You won’t believe what political office Michelle Obama is being considered for

Michelle Obama’s presence still hovers over the 2020 election.

Every move the former First Lady makes is scrutinized to see what it reveals about her political future.

And now you won’t believe what political office Michelle Obama is being considered for.

Like her husband Barack, Michelle Obama won a Grammy award for best spoken word album for the audio version of her memoir.

Former Vice President Joe Biden seized on this news to Tweet his congratulations.

Polls show Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders surging ahead of Biden in Iowa and New Hampshire.

Some pundits speculated Biden jumped at the chance to associate himself with Michelle Obama for three reasons.

First, it once again reminds voters that Biden served Obama for eight years as Vice President.

Second, some voters might think Biden is considering Michelle Obama for Vice President.

Finally, Biden will take any chance to suck up to the Obama’s in hopes of winning Barack Obama’s endorsement.

Barack Obama is still the biggest endorsement “get” out there in Democrat Party politics.

The fact that Obama did not endorse his former Vice President immediately upon entering the race sent a signal to many voters that Obama did not view Biden’s candidacy as viable.

With the first votes in Iowa and New Hampshire quickly approaching and Bernie Sanders threatening Biden’s position as frontrunner, the former Vice President will be desperate to do anything he can to win Obama’s favor.

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