You won’t believe which Democrats just betrayed Chuck Schumer on impeachment

The real action in any impeachment process will be the Senate trial.

Chuck Schumer was counting on his caucus standing united in favor of removing the President from office.

But you won’t believe which Democrats just betrayed Chuck Schumer on impeachment.

Democrats will need 67 votes in the Senate to convict Donald Trump on any articles of impeachment the Nancy Pelosi-run House passes.

And some nervous Senate Democrats — including Senators John Tester (D-MT), Joe Manchin (D-WV), and Doug Jones (D-AL) — are already sending up warning signs that the process could spiral out of control and end up in defeat.

The Hill reports:

Senate Democrats representing red states are worried the House impeachment process may spin out of control and destroy any chance their party might have of winning back the majority next year.

These Democrats hope the House keeps its impeachment focus on the Ukraine controversy, and that Democrats act relatively quickly. If they do not, the red-state Democrats warn President Trump could turn the tables on them.

“It’s really incumbent on the House to really be laser-focused. The president is a master of pivoting and deflecting and I think it’s really important to stay focused,” said Sen. Jon Tester (D-Mont.), who narrowly won reelection in a Republican-leaning state in 2018.

Tester said the impeachment inquiry should be focused on Trump’s July 25 call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, where he pressed for an investigation of former Vice President Joe Biden.
The simple fact is Democrats can’t help themselves.

The Left has been talking about impeaching Donald Trump from the day he took office.

They just couldn’t manufacture a pretext to try to undo the results of the 2016 election.

But the longer impeachment goes on, red state Democrats fear the American people will see they are staging a coup against the President.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. They are staging a coup against america! The democrats / liberals have become criminal terrorist and all need to be dealt with.

    If you vote democrat you are a criminal. You need to be gone.


  3. Actually, the great Muslim migration was started by Henry Ford. Ford was an unabashed bigot/racist who hated both blacks and News. He knew that the Arabic people were very industrious hard workers. He brought many here to work on his automotive assembly lines. This the reason, Dearborn, Michigan is the largest Arabic community outside of the middle East.

  4. Did you ever think of helping yourself, instead of relying on the government to support you?
    You talk about people being racist. Take a look in the mirror.
    Your the racist,.
    Get a job, get 2 jobs to make it on your own. No one is holding you back, except yourself and your hatred towards whites.

  5. Did you ever think of helping yourself, instead of relying on the government to support you?
    You talk about people being racist. Take a look in the mirror.
    Your the racist,.
    Get a job, get 2 jobs to make it on your own. No one is holding you back, except yourself and your hatred towards whites.

  6. April, Thank you for sharing that great story! I wish more people would share success stories where people and family lives have been changed by the DJT policies and programs!
    I love a happy ending!

  7. you are absolutely right. A black neighbor of mine, who is a single mother and she had tried to work and every time she would get a job she would get a letter in the mail, job or no help from the state. She only needed health benefits for her two children. So, she would quit her job. One Trump became president, she let the plantation. She is a registered republican. She voted democrat since she was 18. This is one person who has been lifted from poverty, she is off of welfare. She got into a training program through the tax cuts & job acts and now she is in the process of buying her 1st home.

  8. My black friends are doing fine. My black friends went to college or vo-tech training. The problem is people want something free…. nothing is free. you pay now or later down the line but nothing is free.

  9. Blacks were given their own country when they were freed – LIBERIA. Whites even gave them a ride over. It’s known as the Ebola capital of the WORLD. Blacks here in the states make MILLIONS chasing a pig skin on a football field and bashing the country that made it possible. Doesn’t look like the problem is the white man but the blacks. Don’t seem to know where they are better off. Or appreciate it.

  10. I know you’re really STUPID but, planes leave this country EVERY DAY. Get on one. Leave. No one cares.

  11. please go to your doctor and have her/him check you out for early onset dimentia or brain tumo
    r disease. you have the parties and their deeds completely reversed.. i sincerely wish you well hope you find the reason for getting your facts reversed.. i know you wouldnt think of blaming others for something you falsely report.

  12. Mike, Yes, people tend to cling to whatever fits their political agenda. The Lord knows how much practice the Dems have had with that and if nothing else works, Dems will do anything to anybody anytime to promote their goals and agenda!

    The video looks and sounds legitimate to me and neither of can prove if it is or is not so, I’ll call it a draw!

  13. I was drafted before there was a lottery. Maybe Don was a lottery guy as well as (although I think his first draft notice was the same as mine in 1967). Not as sure about Cheney, Rumsfeld, Clinton,etc. They probably all found a phony excuse if they were actually drafted.
    As for the STD comment, it is from a real interview with Howard Stern. Not doctored or edited. Just Don being a smart ass. I think a universal draft would be a good idea. No dodging, everyone goes. The military needs clerks and cooks too.

  14. I did watch it and I agree with the analysts that it is an edited comment based on what had first been a joke. I am sure you agree that Obama is a fairly smart guy. Would he ever come out and say something like that? Don quit the pursuit because he knew it was stupid and had run its course. He got his publicity out of the scam and moved on to something new. Like how great his casinos were. You know, the ones that went bankrupt several times.
    We also know how stubbornly people will cling to fake stories if it fits their politics or religion.

  15. 11bravo, Why were none of the Dems sent a draft notice?
    The draft was discontinued in 1973 which means, of course, the draft has not been active during the Trump children’s lifetime much less the ages they could have served.
    You did not answer if you consider the Dem past Presidents who did not serve in the military to be cowards? They could have easily volunteered exactly as young people do today!
    Draft reinstatement might be a good idea for young people who won’t work. Might keep them off the street, off drugs, out of gangs, out of prison, out of Mom and Dad’s basement and bank accounts….you get the picture.
    Your explanation of Donald Trumps deferment was not as good as mine so, I will let mine stand.
    NOTE: That was a cheap vulgar shot about STD’s and no doubt not true or you Dems would have used that during the 2016 election, Lord knows you threw everything else at him!

  16. Mike, I don’t know when it was released, maybe not until much later after DJT stopped talking about it! I believe he was advised to drop it because there was nothing to be gained for him to continue with it.
    I want you to watch it because that was Obama’s voice, speech patterns, etc. As far as the audience not reacting they could have been forewarned of what was coming in his speech! How can we possibly know?
    You and I both know, there are NO limits rich and powerful people will not go to protect the first black Democrat President from being delegitimilized!

  17. None of the Democrats were sent draft notices nor were Don’s sons. No one has “validated” Don’s bone spurs. The letter came from a Dr. that rented space in one of Don’s father’s buildings. Lots of wealthy kids used bone spurs, hay fever, irregular heart beats, etc to dodge the draft. There are far more jobs in the military that do not require any physical activity. Relatively few are ever infantry. I would never have wanted a blow hard like Trumpin my foxhole. Yes, he is a coward. Unless you consider his comment that his personal Vietnam was avoiding STDs. Then he is a hero.

  18. 11bravo, So you are putting President Trump (whose bone spurs that kept him out of the military have been validated by the medical profession as real), in the same category as Bill Clinton, Barak Obama, Lyndon Johnson, among other Dem Presidents who did not serve in the military? Do you call the Dem past Presidents cowards through and through? My best guess is NO because you Dems think you play by different rules……
    NOTE: What do you know about bone spurs, research it? There are reasons they exempt people from active duty military service! If you are going to criticize anyone get the facts and be fair otherwise, don’t bother folks with your biased drivel which, we all read like a book and makes you look inept……

  19. I will look at that. I am sure it wasn’t some doctored speech. If it is so obvious, why didn’t Don use it when he was promising the “really big” expose? Maybe it was a fake? I just looked at the information and it is universally debunked as an edited video. Originally from an Obama spoof site. As the disclaimers say, it is inconceivable that Obama would make such an admission and that the audience wouldn’t have reacted. But nothing. Most tell tale is that Don didn’t seize the moment to prove his ridiculous position on the issue.

  20. Mike, Go online to a search engine, Google or your choice and type “video of Barak Obama making a speech stating he was born in Kenya”. It is only about one minute long. One minute of your time then you tell me, how about that birther thing!

  21. Not to mention his new plan to host G-7 at his resort that is going broke. Or having Pence spend and extra $500,000 on transportation so he could stay at Doonbeg? He claims they will only be charged “cost”. Well, that will absorb most of the year’s overhead so any other business will be all profit. Don didn’t lose in his bankruptcies of those casinos. Only the workers and investors were fleeced. And now he is fleecing us.

  22. Luckily, Don loves Don more than anyone could love ‘merica.Don is the classic politician who will lay down your life for his country. He did it with his bone spurs and he will do it again. A coward through and through.

  23. Hey Steve, it isn’t about fighting corruption, it is about trying to leverage aide for a politically motivated scheme. Whether it is Biden, Trump or Santa it is wrong and should be prosecuted to the fullest. Maybe Rudy can take the case and defend Don and Joe?

  24. Wait until you hear what Don has to say when he loses. He will blame everyone except his obnoxious self. And he will claim the election was “fixed”. And guys like you will believe him.

  25. How do you now think any of this is “made up”. Mulvaney has admitted it, so has Rudy. Rick didn’t just get tired of his job, he had to get out as he is complicit in the Ukraine debacle too. Sadly, there is nothing made up except that Don and company think they are above the law. Do you remember how Don loved the generals? How do they feel about him now? Not so good.

  26. Luckily we have the Republicans led by Don who only care about our environment and health care and fair and open voting (no gerrymandering), and using their political offices for the good of America, not to line their own pockets. How lucky can we get?

  27. if this is how you feel ,then why don t you do like WHITE FOLK and stand on your own two feet like whitey does and HELP YOURSELF instead of GOV. handouts LOOSER!!!

  28. The USA was the melting pot of people. We are starting to/have been adding bad ingredients. The soup is getting bad.

  29. I beg Hrc to run in 2020 then we can expose more of her crimes & get her behind bars where she belongs !

  30. Wow shocker that dude that investigated trump with Russia was caught lieing underoath surprise surprise seems he was trying to get another job head of the ful what a shocker.

  31. Is this guy serious? Redman that is. Had to read it a few times I thought I read it wrong. Is everything he’s saying what the dems are doing but he’s blaming the republicans?

  32. Jonathan Conover, I totally agree. When you get into pissing contests it makes you look like a bully brat. He should just get on with the government business he is so good at. I will continue to support him in any way possible because I think he’s good for America. The Democrats have become greedy, vindictive wolves without a care for their votes.

  33. Black folk don’t need no help from racist white folk.
    Black folk need to be left alone so they can make their own way.
    But whitey keeps black folk down. Whitey keeps black folk in poverty.
    Whitey used to use black folk to pick cotton but now whitey just use them for votes.

  34. krynson, I know all that but they’re still racist white folk.
    Don’t matter which party they identify with.
    Every white person who says they want to help black folk is a RACIST!

  35. I will check with Miss Lewinsky to see if she is available to serve President Trump as gratefully as she served the poised and honorable William Jefferson Clinton. You seem to forget that Bill Clinton is an accomplished liar and finds it easy to be smug and self-righteous.

  36. Once again, Redman, you confuse your left hand with your right hand. The same racist white folks that keep blacks in poverty, telling them they cannot make it without whitey to give them free handouts, are liberal Democrats: not conservative Trump supporters. Since “Welfare” began, it is a matter of Congressional record that Liberal Democrats have consistently introduced and passed Bills into law, yet you condemn the “same racist white folks” for keeping blacks on the government dole and enslaving them by “keeping them down”. Furthermore, it is Democrats who propose paying blacks reparations, not conservative Republicans.

  37. I do not see any “raw”, “brown nosed” conservatives repeating the same “ole lame shame dat trump does”. The definition of “stupid” is asking the same question, repeatedly, and expecting a different answer. I believe Pelosi, et al; have been doing that since 2016, which is provable stupidity as opposed to your perceived stupidity by Trump supporters. What I cannot figure out is if you are senile or simply 13 years old and stupid.

  38. The same racist white folks that keep blacks in poverty tellin them they cant make it without whitey to give them free handouts, and tell them they gonna die from climate change if they dont vote for them, and they gonna give you reparations for what your great great great grand parents suffered.

  39. Jes look at what these raw, brown nose, trump-butt-bumps do over an over. repeating the same ole lame shame dat trump does. What a stupid bunch of LOSERS. hahahahahahahahhahahahah

  40. Danno man it doz racist imbred white man dat keep black folk down wit there handouts all da time hahahahahahaha

  41. Dan, This is only my opinion and yes I would be pissed if people made up stuff about me. However, I feel that Mr Trump shouldn’t get involved in a pissing contest, stop the silly name calling and ignore further questions about the possibility of impeachment. Facts support that Bill Clinton helped himself immensely by going about the nation’s business. I just believe that Mr Trump could calm the storm by playing it cool for awhile.

  42. jonathon conover: if some woman or a man accused you of sexual misconduct or of being a russian spy or colluding with foreign powers then i think you would soon be pissed off to. this impeachment bs started on the day of the inauguration and has not stopped since because liberal communist have control of news outlets. trump has to tweet since the liberal news takes any thing he says and twist it around against him.

  43. Erleebird l believe that he will. The commiecrats are leaving him. Sooner or later they will throw him under the bus. Once some years ago a young African American named Harold Ford was elected for congress in Tennessee as a democrat. After announcing that he was pro gun pro life and pro gun he was never allowed to be on any of their committees. And they withheld campaign support for him. Senator Manchin will someday have to make a choice if he remains in politics. Different opinions are not allowed in their party.

  44. Dan: You are so right! After so many years we have a president who will stand up for us and our country. I am on SS, but send a donation for Donald Trump anytime I can! He is the voice for the silent majority! People who have never sent in money for politics are doing it for Donald Trump. By the way, I’ve followed Joe Manchin’s career – he is reasonable and has values – wish he’d come over to the Republican side/1

  45. It’s not unfounded Scott and you know it. Hunter Biden did work for Burisma Holdings making $50K per month with no experience in energy, and Joe is on video bragging about bribing the Ukraine government into firing the inspector looking into his son by threatening to withhold one billion dollars.
    The treaty makes no mention of an exemption for political rivals.
    You haven’t read the treaty and didn’t know anything about it until I showed it to you. No everyone knows.

  46. Snott27 joe and son are the face of corruption. This crap is going to blow up in their faces. And then Nancy and company should be investigated for fraud. Guess what, we’re winning!!!

  47. Scott27, Wake up Scottie, corruption was what President Trump wanted investigated. You are parroting old Adam “shifty Schit’s” words! As usual, your deceitful lying leaders are playing their “new words with new meanings dirty game”!
    If you will use your brain, there really is not a difference in digging up dirt (if dirt/corruption exists) and investigating corruption!
    Where you came up with “unfounded dirt” is what you Dems have been trying to do to President Trump for three years, right? Right!

  48. That agreement was about investigating corruption, not digging up unfounded dirt on political rivals. Very different thing.

  49. Real M they can’t stand losing. We don’t like to lose either, but republicans don’t try to change the rules. We try to do better next time.

  50. We never doubted killery winning the people’s republic of California. Most of the people there are freaking nuts.

  51. Jonathon Conover, What good did a commission to verify voter rolls and possible fraud do when California officials refused to cooperate with them? That is the reason the commission went home, they weren’t given the opportunity to complete their mission.

  52. Jonathan Conover, So say you…….The popular vote is not the “one person = one vote” Dems try to convenience us all of. (RR censored and deleted my comment I wrote to you explaining all the different reasons why the pop. vote is inaccurate.) There are ways not just “claimed” by me but, have been verified by supposedly neutral government agencies.
    Our forefathers knew exactly what they were doing when they determined the most fair and accurate way to include the people from every state in the entire Country is the electoral college!

  53. Yeh, and that was because California refused to share their registered voter rolls with them. Same as other liberal states. They drum up some lame reasoning but anyone with common sense knows that they are always hiding something. Same with the census. I still can’t understand why the libs are against a voter ID. It would solve a lot of the issues here but for some reason liberals have no valid reasoning for nor allowing anything that would work

  54. Saw a news broadcast pointing out that Trump is hurting his own cause by tweeting about hanging spies and possible Civil War. He loses his poise in front of the camera and behaves like a rabid dog with the snarling and gnashing of teeth. I realize that Bill Clinton is roundly despised on this site but during his impeachment proceedings he went about the business of the country. As a result, his popularity began to climb. Trump needs to take a page from Bill’s playbook and stop behaving like a madman and get to the nation’s business at hand. Stop the insane tweeting, stay in control and don’t mention impeachment again.

  55. Jonathan, it really doesn’t matter that she received 3 million more votes. That fact is based on the state of California which we all know is radically liberal and the last state to close its polls. What does matter is that our republic operates on laws that are set up in the Constitution. And the electoral college is there for a purpose – to make everyone’s vote count fairly and democratically. I realize that you would love to have the popular vote control elections since larger states on the East and West Coast are generally liberal and every election would be controlled by them. That is typical liberal thinking. And by the way, there has been election fraud discovered in the last election. It may not have been a ton but the very fact that it did occur tells me that it will only continue as long as cry baby liberals can’t win elections fairly.

  56. I believe that’s because California would not cooperate with the commission the same way they don’t cooperate with fed on immigration laws.
    California is a sanctuary state.
    That’s also why they don’t want the census question added about citizenship because California doesn’t want to lose any electoral votes.

  57. Remember Trump forming a commission to investigate fraudulent voting in California. About a month into their probe they quietly disbanded and went on home. Nothing to see here folks!!

  58. Pelosi has no plan to ever take a vote on this. All the hoopla serves 2 purposes: 1. It keeps the “squad” from deposing her, and 2. It serves to defame our President.

  59. Jonathan the good thing is that killery didn’t stand before the Chief Justice of the scotus and swear a lie about upholding our laws and constitution. And enough illegal aliens and dead people voting can give a hell of a lot of votes.

  60. They do have many documented cases of voter fraud in various states. We just don’t know how much that impacted the election in Hillary’s favor. The woman was despised by almost everyone so it’s kind of hard to believe she got that many votes honestly.
    She even screwed Bernie out of his chance. Bernie should have been the candidate running against Trump.

  61. Winning by 3 million in the popular vote is not exactly humiliating. Trump claiming that people voted over and over and that dead people voted is just as crazy as speculation that Mrs Clinton would blame it on ETs.


  63. Ed mourar
    You need to do sure research about Islam and how it takesover countries.

    Islam took over Afghanistan, Egypt. Iran,Iraq, Indonesia, just to name a few. They have attempted on more than one occasion to take over Europe.

    Now they invade western countries by claiming refugee status and then have 20 plus children.

  64. Keith, you have been suckered by the Fake Press. They will NEVER let you know that in 1999, William Jefferson Clinton CREATED a treaty with Ukraine, pledging to assist each other in fighting CORRUPTION. HE SENT IT TO CONGRESS FOR APPROVAL NOV 10 1999 AND IT WAS APPROVED ELEVEN MONTHS LATER. That treaty will not be printed in ANY newspaper or any corrupt TV station but will be shoved up Dem butts when the time is right.

  65. Keith, you have been suckered by the Fake Press. They will NEVER let you know that in 1999, William Jefferson Clinton CREATED a treaty with Ukraine, pledging to assist each other in fighting CORRUPTION. HE SENT IT TO CONGRESS FOR APPROVAL NOV 10 1999 AND IT WAS APPROVED ELEVEN MONTHS LATER. That treaty will not be printed in ANY newspaper or any corrupt TV station but will be shoved up Dem butts when the time is right.

  66. He had best leave the country and take all the communist liberals with him , because there butts will be the grass and we will be the brush hog , that’s going to kick the living Hell out of there butts . Sending them strait to HELL’S KITCHEN , right where they all belong !!

  67. Larry ,

  68. The president protem of the Senate is in line before the Speaker of the House. Look it up in the Constitution.

  69. The poor democrates are driving everyone and themselves insane. They will all be checking themselves into mental institutions by the time President Trump is re elected. It is not funny but it is kinda sad. Almost like jumping into a jumbo jet and running into a big building. They are out of their minds and control. Poor old Nancy’s got bald spots from all this nonsense! Democrates! Wake up and put a cap on it!

  70. Yep and if the Muslims take over the ladies ( I use the term loosely) with the disgusting hats that march to kill babies,
    Will be “Me Tooing” a lot!

  71. Another reason Pelosi has not called for a floor vote on impeachment is that it would allow republicans to subpoena and question people, exposing the truth. This is all political theater for the purpose of trashing president Trumps so they can enhance their chances in 2020. Luckily Barr and Durham are on the case and the truth will come out.

  72. The reason why the democrats doing to find ways to impeached President Trump’s. Because they are afraid that all they steal from the American people I mean our taxes. Like Congress woman Maxima Watter from CA have five house, like Bernie Sanders have three houses, like other democrats before or new in the public officials start from the Senate down to the lowest officials. They have nothing but when they stay long in the office. They become millionaire or billionaire because they have project. Because President Trump before the primary his President candidate, he said he will drain the swamp or clean up the corruption. That’s the reason why the democrats so much hateful to President Trump. And democrats want to continue for corruption that is the reason why the democrats obsession for impeachment.

  73. 11bravo, Well……..I suppose you are right, sort of like the 2016 election when HRC was going to win by 98%. And, I don’t want to hear about the popular vote count, that is a whole “nother” story! Donald Trump won the states where it counted and fooled all of you Dems, right? He is going to do it again in 2020 and we are going to have solid majority in both houses of Congress! Wait and see!

  74. Both parties bases are pretty well aligned. It is the independents that will swing the elections. And they are aligning more and more with Democrats.

  75. If a VP was appointed they would have no succession rights. When Nixon resigned, Ford appointed Rockefeller to be VP. Purely an administrative function.

  76. chuck1260, Yes that and a lot of other stuff is going nuclear that started this afternoon! There are some other things going on that are going to cause a total meltdown of this Ukraine SCAM SHAM! Adam “Schit” and Nancy Pelosi are going to be very humiliated before this is over…………and may have some serious legal problems……

  77. Yes you can recall them with a special election in their state/district.. With enough signatures on a petition and given to the states election board they have to answer to the petition.. A ballot is drawn up and an election is held.. They are an elected official…

  78. You do know that at the time Joe pulled is bs Obama the Democrat was in charge and they all had the FBI Lynch and Comey on their payroll along with Clinton. They the De ocrats cannot stand to loose they will lie cheat and kill if necessary. Once they took out JFK their whole party leaders sold their souks to the Fe il why else are they still in politics.

  79. It must be great to be so smart. Hard to believe the Republicans haven’t thought of this simple solution. Be careful or Don will have you replace Rudy.

  80. Dan T., Great comment! As one of DJT’s sons said on TV this evening, “The Democrats hate DJT more than they love America”! And, that is for sure………….

  81. 11bravo, So you are saying BHO would have no plans and would do no wrong? And, you know this how, and you need evidence to accompany your say so….The appearance of him being secretive on a mic he thought was dead is very bad and more suspicious that what President Trump has been accused of.
    All of this other smoozing and dealing do you have all the details and proof of why and what was done? People talking about “stuff” won’t work any longer! Sometimes “things” are done for a good legitimate reason and has a justified increased cost that “we” don’t know why….You Dems pick everything done and said to pieces in your attempt to get rid of President Trump.
    We conservatives are sick and tired of empty words, accusations and lies from the Dems. Dems have lied to the American people so many times for so long we don’t believe ANYTHING said without proof!
    And, that is the way it is………..we are done with the lies and false allegations!
    It’s time to be about the work of MAGA and KAG and let DJT do his job!

  82. This is proof Trump didn’t break the law asking for help in an investigation of corruption involving a citizen of the USA it was his legal right. What is the humor in this treaty it was sponsored by Bill Clinton IN 1999 and its going to poke a hole in the Democrats impeachment plans.

  83. I don’t think that we can recall Congress members. I looked it up. But we can flood them with calls letting them know that we will fire their asses in 2020. Let them know that if they f—k with a truck they will get ran over.

  84. Steve Scoutaris… THANK YOU! Here we have a President abiding by a treaty made by William Jefferson Clinton, and he is under the thumb of idiots trying to impeach him. Irony, Bill Clinton made the treaty, Trump only followed through with it and now the democRATS cannot read it, let alone follow the law. For those who continue to consume the Main Stream Media’s propaganda, you may in fact be a victim of a conspiracy to commit TREASON by an attempted Coup de Tau of a duly elected President.

  85. 11bravo, Not so sure you are right about Republicans in blue states worrying about re-election. So many Dems are sick and tired of their own party they will gladly vote the Republican back in.

  86. Sadly, almost all the politicians have one goal; to make their elected office their career. So they will compromise their constituents, their personal values and anything else to get re-elected. So, of course, elected Dems in red states worry and elected Repubs in blue states worry. In both cases they will do what is expedient rather than what is right.

  87. Certainly. But I don’t think he proposed that the US would do one thing in return for another. Obviously, it was a stupid comment. But, if it was something conspiratorial like Don’s Ukraine initiative, maybe more would have come of it. Nor did Obama, I don’t think, tell Biden to stay at Hyatt hotels just because Pritzkers were donors like Don told Pence to stay at his place in Ireland instead of in Dublin where Pence’s meetings were. That cost $500,000 for limos alone. Do you like that kind of “deal making”?

  88. You Libs never cense to amaze me I don’t blame the candidate running for office if they win they become the elites super rich and powerful but the idiots that vote for them thinking they get everything free but really end up eating out of garbage cans. You can’t fix STUPID

  89. Julio, have you read the transcript of the call? How about the Whistle Blower complaint? Yea did not think so, you just listened or read the Main Stream Media propagandized interpretation. Get real and get informed.

  90. They don’t get to appoint a VP. The line of succession is defined by a variety of laws over the years. Most recently, in 1947. If Pence took over and resigned, Pelosi would be the next in line.

  91. That is absolutely what should be done. Every elected official should have these things done, at a minimum.

  92. Absolutely correct, but remember DemocRATS do not believe in the law, unless it meets their purposes. Bend it, break it, twist it, use it as propaganda, but it never applies to them. They will continue to perpetuate their hate, thirst for control and remove anything that might stand in their way of a complete takeover. Anyone notice how they want everyone to disarm except for certain (not all) law enforcement people they control. You got it right! Thank you.

  93. Abc Pence would quickly appoint a Vice President. But we would have to keep him safe from the Clintons until he/she took office. If Nancy was President, she would appoint killery as Vice President and then resign. We wouldn’t want Pence ruled a suicide.

  94. Dan T., You can say that again! The Dem$hits are screaming wild and crazy. They can see their latest SCAM Scandal falling apart faster than a New York minute. President Trump had his craw full today and they saw a brand new side of him, a confidence and determination like they have never seen before. He was calling people out and the stupid Dems on this site think he has lost it. Well not, he is really angry now and tired of them and their lies and other garbage. He has reached down and found second wind to see this thing through and WIN! They will all see the truth, they will not admit or like it but, they will see if any of them are intelligent enough!
    I stand with and support President Trump fully.

  95. Let’s do it. I think Adam Dip Schit is a child molester and was a frequent guest at Jeffrey Epstein’s porn island with billy and hilly Clinton.

  96. Eddy Mourar, or is it Moron….you’re a f’ing moron. The democrats are the fascistic ones, just like their locusts cousins the mudslimes. Taking away second amendment rights being their first order of business! I can’t wait. All I can say is come and take it. People like you seem to hide behind a lot of fences!

  97. Really come on wake up think about it, do you really think they want open borders for Mexicans,Salvadorians, Venezuelans,Guatemalans etc.. No they (Dems) want open border to let all the Muslin’s and ISIS Terrorist into the US that is their agenda, you really don’t need to be a brain scientist to see it for yourself’s it’s been happening through out the whole World for many years now do the research, they can also get their people through the open borders because they all have the same skin color. That is what the squad is pushing for. I also want to know who did these woman from the squad sleep with to get into office ( congress) they do not have birth certificates of being born in the U.S. Does that mean we can also be appointed as a congress man or congresswoman This is just plain bullsh…t I want to know who we need to sleep with to be in congress. (ok won’t go that far to their level.

  98. Trump a liar?

    That’s old hoot.

    “With Obamacare you can keep your doctor”

    Trump is a liar?

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  99. What a thought, hey remember what happened during WWII, the Germans forbid even stripped the Jews of their guns and forbid them to own guns! Then with nothing to resist what was their destiny obviously they were crammed into box cars right to concentration camps for extermination! So if Americans have their weapons taken
    from them and one race dominates and is able to obtain weapons, what could be the result such as another Holocaust? No guns no resistance, fight! JUST A PENNY FOR TOUGHT, NOT SAYING IT WOULD HAPPEN!

  100. This all boils down to one thing. The Democrats know they don’t have anyone who can beat Trump so they have to keep coming up with things to make him look bad so he’ll lose. I don’t see how that phone conversation is any worse then when Obama got caught on the hot mike talking to the agent from Russia when he told him to go back and tell the Russian president to wait until after the election when he (Obama) will have more flexibility. I don’t know what that was all about but he was doing something seedy. After all the phony tricks the Dems have done and gotten away with they are acting holier than thou and it makes me sick.

  101. Several of my comments have disappeared..!! Are they being “moderated”…?? I just typed a perfectly normal comment and it DID NOT SHOW UP..!! What’s up with this…??

  102. Joseph, What are you, I know, just another brain damaged Dem!
    The “point” is, President Trump did nothing wrong on his phone call with the Ukraine President! Bill Clinton signed a treaty in 1999 with Ukraine permitting instances like this phone call. Why don’t you read Steve’s comment, maybe you can comprehend and understand enough to get the point…………..Hopeless Dem #$%@!

  103. I think bidens threat against Ukraine constitutes black mail. It is definitely using his office powers as leverage against Ukraine. He said if you do not fire that prosecutor in 6 hours than you will not get the promised money. Is that not black mail?

  104. You were probably in your mommy’s basement when PRESIDENT TRUMP signed all his assets over to his SONS. He also doesn’t take a check from THE TAXPAYERS. Once again a demonrat spout off about something they know nothing about.

  105. Name one thing he’s lied about, DUDE. What difference would it make if he had? slick willy was impeached for lying to Congress and he finished out his term. Oh, wait, that’s right – impeachment DOESN’T MEAN THEY LEAVE OFFICE. Once again another demonrat with half the facts.

  106. Anyone know

    Anyone know Adam Schiff’s ties to George Soros? Adam’s sister married George’s son. Isn’t that cozy! By the way, has anyone wondered how Soros got so rich? His father sold the clothes/belongings of the millions of Jews that were killed in the Holocaust.
    There is absolutely nothing good that can come from such heinous blood money, but the Dems don’t realize it.

  107. Then why all the hush-hush, and all the LYING? RUMORS THAT Joe Biden abused his power as vice president to protect his son’s business interests in Ukraine in 2016, which spread last week from the pro-Trump media ecosystem to the New York Times, are “absolute nonsense,” according to Ukraine’s leading anti-corruption activist. That evaluation is backed by foreign correspondents in Kiev and a former official with knowledge of Biden’s outreach to Ukraine after President Viktor Yanukovych was deposed in a popular uprising in 2014.

  108. You are right! Plus everyone of them have broken the oath they took to the office as well as to the country and it it’s people.

  109. Ed, Stupid statement, ED! You’re just another propagandized brain damaged Dem who would not recognize truth if it jumped up and bit you on your dead a$$!

  110. Trump has broken plenty of laws, and is appointing people to high positions to protect himself. Trump is right now enriching himself by breaking the emoluments clause of the Constitution, profitting from higher prices for Mar-a-Lago memberships, hotel rooms, banquets, etc. from FOREIGNERS seeking influence.

  111. 11bravo, BHO – conspiracy and collusion with Russia! Do you remember the hot mic when he unknowingly told one of Putin’s henchmen “tell Vlad after the election I will have more flexibility with contentious issues such as missile defense issues”. BO meant he would find a way to make Putin happy with a treaty! This happened just before his second term.
    Don’t believe me, go online to a search engine, type in, “what did Obama unknowingly say on a hot mic to Putin’s henchman”. It is right there for anyone to see who wants to see!
    Now dude, this is a lot more impeachable offenses there than the feces they have “authored” and accused President Trump of!

  112. And yet Schumer is on record saying he SUPPORTS Trump’s stand vs China, just not so much the stupid way Trump goes about it.

  113. JULIO,

  114. Weird. Just weird. And not at all true, either that the muslims will take over, that’s just SILLY. But what we have come to expect from Trumpkins.

  115. What if they remove Trump? Then Pence becomes president. What if for some strange reason Pence dies? Then Pelosi takes over. Will then the mooslims control us all.

  116. Well, whoever “betrayed” Schmuck Schumer deserves a medal. I don’t believe that “Chuck the Schmuck” has a single pro-American bone in his body.

  117. Joe Biden in a call to Ukraine during when he was vice to fire the prosecutor who was going after Hunter for wrong doing. It was not long ago Biden bragged about getting the prosecutor fired. This is the reason for the request to finish the investigation. Joe Biden used his office to stop the prosecution of Hunter.

  118. The democrats in the House are the most sorry, diatribe pushing, hate mongering, do nothing, racist, trash that America has ever sent to Congress.

  119. Dan T., Yes, and I think we will see more and more commiecrats bailing on impeachment potential as time goes by. Wonder how long Pelosi and Schumer will have to be humiliated before they give up and pull the plug on this SCAM, (written and directed by Adam “Schit”)?

  120. well i would tell the fake news this , after 3 years of yous making up lies about me and acting like i came right from the gates of hell, how would you like it if i started making lies up about yous and how evil yous are , and see how yous feel after putting up with it for 3 years , seeing how lies seem to be the normal these days and yous think everyone believes everything they read , sooner or later your going to get pissed to

  121. Julio, you must live under a rock. Trump has NOT broken the law. The DEMOCRATS have broken the law by HARASSING an ELECTED President for 3 years with FALSE CLAIMS. Biden has broken the law, by enriching his good for nothing, drug-addicted son, Hunter while a Vice-president.HE showed go to jail.

  122. Julio, you must live under a rock. Trump has NOT broken the law. The DEMOCRATS have broken the law by HARASSING an ELECTED President for 3 years with FALSE CLAIMS. Biden has broken the law, by enriching his good for nothing, drug-addicted son, Hunter while a Vice-president.HE showed go to jail.

  123. julio,
    Please inform us of WHAT actions YOU think PRESIDENT TRUMP has done to deserve this constant harassment, taxpayer money wasting, USELESS, worthless “Investigations” (witch hunts) that go nowhere and do nothing but waste time and and give corrupt DEMOCOMMUNISTS FALSE “talking points” (LIES) The ONLY things I see he has done is improve this country, stand up for LEGAL AMERICAN CITIZENS, put AMERICA FIRST and EXPOSE the DEMOCOMMUNISTS/RINOS constant criminal acts. Wise up and go post your CRAP on some communist site , where they MIGHT believe your babbling.

  124. You’re full of crap. The President has done nothing that justifies the acts of the House of Representatives. This is nothing more than a witch hunt these people were threatening impeachment before he was even elected to office. Intelligent Americans are not buying the Democrats nor your insane madness an d lack of RESPECT for our Nation.

  125. The Democrats will not let go. They will continue to hate and harass our ELECTED President which brings our government to a standstill. They are truly THE ENEMY WITHIN.

  126. And you can not demonstrate, with honesty, one specific item/issue, without distortion, lying, leaving out facts, adding in hearsay, or most typically just lying about it.


    This should close the Impeachment Inquiry and future Proceedings in and of itself! But will the demoncrats allow it as evidence?

  129. There are no rules that democrats respect. Anything goes and ethics or laws are to be disregarded. The democrats will cover/lie, fight for you, look the other way,for any democrat. There are only two types of democrats. The caught and the uncaught. The Caught, will be fought for, covered for, protected, as demonstrated over the last ten years. Ethics, legality, lack of virtue, not an issue.

  130. Julio -can you read and if you can –do you comprehend what it is you have read? Schiff lies with his parody –do you know what a parody is? It is a LIE. Schiff told you as he began reading his made up script that it was a lie a parody Schiff.takes money for his campaigns from a Ukrainian Oligarch ARMS DEALER and George SOROS. Schiff is the one who is a law breaker. I believe it is illegal to take foreign money for a campaign. Schiff wrote what the fake whistle blower submitted. Julio–go online and ask for the real copy of the phone call. ADAM SCHIFF IS A LYING TRAITOR.

  131. They all know why you come to conservative websites and post crap, Julio.
    They all know you’re a troll.

  132. he is not guilty -but the ass that was in for 8 year BEFORE should be tried for treason along with the whole administration

    THE WHITE HOUSE, November 10, 1999.
    To the Senate of the United States:
    With a view to receiving the advice and consent of the Senate to
    ratification, I transmit herewith the Treaty Between the United
    States of America and Ukraine on Mutual Legal Assistance in
    Criminal Matters with Annex, signed at Kiev on July 22, 1998. I
    transmit also, for the information of the Senate, an exchange of
    notes which was signed on September 30, 1999, which provides for
    its provisional application, as well as the report of the Department
    of State with respect to the Treaty.
    The Treaty is one of a series of modern mutual legal assistance
    treaties being negotiated by the United States in order to counter
    criminal activities more effectively. The Treaty should be an effective tool to assist in the prosecution of a wide variety of crimes, including drug trafficking offenses. The Treaty is self-executing. It
    provides for a broad range of cooperation in criminal matters. Mutual assistance available under the Treaty includes: taking of testimony or statements of persons; providing documents, records, and
    articles of evidence; serving documents; locating or identifying persons; transferring persons in custody for testimony or other purposes; executing requests for searches and seizures; assisting in
    proceedings related to restraint, confiscation, forfeiture of assets,
    restitution, and collection of fines; and any other form of assistance
    not prohibited by the laws of the requested state.
    I recommend that the Senate give early and favorable consideration to the Treaty and give its advice and consent to ratification.

    NOVEMBER 10, 1999.—Treaty was read the first time, and together with
    the accompanying papers, referred to the Committee on Foreign Relations and ordered to be printed for the use of the Senate.

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