You won’t believe what target President Trump picked for a nuclear strike

One of the biggest blockbuster stories of the Trump administration broke over the weekend.

The Fake News Media was jumping for joy.

And you won’t believe what target President Trump picked for a nuclear strike.

On Sunday Axios’ Jonathan Swan reported that in the first year of Trump’s Presidency Trump supposedly asked his advisors if it was possible to bomb the eye of the hurricane to keep it from striking the American coast.

This is not a new idea. Scientists have suggested the strategy as far back as the 1950s.

Axios reports:

Behind the scenes: During one hurricane briefing at the White House, Trump said, “I got it. I got it. Why don’t we nuke them?” according to one source who was there. “They start forming off the coast of Africa, as they’re moving across the Atlantic, we drop a bomb inside the eye of the hurricane and it disrupts it. Why can’t we do that?” the source added, paraphrasing the president’s remarks.

Asked how the briefer reacted, the source recalled he said something to the effect of, “Sir, we’ll look into that.”

Trump replied by asking incredulously how many hurricanes the U.S. could handle and reiterating his suggestion that the government intervene before they make landfall.

The briefer “was knocked back on his heels,” the source in the room added. “You could hear a gnat fart in that meeting. People were astonished. After the meeting ended, we thought, ‘What the f—? What do we do with this?'”

Trump responded on social media that this story was fake news.

The Fake News Media ran with this ridiculous story as more evidence Trump was “crazy.”

But given the track record of the so-called “mainstream” media there is little chance the story is true as described.

Is this story fake news?

Let us know your thoughts on the comments below.



  1. Read your history. This is just what Hitler and the Nazis did. That’s how they got rid of the Jews. Spread lies, make up propaganda. I read “Tell a lie to someone 26 times and they think it’s true”. Some people like the liberals are already drug users, liars and cheats. So it is easy to “Brainwash” them. Only problem is finding their brain! Or what is left of it.

  2. 98% of the white-folks in america would rather brown nose with trump all the way into hell den realize dat he’s an idiot. jes watch and see how they respond to the truth. To stupid ta realize dat trump-ah-hump dem greasy headed joker while on his way to Russia wit nothing butt love. Racist white-folks ruined america. hahahahahhahahahahaha

    • You must be the most dumbest one human being on the planet..Tell your mom to take you to park so you can play. WHAT A DUMB ASS..

      • hey Apple, I see that nobody picked you yet. Your education is starting to show. You are spelling and correctly using the big ones Be careful, other people will also start to realize that your dumb act is just that, an act.

    • LMAO!!!!……Get new parts for your head…..LOL!!!!………..You really should get checked out for that NEUROSIS…its contagious, probably handling around simliar NEUROTIC twits

    • YOU are crazy! NEVER believe what ANYBODY says, unless they can PROVE it! So anything our main stream media reports, I wait until I get something on the internet that backs it up! And, everybody on this site, wishes they could block you, & your nasty comments. Yeah, the ENGLISH settlers didn’t treat the natives right. BUT, none of us were alive then, so WE aren’t responsible for it. So go lay a guilt trip on some Dimocrat!

  3. Many years ago, nukes were suggested to expedite building a new ‘Panama canal’ in Central America, like using dynamite, but millions of times more powerful. Radiation and safety concerns for humans and the environment/ecology ruled out that use. A MOAB would be like a firecracker in the >10 mile wide eye of a hurricane, and it would likely require a >10 megaton nuke air burst to have any significant effect. Thermonuclear weapon air bursts result in gaseous highly radioactive but short lived atoms. Ground bursts that pick up dirt and debris cause the radioactive particulate fallout that settles downwind onto the ground where we live. Strongest EMP’s affecting broad areas result from detonation above the atmosphere (50-100 miles) resulting in ionization of the underlying atmosphere through a propagating cascade of ‘Auger’ electrons. Low level detonation EMP’s would affect a much more limited area. None of these factors make favorable recommendations for using nukes to avert hurricanes. The liquid nitrogen needed to sufficiently cool a hurricane to stop a hurricane would take hundreds or thousands planes and billions of dollars of liquid nitrogen for only a brief effect. When the cooling wears off, the sun’s energy could soon restart the tropical storm or hurricane by heating residual moisture in the atmosphere. I guess most people have not been taught about radiation, nuclear physics, meteorology, or the homeostasis of atmospheric perturbations. Y’all should go back to school for several years before commenting further about these complex topics. You remind me of protestors yelling “no nukes” outside a hospital installing a Nuclear Magnetic Resonance scanner, better known as a Magnetic Resonance Imager (MRI) that uses only radio waves and magnetic fields for detailed imaging. Meanwhile, don’t use nukes for backyard barbecues or hurricanes until you know with what the hell you are dealing. REDMAN: stick to rubbing sticks together or kissing Putin’s a$$, as you are exceptionally ignorant and a communist (a “red”) to boot.

  4. They just won’t stop with their fake news reporting and trying to make President Trump look deranged. It’s MSM that are deranged with their obsession with taking down our President.

  5. Whether the story is true or not, the worst that can be said is that President Trump is looking at ways to save America from disasters.

  6. I believe president Trump. He never said that. He’s not stupid at all. You can’t screw with God the creator. Only a moron would nuke the eye of a hurricane.

    • It is bad enough that they are spreading Chem Trails all over the skies causing these unnatural weather patterns and dumping on the earth poisons that are a serious detriment to everyone’s health. I believe Trump realizes what we are doing to our environment that he wouldn’t be so stupid to bomb hurricanes.

      • Chem trail crap de bunked years ago.Better idea- drill for oil under the hurricane,nuke it and fly Air Force One over head while eating Putin’s kielbasa.

      • Time will tell and only God knows the goodness in the heart of our President Donald J Trump and we the people❣️❣️❣️????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  7. Better wake up all of you greasy headed brown nose trump goons. trump-ah-hump yall while in denial on his way to Russia wit nothing butt love like the crazy racist money greedy white-folk dat he is.. hahahahhahahahahahahah

  8. Not so far fetched.
    No nukes.
    But, one of those mother of all bombs just might be the ticket.
    Worth a try I would say.
    Save tons of lives, money & misery.

  9. Exploding any Nuke over any country will create an EMP that will take out all electrical grids as well as all electronics like Cars Radios TV’s everything. If you are smart enough you can build a Farraday Cage around your home and you would save everything you own.

      • Nuclear radiation goes everywhere. Also any planes in the area would explode. Ships as well. Massive amount of dead sea life. Radioactive water would go into circulation.evaporate and fall as rain and snow all over. A nuclear cloud might affect satellite transmissions. Radar,military communications. Nuclear fall out lasts long time. Sea life would not come back. Then Godzilla will attack- only response would be bigly nuclear missiles.

        • Mike is onto something here. The
          only hope for our radioactive planet after Mr Trump nukes a hurricane will be how to stop Godzilla. King Kong is not interested in a rematch with Zilla and Kong’s twin brother Idie Amin is dead.

    • Why was Fox the only one to discover and mention the five countries in Mexico? Their scientific research found out that Vitamin D comes from the sun. How is that possible. First to report that Ruth Bader Ginsburg died a couple years ago- no one else did.

  10. The story is assinine, untrue and shame on you for running it. People are stupid and the more they hear and read BS like this, the ore they believe it to be true. They will believe the BS and disregard the proof that it is BS. Right out of the pages of Goebbels, Alinsky and several others. This is something you or The Onion’d expect from the Daily Rash. It’s surprising Biden isn’t pushing it, After all, Hillary is.

      • Your a true dedicated RACIST there Mr. leftist liberal democrat. To add that you do not even ask for proof or evidence of this story either shows that you have a severe lack of intelligence as well. Fantasy & make believe is still a big part of your life as if your mind is still as a child. Anyone with any intelligence would require that the evidence is presented to actually prove this story as FACT. Otherwise you are a fool and yes you would certainly be tossed out of court for not having evidence needed & required !!! No la la la golly gee boo boo BS works in any courts !!! Your severe lack of intelligence after this comment will greatly show you lack any intelligence at all. And no, trash talk won’t get you a dam thing either but show you sure as hell are actually stupid as well. It is either put up or shut up ! Nothing else !!!

  11. It’s the most ridiculous story I’ve ever heard. Trump is a genius, not an idiot such as the Left! The Left is grasping at straws trying to find some way to bring anything against Trump’s character in order to take the next election!! The LEFT is the problem in the U.S. NOT Trump NOR the Right!

  12. TO MR. President, Surely you must be Jesting, again? Please do not tamper with the natural rituals of the environment as many of your people are very sick right now and dieing a slow death along with everything in our environment.why is it being allowed and never talked about. I found out when I went to doctor, emergency room and no one treated me as it is a denied constructed tool to eliminate Americas society and never recorded. I am one pissed American and I hope all whom participated in this will die from it as they do not even care for their own children !!!!!

    • CK, what is being spread about Trump and whatever the heck they say he is doing to kill all humanity, or whatever, is pure unadulterated bunk! Get a brain and check it out before believing everything you hear. Trump is working non-stop to get our country back to the greatness it once was. The LEFT is the problem in the U.S! Not Trump, not the Right, not the voters, but only the lying, thieving Left!

    • C.K. “We” fool with Mother Nature all the time. Ever take an aspirin? It is done all the time. Air Conditioning or winter heating? What about storm cellars in tornado country? And by the way I ‘nuke’ my butter in the a.m. to soften it or pop my popcorn. So how about a MOAB for the hurricane? We seeded clouds and reduced the intensity significantly. How about ‘bombing’ the storm with cheap liquid nitrrogen (LN2) to cool the eye? Could that be a test worth making? Our sea of air is mainly nitrogen (Ln) so there would be no pollution. Try thinking BEFORE you write.

      • Yep, long-mouth-ed-wad. I believe Most of you racist white-folks are demons in pink skin. Look at trump-ah-hump hair, Isn’t there something wrong wit it, and the way he talk crazy most of the time. And what you posted about what white-folks do, and have done, all line up. hahahahhahahahaahahaha

      • Yep, long-mouth-ed-wad. I believe Most of you racist white-folks are demons in pink skin. Look at trump-ah-hump hair, Isn’t there something wrong wit it, and the way he talk crazy most of the time. And what you posted about what white-folks do, and have done, all line up. hahahahhahahahaahahaha

      • Hey RedMan; You should try to write a few “Posts”, without being either; “Stoned” or so “Waisted”. Other’s might be able to understand what you’re saying.

      • One totally worthless comment after another by you Red Man who has proven a severe lack of intelligence and a severe RACIST HATRED that you have. That won’t get you anywhere in life and obviously has shown that it hasn’t either. You write like you have failed the third grade for the 50th straight year now. You do not impress anyone at all with your trash comments and you score absolutely nothing at all. You keep proving beyond anyone’s doubt that you have a deep hatred within you and are a pure racist who also lacks any education and any intelligence. That you are so very proud to show it off however how stupid you truly are and how extreme of a RACIST you certainly are as well.

        • Hey, lice bait dude. Not many Commas in yo post for a “ed-u-ma-cated greasy head racist like you wit all the smarts like trump the bump on americas butt. hahahhahahahahahahh.

  13. This is obviously more fake news and not the first on this site.
    But, you know what? What if President Trump had said it, he obviously would not have been the first person to consider the possibility. People said we would never get to the moon but, we did, didn’t we? Someday someone will find a way to kill hurricanes and it can’t be too soon so, people need to be thinking of ways to do it no matter how crazy the solution sounds! This really takes the “punch” out of the MSM wing of the Dem party using it as a weapon to call DJT crazy, right? Right! However, it will not sway their indignance and an opportunity to throw crap at President Trump. They never give up the opportunity to make fools of themselves while trying to make DJT look inept and crazy! This too will blow up in their ugly faces and die on the vine, shortly!

  14. I’m still playing my fiddle raising money for the Trump campaign. Doing great. Charlie Daniels tunes bring more money.

  15. More FAKE news! Not that similar ideas have not been entertained before. Circa WW2 the US Air Force wanted to bomb the Mt. Vesuvius volcano because it was in full eruption.

    • Fake news for sure! Way back circa 5 Hurricane Easy was a huge threat and someone suggested using an atom bomb. Bad idea because a hurricane packs the power of hundreds of atom bombs. Bermuda was the most likely target and the people were scared stiff because Easy’s winds wer about 200 MPH. What happened was that Hurricane Fox formed about where Easy had formed anf moved a bit faster, catching up with Easy. They met near Bermuds and bounced off each other, going around Bermuda and sparing the island and people. If any account is still available, Science and Mechanics magazine had an article and so did Time magazine.

  16. As a matter of fact hurricane activity is down. If the President thinks out loud, it does not mean that he carries through with all his ideas. He is quite intelligent and that’s why he is so widely hated. I really like the guy.

    • You like being lied to Marshall? Yesterday’s was another doozy. In praising his idol Kim Un, he said Melania has gotten to know Un and would agree with him what a great guy he is. The White House had to correct that today with a statement acknowledging Melania and Un have never met. What is wrong with you?

      • Scott, what is wrong with you?? Hillary lies every time she opens her mouth and Obama lies his way into our White House. Guess YOU like being lied to.

      • Typical Trumper response, bj. Scott27 makes an excellent point about how Trump is losing it (Greenland, Melania and Kim Jong Un, his lie about talking to China when no phone call was placed by China) and you respond by pointing the finger at Hillary. HILLARY IS NOT PRESIDENT, it does not excuse Trump’s behaviors by blaming others! There are many signs lately that Trump is losing his touch with reality or inappropriate for the job as president – -his WHOLE G-7 performance and how Trump had meeting that he never had.

  17. How is it the Govt. can not shut down these fake news networks? They are disrupting the entire Nation with their fake news and endless games to take down our president. They should lose their License to Broadcast. Shut them down for good. Starting with CNN and MSNBC for starters.

      • Robert, Kate…. are you aware that is exactly the sentiment used in early 1930s Germany? Hitler hated the press, dehumanized them and called them fake. And I’m saying, a free press is one of the primary things that has made America great for 200 plus years.

        • You REALLY think that with every major news outlet ardently liberal and democrat that we have a “free press?” Very naive.

        • Snott27 I hope you’re sitting down. I have to agree with you. We don’t need censoring any news media even if they lie. That could work both ways. If news people lie, either conservatives or liberals, the people being lied about can sue and rightfully so. But we don’t need the government shutting anyone down. Hopefully the media will try to be truthful, but If not it should be a civil matter.

          • bj, it does not tell “nothing but lies” – – it only seems to conservatives that way because you get mad at many of the truths presented. In America, we have competing news sources, and we also have Canadian and British and European perspectives on the news. The media has saved us at times historically by exposing scandals, keep crime at executive levels at a low. Many of us hate all corruption, no matter the party. The media has also slammed Democratic presidents too.

    • It would have sounded a hell of a lot better if MR TRUMP would have said, “How ’bout we nuke the shit out of the media, all of them?!????????????????

    • Amen, Robert! Idiots with nothing better to do must sit up nights thinking up this baloney. The worst part of it not the lame street media, it’s the fools who believe this faux news!

    • That would be censorship and would establish a precedent that the other side would gladly use to an even larger extent than they already are. You can’t complain about censorship of your ideas while suggesting it be done to those with whom you disagree.

    • The problem is they control 97% of the media and press feeding us bull shit daily by young communist dreamers, many are in debt and figure we ought to pay off their debt. They say there are to many poor and their solution I’d open borders for third world nations to run across illegally and get welfare? They realize their propaganda outlets and they feel no guilt or shame, their so self centered they think we must follow their twisted logic.

    • Their viewership before Trump took office was at about 3 to 3.2 million. Today CNN and MSNBC have taken severe hits in viewers all because of their constant LYING since then! Which we call FAKE NEWS. They are hitting at less then to 1 million viewers now. Yet still continue to pass along the BS on Trump that the leftist liberal media dishes out.
      Their numbers are not going up either. The Mueller investigation took them down and almost out of the game. So interesting how so many of us non Liberal news viewer people knew all along it was all BS and started from Hillary buying a FAKE DOSSIER using a Russian guy in that whole thing as well. Hillary with HER COLLUSION with RUSSIANS is REAL !!! CNN and MSNBC knew this way back then as well and would not report it at all!!!

  18. I can think of two problems easily. One, a hurricane is too powerful to be affected by a nuclear bomb or a thermo-nuclear bomb. Two, radiation and radioactive fallout.

  19. It still might work. I would trust the judgment of Trump because he was placed in the White House by God. Come on libturds. Let’s have it. God is a myth to you.

    • That relieves you of having to think for yourself, doesn’t it Dan? You can just blindly follow your dear cult leader and recite after him.

      • Snott27 I think for myself. I once was a democrat. When I found out they were turning communist, nobody talked me into jumping ship. When we moved in the 90’s I registered as a republican and never looked back. The commiecrats don’t represent me and my family. And I will never comply with any of their crap.

      • The dear CULT leader was Obama to the democrats. Obama said that we had 57 states as well. That wasn’t enough to prove to the DEMs that Obama was not born or raised in the USA either. However if he did know that we had 50 states certainly at his AGE then as well, that he might of been born in USA. But at his age to say that we had 57 states really blew it for him. Also his FAKE Birth Certificate has a Hospital name on it in Hawaii. Just the first problem to this fake BC was that this hospital name didn’t exist for another 17 years yet ! The BC his brother had and showed from Kenya was proven to be real. His family there also said he was born in Kenya as well. Trump also donates his paychecks to charities since his first pay check as POTUS ! Obama never did anything like that. How did Obama get 15 million to buy a ocean front house recently 8-26-19 from his pay as POTUS ??? This purchase so obviously says that Obama definitely doesn’t believe in Global Warming either. Since an ocean front property it will be wasted by the global warming ocean rising in tremendous height ! He and Michelle will live there also. His current house he had a 10 foot wall put around it. WHY? Since we all are suppose to believe how safe it is and with allot more illegals as well here !!!! Pelosi has put walls around all 10 of her homes as well in CA of all states !!! But all of those illegals the dems in CA deeply love are there to fully protect them ?? LOL !!! Funny thing how The dems lied about Obamacare big time. Now they do not give a dam to legal Americans either- and only want to pay for those who have committed a felony by entering USA illegally and reward them instead with free healthcare on the taxpayers back as well for committing a felony !!!! Lunacy runs deep with the dem party today.

          • The DEM PARTY . . . .NEVER . . . .THREW . . . GOD . . . OUT. It has some of the strongest believers in the world, just like the Republican party does. We just take different stands on the issues – – and do you know why? Because we have all been given, by our most Loving God, the power of free choice. If God didn’t want us to make different choices, he never would have given us choice.

    • I bet Mr Trump knows more about nuclear bombs than the bomb builders themselves. I bet Mr Trump knows more about hurricanes than all the meteorologists in the history of the world. I bet Mr Trump’s IQ is far superior to Einstein and he knows more about art than Michelangelo. I bet Mr Trump knows more about military logistics than all of the graduates of West Point and the Navel Academy combined throughout the history of those fine institutions. And the history of the world. I bet Mr Trump knows more about aviation than Chuck Yeager and more about the struggles for civil rights than Gandi and Martin Luther King and the history of the world. I bet Mr Trump knows more about the history of the world than the history of the world.

      • Jonathan Conover, You are a pathetic jerk………just a typical liberal with all the negative descriptive adjectives that goes with “liberal”………..
        One thing you are not is humorous, all liberals are humorless!
        It’s past your bedtime, grab your teddy, blanket, and your pacifier. Mommy is ready to tuck you in………………….

      • You are so funny, Jonathan and put that well. Jonathan HAS an excellent point – – we have a president who DOES NOT LISTEN WHEN EXPERTS KNOW MORE. THAT IS DANGEROUS. As Tillerson, former Sec. of State says – – Trump wanted him to do things that were illegal under the law and he could not do.

    • ABSOLUTELY NOT, DAN TYREE! I know that God exists, loves us dearly, and sent Jesus to save and uplift us. Making the false remark that we are “Godless” is about as reductionistic as saying all conservatives serve the “god” of money. Let’s not create the vilification and demonizing the other party. We have too many seriously important issues facing us, and some issues we can agree upon – – for one, this country needs to spend more money for infrastructure fixing (roads, bridges, electrical grid etc.), which would also provide like 99% jobs for American workers and companies.

  20. Who knows? It might work. Lol. Biden is worse at astounding speech. Odumbass added a few more states to America. What was it? 57 states he had visited? Giving the benefit of the doubt, I’m sure Trump was joking. But now the commiecrats can have an orgasm. Even if I knew he was serious, he still has my support over them commie bastards who’s policies would kill our liberties and our country. Come on libturds. Pour it on me. He’s still a much better choice than the pack of fools running against him.

    • odumbass and libturd,commiecrats no be werds. OOOH shool huv stoodied arder uht trump University? YES! Trump is against the constittion. Has paraphrased communist dictators. What is a hamberder? No one will tell me… why…. not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!….!

      • Mike, what is your IQ, 10???? You make no sense at all. And NOTHING you say about Pres. Trump is ever true. You have no concept of what truth is.

      • Mike, you and your endless fantasy and make believe on Trump and yet never once have proven a single one of those BS comments and stories EVER to be real or truthful. Just 100% pure BS and yet you dem’s with your serious lack of intelligence refuse to ever ask from your liberal media to provide the evidence or proof of the slightest thing that your liberal media dishes out on Trump ! Not even once ! You just simply worship the liberal media as your religion and obey as you are told what to believe and obey and you do so without question !!! That is how Communism, Marxism, Hitlers agenda, and liberalism works. You find idiots who will believe anything without ever questioning it for proof or evidence of what they claim their agenda to be. You get 5 or so people to say the same thing and you think it must be true then if 5 or so people say the same thing !!! It is so old this brainwashing Technic and yet still works today with less intelligent people again and again.

        • Dude, you are on to something. The libs are either intelligent but extremely corrupt (leaders) or believe anything they are told without question (followers). The whole dem party is built on lies and hate. They cannot win, as both are satnic and we know that satan loses.

  21. he idiotically picked a hurricane. if he had a high schooler’s knowledge of science he would know the three reasons why that was a bad idea.

    • Julio, I wonder if you have your GED yet? The reason I say that is simple, with an EGO as large as yours, you would have told him (and us) if you knew the answers. However you didn’t leak peep!!!
      Trump IS THE FIRST PERSON TO SUGGEST THE IDEA, (IT WAS A SCIENCE FELLA), but reasons were put forward to avoid the various problems that would result,
      Either state your case or use a long bayonet and SIT ON IT! Play sit and spin, but be careful not to poke your brown coated brain.

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