You won’t believe what Rachel Maddow just said about Tucker Carlson

Rachel Maddow and Tucker Carlson are two of the biggest stars in cable news.

Their programs define MSNBC and Fox News Channel.

And you won’t believe what Rachel Maddow just said about Tucker Carlson.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Rachel Maddow pulled back the curtain on her friendship with Tucker Carlson.

Maddow reminded everyone that she got her start in TV by appearing as a regular guest on Tucker Carslon’s long ago 2006 MSNBC show, saying that he was always talented and that this is his “moment.”

“Tucker’s doing great right now,” Maddow declared. “But look at Tucker’s career. The first show I worked on was his 11 o’clock show on MSNBC that nobody remembers. But he was always kicking around the business and has always been talented. It just — this turned out to be his moment.”

Maddow compared how she keeps up with Tucker Carlson and other Fox hosts to the professional rivalry among baseball players and how they constantly study one another to improve their games.

“If you think about baseball players, who are extremely competitive and who are fighting to win and who have rivalries, and some of those rivalries are bitter rivalries, that doesn’t mean you don’t study the pitching technique of their star pitcher,” Maddow told Vanity Fair.

“It doesn’t mean you don’t appreciate whatever they’re doing in terms of, you know, where they put their shortstop in order to give them a better defense,” Maddow continued. “There’s a sort of, like, respecting the game, in terms of people who are doing well and people who are good at it.”

Maddow also revealed that former Fox News boss Roger Ailes helped her improve her TV persona when she asked for his assistance.

“I mean that was the basis of my professional friendship with Roger Ailes,” Maddow added. “I wanted tips from him about how to be better on TV. And he was willing to talk to me about what I was doing well, and doing poorly, to help me get better.”

Last year, Carlson expressed similar sentiments about Maddow, telling an interviewer that although he disagrees with almost everything she believes, he likes her and believes she is sincere.

“Yeah, many years ago, 15 years ago… I loved her,” Carlson stated. “I still like Rachel Maddow. I don’t agree with her on most things, but I always thought that she was smart and above all, she was sincere. And I respect that. I don’t like fraudulence no matter where it comes from, and she is very smart.”

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