You won’t believe which group of Republicans Nancy Pelosi just threatened to arrest

Nancy Pelosi is out of control.

The Speaker of the House is on a power trip like no one has ever seen.

And you won’t believe which group of Republicans Nancy Pelosi just threatened to arrest.

Nancy Pelosi and the Capitol Hill physician imposed a mask mandate on the House of Representatives despite no actual science backing up the CDC’s new guidelines that vaccinated Americans need to wear masks.

The CDC based the decision on a study from India that tested a vaccine not available in America and that failed peer review.

Republican members of Congress defied the absurd and unscientific mandate on Wednesday leading Pelosi to throw down the hammer.

Pelosi instructed the Chief of the Capitol Hill police to arrest any Republican staff member not wearing a mask and to report any Republican member of Congress refusing to obey Pelosi’s mask mandate to the House Sergeant at Arms.

Republicans have long feared that Democrats are weaponizing law enforcement to persecute their political enemies.

Joe Biden’s new domestic war on terror is aimed at attacking the civil liberties of the 74 million Americans who voted for Donald Trump and anyone else who dares oppose left-wing agenda.

A New York Times reporter called Trump voters enemies of the state.

Now Nancy Pelosi is ordering law enforcement to arrest the political opposition to her agenda.

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