignty and having an immigration system that puts the interests of American workers ahead of cheap labor is a political loser.

It isn’t.

Donald Trump proved that in 2016.

And even Mitt Romney thinks it is a winner in 2020.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Romney is sickening. He and McCain handed Obama the Presidency with their weakness and acting so stupid. I wouldn’t vote for Romney for anything. It is obvious they are true Rino’s.

  2. I’d be willing to go halfway with the “open borders” crowd. Open our borders to anyone who wants to come here as long as they pay the taxes that would have to be increased for their food and housing and the increase in crime that would be caused by those illegals as I’m NOT GOING TO PAY FOR IT!

  3. Mitt Romney was either paid off after he met with Obama in 2012 in Colorado or simply had NO business running for The Presidency then? After that charade, I stopped trusting him and my thoughts haven’t changed. As far as I’m concerned he’s a Democrat in Republican wardrobe!

    • Romney has always been a RINO. He is 2 face, he cannot say the same thing twice. He came to Utah because this was the only friendly state for him where he had a chance to get voted back into a Seat in Washington. Everyone else saw it, but unfortunately in Utah they all wear blinders and don’t care as long as they are Mormon. I have never seen such a bunch of dumb people in my life, until I moved here.

  4. I have absolutely no trust for Mitt Romney.
    He should have jumped on board the Trump Train, but, instead he badmouths The POTUS every chance he gets. He votes against Trump.
    He could have helped get even more good done for the USA CITIZENS if he would partner with Trump and work to move Trump’s policies forward.
    But instead, he goes RINO in the worst way.

    • Question? How many of you believe term limits should happen. You want the Rinos out? That’s the way to do it. I myself do believe in term limits. If the President can only be in office maximum of 8 years then congress should have limits as well. Max 6years. Earn no more than sixty thousand dollars a year. Have the same insurance as we do. Oh yeah and have to pay for it out of their pockets. When they leave office no more money no more anything. They go back to whatever job they had when they took office.

      • I just wonder if they only have 6-8 years will they be even more corrupt.
        I mean the whole idea of getting elected is to go to Wash DC and get rich from Special Interest money.
        If they have less time they’ll have to do bigger/worse things to get the big payoffs.
        Other than that I agree with you.

      • I am with you It is long over do. They come to DC with net worth of less than 200, 000 recive 170, 000 per year and after 1 term worth 1millon or more.They do not work for the people of this great country they fill poctheir. Pockets SEMPER FI USMC

  5. So long as Republicans don’t have a turncoat like McCain at the negotiating table with the Democrats, it might get done this time with Presidential leadership. George W. Bush tried when he was President, but Democrats demanded too much and McCain colluded with them. There was no way the resulting bill could be approved. When RINOs like McCain are at the table, Democrats are negotiating with themselves. All RINOs must be kept away from the negotiations. Such as Alexander, Capito, Collins, Murkowski and Portman cannot be involved this time. These members of the Turncoat 7, who voted with Democrats to preserve Obamacare, must be kept under wraps until they can be removed from office when each next has a primary opponent.

  6. Mark come to Zion
    Having lived around them for almost sixty years, I disagree. They all refer to it as “The Church”. When it comes to business mormons are not quite ethical and border on the criminal. It is one of the richest in the world rivaling Catholicism. The President of church is a “PROPHET OF GOD”. the prophet’s word is straight from God and must be obeyed. To be a member in good standing you cannot be areaers in your ten percent tithing, miss church or violate the “teachings”. This entitles you to wear special underwear that has been “blessed” that you have to wear and pay for. Men hold “the priesthood”. Women cannot. Thus they have no real positions of authority in their religion. Special privileges include baptizing for the dead, temple ceremonies, secret temple rituals and meetings. God is a real entity. “God” lives on a planet called “Kolob” where he resides with his four wives. The earth is four thousand years old, but when confronted with the pyramids they just look confused. The original mormons were one of the ten tribes of Israel and when God split them up, they landed here in Americas. So, cult yeah. They even refer to themselves as “the mormon culture”, Of which Mitt is a member in good standing. I don’t trust him.

    • Morman leader Joseph Smith said Jesus didn’t finish his mission. Said he,Smith was to finish for Him. The last words of Jesus before dying was “it is finished “ Meaning the plan of salvation was completed. They also believe Jesus and satan are brothers. What a cult!!! And look into the violence they used on others whom didn’t follow them in their false teachings.

      • Dan
        The Mormons are still P.O.’d about Nauvoo,Il and Missouri. To this day they have a chip on their shoulder and an us against everybody else attitude. They can be extremely physical and combative. Years ago when they played church sports, there were people receiving terrible injuries not just from.plahing basketball or softball, but from the stands. I mean ther were broken jaws, legs, hands eyes permanently damaged, you name it. This also spilled over to when they would play interdenominational teams to the point where they were a whole. Guess sometime in 1850’s they massacred a whole wagon train down in southern Uta. Killed I believe one hundred ten people. Men, women and children. Just a peaceful bunch of people on their way to California. After they did it they panicked and went back the next day and mutilated all the bodies and scalped a good number to try and make it look like Indians. Mountain Meadows Massacre.

      • Mr. Tyree, yes that is one of the milder things they believe that Jesus and “Lucifer” were brothers. And that bothers me. Why a bunch of Jews cut off from the rest of the world for a few thousand years use the name “Lucifer” for satan should set off alarm bells. The name Lucifer is ROMAN in its origin, meaning bringer of light. A term that they would NEVER HAVE HEARD NOR USED. Just one of about every other word inconsistencies in the Book of Mormon. Oh, yeah. Mormon was a warrior in this tribe of Jews and he wrote this all down as they were annihilating each other in battles. Think he was kind of the last Mohican.

        • I know how they operate. I’ve ran them off my property. They are a pushy bunch of so-called profits. Others like jehoviah wittiness will leave peaceful, but mormans want to stay and argue.

  7. This So-called Religion is A CULT just like ISLAM is an evil CULT. Both of these Religions worship Not a God, Not a Saint, But a plain ordinary Nobody Man. Joseph Smith and Mohammed? Both no one special at all and just a nobody. They do not believe in Jesus Christ as the Masia the Son of God.

    • They say they believe in Jesus and end their prayers in his name. But if you kind of get into the book of mormon he is not spoken of after he first appears. The rest is a “history” (I use that loosely) of the people of mormon somewhere in the American continents. They also say they believe in the Bible, “in so far as it is correctly translated”. Meaning they are very adept at cherry picking that which supports and discarding or glossing over that which does not. Having been around them for a number of years I have gone through three sets of their missionaries over the years. They are usually in their late teens with little of life.experience. These “Lessons” usually consist of questions with the answers of which are memorized by rote and the answers paint a rosy picture of you and ALL your family together in “heaven^ especially your wife. What is never mentioned is the fact your wife is wearing a veil when she enters heaven and if you don’t want to claim her you just leave that old veil right where she be. Then she can’t recognize you. Lessons go well until you ask a question about the tenets of their faith. They don’t know and “will have to consult with a higher authority”. They will have the answer next week for sure. Next week, no answer, but now you ask a different question. Same responce, same no answer and you NEVER see a higher authority. So after about six weeks of LESSONS and ten or so unanswered questions about their faith you confront them and say ” Sam and Dean. What gives with all these questions,.and you telling me you will get the answers from somebody in the church hierarchy?” ” Uh, we don’t know. The answers are a matter of faith”. That tears it. Y’all know where the door is.

  8. We really need to get rid of the party system and HOLD all of these elected officials to THEIR own actions and not be part of anything bet the electors that voted them in.If you hired (same as elected) person to work for you it would be prudent for them to follow YOUR wishes and not some other authority !! HOLD THESE ELECTED OFFICIALS ACCOUNTABLE !!!

      • Thanks to you Mr. Romney, for agreeing with our President Trump on this very IMPORTANT ISSUE!! Our Country needs UNITY, not division!! Our Country must have secured Borders! Legal Immigration is the ONLY WAY to enter this country! Our Laws must be obeyed within and about! Our Law makers must be able to live up to the LAW they MADE for the Good of the Country! No more Illegal IMMIGRANTS! Clean up our Country for the good of our Future Generations!

  9. Mitt Romney , here’s what you need to do ,. Zip your mouth Mitt , now a Traitor , you are that Mr Romney , I thought you had a little more Common Sense than this , but as I see , I was wrong , you haven’t any common sense at all Mitt Romney !! End of Story

  10. TRUMP
    TRUMP2020 TRUMP2020
    TRUMP2020 TRUMP2020 TRUMP2020
    TRUMP2020 TRUMP2020

    • The Enemy Within
      Romney family sent by mormon church to “colonize” northern Mexico in the 1880’s. Run out of Mexico by Zapata in 1910’s. Known for unfair business dealings and practices. Acorn didn’t fall far from tree. Strong rumors of corruption and graft when heading 2000 winter Olympics in SLC, never charged.
      Trump knows this snake is just cuddling up to get warm. When he gets his chance he will try to knife President in back so he can be GOP front runner in 2020. Watch. Still seething as he screwed up last time. What he said last time about how lazy Amercans are and take the easy way and just want hand outs won’t be forgotten. Also known as a wetback hugging cheap labor loving kinda guy. SLC is a SANCTUARY CITY as is the state. I have watched them bringing in illegals by the bus load to work construction while qualified citizens were turned away. Yep…MITT RUMMY…ONLY REASON HE IS A SENATOR IS BECAUSE OF THE MORMON CHURCH. If you shake hands with them/him, check your ring finger.,

      • I hate Mitt Romney just as bad as anyone else but do not lay hands on the Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints, the only reason you hate them is because they’re more Christian than most of you.They’re a Chistian Church even more than any other church they have a better home life and they don’t allow drinking alcohol, tea or coffee and they don’t smome or use drugs so please tell me another church that does that plus they have a night picked out for JUST FAMILY where that night they meet as a family with out any outside interference no phone, television, radio or games just family so all of you Holier than thou people you can’t touch that.

      • I don’t believe Mitt Romney will ever be a candidate for the Republicans…. he’s not solid on his standings, too wishy washy for most Republicans…. he’s like a tree that sways in the wind depending on the direction… he’s not like a tree planted by still waters which doesn’t move.

  11. American citizens, what a joke of our entrusted rep. in Congress. Either truth in ethics laid before them, they don’t seem to care why they are there.
    Ignoring the responsibility as they were voted for. Consumed for their misguided attitudes, turning on each othe, 2 faced, or plain IGNORANT,salaries that they don’t deserve(2rys. done nothing but obstruct). As well as very ignorant of our Constitution Laws, from the state to the Federal. Duhh!!! Let’s get rid of these flakes, Now or in every election s

    • I am with you.They took a oath to serve and protect tho great country ad I did in 1964 When I entered the USMC. Iam a retired Master gunny sgt with 30 years of setvice. I have seen al the hate and lies for two and half years It is famn time to get over it crkkk helery lost and the best man in many years won. TRUMP AGAIN 2020. SEMPER FI

  12. Romney is just an opportunist. He ran the worst campaign against Barry Sotero and predictably lost with stupid comments like, “Mr. Obama is a very nice man but I think I can be a better president if you give me a chance.” Romney was unable and unwilling to go for the throat. Just another RINO like McCain, who was also useless. Now he sides with President Trump. I’d be leery of trusting Romney.

    • To be blunt no one wanted McCain to be the president nor did they want Romney to be the president… they just didn’t want Obama and still don’t… eight years of nothing was enough for most American citizens. GOD gave us President Trump who doesn’t apologize to foreign nations nor kiss their butts, but tells them what he is going to do and does it.
      A Man’s Man…. so refreshing…….

  13. Well, Romney finally gets something right. Maybe he’ll come out of his deep recesses of RINOism and start supporting his president of the United States like he’s supposed to do. Although I’ve been wrong about him before. so don’t count on it.

  14. The photos say it all. There is a crisis at the Southern Border. Almost everyone in Washington knows that the immigration laws have to be immediately changed. The only people who think this crisis is phony are the radical left and Congress. I think President Trump should address the country and Congress. He needs to say that there is simply NO MORE ROOM in the USA for illegal aliens; that we do not have the resources for a million and more illegals and the American people. If the Dems want these people to simply come into the country, then let the radical left house, feed, educate these people. Apparently, the Hollywood Elite have the resources to help. The Radical Left certainly have the resources. The rest of us simply do not have the money to help these “poor unfortunate illegal aliens.”

  15. I’m sorry to have to claim him a ‘brother’. He should have stayed in Utah and become a bigger name. Out in the real world, he is just another swamp eater.

  16. Mitt Romney is a disgrace as a American and as a human. He goes where ever he thinks he can gain something. After back stabbing Trump several times, he shows up in Mara Logo after Trump wins the Presidency to kiss his azz and in hopes of a job. All these rinos need to go and we have to fight for term limits!

  17. Romney, the biggest jerk! Why I spent thousands of dollars on his presidential race is beyond me ! I would like to have a REFUND if you please. He was a dud who did nothingvyoveinvthAtcekection. Why is he still around?

  18. Romney already proved his worth when he cried for Trump support before the election and then shanked deep in Trump’s back. Whew. That’s so cold.

    Obviously he’s jealous of Trump’s accomplishments, but he would not do any of these accomplishments. Too conservative.

    Utah voters, if you think that since Romney is a heavyweight in national politics that he deserves the US senatorship, you are gravenly mistaken. Just check his true liberal views before you vote. I think another Republican challenger may have a good chance in the next election.

    Vote Trump 2020.

  19. Ok… Just so it’s clear in my head. Is this the same Mittens Romney (RINO extraordinaire) that voted against President Trump’s immigration Executive Order and then again to try and override his veto? Now he’s saying that Trump is right? Well done Utah…

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