You won’t believe what Pope Francis said about Trump’s border wall

Pope Francis picked another fight with Donald Trump.

The head of the Catholic Church has a history of incendiary comments about Donald Trump and his “Make America Great Again” agenda.

And you won’t believe what Pope Francis said about Trump’s border wall.

Pope Francis will not stay quiet about his support for open borders and mass migration.

The Holy Father caused another international stir when he attacked Donald Trump’s proposed border wall.

Breitbart reports:

Francis also took issue with President Trump’s border wall and other border fencing going up in the Spanish enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla. Asked specifically about these two walls, the pope warned that “builders of walls, whether they are of razor-wire or brick, will become prisoners of the walls they build. That’s history.”

We have seen that “we need bridges and we feel pain when we see people who prefer to build walls,” he said.

“Those who build bridges, on the other hand, will go far. Building bridges for me is something almost superhuman, it takes a very great effort,” he said.

“Walls, however, are against communication, they are for isolation and those who build them will become prisoners,” he said.

Pope Francis continually rankles Catholics around the world – especially in America – by putting his left-wing political activism ahead of spreading Christ’s teaching.

In this same speech where Francis attacked Trump’s border wall, the Pope also ripped conservatives that want secure borders as the ideological descendants of Adolph Hitler.

Breitbart also reports:

“I see that many people of good will, not only Catholics, are a bit gripped by fear, which is the usual message of populism,” the pope told reporters aboard the papal plane returning from Morocco to Rome.

“They sow fear and then make decisions. Fear is the beginning of dictatorships,” he said. “Let’s go back to the last century, to the fall of the Weimar Republic. I repeat this a lot. Germany needed a way out and, with promises and fears, Hitler came forward.”

These outrageous comments – combined with Francis turning a blind eye to a massive sexual abuse scandal in the Church – will only lead to increased calls for Francis’ resignation.

Do you think Pope Francis should resign?

Let us know your answer in the comments section.


  1. As one grew up in the Catholic Church, I really MUST recommend that ANY and ALL Catholics must view the MANY news reports that are put out by VORTEX, a show by ChurchMilitant on UTUBE. These news shows are from Traditional Catholic Doctrine.
    They report the facts and the sorry news that 50% of ALL Priests, 50% of ALL Bishops, and 50% of ALL Cardinals are GAY/PEDOPHILES. They also report the Pope as saying that the ‘whole Church is full of Homozexuals’.

  2. Amen to all you said ! I believe he is “deceived and is deceiving”. You are right about the Anti-christ, he will worship a ‘god of fortresses’
    People need to just repent and follow Jesus along with other believers.
    They will only hear His voice, and nog the voice of strangers !

  3. US P, I just saw your comment so, I googled the Pope and he was born in 1936 which means by the end of Hitler and WW II he would only have been 9,10 tops. How could he have been a brown shirt at such a young age??? PS. I’m not defending him, he needs to shut his mouth. I’m just clearing things up a little…

  4. This Pope has all the markings of the “False Prophet” even though we don’t really know who that will be. If he isn’t the false prophet, he sure is a back-up for him when he comes on the scene.

  5. JAS, What a closed mind you have. You see only the bad in religion, and never the good. You have a negative look on life. But, I would say that when it comes to your life, everything is coming up roses. You have no bad in you. Everything you say and do is so good that you’re always surrounded by like braggarts.

  6. Fr R, As a fellow Catholic, I can see how you would condemn Pres. Trump if the economy is bottoming out, but why when it’s doing so well. I can also see how you stand for Democrats when they stand abortion, euthanasia, contraceptives, and all the other fallacies. Laugh at another human being whom you don’t like and you’ll be accompanied by like idiots. Now, I understand how the leader of the Catholic Church is being so condemned when you and my other fellow Catholics are jumping on the bandwagon of condemnation concerning the president or the pope.

  7. US P, I really don’t know where you found a picture of Pope Francis, and how “in his younger days when he used to be one of Adolph Hilter’s brown shirts in the NAZI days”, when he never left Argentina. If he really one of those “brown shirts”, he would not be as humble as he is today. He is at fault here mainly because he is making a stand here “for” religion. All others here have their own agendas to put forward “against” religion.

  8. RP, you may be a Christian, but you are not a Catholic Christian. You use the quote from St Paul’s First Letter to Timothy where it says, “There is also one mediator between God and the human race, Christ Jesus, himself human.” But it was Jesus in Matthew that gave the pope, in the person of Peter, authority in this world and in the next when he said, “Blessed are you, Simon son of Jonah. For flesh and blood* has not revealed this to you, but my heavenly Father. And so I say to you, you are Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church,* and the gates of the netherworld shall not prevail against it. I will give you the keys to the kingdom of heaven.* Whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven; and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.” (Mt. 16, 17-19)
    Jesus gave authority to Peter concerning faith and morals. The pope is using this argument of a “wall” in letting the president know that such walls restrict immigration. But the walls he might be referring to could be indifference, prejudice, racism, etc. and not just a physical one.

  9. I think not. There have been good and bad popes, because you fail to understand that these men are human beings. Ben Franklin coined the phrase, Errare humanum est. “To err is human.”
    And by your own words, you have erred. Just because the pope may have said something about abortion being okay, which were probably taken out of context by the media, the Roman Catholic Church’s position is quite clear: ABORTION IS MURDER. And anyone who is involved with abortion, be they doctors, nurses, or mothers, will have to stand before the judgement seat of God and give an accounting for it.

  10. P.S. Remember it was the crowd who said, “Crucify him, crucify him!” when Pilate wanted to release Jesus.

  11. This pope was not “appointed”. He was chosen among other candidates to lead the largest church in the world. As Catholics, we believe that the Holy Spirit of Jesus puts the pope in to govern the church. While it is true that I favor the conservative attitude, I am a Roman Catholic, and must defend the pope, even if he expresses a less than favorable opinion. I would say that one of the reasons that he is being attacked on this site is because, most of the opinions is from “outsiders” or non-Catholics. Of the Catholics that do respond and say he is wrong, it is possible that they do not understand what a pope has to deal with on the international scene. While there is a problem of pedofile priests and brothers in the news, he has to deal with other problems like genocide and nuclearization, etc. Even though he has expressed his opinion about our “wall”, that is just that, his opinion.
    Why do the hairs on your backs bristle when he says anything and then you condemn him for saying it? If he doesn’t mean anything to you, why do you feel obligated to condemn him?

  12. Unlike a president or dictator, a pope cannot be “ousted” from his position. They are in that station generally for life. Pope Benedict XVI(16th) was the only one to step down because of ill health. Pope Francis, being a South American Archbishop formerly, has his own opinion about how leaders of other nations can run their countries. However, he was told by the Mexican leaders how they thought Pres. Trump was trying to “put up a wall and thus hamper” the immigration process.

  13. Pope Francis should resign before the true Catholics oust him. He may think he is doing good thing for the church, he is only alienating Christians against Christians,

  14. I feel the same way. We need a wall to keep out thugs and drugs. We need to know what kind of people that is coming in to our great nation. Im all for legal immigration.

  15. Mr. Edward Conely, sir, I truly would wonder IF POPE Francis would start demolishing his own Vatican’s Wall, and dismiss his own Vatican Guards, and let those Islamic Muslim Terrorists inside St. Peters (The Rock’s) Church!

  16. Number one, it isn’t “Trump’s wall” It is the United States Of America’s wall.
    Secondly, it is none of the Satanic Pope’s business, nor is it anyone else’s busines, so basically his opinion means absolutely nothing.

  17. Let’s start from Vatican,surrounded by walls from all 4 sides,send home security,Swiss guards ets.
    Then,let them in and see what happen.You always have plan B -move to Avignon,your second palace,so you’ll be saved!

  18. @REAL M ..
    As a highly conservative and traditional Roman Catholic, I’m totally embarrassed and ashamed that the very Head of our church not only make such remarks, but even consider such blanet thoughts.
    To the “possibly?” He’s attempting to bring “liberal” followers back is, in my humble opinion, nothing short of absolute nonsense.I agree wholeheartedly He needs to relinquish His leadership ???? and return to His home country where they have such BS

  19. Bill Rehs, Do not doubt, the Pope has tentacles in the American Democrat party and is heavily monetarily invested in the Dems via “dark money” contributions, as I understand it. The Pope’s globalist ideology corresponds with the Dems plans for America and the world. Everything going on in the background reads like a bad novel but unfortunately there is sinister planning going on in the background and behind the scenes. We must stay alert and prepared for anything. God help us and bless America!

  20. Celine, Are you an American citizen? I only ask because your sentence structure is not the “norm” for Americans. You have some good info in your comment however, you are very naïve about this Pope. Don’t forget the Pope is not God, he is a human born of the flesh as you are. This Pope happens to be extremely corrupt, it saddens me to say. I am not Catholic but, the Pope is supposed to be a “man of God” and unfortunately this man is not! He has much to answer for when he stands before God to be judged. I have said enough……………….

  21. Terry, So true. The Pope/Catholic organization is heavily invested in the Democrat party. They contribute a lot of money via the Dems “dark money” contributions. Nancy Pelosi, I read, had a meeting a short time ago with the Pope. The meeting was at night so it obviously was supposed to be a secret meeting. Who knows what was discussed and how much money was exchanged. If we knew Nancy’s and the Dem party’s world wide connections we probably wouldn’t believe it and would probably be a scary thing to know!

  22. If he is for open borders then he should tear down his walls! He should take in these migrants to his churches to help them. But then again the children may not be safe as he and the Catholic Church cover up the molestations of his priests! He is supposed to be the great religious leader but his former country isn’t safe! Where is his condemnation for them!

  23. Being a Roman Catholic myself, I hope, although highly doubt, that the Pope is only trying to bring back liberal followers to Christianity, since the left has abandoned Christianity in favor of Islam, Atheism and possibly even Satanism. In any event, his anti-wall rhetoric for our Southern border is inappropriate and quite frankly beyond his sphere of understanding. The Catholic church has it’s own issues to address and of which they are failing to resolve, that’s where his priorities should reside.

  24. Norma michaelina,
    I agree with you completely. They made a mistake appointing this pope. The only people I hear praising him are leftists.

  25. ps. & ‘thou’ Hast DECEIVED ‘the CURRENT
    MANY (sheeple)? . SHAME 0N You,
    Jorge De Bergolio.

  26. “TEAR DOWN THAT (vatican) WALL. ‘papa’.
    EOM. EOS. from a ‘baptized babie ie RC’
    Recovering NOW ___ BUT HIGHLY SPIRITUAL.
    Hey,’papa’ As You KNOW, MOST ‘popey’
    WERE ‘poisoned’ IN the PAST.
    0k, now, w/that have being said: & To
    Whomever Reading. SEND the’message’. hmm.

  27. The Fruits of Vatican Two. A GIANT DISASTER! If you are a Catholic, there are still Catholic Churches that have the old Latin Mass with the Priest facing the Altar, etc. Just like it was prior to Vatican Two. It will take some searching. There are several in California.

  28. No, Elaine. What is your ‘q’ ???
    Meaning of FALSE PROPHET or Anti-Christ ???
    Or something else.

  29. Yahushua is His Name
    Was His name
    And always will be His Namw

    Wake up lost sheep
    The KJV was wriiten to replace and change laws feast and His our Real Father Festivals
    Just like they also control Mount MoriYah
    Its a plan of the dark side
    To the pit with the vipers of untruth

    Replacement Theology of the plan of satan
    Remember the MessiYah is from Yisrael the House of Judah
    Not the underworld catacombs of Rome
    Where they worship the god of the underworld

    Look up video satanism under the Vatican

    Come Home My sheep to the O live Tree
    Let no man call you rabbi or father
    I came to serve and do the will of Father

    Yahuwah Father Yahushua son –Messianic
    Man Creates Religions I come to Fullfill
    And save the lost tribes of YisraeL
    Get grafted in dont replace my Way





  30. ” TEAR DOWN THAT (vatican) WALL”, Mr Pope???

  31. Gog. Ber Gog lio. Magog ob a maGog
    Islam. Was created by Catholicism He is the False Shepherd
    Sunday Law 2012.
    The Shabbat is not His to control
    And they are the Ones that Changed the Name of Yahushua

    To je zeus. The grace of zeus
    Go lookat pics on the inside of the Bascilica
    Reponsible for all wars and the hand all presidents kiss the jesuit NWO

    Basil is snake
    Here is the serpent
    A house of satanic worship and the fathers of lies
    His name is Yahushua

  32. Gog. Ber Gog lio. Magog ob a maGog
    Islam. Was created by Catholicism He is the False Shepherd
    Sunday Law 2012.
    The Shabbat is not His to control
    And they are the Ones that Changed the Name of Yahushua

    To je zeus. The grace of zeus
    Go lookat pics on the inside of the Bascilica
    Reponsible for all wars and the hand all presidents kiss the jesuit NWO

    Basil is snake
    Here is the serpent
    A house of satanic worship and the fathers of lies
    His name is Yahushua

  33. I totally agree with you!! The root of communism is being agnostic, yet this anti-christ Pope is an avowed communist!! He despises capitalism but wants Americans to be generous with financial support of his communist and anti-Catholic philosophies. The best way to send a message to this imposter is to simply let local archodiosies know that as long as his destructive reign of terror exists, financial support will cease. the Church needs to get the message11

  34. KNOW 500 yr+ HISTORY re JESUITS.
    & Have ‘RETURNED’ To RC ‘church’.
    Tuff ‘stuff’ TO KNOW. __
    &&& the History of
    Deaths’ (thru ‘poisoning’) of POPES
    IS Quite Relevant.
    ‘FORGET RELIGION'<< per se' JUST

  35. Hey Real M . Thnx for thought spiel.
    KEEP 0N ___
    && ‘Body’. (That Follows)___
    Mama,Jack,snark etc SAY HI W/♥

  36. Regardless, no, this would not be wonderful, not even as a joke. This Pope is not seeing the whole picture, unfortunately.

  37. Proud to be Catholic but not proud of this Pope. Perhaps he didn’t hear about the refugees on the Mediterranean 2-3 days ago coming to Italy and were rescued by a German ship. When the German ship attempted to bring them to Italy, the Italian government said they did not want them, to take them to Germany! I also have not heard him comment on the term abortion (murderous) law that Democrats want to pass. Is he more concerned about walls than murder of babies?

  38. It would be so wonderful to hear of an anti-Semite crossing the Vatican wall and entering the Pope’s sleeping quarters and cutting his throat with a razor. Would that make the Papal News Front Page?

  39. Real M…. here are coordinates that will put you smack in the middle of our 500+ acres 31 52′ 32.39N Lat. 112 48’34.19W Long. You speak of being a holy person. Here is a statement from “true” Christians that Trump surely doesn’t follow: “a true Christian even LOVES there enemies” That is something Trump isn’t CAPABLE of!!!!!! PS. Watch out for the rattlers and scorpians at the posted coordinates, and don’t lean against the cactus or otherwise you’ll have a pain in the ass just like the POTUS is!!!! I’ll be looking for YOU when you visit and of course watch out for the “phantom” immigrants crossing (not) this land……

  40. “Render to Caesar what belogs to Caesar and render to God what belongs to God.” The POPE has NO BUSINESS to COMMENT on what the Caesar has to do, but minds his own business which he is failing ……….. God is WATCHING!!!

  41. FEDUP365, Well, you wrote powerful words and I can’t disagree with you in fact, I strongly agree with you! This pope is causing Catholics to leave in droves. Is there any way at all a pope can be “relieved” of his position? Was there some secret society who got him chosen? I have heard some horrible things about him and don’t understand how he is EVEN the pope! What am I saying, who would have ever thought America would elect Barak Hussein Obama President what with all his sealed secrets and questionable background!

  42. Steel Magnolia, (Love your name!) 🙂 I have been so concerned about the Priest molested children all over the world including America, I have not even thought about the enormous wealth amassed by the Catholic faith until I saw Randolph Frodsham’s comment. I can count on one hand the times I have been in a Catholic church and the first thing I always notice is the opulent fine furnishings, draperies, carpet, etc. Man oh man, one set of priest’s clothing would cost as much, or more, than a wealthy man’s hand tailored suit. All the priests beg for money everywhere they go and the sisters do all these fund raising events to raise money. They act like the Catholic faith is so poor and down trodden their utilities are about to be turned off for nonpayment. They need to be turning loose of some of their ca-zillion dollars to help the poor and needy. Good grief they could almost take care of the needy all over the world, including the United States! There are some lovely protestant churches but, I have never been in one anywhere that even comes close to a Catholic church. The Episcopalian churches come closest, I guess it is because they are very closely related to Catholics. I don’t understand why the Catholic churches are so elaborate and opulent. Some of you could probably tell me. Some of the cost to build and maintain them could also be used to help the needy. God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, don’t reside in buildings, they reside in “us” as children of the Lord. We can have church in our homes because the Trinity is within all Christians. (Sometime I have to have my own little church service when liberals make me angry and I think and say bad things and, I’ll bet most if not all of you are in the same boat!) 🙂

  43. Pelosi Catholic ??? & Popey
    ‘granted’ her a Some ‘washing
    of the Feet’. Remember that? I DO.
    > WHAT, Pray TELL, DOES ‘that’ Tell YOU. etc.

  44. To Randolph Frodsham.
    ‘I’ HAVE DONE DD re ‘Jesuits’
    500 Yrs. & ‘Know’ the ‘Deep’. __
    >> Jorge DeBergolio ‘SHOULD be ASHAMED’,
    But, IS NOT & Unabashedly at that.
    >> Sheeple NEED ‘Great Awakening’. ___
    &&& ‘Awakening’ IS ‘DIFFICULT’ at Best__

  45. Respect for ‘POPE’ ?
    > POPE (‘word’) No Longer
    EXISTS for Christ/ Catholics etc.
    It IS a ‘new Day’ NOW. & NOT too ‘pretty’.
    Especially W/ DECADES of ‘pedo’.
    How ‘painful’ (in Upbringing 0r 0therwise.)
    ___ boom.

  46. Words deleted in post. I SAID: ( after 0ne Step)
    Anti-Christ. & ‘frank’ IS Fullfilling ‘that’
    NOW. The rest IS Correct.
    > Take this , for what it’s Worth.

  47. BIG CORRECTION re ‘bible’ ppl? & Interpretation.
    >FRANK aka Jorge DeBergolio IS NOT ‘the socalled
    Anti-Christ. ___
    >>>Erudites, as had been SAID: FRANK ‘IS’ the
    FALSE PROPHET… 0ne STEP>> Hint: ALL Will ‘Admire/FOLLOW or whatever, the
    Anti-christ As LEADER/Saviour (for ‘pitiful Planet’).
    NOT SO w/ ‘frank’ … MANY TURNING AWAY. 0BVIOUS. ___
    >>> A HUGE Mis-Interpretation between
    Anti-Christ & FALSE PROPHET.

  48. The Pope is a naive Globalist, History tells us that people quite often build walls for protection, maybe he needs to read the Bible and get a clue. He is not inspired in this matter.

  49. Even though, I have a lot of respect for the Pope, I submit that the Pope should stay out of US Politics and President Donald Trump’s Wall. That Southern Border needs to be shut as We Americans cannot afford to support all those illegal migrants coming into the US. And once in, they make a lot of Sex and bring more illegal aliens into the world, a bigger population for us hard-working Americans to support. Besides, they bring with them violence, drugs, they are murderers. Innocent Americans have been killed by them. Our President Donald Trump is the best President we have ever got. He is doing an “Outstanding job” to make America “Great Again”. In the last 10 years, with the “Obama Government” more than 70,000 Migrants have come to this country. He brought in 150,000 from Somalia (a Muslim country, like Obama) as Refugees. Two women of those Refugees have got into the US Congress and causing a lot of trouble for the US, a “Judeo-Christian” country, by being “Anti-Semitic”. They have no respect for our President Trump. This is how low life they are. They claim Israel is an Ally of the US because of “the Benjamins, baby”! President Donald Trump requested them to Resign but they think now they own this country.

  50. this imposter shold be forced to resign, religion is just like politics corrupt. he should go back to communist argentina where he came from. mind your own business whatever your name is. mind your own business, you’re probably sponsored by george soros. who should also be deported. congress has no cohnes (balls)

  51. Yeah, want to see what the Pope thinks of walls, check out images of St. Catharine’s Monastery.
    By the way, it is not Trump’s wall. It’s OUR wall.

  52. Let Americans beware. History is also filled with the corruption inside the Roman Catholic institution. Let them know that the “son of perdition” (2 Thess. 2:3-4) is protected by a wall. Good for the Pope to keep his whickerbill out of the PEOPLE’s business. Jesus disciples have only one mediator between them and God (1 Timothy 2:5).

  53. I had seen a picture of this Pope in his younger days when he used to be one of Adolph Hilter’s brown shirts in the NAZI days. I really doubt if this guy is really a Pope, and never attended Seminary. A complete fraud and a Communist! He should be removed from his Papal position of Pope. He is a super poor excuse for a CAtholic and does not represent the Catholic faith at all.

  54. Who cares about what that POPE has to say? He needs to deal with HIS house 1st & CLEAN out all of them pedophiles then try again in 6 yrs or do

  55. Louise Coleman, If you read “Richard’s” words carefully, you will quickly pick up on what was written. There is no man of God, Priest, going to say the things in that comment and the comment itself is filled with untruths and things that couldn’t be possible anyway! Richard is plainly and simply just another liberal TROLL trying to make a case for the liberal propaganda machine. What a doofus Richard is!

  56. As a non practicing catholic, the pope has a lot more to worry about with his congregation than get involved in other country`s politics. And speaking of THE WALL, just where do you think the pope resides, he lives in a walled fortress, with a armed Swiss security force for his protection, how about that.

  57. The TRUTH is that any law suit or related payments for the Church’s pedophilia habit is small potatoes compared to the total wealth held by the Bank of the Vatican (their equivalent to our Federal Reserve, except, unlike the Federal Reserve which is privately owned, the Roman Catholic Church owns the Bank of the Vatican and, unlike the Federal Reserve which deals solely in usury, The Bank of the Vatican has only real HARD assets.

  58. Yes he should resign. He is not leading I believe God intended for him to. First liberal Pope that has ever been in the pulpit. I see God’s plan coming to together more and more every day. Jesus is coming back are you ready Christians. Get on fire for Christ keep praying for not only for this nation but all around the world. Make God your number one everyday.

  59. they cannot , they need the money to pay out for their pervert priests , the Pope should not make comments about Trump’s wall, he lives in a glass house and should not throw stones, i cannot any one contributing money to the Church when most of if goes to law suits.


  60. they cannot , they need the money to pay out for their pervert priests , the Pope should not make comments about Trump’s wall, he lives in a glass house and should not throw stones, i cannot any one contributing money to the Church when most of if goes to law suits.


  61. they cannot , they need the money to pay out for their pervert priests , the Pope should not make comments about Trump’s wall, he lives in a glass house and should not throw stones, i cannot any one contributing money to the Church when most of if goes to law suits.

  62. Agree. What a tremendous disappointment this Pope has been from day one. Too much politics. Not enough energy for cleaning house with pedophile problem & mostly not enough being said about the abortion issue. Cuomo should be excommunicated. Not a word, because the Pope is obviously a Democrat. He supports open borders because that is the life-blood & the future of the Church right now & the future. It is a matter of $$$, always has been. The baby boomers will be dying off & the Millenials Generation X not supporting the church, The church only has the Hispanic population to fall back on. Pope Francis is a BIG dissapointment & should RESIGN!

  63. I am also a Catholic. I agree with you & I do believe he is doing harm to our faith. He needs to stay out of USA politics.

  64. Ken…either you have your eyes shut or you are lying. You are wrong. There is a crisis at the border with thousands of illegals coming in. But just go ahead and live in fantasyland.

  65. Well said, He needs to take care of his own crap and not shoot his mouth off,don’t care what he thinks or says, just stay home !

  66. I suppose you admired the Muslim, Christian hating Obama. Haven’t you figured it out yet that the Muslims have been TRYING to overthrow the Christians and Jews for centuries? I guess you forgot it 9/11. Who ended the day of prayer? Not Trump it was Obama. Who celebrated Ramadan in the white house? Not Trump ,it was Obama. Who fostered gay marriage and abortion? Not Trump, it way Obama. What Muslim in congress that has made antisemitic remarks and hateful words about white PEOPLE. So don’t give us your holier than thou remarks!

  67. Not to put in a plug for another religion, but guess this is why that mormon church is just decimating the Catholic religion. When the Pope continually inserts himself in world politics, you will notice that he only hits easy targets like the U.S. and Germany regarding immigration. The hard targets like ethinic cleansing in Darfur or Ebola or ISIS, Palestine, ya know the world issues that are as dangerous as C-4 he skirts. Don’t want to draw too much attention or make too strong a stand on a real issue that may prove dangerous to the virtual walls of the Vatican. The Pope really needs to stay out of internal politics, policies of nations that are “safe”. Instead of inflating his image, he needs to throw his weight behind issues that matter. Though that would be playing it safe.

  68. Pope Francis is a Jesuit – enough said (almost).
    The Vatican is surrounded by a wall, has been for centuries. Maybe he should look closer to home before criticizing anyone else.
    With the wealth of the Vatican, the Roman Catholic has the financial ability to just about eradicate poverty worldwide – but they won’t because it serves their purpose.

  69. Pope Francis is the worst thing to happen to the Catholic Church since Baldassarre Cossa. Is the Vatican going to tear down its wall? I thought not. Maybe the Pope should clean up his pederast priests before criticizing others.

  70. This Poop, oh pardon me “pope” is not a Christian. He advocates Chrislam a mix of Christian and Islam, which is in direct contradiction to the Word of God. He and his pedophilia ilk should be burned at the stake.However, he is doing what Jesuits are trained to do at the risk of their own life, that is to create chaos wherever they can. Their training is not very different than the training of Isis. I read their information and their training material. So, I am not fooled into believing he’s a Christian.

  71. I am outraged that the leader (Perhaps not much longer.) of the Catholic church is so political.
    He is rapidly convincing faithful Catholics to leave The Church.
    Forget converting those who might be considering joining the church.
    He has been doing too much harm for too long.
    “He has lost his way.”

  72. So, the Pope is the head of a religion that brought us the Crusades, Spanish Inquisition, wars in Europe, rape of an entire continent, annihilation of an entire race, and condoned slavery and torture. Just so long as they got their slice of the pie. So I suppose it is fitting the Pope wants to tie the U.S. to Nazis. Try to figure that one out. Maybe the Catholic church should give back all the gold and jewels they stole to the South American people. Guess then they wouldn’t be so poor. RIGHT?

  73. YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT. This guy is no better than the rest of us. He puts his pants just like we do, one leg at a time. Tear down your wall. Get rid of your pope-mobile and mind your own business and stay out of ours. In other words,SHUT UP!!!

  74. He’s a damned communist, just like most of the friggin democrates. Get behind your wall and mind your own misguided bunch of pedophiles.

  75. Nancy Pelosi is a good catholic as this is a religion without borders and her faith is likewise. She has no biblical borders and does what she pleases. If the pope can add to the bible, then she can add to it also, whatever gets votes.

  76. “Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and to God the things that are God’s” (Mt 22:21). These words of Jesus should be slogan of all popes. In 1633, then Pope Urban XIII and Galileo got into a debate over a newly discovered theory regarding heliocentrism, something that Galileo had recently discovered using a new and improved telescope. As with all new theories, many scientists and astronomers of the day, including Copernicus, opposed this new find. The debate should have remained in the scientific community, but Noooo, Pope Urban had to add his 2 cents in. To this very day, that incident has been a black mark against the Catholic Church. POPE FRANCIS, STAY THE FLOCK OUT OF TRUMP’S SHEEP AND TEND TO YOUR OWN FLOCK.

  77. Separation of Church and State was to keep the STUPID opinions of uneducated Priests out of Government.

  78. everything, A wall is only a dividing line to keep those who do not live there from entering, They must come through the gate and have a reason for entering… This is known as keeping order within the gates. The pope is also intruding on our lives by demanding that we do not keep a wall around our property. We are asking him why does he have a wall where he lives and is he the rightful head of what he calls Christianity We answer with a clear NO as there are boundaries to what constitutes a Christian (a follower of Jesus) and what is having no borders and making claims to being the head without proof of His Word. Just as he adds to the Word of God, he also is trying to add to our rules for being an American.

  79. Nancy Pelosi claims to be a good Catholic, yet she is pro-abortion and has a wall around her California estate. Coincidentally, she calls walls or fences between nations as “inefective” and “immoral.”

  80. Maybe the Devil’s Pope should stop talking long enough to read his bible. Heaven has a wall, pearly gates, and a STRICT immigration policy. Hell has open borders. This must be the DEVIL’S POPE.

  81. Amen The Word says God does not live in temples made with human hands… He lives in His people who are born again and have received the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the 3rd person of the Godhead, equal to the Father and the Son, given to us so that we may be a new creation. children of God the Father (the only Father as the Word says to call no man on earth our Father. That goes for the pope and his dynasty. We are a fellowship of believers who are born again. Amen

  82. I agree! He needs to do his job and keep his nose out of things that don’t pertain to him. I am not Catholic but if I were I would be ashamed of him.


  84. I’m sorry, but is this the man who has been living behind the fortress built around the Vatican to protect himself, his subjects and enclave?!?! Sorry, but I do not follow those who live by the saying, “Don’t do what I do, do what I say!”

  85. I do a well well he was a great Pope and example of the catholic church, this pope here is nothing more than a great disappointment to the religious people in the world, he should resign and realize he is not the holy man he depicts himself to be.

  86. I don’t understand any religion that calls itself a Christian religion and people kiss the hand of a man dressed in ornate clothing that is the head of a global political hierarchical system….

  87. I am an American and not a Catholic. I could care less what he or any other Pope in the past, present or future thinks about our country or our president. Pope’s hat looks like a dunce cap, coincidence ? I think not. ????

  88. And take down the wall around the Vatican. I’m a cradle Catholic and I think this pope is bad for the church. I would think the business of the church would keep him busy. He should take care of what he is supposed to do and leave our president alone

  89. Yes, we are believers because we have experienced the presence of the Holy
    Spirit. We have experienced Jesus Christ as Savior… we do not need a place to worship.. we worship in Spirit and truth right where we are. We are not dependent on the RCC or the pope but we gather in the fellowship of the believers wherever we are… in our homes.. on the streets.. in halls etc. The pope is not the vicar of Christ but a false leader of a multitude of people who need to be set free, He needs to be set free as he is also a victim of teachings and trainings which are not scriptural. Pray for him and live in the truth. The truth sets us free.

  90. I really miss St. John Paul II. This whacky pope needs to go back home and be nice to someone!!!

  91. I agree….I remember seeing the big fence…I’m a Catholic but honestly don’t understand how he was elected Pope.

  92. I want the Pope to resign. He brought bad name for the Catholic Church that Jesus Christ established. He must get out of the Vatican. ASAP please!

  93. I was born into a catholic family. A tour in Vietnam had me searching for my faith and that is when I found it in ME! I chose faith rather then living within a religion. How much gold, property, and Vatican wealth has the Pope contributed to the problems of the world. Yet, us as US citizens have not only helped every around the world. That being allies, people of disasters, and wealth to other countries. All to the level of them taking advantage of our good intentions and heart. It is about time for us to reign in our wealth for our citizens. If we continue the current flagrant abuse of our immigration. Soon we will not be able to help others anymore. We need to vet immigrants so that they will be s benefit to our society and not a burden that will drag us all down!

  94. I am a Catholic too and I never heard a Pope get involved in Politics like this one has.
    He is not a normal pope. I wish he knocks the wall around the Vatican City before he criticize our President’s plan to secure our border.

  95. The Catholic Church is a dictatorship. The instill fear you sin you go to Hell. I’m Orthodox but many of my friends were Catholic growing up I went one time with a friend to her Catholic Church scared me to death I was going to Hell. I think we should send this next wave of twenty thousand migrants the Pope’s way. Let him house,feed, cloth and support them. What about the sexual abuse he sweeps under the rug and pays these families off so it doesn’t go to court.

  96. It’s a sad day to be sure when someone that lives behind a wall complains about another one! Maybe he should have the Vatican wall removed to show his solidarity. Won’t happen.

  97. The Benedict should spare those Vatican ASSETS / GOLD to those poor South American countries to feed and help them survive in their own land with families .He is sitting pretty behind high security and walls, teaching us to be tolerant and accepting and encouraging separation of families and exodus to our country by force .I believe an Idol like POPE is a joke ,people should bow to God not to a pervert priest and his rope .

  98. What does that have to do with building a wall. Do you like to hear yourself speak (or in this case write). Get a real life!

  99. And… the Pope lives within the WALLS of Vatican City.
    People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw bricks!

  100. I love your sincerity. You are exactly who I was before I opened my heart to be born again. I had no clue as to what was the Word of God and what it meant to be born again. I was a Catholic all my life and would have defended it with my life. When I opened my heart I was overtaken by the power of the Holy Spirit, the Wisdom of God and Who the Holy Spirit is… yes God is Father, Son and Holy Spirit.. a triune God… one God but 3 distinct persons. As a Catholic I did not have the Holy Spirit,,,, what a difference it made in my life. Its not conservative or liberal… the Pope is under false doctrine… he needs to receive the Holy Spirit. A Catholic needs to be set free from Religion… the church is the body of Christ and Jesus does not dwell in temples made by human hands, but dwells in His people. We must be under His direction… Jesus is our head and we are the body of Christ on earth… doing His Will… not the will of Roman Catholicism but of the Will of God. I pray you will have discrrning of spirits and will be able to comprehend what I wrote. God Bess

  101. Albert, Pope Benedict retired 2, maybe 3 years ago. Francis was his replacement. He was a Cardinal in Argentina.

  102. Liberal Jesuits have been sticking their knives in the back
    Of Conservative Catholics forever. When a Liberal Jesuit
    is Elected Pope by the LIB College of Cardinals, The Church
    Of Rome LOSES. Please Pray that Pope Francis keeps his
    Anti-Conservative Hatred To Himself, he has been shown to
    Be a Viper!

  103. I am 79 years old but that shouldn’t matter , but I am confused I thought that Benedict XVI was the Pope , no ?

  104. cathy winter – Unfortunately, we have some of the child molesting priests on our own soil, so we have to also deal with that here.

  105. Pope Francis, you are an idiot. This catholic AMERICAN knows you want the ruination of our country. Do not stick you nose in my countrys business. If you hate walls that much, get rid of the one around Vatican city. Then and only then can you talk about no are the worst leader of our church in my life

  106. Richard Noland Ret Army – First, thank you for your service! The Pope has said many times that all countries need to accept many immigrants into their countries per year (I don’t remember the per annum quantity, but it’s ridiculous). I think he needs to set the example – he can go first. Is his predecessor, Pope Benedict XVI still alive within the Vatican? He was forced into retirement to get this total liberal in his place. Popes typically are in position for life, I thought.

  107. Rob – Sorry, but the Pope is not a good man. More will come out as things are being unsealed in our own government. The criminals and pedophile/pedovores are not just in the United States. I hope you’re not too shocked.

  108. deerflyguy – Although I agree with most of what you say, the Pope needs to clean up his own backyard and remove the pedophiles (which actually could involve himself) and leave our wall alone or remove the wall surrounding the Vatican. I do have a problem with not meddling in each other’s business though. The wall issue does not concern him but the pedophile issue does concern us. The pedophile issue is on our own soil so we need to address it here.

  109. I am a Catholic and I too cannot stand this pope. As student of the Letran College and University of Santo Tomas both run by Dominican priests (Order of Preachers), we were warned by the Dominican friars to beware of Jesuits since they tend to be progressive, liberal and relativistic in their thinking and ways. Sure enough our first Jesuit Pope, ever, is so progressive, liberal and relative his beliefs and teaching. I wish he resigns soon.

  110. I, too, am Catholic and I totally agree with you. This pope needs to keep his liberal agenda under wraps and concentrate on the bigger issue in our Church of molesting priests and declining membership. It’s hard remaining Catholic under his leadership.

  111. Take off your GOWN, tear down your WALL & concentrate on the SEXUAL ABUSE among your PRIESTS, etc. Maybe you should consider having them marry so they would leave our children alone.
    Secondly, stop picking on our President, we’re not interested in what you have to say, I’m considering joining another church because of all this & many more catholics are saying the same thing), the catholic religion always asking for 2 donations or more on sundays when you are the richest religion in the world. YOU take in these immigrants & you support them with all your money.

  112. owen – There’s no way he is well-meaning. He is a pedophile/pedovore just like those that have already been exposed.

  113. Pope Francis does not know what a Christian is.
    They have walls around the Vatican.
    Ask him why?

  114. Juliet Baden Affonso – I agree. I would vote again and again for Pres. Trump. Pres. Trump is a Christian and has America and Americans in his heart. The opposers want to remove anything Christian from our laws.

  115. Well, the Pope must be a prisoner of the Vatican because his Walls are sure higher than ours! He doesn’t know what he’s talking about half the time anyway. We’re talking about Border Walls here! I’m a Catholic, but I can’t stand this Pope!

  116. This man shoots from the mouth without any facts for support. He understands so little about our country and form of government. His domain is supposed to be the spiritual not the governmental. Again, he has no compulsion about making himself to be inconsequential and unimportant. He should spend more time studying about Jesus and leaving the secular to those who are more informed!! My first time replying in about six weeks!!

  117. This man shoots from the mouth without any facts for support. He understands so little about our country and form of government. His domain is supposed to be the spiritual not the governmental. Again, he has no compulsion about making himself to be inconsequential and unimportant. He should spend more time studying about Jesus and leaving the secular to those who are more informed!!

  118. Rick – A great “thumbs up” because there wasn’t one to click on. You said it better than I could have attempted.

  119. bob jones – Pres. Trump might not be a Catholic but he certainly is Christian. I was raised Catholic but haven’t participated for many years. I am still a Christian. I believe in God and Jesus Christ. I also believe in Pres. Trump! He has done more and is trying to still do more for America in his 2 years than that jackass non-Christian did FOR America in 8 years. Obummer was trying to cause the destruction of America as we know it. Go Trump 2020!

  120. Don’t think Pope should mention Nazis. Church declared neutrality and his behind VATICAN walls. Never a word of dissent to Mussolini or Hitler before or during WW2. Let the Pope stick to his soul business. We will stick to our border business.

  121. There is nothing holy about the Pope. It sickens me that he goes around and says what he wants when he apparently supports sexual abuse to children within the Catholic Church. Maybe he’s one himself. But I am a Christian and most of us don’t believe Catholics are christians. I have no respect for the Pople and never will. He can run his mouth all he wants. He should resign and come live down by the border in Texas and see what it’s like. We have homeless and hungry veterans here who need support but can’t get it because of illegals. In my opinion, we should have 60 cals and when they swim over the Rio Grande, let them have it.


  123. The Pope was part of a thug family in Argentina and he is promoting their agenda in Rome as well.

  124. As a traditional Catholic according to the pre-V2 heresy, I agree that the pretender to the Papacy should shut his lying, fake new liberal South American commie views by informing himself of the real issue. He has no right to inject himself into this debate other than as citizen with a doubtful history of supporting Freedom.

  125. Marg – I 100% agree with you. Catholics are not a cult but have been infiltrated by unchristian leaders. The Pope is not a Christian and might be part of a cult – he is evil. I still consider myself a Catholic but not a follower of what they are trying to become (or, in some cases, have already become). I have not been a parishioner for many years because they have strayed, not me. I know that there are great parishes but I haven’t participated almost my entire adult life. I am still a believer in God and Jesus but we need to oust the evil infiltrators. God and Jesus still exist in my home.

  126. He was arrested in Argentina and charged with pediophelia and found guilty by their Supreme Court. How did he become POPE????

  127. So the pope is a prisoner. What a hypocrite he lives behind walls. Sounds just like the lying Democrat’s. Ta,e your wall down. Let my people come!!!!!!


  129. Donnella R White – I doubt it. Most Libs aren’t Christians and are definitely not Catholic. It must be something else.

  130. Gillyanne Baker – I was raised Catholic and I guess I still am because I never converted to any other religion. I believe in God and Jesus but I haven’t been a Catholic parishioner for many years. I was taught that God is everywhere so I pray within the “walls” of my own home. I don’t need to be saved and I don’t think the Pope has any right to preach right and wrong, considering what is and has been going on within its own walls. I am very much into “you first” to set the example.

  131. Phu Nguyen – The walls around and the security of the Vatican does not let criminals in. Why does the Pope think that no one else can protect their own domains. This is 100% hypocritical by the Pope/Vatican. I challenge him to take down their walls and security first. I bet that won’t happen in my lifetime. This is “practice what you preach”. The Vatican is its own country that protects its borders. Other countries also protect their borders. The Pope has no right demanding what he himself is unwilling to do.

  132. Father Richard, It pains me to use the title Father for you, you are obviously not a priest! You spew ugly, hateful rhetoric that no man of God would do! May God save your tormented soul!

  133. Why do you think the Lutherns broke away from the Catholic Church? They knew children had been molested for year, at least the last 50 years or so. I wouldn’t step foot in a Catholic Church.

  134. Who the HELL is he ? Is he living in this country ? If not, Please SHUT UP , he doesn’t know what those illegal immigrants do in this country !!!!!!!!!!!!

  135. I too miss Saint Pope John Paul II more and more. I believe God sends us difficult leaders like Francis and pedophile priests so we can prove our fidelity to the Church in spite of them.

  136. Pope Francis can complain all he wants to but, has he forgotten that the Vatican is surrounded by a wall and the gates close every night at 11.30 pm precisely so what is the difference between his enclosure, that of “snowflake” movie stars hiding behind their walled properties or the border wall/fence. America may be a large country but we cannot look after everyone and those that are trying to get in will just sponge off everyone else.


  138. How anybody can support criminals? If you do not obey the law ,you are automatically becoming a criminal,this has nothing what to do with humanity,sorry.

  139. Miguel ,,,, Thank you, I agree with your every word !
    And The Real M,,,, you said just the right things in a few words ! Amen !

  140. I’m Catholic, and I state unequovocably that Pope Francis is an IDIOT. Only an IDIOT, trying to get people to stop asking about his coverup of pediophelia in the Catholic Church, would say something like: “If you continue to question me about this, you don’t love God.” HAR-HAR-HAR. Who in HELL would ever respect a retort like that? The Pope is an IDIOT.

  141. Says the BIG FAT HYPOCRITE who’s Vatican is surrounded by , wait for it , A BIG OL WALL! So STFU you Ignorant hypocrite !

  142. He needs his ass kicked up between his shoulders. Poop on the Pope. I would like to know how many kids he has molested in his life time.

  143. Pope Francis has no problem with pedophilia because catholic orphanages serve up these poor unwanted kids to him in a shovel. Look up The 9th Circle, “”, Kevin Barnett

  144. I pray that God will give this pope the gift of discernment as he totally has none and cannot discern what is of God and what is not,, he is a liberation theoligist as that is his bible. May the Lord give him grace to be saved and to lead all the multitudes to salvation. Trump is the hope that is given to so many sinners… we are saved by grace alone and because people prayed God gave us a leader saved by His grace and walking in God’s grace to do what is needful to make America into a nation that reflects the greatness of God, Himself.

  145. I am a born-again Christian, having been Roman Catholic from birth to the age of 39, so I had been indocrinated by the Church. However in the last 30 years, since leaving the Roman Catholic Church, I have actually read the complete Bible, cover to cover, 4 times. I would say this Pope, according to Eschatology, the Last Pope. He is most likely Not the Anti-Christ, but the predessor to the Anti-Christ. In either case a BAD character!

  146. I can say to the Pope in scripture there were Godly rulers and then there were evil rulers and in America we have a very good ruler right now and as in scripture there had to be walls built for protection and so it is now in America. Until he walks the walk of Trump I pray he won’t judge him and what God may have Trump do compared to where he is in Rome. God bless both of them.

  147. I agree, and am convinced the church is the people who believe in Jesus and His work of the Cross without additions or subtractions, Those who have no revelation of the Word of God will work against God’s appointed servant Trump, We recognize that God has appointed him and we are to pray for him. Without prayer many so called preachers etc will not have the discernment of the Holy Spirit to recognize what is of God and what is not.

  148. The Holy Father is playing the numbers, in that he is playing to where the Church is strongest a growing fastest and much to my dissappointment and many other US citizens it’s not our way. Forget just for a moment that the City State of the Vatican is a Fully walled state (not placed by any previous Pontif but by the civil state of the newly United Italy back in the 1870s where all the Papel States were wrested from the Vatican. The numbers of Catholics South of the Rio Grande is about 600 million, compared to the 82 million in the USA who are about half regular church goers and the rest are maybe C&E Catholics its not hard to understand the calculus. Given the Argentine mindset one can almost understand where the Pontif makes his stand. As a Catholic who does practice, I am missing St. Pope John Paul II more and more.

  149. I am an Evangelical Christian.

    I wish that authors that write about a Pope would use that title and not “The Holy Father.”

    Jesus said “Call no man father,” He was refering to the spiritual rather then a physical attribute.

    I believe the best terminology for the person that loves us and gave us half of our individual genes is Dad in English and Abba in the Bible.

    We have a Heavenly Father and an earthly father we call Dad if he treats or treated us with love, a caring relationship, and encouraged us to be moral and law abiding.

    The current Pope is not, in my opinion, loving, caring, or holy.

    Holiness from a Biblical perspective is agreeing with our Creator Father!

  150. I left a comment but don’t see it anywhere????????. what happened to it. Do I not have the RIGHT OF FREE SPEECH????? I replied to Fr Richard, just in case you decide to publish it.

  151. I’m sure others have posted the same thing: OK, Mr. Pope, since you believe in open immigration, put your money where your mouth is. OPEN IMMIGRANTATION INTO THE VATICAN!

  152. First of all, Richard, if you would read your bible concerning prophecy, you would know Trump can not be the antichrist. He is not of the middle eastern decent. If the pope was so against walls, why is there walls and gates around the Vatican? True Christianity prays directly to God the father. The mediator between God and man is Jesus. Heaven has walls and gates, you can only enter by accepting Jesus as savior, having your sins washed away by His blood, through repentance, confession, belief, and baptism. A pope can not offer a prayer for you to God to save anyone. If you read your bible prophesy you will find the antichrist will come out of Rome, probably the Catholic church. A country needs to protect their borders from illegal entries. If someone want to come here they need to come the legal way. We are to love and help the poor and those unable to work in our own country, we are NOT obligated to help the whole world. America has sent aid and help to these countries but monies have been missused by their government. In saying that, that dose NOT give a license for people to flee to America and cross borders illegally. No other countries allow this kind of behavior so why should America be any different??????

  153. I agree with Greg-my parents came here legally and thanked God and the USA for letting them come. They did not come here looking for a hand out but rather became citizens and got jobs. They got married, had kids, paid taxes and sponsored other relatives to come to America the legal way. If the POPE wants open migration than he should open Italy’s borders and let them all go there and he can support them. I work hard for my money and I resent having to pay for others that want to sit on their asses and do nothing. I am sick of stupid and arrogant politicians running this country. President Trump is the first president that cares about the people. This is a country of the people by the people for the people The politicians talk out of both sides of their mouth and when they are finished talking you have no idea what the hell they said. At least when Trump speaks you know exactly where he stands and thank GOD he is not politically correct. If the Democrats and the Hollywood crowd want mass migration that let them put their money where their mouth is. Come to our country legally and we will welcome you – come illegally and we will stop you.

  154. First off Catholics belong to a Cult not a Church. As for the pope he is a MORON. Why anyone would take his advice is beyond me.

  155. This is a cover up,it’s called CYOA,COVER YOUR OWN A–,HE HAS HAS TO SPEAK OF THE WALL

  156. Father Richard, I am a real born again Christian! After reading your comment, I can say without doubt, you are a liberal troll deceiver and not a Father Richard at all! You are a liberal so there is a 99% chance you are an atheist and don’t know what a dangerous thing you have done! You are a hypocrite and blasphemer. The only sin God will not forgive is blasphemy.
    There never has nor will there every be a Priest, a man of God, with the hate you have just displayed. Also, you have things in your comment that are of the flesh and cannot possibly be true and/or Godly.
    You might fool secular people who don’t know a lot about God’s love, mercy, and His word but, there are untold millions who know better that this cockamamy junk you wrote.
    You are a liar, a blasphemer and, you are going to the hell you don’t believe in! You will see when you stand before God to be judged!
    You are a scary piece of work!

  157. The pope (I did not capitalize for a reason) dictates to the USA about dictators like Hitler while behind the security of the Vaticans very tall walls. Let him open the gates there to migration in the millions and also acknowledge the Vaticans capitulation with the nazi’s in WW2.

  158. father richard. first of all you are not my father. you don’t know squat about politics or religion when you should be encouraging trump not tearing him down. trump is working hard to make this country prosperous while you work hard to insult him. furthermore why are you attacking trumps family when the only thing you know about them is what liberal news feeds you. you are not only non religious you are an idiot.

  159. As a lifelong and practicing Catholic, I respect his opinion on Catholic Church matters but this issue doesn’t concern him. The Pope needs to keep his comments to himself. He’s unaware of the financial burden the illegals are on the American taxpayer as well as the criminal element that is among them,. It’s not the responsibility of the United States of America to take in the worlds poor.

  160. This Pope is the most walled in, anti scriptural leader and the same bondage he has put on multitudes he is busy trying to put on Americans. A nation without borders is no nation and a faith without scriptural borders is no faith at all, He will be held responsible for leading multitudes into darkness as he does not recognize the borders that are in the Bible. We are saved by Jesus Christ alone, and not by any other works, so no man can boast, He has bound multitudes under Roman Scriptures that do not line up with the written Word of God, the Bible. Our Nation without borders is not a nation but s cesspool of ideas without limitations, We have the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and borders to keep our leaders within limits… to lead people by example.. that is what makes America great. I would ask the Pope to stick to his job… show us by example how you believe and follow the Word of God as written in the Bible and by revelation. Try setting the multitudes free by telling the truth as is written in the bible… not by your emotions or your coverups Try setting all the priests and nuns free by removing those walls of distortions and lies which turn them into pedophiles and lost.

  161. I agree..the pope needs to shut up!..and mybe he needs to demolition the wall he has around the Vatican…

  162. A very nearsighted view! The Vatican has a wall, but with the growth of Islam in Europe, that wall may come down along with St. Peters Cathedral and a Mosque will take its place and Christians would be banned from visiting! The same scenario that has taken place in Jerusalem Martin Welt the Temple Mount! We should remember that the brain comes before the heart.

  163. Father Idiots like you are the real reason why people are leaving the Church. Stay out of Politics you probably had no problem with the last Dumb ass of a president we had last THE LAST 8 YEARS.

  164. WE do not care if you like Trump or not, you and the Pope should try to prevent the molestation of innocents kids that the Catholics Priest are guilty all around the world… Stay out politics an preach That Jesus is our savior and not the POPE.

  165. Well, Ken, you are one of the very few who live near the border and don’t see a problem. Good for you, but most AMERICANS do see a problem either directly or indirectly. CONGRATS on your ability to find your peace where so few have or perhaps you are muted and blinded by leftist idealogy? Hmmmmm, did I say something in truth? Tell you what; since you have no issues with the border, put up a sign by your house telling all new comers to the USA to stop by your house for a meal and a shower and let us all know how that works out. I am sure you’ll make a lot of new friends!

  166. I’m not a Catholic, but the Pope’s papal appellation is that of an Italian who forsook wealth and gave himself to caring for the poor. That is the essence of the Christian imperative. When Trump spoke years ago at a graduation ceremony, he brought up the issue of life’s walls; what said then was that upon encountering such obstructions, one should go over, under, around, or through them. Why is what he said then and what he is saying now so very different? They say that the Great Wall of China is the only single, man-made structure that without illumination can be seen from outer space. It is huge and quite strong but did not prevent the Mongols from breaching it. Is history telling us something we actually knew all along?

  167. So says the Patron Leader of child molesters.He should worry about his own flock and shut the ferk up.His opinion to anyone except a Catholic isn’t worth spit and we don’t want it.So shut the ferkl up ahole child molester

  168. Thank you Donna. The pope is NOT the Church, the PEOPLE are. That is why in the Apostles Creed, we say, ONE< HOLY< CATHOLIC< APOSTOLIC< CHURCH. Apostolic Christian beliefs are rooted in a literal interpretation of the Bible. We believe that the Bible’s teachings are applicable to all times and all cultures. In fact, rather than becoming less relevant in our fast-paced, highly educated, technology-driven world, the Truth – and how it is lived out – is more applicable now than ever. The POPE may be the leader, but his job/duty is to guide us along our path of belief. If you have a 'bad' teacher, you don't quit school, you struggle through it, and hope that the next teacher is better. Same goes for the pope. I am not going to leave my faith, because this pope does not fulfill his duties. I will keep praying, along with my fellow parishoners, and hope we get another Saint Paul. AMEN

    Thank you, That is why in the Apostle Creed, we say ONE, HOLY, CATHOLIC, and APOSTOLIC CHURCH….Apostolic Christian beliefs are rooted in a literal interpretation of the Bible. We believe that the Bible’s teachings are applicable to all times and all cultures.In fact, rather than becoming less relevant in our fast-paced, highly educated, technology-driven world, the Truth – and how it is lived out – is more applicable now than ever..

  169. WE do not care if you like Trump or not, you and the Pope should try to prevent the molestation of innocents kids that the Catholics Priest are guilty all around the world… Stay out politics an preach That Jesus is our savior and not the POPE.

  170. Dope Francis was not a huge mistake, and neither was obunghole. Satan rules this world, and the dems/liberals are helping him do it. Read the last book of the Bible, and see that those things told about two thousand years ago are coming to fruition. All with the Pope’s blessing. He will pay a horrific price in the afterlife. I wouldn’t want to be him, is all I can say.

  171. Heaven has a wall with a gate that opens to all that have been given passage through a strict immigration policy! Hell on the other hand has open borders for all. The choice is ours. Guess where the Pope is heading?

  172. Practicing Catholics will be making a pact with their fellow Christians ( I mean real Christians, not the evangelical phonies, liars, hypocrites, and money grubbing preachers who have no idea what-so-ever what Christianity is all about) to be part of the rapidly growing groundswell of their fellows pledging to vote the anti-Christ Trump out of office in 2020. We will also be joining with our Jewish and Muslim friends, as well as our black and brown skinned friends, as well as everyone else who cherishes the Golden Rule and is content to live side by side in peace and harmony and to rid our government of Trump, his family, and his entire ilk while we vow that we will never, ever let the likes of Trump anywhere near the White House again.

  173. Correct me if wrong, but isn’t ALL of Rome surrounded by walls ?
    The pope says, “Walls, however, are against communication” and I agree.
    Just look how long the pedophile priests have been going on before the pope finally “relented” to do something about it.
    Not only “against communication”, but spent most his life apparently, with his head in the sand.

  174. Pope Francis needs to prioritize his agenda! I am sure he will find that shaming, instructing, wagging his finger in our faces, etc. etc. etc. will be low on his list of things he SHOULD be working on! Seems to me the first thing he needs to do is clean up and prosecute the sex offenders in his upper echelon of priests all over the world, including the United States. I wonder if he is or should be under investigation himself as a sex offender?
    He doesn’t appear to be a Godly priest but, more like a cult leader. He is much too political and a far left liberal. The very people he is running interference for in America, the Democrats, have a very high percentage of party members who are atheists and don’t believe in God, heaven, hell or him for that matter! He absolutely does not practice what he preaches or he would have more empathy for the children who were sexually assaulted by more priests than we will ever know. He should be more interested in seeing all of them prosecuted and any whose charges have run past the statute of limitations should be physically thrown out of the priesthood. He talks a okay game but, there has been not nearly enough action, just ask the victims and their families.
    Oh, I want to say so much more but, I must not because, I am a Christian of the Protestant faith and I have a still small voice instructing me that I have said “just” enough and don’t need to say more. 🙂

  175. This Pope a Proven LIAR and HYPOCRITE promotes open borders everywhere except his own fenced in, military guarded Vatican City

  176. Go back to Argentina Pope….Oh that’s right you can’t!! I’ll tell you what you stay in Italy and out of America because you are not welcome here!!!!

  177. The POPE is probably well-meaning, but he leads a very sheltered life surrounded by WALLS around the Vatican. He pays NO taxes. I have severed all connections with the Catholic organization and refuse to provide support for someone who has been totally brainwashed by liberalism.

  178. How many illegal immigrants DOES THE POPE FEED? How MANY ILLEGALS DOES HE HAVE inside HIS WALL AROUND THE VATICAN? How many does he give free education to? How many does he give free medical assistance to? That’s what I thought. NONE!!!!!!!!!! NONE This pope is the evil one predicted in the bible?

  179. All this tripe from a man that lives in the Vatican behind walls, on the faithfuls dime with personal guards too. Man of God my big toe can you spell HYPOCRITE!

  180. The Pope needs to clean his own ‘house’and stay out of America’s affairs. What about the wall about Vatican City.

  181. Pope Francis is saying & doing very dangerous things against our President & our people, which is of course to be expected because he is a Leftist–a political affiliation that goes against everything the Roman Catholic Church stands for. I am mystified that he was elected Pope given his political orientation. I say this knowingly, as a faithful Roman Catholic all my life & have had religious education from an early age up to & including 4 years at a Catholic university. My family line has been strongly R. Catholic for many hundreds of years, & even several ancestral uncles were Bishops, two of whom were significant defenders of the faith & one was a strong conservative political force in Scotland and Canada. I have felt uneasy about Pope Francis’s declarations since the inception of his Papacy, which should actually be following the previous established tradition of support for the greatest political enterprise in human history, the United States of America. I am neither an apostate nor a rebel based on my opinion of the current Pope, but rather a very concerned Roman Catholic.

  182. He sould take care of his own house, he’s got bigger problems. And the Pope being from South America, he should take care of their problems

  183. Pope
    You know nothing.
    If the border crises continues and the US loses it’s national character and sovereignty, who will step up when the world or some small piece of it needs American strength to fight evil and tyranny. Would you be safe and very, very smug in the satin gowns and gold halls of the Vatican if America had not stood up to the Nazi’s. What has the Vatican done to bring safety and security to poor nations. What, by comparison have you done to feed the poor and free those enslaved. The US gives more and cares more than most nations GDP. You do not help much. As they say in Texas, you are all hat and no cattle. You cannot even be challenged to take strong action to stop the sexual abuse that your own priests inflict on children. You have collaborated to harm them. Can you feel the weight of the millstone around your neck. Here is my bottom line for you. We keep them out and well vetted if they can contribute. Because weakness is often seen as compassion until disorder, chaos and loss of hope have crushed a people. The US is not your nation, shut up and keep your uninformed nightmares to yourself.


  185. I am a Catholic, but NOT a globalist! The Pope is both! That’s too bad, but the most recent scandal involving The Catholic church, pedophilia and church cover-up of multitudes of bad activities pertaining to the priesthood more than serve to cushion my break from the current Pope and his off base personal beliefs! In short, he does not represent my beliefs! There are many fine Catholics and that certainly includes priests, but this Pope has let us all down and I can’t support him or his ideas anymore! He should be as open and interested in cleaning up the Catholic church as Donald Trump is in cleaning up our criminal government! Neither should meddle in each other’s business!

  186. I say this is love but religion will not save you. Only a personal relationship with Jesus will. Do not look to man he is imperfect. Jesus took your and my place on the cross. He is the one to be praised

  187. Excuse me Mr. Pope but the Vatican is built around walls in its entirety! Why? To maintain its sovereignty, correct?? Well Americans want the same You Hypocrite!! Why don’t you fix your priest before you comment about Trump or anyone else for that matter!! We do have bridges it’s called the legal immigration process and visa programs! ILLEGAL immigration is the problem so quit getting the two confused and stop spreading fake news because that’s not Christian!!


  189. I agree don’t go to church anymore because of that Pope he needs to take care of his priests that and nuns that anyde you g children and if i.ho to church it’s a Lutheran church or mennonite church

  190. The Pope needs to mind his own f-ing business and take care of the pedophiles in his church! Keep his leftist comments to himself

  191. That jerk lives in the most highly guarded sanctuary in the world. He also builds walls around his collection of pedophile priests.
    We’ve been to the Vatican. Guards. Metal detectors. R and R’s. Women have to have their knees and shoulders covered to get into the Sistine Chapel. No talking allowed either.
    Let him take care of the South Americans. Sen them money. Buy them homes. Pope Hypocrite the Nth. No Pope Jackass the 1st

  192. I’m a RC and always will be. I follow my religion. However I’m
    pretty much disgusted how the Pope is acting. Saying things
    that he shouldn’t be saying instead of leading the Catholics.
    With all scandals that are going on in the church it’s enough for
    him. I just wish he would stay out of politics. Do not mix politics
    with the church. It doesn’t work. He’s a good man but inappropriate things. Sorry Holy Father but it’s true.

  193. I am a Catholic convert from the 1960’s. This pope has got to go! He is hurting the church by not doing his real job.


  195. A Honduran, here illegally, just killed a young American Nanny. Pope Francis needs to speak out more about the sin of murder, and the sin of abortions that are up to, and even past the day of birth. Why have we not heard him speak about more about those sins, that are happening in the hundreds of thousands? Also why doesn’t he speak up more about the sins of people mutilating their bodies, that God gave them, to be come outwardly an opposite sex, from what God intended them to be? God doesn’t make mistakes.

  196. I used to be catholic til I saw the light. Did you know there were 3 popes at once. Also the papacy was supportive of Hitler. The papacy has huge coffers of money that they never share. Some day all things that are held in darkness will come to light. The history of the papacy will be a real eye opener

  197. Pope Francis was a critical mistake, just like Obama was as President of the United States of America.

  198. Janie, Keep your eye on your path of Faith.. Attend Mass every Sunday, your relationship is with Jesus not the Pope. Popes come and go your relationship with Jesus will be stronger by attending Mass on Sundays and praying. Jesus is forgiveness.

  199. Is it not a fact that the vatican is behind mam wall ? He as a lot of bad things in his closet. Take care of your business and leave America to the trump camp.

  200. I have always been told that people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. It seems to me that the Pope needs to clean off his own doorsteps, before he makes comments about the U.S. and building a wall on our border.

  201. The Pope has NO TROUBLE With Pediphilia but does not like other peoples walls
    like the one that surrounds him!

  202. Ken, Furnish the address of your property so that those of us who want to check can set our GPS and boogie to you and “see for ourselves” because, the only people who believe your comment are Dems and/or any other liberal pushing their own agenda, not the truth! We have read many comments from your area who say the opposite of what you say and since we know what a hades hole along the border is in all border states, I think you are the one spouting lies and fake news, not President Trump!
    Aaaaaah, don’t forget the address of your property and you know there are people who will be checking, don’t you?

  203. It appears that Pope Francis has a bad habit of picking fights from a long distance away. This Pope wants open borders and mass migration regardless of who it hurts. He offers absolutely no solutions to a gigantic problem. Thousands of illegal immigrants are over taxing American resources. American government is not an endless well for every body on Planet Earth. Right now, our schools are grossly overcrowded, our hospitals are being inundated with illegals who are stealing into our country with infections, illness and lately, the mumps. Maybe the Pope would like to donate a couple of billion dollars so we could accommodate everyone. People who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

  204. Does the pope think the border wall will b better looking than the 1 around Vatican City? He shouldn’t worry the US needs a useful wall not a ceremonious 1.. Perhaps he should take a page from a former Potus & Tear down his wall.
    In any case why should any 1 from western civilization pay attention 2 an islamist/SOCOM sleeper agent like Francis?

  205. Hey we got the crap along MS and AL boarder too. Everywhere you go there are foreigners from God knows where. I do know they beg and stink with body lice. Had 2 run into me in walmart. Trust me they are nasty and no speak the English. The legal Mexicans and Hondurans here we know are just as fed up as us “whities”.

  206. Yes he should resign, he’s not taking of his people, to busy with other things he has no business getting into.

  207. Went to Rome a few years ago To go to the Vatican had to go through a metal detector at the city gates..Phonies

  208. The Pope and his policies and comments are one reason I seldom attend mass anymore. Between the Pope thinking he rules the world and the priest sexual scandal, I believe this liberal should stay behind his walls and solve his own problems and leave us the Hell alone.

  209. I am a Catholic who has stopped giving except to my church. I refuse to give to anything else. Pope Frances has got to go. He has no right to tell America or any other country they have to die taking in so many.

  210. The POPE needs to shut up!!! He has enough on his OWN plate to contend with!!! The Catholic Church has tons of skeletons in its closet!!! To many, to be pointing fingers at others!!!

  211. Definitely he should resign. I’m a proud practicing Catholic that migrated legally to the US from Cuba and I despised his policies! Doesn’t represent me! Same way he is handling the Venezuelan crisis! Not a word about that! He went to Cuba to shake Castros’s hand. He is a communist pig!

  212. Maybe the pope should invite all the illegals to his palace, and see what the Romans and Italians would say that means their laws will change and they can do what ever they want, believe me they would criticize the pope. besides he’s over there and not here we don’t need his opinion, there’s enough going on around here anyway.

  213. This pope himself has some shadows in his past. He’s made some outrageous statements about both the USA and Israel. I think he’s just another anti-Semite, anti-American mouth. The Vatican has consistently caused problems in Israel because it thinks it has some mysterious right to interfere in that little nation’s business. The church that is led by a pope has a long and terrible history of extreme persecution, expulsion, and bigotry against anyone who did or does not believe as it dictates. Now it’s interfering in the greatest democracy on earth. Thank goodness our nation was founded by Anglicans, Protestants who knew only too well the terrible power of religion when it goes amok.

  214. The Pope is such a hypocrite, not a true Catholic. He himself have tall walls around the Vatican..Come on Pope, are you willing to help pay, shelter all the illegal immigrants that are coming through to America..I suspect NOT. NO other country helps like we Americans..and the slow process of doing anything right about the pedophile priests is downright irresponsible..They should all be in prison..Those children will never forget the horrific abuse they endured..I know, for I was sexually abused by stepfathers..All will go to HELL..

  215. one would think that a man of his stature would have enough smarts to find out what is really going on before he opens his mouth and spouts out words like this..his is the pope not God..he does not have the right to slander anyone

  216. I think he should keep his nose out of politics and tend to the church. He has enough problems there. With all his priest go on young kids and nothing happens to them sham sham on you

  217. How nice for you. How about filling up a big backpack & take a walk on the wild side? Start walking the border to the northwest into California. See what it looks like all the way to the end. Make sure to take a lot of CASH to pass out as you go. That way you can help whomever you ‘might’ meet. You know, just in case…
    And when you finish that whole route, go to the end of the southeast border into Texas. Make sure you have enough CASH again.

  218. Pope Francis won’t be living in America let alone in Dallas or Houston or Chicago etc. I believe he also rides around in a car with a bullet proof bubble, lives in Vatican City which has very tall walls surrounding his domain and he has a lot of heavily armed Swiss security guards that surround him all of thetime. Last I checked, Mexico is not attached to Italy’s Southern Border. And if may ask if Trump is doing something so inhumane, does that compare to the only city in Europe that Hitler did not touch during WWII was Vatican City? How did that workout? Last, didn’t Jesus mention something about throwing stones?

  219. My family owns and dates back to the early 1900″s and I live right along the border in Arizona on a large tract of land. There SURELY is no issues as Trump indicates. Hey come down to our property and look for yourself. To take a quote from Trump, his comments are “fake news”

  220. Cult leader….You must be talking about Trump, after all you follow his “cult”!!!!!! Keep drinking his Kool_Aid you may end up like “Jim Jones” followers……

  221. Man, I completely agree with both parts of your comment. He is heard making more comments about American issues then Catholic Church issues. Let’s say goodbye to him…

  222. All conservative Catholics need to rise and call for the pope resignation now. He hardly represents the Catholic values.

  223. The pope is one of those controlled by Satan. Every word out of his mouth is spoken by Satan. Satan does some of his best evil deeds and works from the pulpits around the world. Satan was so excited when this weakbrained person was chosen to be the pope.

  224. The pope should take care of his priest problems and leave President Donald Trump to take care of the USA business!

  225. There are reasons why he is called the Pope and not the Ruler of the world. And they wonder why there was a Reformation.

  226. The US should drop their diplomatic status, we should not recognize countries with religious leaders.

  227. Who the heck cares what the pope thinks? He has a wall to protect him!! He can take his blessed ring (that he refused to his followers to kiss) and can go right where he is already predestined! – HELL! He has NO say in our U.S.A. government!

  228. Every other country has their borders strictly guarded and deports anyone who crosses their’s illegally. That wall we’re constructing is to prevent illegal immigration and force those who want to come here to come LEGALLY or not come here at all. If they’re to lazy to go through the proper channels to come here legally then TOO BAD.

  229. I’m with you on this, Bob2. Also Pope Francis needs to tend to his sheep and stay out of America’s and the world’s politics…

  230. We have open borders for those coming here legally and without a criminal record. Let the criminals go to the Vatican and repent.

  231. The pope is hypocrite #1. Our wall is to keep out over-populating unskilled unneeded people. The pope’s wall is to hide the fact that orphan children are being raped, beaten, and tortured before being drained of blood for papal consumption. BIG difference.

  232. Tear down his wall…and let in ALL the people legal and illegals..and let all those big mouth actors and actresses do the same..and no bodyguards..let them live with the same risks as we do..

  233. Why is it every country wants America to have open borders but they themselves would never except or even think of haveing open border policys themselves! Well I really know the answers to this question! It’s because they know it would would be the end of America and it’s Constitution!

  234. So says the manq who has some of the strictest security in the world. No respect for this Pope. When he opens the gates to the Vatican to house illegal immigrants then he can speak about how other countries handle their illegal immigrant problems.


  236. Jesus loves every illegal immigrant and places his hand on each of their shoulders and says to them every minute of the day “Go and sin no more! GO….to the other side of the border and sin no more, leave your life of mortal sin, of illegal immigration, and have a chance of escaping everlasting damnation. God created borders to spoil satan’s plan when the tower of babel was stopped by the creation of languages. But the illegal immigrants are not listening to Jesus, they hear instead the devil who tempted them here to transgress the boundary into sin with promises of a better life, enticing them to covet what is not theirs. Build the Wall, Mr. President! It will save souls! Question: Does this Pope place redistribution of wealth over the salvation of souls?

  237. I am a devout Catholic, but Pope Francis has never been my pope. He’s a politician at best but has no business getting involved in politics. He needs to resign and join the far left liberals.

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